Aussie recreates Shackleton, win a sailing trip to Turkey, whale tales

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 07 Feb 2013

Aussie recreates Shackleton, win a sailing trip to Turkey, whale tales

A couple of days ago, our own Aussie Tim Jarvis and his Australian and British crew corrected their too northerly heading and landed, as scheduled, on South Georgia. All they have to do now is the 'impossible' climb over the mountains to the small outpost on the other side.

They are not the only adventurers out on the water seeking to fulfill their dreams, but most dreams - though without the escort boat - are in modern yachts and less hazardous for that reason. There are three solo sailing adventurers worthy of note in the southern ocean right now, all of different nationalities – we have a look this week at their various voyages and aspirations.

If you have a friend that you think would like sailing and you introduce them to a club, you could win a trip to sail the glorious Turkish coastline. There's still time, so help Yachting Australia in their drive to increase club membership and perhaps make a real difference to someone's life!

As usual a great variety of cruising news from Australian coastlines and oceans of the world, everything from news of the new space sailer being built by NASA to the rogue wave that hit a marina in Italy this week - and the outcome.

Whale strike - close encounter of a 'too close' kind  .. .

There is an engaging article from veteran sailor Daria Blackwell about her close encounters with whales, the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is getting bigger and better and the Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa is obviously worried that yachts are going to dare the Gulf of Aden again because they have issued a stiff warning.

In practical news, there's a new RYA boat maintenance book out; the featured yacht is the Hanse 575; it's a hatch fan that has won the latest Pittman Innovation Award; and John Jamieson talks about avoiding 'hidden monsters' which can sink you very quickly – deadheads, shipping containers, barrels, drums, logs and other flotsam.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your own interest, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Where are the sailing adventurers?
Nancy Knudsen,
They set off in a blaze publicity from their home countries - and then fade from view until either they let off their EPIRB or arrive back to break a record and win fame, if not fortune, for a while. They are the adventure sailors, most of them sailing solo. Right now there are several adventure sailors who are passing milestones, from Britain, China, India and Italy.... [more]
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Invite a friend to 'Discover Sailing', win a sailing trip in Turkey
Michelle Kearney, Yachting Australia,
To further drive new people to Clubs, Discover Sailing, with thanks to Mariner Boating, has launched a competition aimed at increasing new membership at Clubs and a trip for two to Turkey is up for grabs.... [more]
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Look for These Hidden Monsters of the Seven Seas!
John Jamieson,
What can lurk just beneath the surface of the water? Or float atop the water like a monster awaiting its prey? These go by many names; deadheads, shipping containers, barrels, drums, and flotsam. And they all have the potential to stove a hole in your boat, crack your keel, damage your rudder, or bend your propeller or shaft like a twisted piece of linguine.... [more]
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Chance Encounters - sailors and whales
Daria Blackwell, Ocean Cruising Club,
Unexpected close encounters with whales can be both heart-warming - or frightening, as the pictures in this article show - and are written about here by Daria Blackwell, of the Ocean Cruising Club, travelling with her husband Alex in their Bowman 57, Aleria:... [more]
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Big budget allotted to bolster NSW boating facilities
Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay announced on Thursday more than $4.36 million in grants to provide new and improved boating facilities across NSW.... [more]
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Construction begins on new 250 berth marina at RMYS
Peter Davey,
Commodore Linda Goldsmith, in front of dignitaries and club members, officially dropped the first rock to mark the start of the construction of Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron's new 250 berth marina on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013.... [more]
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The Yacht Week - fun, sun, parties, even a little sailing
Katherine Robinson, Sail-World Cruising,
Yacht Week organizes sailing trips for groups of five or more. So while it began in Croatia, these days, along with your friends, you can spend a week sailing the crystal blue waters of Croatia, Greece, Italy or the British Virgin Islands. At night you dance to European house music at Yacht Week's parties. You even get to sail a little.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Hanse 575 - the right boat at just the right time
Lee Mylchreest,
Hanse doesn't go into the design phase of any new yacht without trawling the ideas of dealers and customers and analysing future market directions, and the Hanse 575 is no different, so it is the right boat, at the right time, designed in just the right way for the ever larger number of sailors who aspire to this size of yacht.... [more]
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Cottage Point Marine Rescue volunteers honoured for heroism
Ken McManus,
Members of Marine Rescue Cottage Point have been labeled heroes after providing emergency first aid to a swimmer suffering a serious injury after being struck by a houseboat propeller on Saturday afternoon, February 2. MR Cottage Point Unit Commander David White said a group of friends had hired a houseboat to host a weekend buck's party afloat on Jerusalem Bay.... [more]
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Sailing in the sun - good fun but deadly
Sail-World Cruising,
Whether you sail just for an afternoon, escape to tropical climes to sail your holidays away, or have let the docklines go altogether to be full time cruising, the sun will sometimes be your greatest friend, but also can be you deadliest enemy.... [more]
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NSW RMS receives positive results on towing campaign
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting Manager Boating Safety and Regional Operations Scott Kidd today announced the recent Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) campaign to raise awareness about towing safety resulted in more than 100 boaters being fined.... [more]
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National Maritime Museum - Playtime not over yet
Jude Timms,
Time is running out for Sydney families to enjoy two of the National Maritime Museum's summer family activities - Pirates kids adventure land and WetWorld family water play area – which must close at the end of February.... [more]
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Sanremo's rogue wave
Sail-World Cruising,
There's an old saying that the safest place in a boat is out at sea, away from shallow water and things that are hard when you bump into them. But you'd think you'd be safe in a marina... well think again... [more]
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Hatch Fan wins sailing innovation award
Sail-World Cruising,
A product which was made a new Product of the Week by Sail-World Cruising back in October has just won a 2013 Pittman Innovation Award. It is the Caframo Taku Hatch Fan. While wind scoops work wonderfully in a breeze in an anchorage, and some of the better ones even work to the wind in a marina, if there's no wind and you don't go to air-conditioning, this hatch fan could be your answer.... [more]
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Message to yachties from MSCHOA - Maritime Security Centre Horn Africa
MSCHOA/Sail-World Cruising,
MSCHOA - Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa has a warning message for all would-be long-range cruising sailors: Dear Yachtsman,... [more]
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World's largest yacht builder skirts downturn by going global
Investegate/Sail-World Cruising,
Where is the best place to buy a yacht? As the world's leading boat builder, Groupe Beneteau is the group to watch if you want to know future trends in the boat building business. They have just announced, during a financial information meeting, that their international sales are expected to grow by a whopping 65% in the coming year.... [more]
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Enterprize Tall Ship at Hobart Wooden Boats Festival
Rod Thomas,
Melbourne's tall ship Enterprize left its home port in Melbourne's Docklands on 30 January for an eight day ocean voyage to Hobart where the ship will be one of the featured boats in the 2013 My State Australian Wooden Boat Festival which runs from 8th-11th February.... [more]
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Shackleton Epic 2013 - Alexandra Shackleton nears historic feat
Kim McKay,
Now into their ninth day at sea, the Alexandra Shackleton is within 180 miles of reaching South Georgia Island and achieving the first goal in the Shackleton Epic historic re-enactment, but the boat is tracking slightly off course and needs to correct its position within the next 36-48 hours to make its landing at King Haakon Bay.... [more]
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Largest ever space sail for 2014 - it's the Sunjammer!
Leonard David, Cruising,
It's not windjammer, it's Sunjammer! Humans learned long ago to push a craft across the water using the wind. Now the pace is picking up as space scientists learn how to push a craft through space using photons from the sun. The largest solar sail ever constructed is headed for the launch pad in 2014 on a mission to demonstrate the value of what is being called 'propellantless propulsion'... [more]
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Waves of Migration - Last chance to be amazed
Jude Timms,
Time is running out for Sydneysiders to experience Waves of Migration, the Australian National Maritime Museum's dynamic projection show, celebrating the history of migration to Australia and the compelling stories of those who've come across the seas on its iconic roofline... [more]
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World's most famous rally gets 40 extra berths
World Cruising Club/Sail-World Cruising,
Every year several Australian boats set off on a world circumnavigation and end up joining the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers). And now there will be more places. For years there have been limitations on berthing in Las Palmas where the rally begins. This year, Las Palmas is increasing the number of its berths by 40.... [more]
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Armed Shonan Maru No. 2 disregards order to vacate Australian waters
Jeff Hansen,
Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2, with armed Japanese Coast Guard onboard, has now entered the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone around Macquarie Island at 1500 Hours AEST on January 31st, chasing Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's long-range ship, the SSS Bob Barker.... [more]
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Book of the Week: The Atlantic Crossing Guide, sixth edition
OCC/Sail-World Cruising,
Crossing the Atlantic - it is rumoured to be rough, unpredictable, and there are few places to stop along the way, certainly none around the half-way mark. So choosing the best route, the right time and learning a hundred other tricks can make the difference between a hard slog, or worse, and a fantastic adventure. Enter the Atlantic Cruising Guide, sixth Edition.... [more]
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RYA officially launches new Boat Maintenance Handbook
Emma Slater,
Following the postponement of the official launch of the Boat Maintenance Handbook which had been scheduled to take place at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show earlier in the month but was cancelled due to travel issues associated to the heavy snow, the RYA is delighted to now announce the books official launch.... [more]
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