Tim Jarvis in the Southern Ocean, Pete Goss in Tasmanian waters

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 31 Jan 2013

Tim Jarvis in the Southern Ocean, Pete Goss in Tasmanian waters

Talking of Tasmania, the Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation Cruise is going from strength to strength. Peter Campbell reports that more than 40 boats have registered.

A wide variety of other informative and useful news from our own coastlines and the world's oceans again this week. Read about a plan afoot to reduce boating incidents in NSW waters. There are articles on chartering in the Caribbean; the dramatic arrest and conviction of two sailors on cocaine import in Britain; and a story on one sailing ship which is transporting cargo across the Atlantic without using fossil fuels.

Tobago Cays - best pick in the Caribbean  .. .

In practical news, read why you should NOT paint your hull red, but another bright colour; how to go about making the best medical kit for your boat; and John Jamieson offers some excellent advice on how to avoid the danger of your boat sinking through a faulty skin fitting.

Much more too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

In the Wake of Shackleton - so far so good
Lee Mylchreest,
To honour his remarkable 800 nautical mile voyage across the Southern Ocean, Ernest Shackleton's feat is being recreated. Australian Tim Jarvis is leading the expedition in the Alexandra Shackleton, a purpose-built, exact replica of Shackleton's 22.5-foot (6.9m) lifeboat, James Caird across the same stretch of open ocean and then attempt to cross the rugged peaks of South Georgia, as they did.... [more]
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Fleet of 40+ for Van Diemens Land Circumanvigation Cruise
Peter Campbell,
A fleet of more than forty cruising yachts and motor cruisers has been entered for the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania's biennial Choices Flooring Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation Cruise, which sets sail from Hobart on 13 February 2013.... [more]
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Sailing the Caribbean - not as out of reach as you might think
Des Ryan,
Is sailing on the Caribbean just for a lucky few? Renting a private vessel and cruising through a warm, salty-breezed heaven - does it sound out of reach? Not so, say the yacht charterers of the Caribbean. And it's not just for yachties and experienced sailors, but possible even if you are a landlubber eager to chalk up an unforgettable, fully crewed, tropical experience.... [more]
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Safety and your medical kit - what should you take?
Des Ryan,
The first time I did a first-aid course was just before I went for a three week sail, across the Pacific. The information was great, but I couldn't help thinking all the way through the course, 'But there will be no emergency number to call - I need to know what to do for a week, not for the first 30 minutes before the paramedic gets there.... [more]
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Goss in sailing kayak round Tassy - Going tough but half way there
Stuart Elford/Sail-World Cruising,
British sailing legend Pete Goss and his mate Andy Warrender have gone overboard in a dramatic incident that could have spelled the end of their journey, but they have rounded the Southern Capes of Tasmania that mark the halfway point in their 1500 km circumnavigation of the Apple Isle by sailing kayak... [more]
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Plan announced to reduce boating incidents on NSW waters
Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay formally announced a plan to improve boating safety on the Georges River and Botany Bay.... [more]
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Another very modern rescue in the Atlantic
US Coastguard/Sail-World Cruising,
The world of the successful modern rescue has to be a symphony of modern electronics and international cooperation. Three sailors on a yacht, dismasted almost half way between Europe and America, were rescued after their distress signal was picked up by satellite. The registration of their EPIRB showed as Polish and the three sailors are now on their way to Norway, rescued by a Barbudan ship... [more]
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Use This Sailing Safety Tool in a Flooding Emergency!
John Jamieson,
The average sailing boat could have eight to twelve holes drilled below the waterline. These 'through-hulls' are used for heads, sink and shower drains, cockpit scupper drains, engine intake, instrument transducers, shaft exits and the rudder post. Each could be the source of a catastrophic ingress of water.... [more]
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Sail-world.com introduces customised toolbar for serious sailors
The Sail-World.com Team,
Sail-World.com the largest sailing marine news network in the world has an extra-ordinary amount of sailing content, currently 105,000 stories, with images and result stretching back 16 years. This is easily the largest sailing database in the world. For serious sailors there is an Australian customized Sail-World toolbar.... [more]
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Capsized red hull easier to find - then why not? Here's why not
Des Ryan,
None of us wants to experience losing a keel and having to be rescued from our overturned boat in the middle of an ocean. While cruising yachts are very unlikely to lose a keel, a recent report suggested that hulls be painted red to make them easier to find, so why not? But that wasn't the end of the story...... [more]
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Big showing for Beneteau at Melbourne Summer Boat Show
Creating Demand,
Victorian Beneteau Dealers Sundance Marine and JW Marine will present a big range of the French manufacturers models at the upcoming Melbourne Summer Boat Show.... [more]
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Tres Hombres: slow cargo but sustainable, an early success
Gercine Carter/Sail-World Cruising,
Slow food, why not slow cargo? Can sustainable sail-powered transport ever hope to compete with ships? The Tres Hombres, a 32metre brigantine originally built as a fishing cutter which we have been reporting on for a couple of years, is still sailing between Europe and America carrying cargo successfully - and looking for trainees.... [more]
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Captain Calamity - 15 rescues but he doesn't want saving
Sail-World Cruising,
At Sail-World we started writing about British catamaran sailor Glen Crawley in 2007, when RNLI members had said they had 'lost count' of the number of times they had rescued him. Then in 2008, after several more rescues, the Newquay harbourmaster imposed a ban on him setting sail alone until he gained a basic competency qualification. Years have passed but the rescues continue.... [more]
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Rockefeller Mermaid Mission: Rescuing our seas in 2013
Sail-World Cruising,
While American philanthropist David Rockefeller leads actions rescue our oceans, his wife Susan Rockefeller has been directing a film called Mission of Mermaids, dedicated to love and preservation of the ocean. As preserving and rescuing our oceans is a subject dear to most cruising sailor's hearts, we here offer Susan's suggested resolutions for helping our oceans in 2013:... [more]
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Sailor 'on holiday' found guilty of drug import
Sail-World Cruising,
In the easy camaraderie of an anchorage or a marina, it is easy to assume that the boat next to you has sailors in it 'just like you', but the following belies that. A sailor who had just completed a passage from St Lucia to Britain has been found guilty of importing cocaine, even though he maintained that he was on a holiday after a marriage break-up and didn't know the skipper before the voyage... [more]
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Major Strategic Alliance: AMI Marine Group - TMQ International
Major strategic alliance announced, by two of Australia's Leading Companies which will support Australian, SE Asian and International marine and offshore industries.... [more]
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Peak Sails launches its Australian operations
Jeni Bone,
Peak Sails North America has opened its first international location, with the foundation of Peak sails Australia, characterised by a distinctly hands-on approach and commitment to value for money.... [more]
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Sole surviving heritage sailing gig to be restored
ThisisCornwall/Sail-World Cruising,
Those who love heritage sailing boats are very excited in Cornwall, UK, at the moment. A historic fishing boat which plied Cornish waters for more than 80 years before being left to rot on a quayside is to get a new lease of life thanks to the efforts of maritime enthusiasts.... [more]
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Superstorm hits east coast of Australia
Jeni Bone,
First it was fires and record temperature heatwave, now the wet season has well and truly hit with former tropical cyclone Oswald continuing to wreak havoc along the Queensland coast, heading in to NSW.... [more]
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