The issues of remote Southern Ocean rescues - what do you think?

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 24 Jan 2013

The issues of remote Southern Ocean rescues - what do you think?

In this week's rescue of Alain Delord, it was a deluxe cruise ship that veered almost 700 nm out of its way, depriving its 100 or so deluxe passengers of part of their journey. But, although lights were seen not far from where the incident took place, they didn't answer their radio and Orion was the nearest craft that could have saved Delord's life.

Rescue of Alain Delord  .. .

Overriding all of these tales hovers The United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea. It is not only time-honoured tradition, but now international law that 'every State must require the master of a ship flying its flag to render assistance to any person found at sea in danger of being lost and to proceed to the rescue of persons in distress.'

The cruise ship had no choice, and honoured both the tradition and the UN Convention. The passengers on that ship, who had paid over $1,000 a day for their journey, were deprived of visiting Macquarie Island and arrived back in Hobart three days before schedule. Who should suffer? The Cruise Ship Owners? The passengers? The uninsured sailor who has lost his boat and is plainly broke? The relevant government – Australia – who had the SOLAS responsibility?

These are unresolved issues that keep recurring whenever there is a remote rescue. What do you think?

A nice avalanche of other news around the world this week: The latest list of ten biggest superyachts makes interesting reading; a young Laser sailor has been given a new chance at a record by UK Sailmakers; a piracy report with not a single Somali attack on yachts; the Ocean Cruising Club has announced its awards giving a string of wonderful tales; there's a feature on the new Bavaria 56; and some practical articles on stain removal on your boat and issues with the dreaded head.

That's just the 'tip of the iceberg'. Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Hero 10-year-old's quick action avoids marina boat fire
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
An electrical fire on a boat is a scary thing and in a marina it can result in multiple boat losses. So it's no wonder 10-year-old Ellie Brosius is being hailed as a hero.While her parents were several boats away down the dock, Ellie, acting on her own initiative, averted an electrical fire by her quick action. She's such a hero she has been awarded a special medal from the local fire department... [more]
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Britain's rescue volunteers: 8000 rescued, half from leisure craft
Leisure sailing boats world-wide went through an amazing explosion in numbers during the 20th Century and that explosion continues unabated in this century - but it is doubtful that this would have occurred if rescue facilities had not also increased dramatically. Britain's Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI) have announced their numbers for 2012, with almost 8,000 people were rescued... [more]
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Ocean Cruising Club announces 2012 Awards
Daria Blackwell/OCC/Sail-World,
The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC), the world's only truly global ocean cruising association, has announced the recipients of the OCC Annual Awards. Each year the OCC recognizes the achievements of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things on the world's oceans and brings those achievements to the attention of the sailing community at large.... [more]
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Maserati almost becalmed at Cape Horn
Nancy Knudsen,
The yacht attempting to become the fastest ever sailing boat to sail from New York to San Francisco - a route that includes the usually dreaded Cape Horn - was almost becalmed as they approached the Horn.... [more]
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Amazing rescue: 'We couldn't have done it without the planes'
Peter Campbell/Sail-World,
The rescue of French round-the-world sailor Alain Delord from a remote spot in the Southern Ocean was an amazing coordination between the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), the Dornier aircraft that overflew him and a cruise ship that sailed 50 hours out of its way to rescue him.... [more]
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French sailor rescued from Southern Ocean Team,
Good news from the Southern Ocean, An Australian Maritime Safety Authority aircraft, a Dornier, located 63 year French sailor Alain Delord in his liferaft on Friday night after receiving a distress signal from the Frenchman, who had abandoned his yacht after it was dismasted and the hull holed and now the sailor has been rescued.... [more]
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Update: desperate rescue quest for sailor in life raft, Southern Ocean
AMSA/Sail-World Cruising,
Alain Delord, French solo sailor attempting a circumnavigation in his A35 yacht Tchouk Tchouk Nougat, has been dismasted some 400 nm south of Tasmania in the Southern Ocean. He is now in a liferaft pending rescue by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, having abandoned his yacht, which had suffered hull damage during the dismasting.... [more]
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Orion on rescue mission to save French sailor
Peter Campbell,
Orion, a small luxury cruise ship, is on course to rescue a French sailor aboard a liferaft around 500 nautical miles south of Tasmania. An Australian Maritime Safety Authority plane discovered Alain Delord's raft floating on the southern ocean after his single-handed voyage around the world came to an end when his yacht lost its mast with a hole created on it.... [more]
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Coming to a head - issues of onboard toilets
Lee Mylchreest,
If you want to seriously test whether someone gets seasick or not (or if you don't want them to come again), give them the job of clearing the blocked head while sailing. Heads, the nautical term for onboard toilets, can be one of the most vexed issues on a boat, depending on where you sail.... [more]
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'Mine's bigger' - the Ten biggest superyachts for 2012
Nancy Knudsen,
Every year the largest superyachts in the world are announced by Sponsored by the luxury yacht charter company Y.CO, the unveiling of the latest list reveals the 100 biggest yachts in existence has just occurred again. Here we count down merely the top ten biggest. Seven are owned by Arab interests, one by Brunei, one by a Russian Oligarch and one by an American film producer:... [more]
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Sailors invited to Gathering Cruise around Ireland in 2013
Daria and Alex Blackwell,
2013 is designated as the year of the Gathering in The Republic of Ireland, in which the diaspora and friends are being invited from all over the world to visit during an amazing year-long celebration. One of the events being organized is The Gathering Cruise, a cruise in company from Dublin to Dingle around the eastern and southern coasts of the island.... [more]
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Five top ways to remove stains from your boat
Karen & Jeffrey Siegel/Sail-World Cruising,
Karen & Jeffrey Siegel run a website called ActiveCaptain. They have also been cruising for many years, with two dogs Dyna and Dylan (who really run the show) and know a thing or two about some of the practical aspects of cruising. Here are their useful tips about cleaning stains on a boat. As they said, 'We thought the new year was the perfect time to pick our five personal favourites.'... [more]
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Piracy Report - not a single yacht attacked in 2012
ICC International Maritime Bureau/Sail-World,
The Annual Piracy report by the International Maritime Bureau is out, and for the first time for many years, there is not a single report of a yacht being attacked by pirates anywhere in the world. Either the pirates have realised yachts are measly pickings or the campaign to prevent yachts from sailing in dangerous areas has worked, and maybe a bit of both.... [more]
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‘World Class' moorings on the island of St Helena
Polly Tyekiff,
St Helena - an island in the south Atlantic, now boasts ‘World Class' moorings, following an eight month project resulting in a high quality and robust mooring field, and marking the development of the island as a base for travelling yachts as well as a yachting destination.... [more]
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Somali pirate attacks wane, hope for yachts, but not soon
Des Ryan,
Pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean have dropped 27 percent since 2009, when reports of armed bandits off the coast of Somalia drew navies from throughout the world to protect trade routes, and not one cruising sailor was attacked in 2012. But that doesn't mean you can sail the West Indian Ocean any time soon.... [more]
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