Boat's 'Dunkirk' rescue, Whitsunday charters, anchorages just for you

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 10 Jan 2013

Boat's 'Dunkirk' rescue, Whitsunday charters, anchorages just for you

Jeanne Socrates, solo sailor at 70, has just rounded Cape Horn in amazingly placid seas – unlike her last rounding, during which she suffered serious damage during a knock-down and had to limp to Ushuaia for extensive repairs. Not that she hasn't had her share of woes – it's a good read.

Nereida and Jeanne on the deck  .. .

Jeni Bone writes of the spectacular recent success of the yacht charter industry in the Whitsundays. If you can't spare the time to sail yourself there, the next best thing is to fly there and rent-a-yacht.

Whitsunday magic - getting more and more popular  .. .

A flock of Navies from NATO and Europe have not yet been able to totally prevent piracy in the western Indian Ocean, but a new private navy, mischievously called 'Dad's Navy' because it is full of retired military personnel, is out to change that.

Do you love destinations that only cruising sailors can reach? The small remote bay just around the headland might fit the bill, but there are some destinations I remember as precious because they were not marinas and they were meant only for cruising sailors. I have shared some of them in this edition.

Middle Percy in the Whitsundays - the 'Percy Hilton', just for cruising sailors  .. .

Lots of practical information in this week's issue too: Martin Flory gives us the argument about why we should be using aluminium anodes in salt water, John Jamieson (Captain John) offers a small so-simple trick to get a MOB back on board to add to your armoury of techniques, and Lee Mylchreest offers some tried and true methods of keeping your fuel always clean, no matter where you sail.

A couple of quirky tales from America and Britain should amuse – 'What do you do with a drunken sailor?' - the old song comes to mind, and read about the brand new yacht club about to launch without any water.

Browse the headlines to find your interest, and...

...sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Boat owners in Dunkirk-style evacuation in Tasmania
Peter Campbell,
Tasmanian boat owners did not think twice to give help to the residents affected by a bushfire that wreak havoc across the Tasman Peninsula, south-east of Hobart last weekend. With no road access out of the Peninsula, an estimated one thousand tourists visiting the Port Arthur historic site, plus Tasmanians camping at various beaches or at their holiday shacks.... [more]
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Solo sailor Jeanne Socrates rounds Cape Horn 'in glassy seas'
Nancy Knudsen,
This week, in the dark of almost midnight, Jeanne Socrates, 70-year-old solo sailor extraordinaire, successfully rounded Cape Horn in her 38ft yacht Nereida and changed course to begin her crossing of the South Atlantic, at the very end of Day 78 of her third attempt at a nonstop, unassisted, solo circumnavigation.... [more]
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My Ten Sailing New Year Resolutions
Lee Mylchreest,
The brand new year is upon us and apart from wishing all a great 2013, I have thought seriously about my sailing over the last year, and this has given rise to my Ten New Year Resolutions. I share them with you below:... [more]
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For sailors only: Destinations just for you!
Nancy Knudsen,
Marinas are the natural 'home' of the roving sailor. They have secure berths, water, electricity, a bar, a cappuccino, and if you are lucky, some repair facilities and an internet connection. After a while they all get to look somewhat the same. But if you look carefully around the world you'll find a small number of much more interesting 'homes' for cruising sailors.... [more]
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Marine insurance giant Pantaenius - shaking the Australian market
John Curnow,
At the beginning of November, 2012 we posed a question of Jamie MacPhail, Pantaenius Australia's newly appointed Managing Director. Very simply it was, ‘Just who is Pantaenius?' Since then, many things have occurred or changed in the marine world.... [more]
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Chartering: the passport to freedom on the high seas
Jeni Bone,
According to the travel industry and charter operators, chartering has well and truly become the new vacation staple for demographics as diverse as couples, groups of friends and families, capturing their imaginations with the allure of exotic locations and fleeting ownership of their own vessel.... [more]
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The argument for aluminium anodes: Time to be Green
Martin Flory, CMP Global,
When it comes to making environmentally friendly choices, the tradeoff is not always paying more for something that doesn't work as well. Boat owners seeking a 'greener' sacrificial anode have an option that works better than the old, familiar zinc versions while costing less: aluminum anodes.... [more]
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MOB - Learn the 'Elevator' Recovery Technique!
John Jamieson,
The thought of falling overboard scares most sailors into a 'stay-aboard-at-all-costs' mindset. And yet this most serious of sailing emergencies does happen. Use these steps to prepare ahead of time with one little-known method that could be the perfect solution IF the person in the water is fully conscious and in good shape and you have successfully positioned the boat ready for recovery..... [more]
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GME unveils latest powerful antenna - AE3000
GME continues to provide sailors with cutting-edge technology that enables great TV reception at the marina or on an anchor line, launching their latest powerful antenna ‘AE3000.' Ever since television was introduced to Australia in 1956, boat owners have struggled to receive a decent signal when bobbing around at the marina or swinging on an anchor line.... [more]
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Keeping your fuel clean
Lee Mylchreest,
When you move out of home waters, one of the dangers of cruising is ending up with dirty fuel which clogs and stops your engine. Here we talk about some of the solutions:... [more]
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DVD offers tips on keeping our seas healthy
Joanna Woutersz,
All Boaters are being encouraged to look after aquatic habitat, minimise their impact by following a few simple tips and be the eyes, ears and voice of the aquatic environment! It has been produced by NSW authorities, but is applicable anywhere in Australia... [more]
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Now Dad's Navy takes charge of pirate prevention
RT/Sail-World Cruising,
If you thought that private navies were a thing of the past, think again. Soon Somali pirates will have more than the forces of Britain's Royal Navy, NATO and EUNAVFOR to worry about. The UK's first private navy in almost 200 years has been set up to defend shipping from the threat of pirates. Will THIS mean that cruising sailors will one day be able to sail the Red Sea again to the Med?... [more]
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Expansion plans for the Gold Coast marine precinct
Jeni Bone,
A proposed Gold Coast International Marine Precinct, to cost around $390 million, seeks to enhance the existing Gold Coast Marine Precinct through the development of a new integrated marine industry facility that will create jobs and boost the region's boating credentials.... [more]
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What shall we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?
Des Ryan,
It was 'early in the morning' when officials were wondering 'What shall we do with a drunken sailor?' He was so drunk he allowed his 28ft sailing boat to go ashore on a surfing beach (at least he missed the rocks). Then when authorities approached he was too drunk to get off the boat and collapsed into unconsciousness. He had to be lifted off the boat.... [more]
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Book now - David Hill guest speaker at Southport Yacht Club
Southport Yacht Club,
Former chairman of the ABC, author and these days, archaeologist, David Hill will be special guest speaker at the Southport Yacht Club lunch, Friday 15 February.<... [more]
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World ARC departs Cape Town for the final stages of circumnavigation
Sarah Collins / WCC,
In the World ARC, the current rally fleet departed Cape Town on Saturday 5 Jan., bound for Brazil via the mid-Atlantic island of Saint Helena, the final ocean leg of their round the world odyssey. The crews, representing fourteen different nationalities are taking part in the World ARC sailing rally which left Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean, in January 2012 and will return there in April this year.... [more]
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Oyster World Rally - off and away today
Sail-World Cruising,
It's amazing it took them so long. Oyster wanted to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, and their idea of the 2013 Oyster World Rally proved a winner. It promised a grand adventure, a 16-month odyssey of endless adventure, providing Oyster owners and their guests with a truly unforgettable experience, and it starts today!... [more]
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The yacht club with no water.
Des Ryan,
Australia's Lake Eyre Yacht Club has been famous for years among certain leisure sailors on account of the fact that it is almost 800 kilometres from the sea, and it hardly ever has water in it - if you are lucky, about one year in three. But stranger still is the yacht club just formed in Britain, about 110 miles from the sea and there's not a sailable stretch of water any closer.... [more]
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Spectacular light show at Waves of Migration
Jude Timms,
The Australian National Maritime Museum's iconic roofline, evoking sails and waves, will become the canvas this summer for a dynamic new projection show in celebration of the history of migration to Australia and intriguing stories of those who've come across the seas... [more]
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Yacht restoration school - Open House in January
Cynthia Goss/Sail-World Cruising,
No matter which country you come from, if you are interested in pursuing a career in boat building and restoration, there could be no better experience than the International Yacht Restoration School(IYRS) in Rhode Island. Individuals interested in pursuing new career tracks at IYRS will have a chance to step inside the school's workshops during two January Open Houses.... [more]
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Put us on your iPhone and iPad!
Anna Parker,,
On the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad you can put bookmarks for any site, creating one-tap shortcuts to your favourite websites. Sail-World, Marine Business World, Powerboat World, and Fishing Boating World now have custom icons for you to save for quick, easy access!... [more]
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Sailing into 2013 and remembering 2012
Nancy Knudsen, Editor,
.... [more]
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