Suicidal French sailors,'Why regulate the seas?', best barnacle buster

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 13 Dec 2012

Suicidal French sailors,'Why regulate the seas?', best barnacle buster

This week a speeding French sailor has been fined for going the wrong way down a ship separation zone, the equivalent to a freeway or superhighway. His very French defense was that he was trying to break the Around Britain and Ireland speed record. Try that excuse the next time you are stopped for speeding.

How much to regulate our waterways and oceans has long been a favourite heated discussion among leisure sailors. Every time there is an incident, the reports that follow recommend tighter and tighter regulations, until the word 'Freedom of the Sea' becomes virtually meaningless.

This week Sir Alan Massey, CEO of UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency MCA)waded in with a novel thought – that sailors should be credited with some common sense and authorities such as the MCA should tread a fine line between regulation and self-regulation.

This was a stunning statement coming from such a quarter, and safety authorities of the world could do well to take note.

Not that it isn't getting easier and easier to venture off-shore from a technological point of view when the newest technology, like the Marine Commander featured this week, can give you a screen encapsulating all your nav systems in one. It's even getting easier and cheaper to clean your hull, with a vibrating barnacle buster that doesn't need you to remove the boat from the water – that's another article this week.

There's also more and more sailing advice out there, valuable specially if you are not connected to a sailing club or fraternity. John Jamieson has an article on the use of flares – and the importance of knowing how to use them before you find you are in an emergency. Veteran cruising sailor Jude Binder has a new eBook out called 'Practical Boat Bits and Tips' chocked full of useful advice you may not read anywhere else.

Swan gatherings in 2013  .. .

If you are lucky enough to own a Swan, Club Swan have brought out their program for 'gatherings' of Swans for 2013. Our yacht feature is of Fountain Pajot's beautiful Victoria 67; there's a story about a quirky Dutchman who has finally finished building a replica Noah's Ark; and a moving passage tale about two Cubans who sacrificed everything to sail to America, and the little toy puffin, given by a cruising sailor, who kept their morale high when the going got tough.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

French sailor fined for sailing wrong way down British separation zone
Joanne Rawlings/Sail-World Cruising,
Separation zones of the world are the superhighways of the ocean. Sailing a yacht the wrong way down a separation zone you would think was a sport only for the suicidal. But one famed French sailor has just been hauled in front of British Justice for trying to beat the fastest sail round Britain record by doing just that..... [more]
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Calling all Swan Owners: Programme 2013 - 2020 now available
Club Swan,
Under the ClubSwan burgee, the programme of activity from 2013 to 2020 for Swan owners includes numerous wonderful occasions to share their passion and join other owners in extraordinary locations for a special mix of racing, cruising and social events.... [more]
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Of dreamers who went sailing and the puffin which inspired them
Vicki Smith/Sail-World,
We found this unusual cruising tale heart-warming and beautifully told by Vicki Smith who is sailing in the Bahamas with her husband Maynard on their yacht Vanish. It is of a small toy puffin on a key chain and two Cubans who had a seven-year-old dream in their hearts and set out to go sailing.... [more]
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UK Coastguard Agency asks the question: 'Why regulate?'
Sail-World/Joanne Rawlings,
A breath of fresh air has floated in, bringing with it an opinion of a bureaucrat that there just might be too many rules about what leisure sailors can and can't do. The amazing, but very welcome announcement, began with the almost subversive-sounding 'Why regulate? Can't we just have fun?'... [more]
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Boat parade time across America
Lee Mylchreest,
It's Boat Parade time across America. From Arizona to Florida, from Newport Beach to Chattanooga, the lighted boat parade is a big part of Christmas. Prizes are given, excitement runs high and those without boats line the shores to celebrate and discuss the boats - from awe-inspiring to sweet, from ridiculous to hilarious. It's all part of the fun.... [more]
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Authorities on alert for drugs across the Pacific
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
If you are - or intend to be - on your way to Australia by sailing boat, be prepared for authorities searching for drugs. It appears that yachts, so long left largely untroubled by everyone except the quarantine authorities, are the new transport of choice for drug lords. In the past two years, four yachts have been intercepted carrying a combined total of more than a tonne of cocaine.... [more]
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End of Days? Dutchman builds a modern Noah's Ark
Jeni Bone,
Moored in the city of Dordrecht, just south of Rotterdam, Holland, a new landmark is visible bobbing against the extremely flat and floodprone landscape. Johan Huibers has realised his 20-year quest to build a full-scale, functioning model of Noah's Ark.... [more]
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Is your hull painted red? Report after yacht capsize
Sail-World Cruising,
The modern cruising yacht is about as unlikely to capsize through the loss of its keel as it is to hit a whale. This doesn't mean it's impossible if the keel is bolted on, and last month's findings (meant primarily for racing) by Ireland's MCIB about the the capsize and rescue of the Fastnet Yacht Rambler 100 will be of interest to all.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Fountaine Pajot's Victoria 67
Sail-World Cruising,
It's not quite a superyacht/supercat, but it's no normal cruising cat either. Fountaine Pajot has unveiled spectacular new Flagship model, a top-of-the-range addition to its range of catamarans. It's called the Victoria 67.... [more]
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World-first vibrating, underwater barnacle buster gets thumbs-up
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The new world-first Waveblade barnacle remover may mean a seismic shift in the way we clean our sailing boat hulls, but more than that, there's a Scottish bank who thinks it's worth an investment of £550,000 to take the invention to the next level - that is, appealing to major oil, gas and shipping companies.... [more]
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Five Marine Flare Steps for Sailing Safety
Captain John Jamieson,
In the most famous sea tragedy of all time, At 2:20 am, Monday, April 15th, 1912, the Titanic slid beneath the waves of the Atlantic, leaving her passengers and crew fighting for their lives in 31°F (-1°C) water. Most died from drowning--not hypothermia. If the right safety equipment had been aboard, none of this would have happened. So what have we learned and what should YOU be doing, today?... [more]
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Marine Commander - nav systems integrated on one screen
Des Ryan,
If you have the space and can afford it, an instrument such as Icom's Marine Commander is the way to go. On one screen you can see all of your systems integrated, giving you information at your fingertips and a great ease of control of the boat in a robust, waterproof navigational system.... [more]
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Jude Binder launches new eBook 'Practical Boat Bits and Tips'
Sail-World Cruising,
The best features of Banyandah by Jude Binder with 40 years of experience finishing and maintaining vessels. She is also an accomplished sailor with 150,000 miles under sail, so she knows what stands the test of time. Living afloat continuously for sixteen years, raising and educating her two sons.... [more]
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Realtor material well received as first Yachting Pages Delivers drop
Michelle Williams,
Superyachts and related businesses on the French Riviera were delighted with their first deliveries from Yachting Pages Delivers, the brand new hand-distribution service which launched in the region this month (December 2012).... [more]
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