Solo adventurers, Shackleton re-enactment, new life jacket rules...

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 06 Dec 2012

Solo adventurers, Shackleton re-enactment, new life jacket rules...

Solo sailors are a different bunch. A couple of years ago we had a raft of teen sailors who sailed solo round the world – British Michael Perham, American Zac Sunderland, the spectacular Australian young sailor Jessica Watson and finally, the youngest of them all, Dutch New Zealander Laura Dekker. Now, at the other end of the scale, there seems to be a raft of sailors in their 70's trying to do the same thing. This week we tell of Jeanne Socrates, on her way past the equator and heading for the Horn on a non-stop attempt, and of a new contender, Stanley Paris, preparing a boat called Kiwi Spirit for the same quest. Of course it will be almost impossible to outshine Japanese sailor Minoru Saito, who, at 76, last year completed his eighth solo sail around the world.

Speaking of Kiwis, I couldn't help noticing that Yachting New Zealand have generously included a Cruising Award in their annual Yachting Excellence Awards, but Yachting Australia persists in completely ignoring this growing sector of Australian sailing. Come on, cruising sailors, bring some pressure to bear on Yachting Australia - after all, your dollars are supporting them too!

Two new yachts and a new mast are in the news. From superyacht to Laser. The latest superyacht's resemblance to the Maltese Falcon is hotly defended, the new Laser mast is carbon fibre and virtually unbreakable, and the aluminium lifting-keel Allures 39.9 is worth examining as your next around-the-world cruising yacht.

Solar - not like Maltese Falcon at all?  .. .

AMVER, that fabulous voluntary reporting system is in the news - again - with a rescue by a superyacht, and Britain's RNLI has passed an amazing bench-mark – their 140,000th rescue.

'Practical Boat Bits and Tips' is the name of the eBook just released by our own Australian adventure cruiser Jude Binder; there's a feature on the Marine Commander, a multi-talented display screen which will show all your safety navigation features at once; and Des Ryan tells us how to keep our precious topsides safe with smart fendering.

Finally, I have to mention a sailing adventure it will be well worth following when it starts next month:

Alexandra Shackleton - the original James Caird setting off  .. .

Tim Jarvis is the adventurer whom the granddaughter of Ernest Shackleton has chosen to re-enact her grandfather's legendary rescue sail from Elephant Island in the Antarctic to the island of South Georgia.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing and don't forget to read the new life jacket rules!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jude Binder launches new eBook 'Practical Boat Bits and Tips'
Sail-World Cruising,
The best features of Banyandah by Jude Binder with 40 years of experience finishing and maintaining vessels. She is also an accomplished sailor with 150,000 miles under sail, so she knows what stands the test of time. Living afloat continuously for sixteen years, raising and educating her two sons.... [more]
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Sydney Harbour's new superyacht harbour causing angst
Sail-World Cruising,
Yachts have long been a scene in Sydney Harbour, which has always successfully combined pleasure sailing with commercial shipping, and the residents of Sydney have always loved the sight of pleasure craft both sailing and sleeping by the shore. However, the new superyacht marina in Rozelle Bay is causing some angst.... [more]
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Changes to Lifejacket Safety Rules
Roads and Maritime Services,
Marine safety rules in NSW are being fine tuned so it is simpler for people to understand when the law requires them to wear a lifejacket.... [more]
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Allures 39.9: A true ocean-cruising sailing yacht, now in production
Sail-World Cruising,
The first unit will not begin her sea trials until next month, but if her claims are anywhere near real, this is a boat that a cruising sailor might find is well worth waiting for.... [more]
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Shackleton re-enactment scheduled for January
Nancy Knudsen,
He is an environmental scientist and adventurer, not primarily a sailor, but nevertheless it was Tim Jarvis whom Alexandra Shackleton, granddaughter of the legendary Ernest Shackleton, approached to go sailing. The idea was to celebrate the centenary of her grandfather's amazing sail in Antarctic waters to rescue his crew, by a re-enactment.... [more]
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Marine Commander - nav systems integrated on one screen
Des Ryan,
If you have the space and can afford it, an instrument such as Icom's Marine Commander is the way to go. On one screen you can see all of your systems integrated, giving you information at your fingertips and a great ease of control of the boat in a robust, waterproof navigational system.... [more]
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UK's RNLI saves 140,000 lives
RNLI/Sail-World Cruising,
Yes that's the number, but when the all-weather lifeboat went out to help the young man, who was kitesurfing not sailing, they didn't realise what a milestone they were passing. The rescue of the kitesurfer by the Fraserburgh crew in Scotland this year marked the 140,000th life saved by the charity since its founding in 1824.... [more]
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Carbon Laser mast for club and fun sailors available now
Richard Gladwell/Sail-World Cruising,
A spar and rigging company has announced the development of the world's first production carbon Laser mast, aimed at the recreational sailor and as a training spar. 'In developing these sections, while cost remains a factor it has been achieved without losing the real benefits of carbon spars,' says spar designer Tony Smith... [more]
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Yachting New Zealand gives annual Cruising Award - Not so Australia
Nancy Knudsen,
Yachting New Zealand has something that Yachting Australia seems to be allergic to - a Cruising Award. At the 2012 Yachting Excellence Awards, year Kerry Farrand received the Yachting New Zealand Cruising Award for his circumnavigation of the globe.... [more]
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Solar: a curious resemblance to the Maltese Falcon
Lee Mylchreest,
While there have been rumours about a new 'Maltese Falcon' style of superyacht around for months, Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard Design have now announced that they are behind the rumours.... [more]
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'Never give up' sailing adventurer past the equator, now for Cape Horn
Nancy Knudsen,
It's a case of 'Never give up!' Jeanne Socrates, solo sailing adventurer on her Najad 380 Nereida, has just passed the equator in her third non-stop attempt to solo circumnavigate the world unassisted.... [more]
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Ten Tips on fendering to keep your topsides in good repair
Des Ryan,
The humble fender doesn't rate much as a news item, but the difference between the using a well-placed, right-sized fender and the wrong one can mean the difference between a damaged boat or a clean shiny hull. Here are some tips that I found invaluable in many thousands of miles of sailing.... [more]
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NSW launches lifejacket campaign to lessen fatalities and save lives
Neil Patchett,
Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay is pushing for the use of lifejackets in any water activity in response to the increasing number of boating incidents in New South Wales. NSW reported 10 fatalities on the water since July, prompting authorities to launch a new safety campaign to save more lives.... [more]
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AMVER to the rescue again by calling on billionaire's superyacht
AMVER/Sail-World Cruising,
AMVER, or the 'Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System', is a worldwide voluntary reporting system for ships, the brainchild of the United States Coast Guard. It renders often life-saving assistance in rescuing distressed sailors from yachts in trouble. Now it's done it again, this time by calling into service Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen's megayacht Octopus.... [more]
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The new generation E50 buoyancy aid from Burke Marine
Burke Marine,
A touch of European sophistication has graced Australian waters this summer with Burke Marine's release of the new generation E50, a European-style, side-entry buoyancy aid. This Level 50 buoyancy aid has been given a dynamic new look with jet black/carbon panelling and a spacious, Velcro-secured front pocket.... [more]
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Robotic sailing boat sets off across the Atlantic
The Telegraph/Sail-World Cruising,
Syndicates have been attempting to sail the Atlantic for years with robot sailing boats with limited success, as part of the Microtransat Challenge. Now another somewhat different attempt is being made and, weather permitting, a robot sailing boat called Snoopy Sloop will begin its Transatlantic journey from Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire, on Saturday.... [more]
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Security Company assesses pirate risks in Gulf of Guinea
Dryad Maritime,
If any sailors out there thought of sailing Africa's Gulf of Guinea, this report, which does not mention yachts or sailing, might dissuade you. Dryad Maritime, the UK-based specialist in maritime intelligence, has completed an analysis of a specific type of maritime crime that poses a risk to shipping in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa.... [more]
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BIA NSW innovating in 2013
Jeni Bone,
Placing its faith and its fortunes in the hands of the weather, helped along by investment innovative marketing, events and initiatives, the BIA of NSW is looking forward to a 'reasonable summer' to drive boating.... [more]
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Whatever happened to Sandy Island?
Nancy Knudsen,
Where did Sandy Island go? Captain James Cook is a revered seaman with an unparalleled record of surveying. He surveyed Sandy Island as between Australia and New Caledonia in the Coral Sea back in 1772. It was also mapped by a British whaler, the Velocity, in 1876. It's been on world charts ever since. But last week, another vessel went to the location and found only deep water.... [more]
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11th International Sailing Summit - Creation of Steering Group urged
Lauren Garnet,
The creation of a ‘steering group' tasked to encourage participation in competitive and recreational sailing has been raised during the 11th International Sailing Summit (ISS) at Sail Melbourne on Monday. High profile personalities in the sailing industry attended the event, which aims to strengthen relationship among stakeholders and further improve the sport of sailing.... [more]
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ASMEX 2013 to prove invaluable for generating business
AIMEX/Superyacht Australia,
As speaker profiling grows and delegate registrations are received so do the opportunities to network with like-minded business decision makers throughout the two day ASMEX conference and social programme.... [more]
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