Sailing 65kts, ten longest yachts, 'Happy Captain', lovelorn sailor

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 29 Nov 2012

Sailing 65kts, ten longest yachts, 'Happy Captain', lovelorn sailor

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies has weighed into the ongoing debate about whether we can do anything to protect our Great Barrier Reef, just at the same time as the new Coral Sea Maritime Reserve is being created. Is protecting our reefs 'doable'? Spokesman Professor Bob Pressey says it is.

So sad that one of NSW's Marine Rescue's new vessels has been vandalised, putting it out of use at the beginning of the sailing season...

An avalanche of happenings from the world of the cruising sailor again. Just as the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) sets off, late because of the weather, read how its founder Jimmy Cornell is announcing his new 'Blue Planet Rally' for 2014, highlighting endangered islands of the world.

Cruiser start two days late because of weather - 2012 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC)  World Cruising Club ©

If that seems a long time to wait, there's still time to get to Ireland for the summer Gathering Rally in July 2013. The international participants are mostly from the UK and Europe, but that's no bar if you're anywhere in the region.

If you love drooling over big (read long) yachts, we offer this week the current ten longest in the world – what a collection! We also tell of a tall ship in a spot of bother, taken hostage by Ghana when it stopped to say hello... It seems its owner hasn't paid debts exceeding a billion dollars.

From tall ships and superyachts to the sixteen-foot boat which a lovelorn sailor sailed from Turkey to Britain in search of his love. The boat's confiscated, the sailor is in custody as an illegal entrant, and his true-love says she can't stand a bar of him. Things are not going too well, but what a fantastic voyage in such a tiny sailing boat.

'Happy Captain' boat hook, designed by two Queenslanders  .. .

The product of the week is the 'Happy Captain' boat hook, designed by two Queenslanders, putting an end to the great difficulty of picking up a mooring that has no lines attached. Another product to take note of is the new T25 Deck Organiser, designed for boats under 28ft, which has just won a DAME design award;

That's just the beginning, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Australia's Paul Larsen sails at 68 knots!!
The Sail-World team,
For anyone who is happy crossing oceans at six knots, it's hard to get your head around the idea of sailing at 68 knots, but that is what Australian Paul Larsen has just done on his Vestas Sailrocket 2, breaking and then re-breaking his own newly established speed records on Namibia's Walvis Bay.... [more]
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Jimmy Cornell's new venture: The Blue Planet Odyssey
Sail-World Cruising,
The Blue Planet Odyssey, a round the world sailing event in 2014 aiming to raise awareness of the global effects of climate change, will be officially launched December 15, 2012 at the Paris Boat Show. The event is spearheaded by Jimmy Cornell, founder of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers). Cornell has run over 30 successful international sailing rallies including five round the world events.... [more]
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Round-the-world U30 Sydney sailor in biggest cross-Atlantic rally
Vivienne Reiner,
Sydneysider Nick Black, an Ausgrid telecommunications engineer specialising in Smart Grid technologies, 29, is preparing for the experience of a lifetime as he reaches the halfway mark living his dream of sailing across the world for a year. On Sunday Nick starts the world's biggest trans- ocean sailing event.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The 'Happy Captain' boat hook
Carolyn Drumm/Sail-World,
The ‘Happy Captain', just released in November, has been the culmination of a three-year dream for two happy captains and good friends, Murray Bragg and Arthur Nommensen, from Queensland.... [more]
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Lovelorn Turkish sailor to be sent home after seven month quest
Lee Mylchreest,
He didn't even reach the shore. A Turkish sailor was so obsessed with a British woman he met in Cyprus back in 2005 that he sailed his 16ft boat Ninova from Bodrum in Turkey, trying to find his love whom he believed was in Plymouth. Immigration officers intercepted his boat in the English Channel.... [more]
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Sydney Superyacht Marina - enhancing Australia's superyacht potential
Jeni Bone,
Rozelle Bay will soon be the Australian epicentre of superyachts and an international hub of significance the equal of Monaco once the ambitious $31 million plans for the development Sydney Superyacht Marina are given the green light by NSW planning authorities.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The new T25 Deck Organiser
Sail-World Cruising,
The 22nd annual DAME awards for marine design have announced the company Spinlock as winners in the deck equipment, sails and rigging category. The winning design was for boats under 28 feet, and with superyachts getting so much design attention these days it's nice to see some attention paid to smaller boats.... [more]
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Vandals strike Marine Rescue vessel at start of peak sailing season
Ken McManus/Sail-World,
Sail-World condemns the mindless vandalism of Marine Rescue's new Wooli vessel over the weekend, causing an estimated $50,000 in damage and reducing vital volunteer rescue resources on the Mid North Coast at the start of the peak boating season.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Remaining boats finally set sail
Rachel Hibberd,
Following two extra nights in Las Palmas, Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 2012 cruising boats finally set sail to join the racing division boats already at sea en route to Saint Lucia. A total of 226 boats and 1269 people are now participating in the 27th edition.... [more]
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Argentinian tall ship held hostage by Ghana
Des Ryan,
They didn't do anything as dramatic as nail a paper to the mast, but it had the same effect. Paul Singer, American hedge fund manager, succeeded in a move to get some hope of having a $1.3 billion debt from Argentina repaid. He had a Ghanian court take hostage the 100m ARA Libertad ('Liberty'), Argentina's tall ship, when it was silly enough to stay in the one place for too long.... [more]
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Great Sandy Straits a nautical delight
Stephen Milne,
As the picturesque, world-heritage listed Fraser Island came into view; Riviera owners Glenn and Pauline Vickery were in awe of its natural beauty, pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear, turquoise waterway that forms the Great Sandy Straits.... [more]
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Sailors for the Sea auction - help them by bidding online
Nancy Knudsen,
Sailor for the Sea have found a new way of raising money - the Charity Auction, AND you can bid online. Who exactly are Sailors for the Sea? As they put it, Sailors for the Sea is a non-profit organisation which educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans which are becoming more and more fragile. To do this they need your help.... [more]
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Marine reserves ‘must adapt to climate change' scientists say
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Australia can be a world leader in designing marine reserves that keep pace with variations in the climate and human activity and still successfully protect their sea life, a leading marine scientist said today.... [more]
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Fancy sailing the Irish Coast? Join the Gathering Cruise, July 2013
Irish Sailing Association/Sail-World,
The Irish Sailing Association and the Gathering Ireland 2013 have announced details of the Gathering Cruise 2013 and of their partnership for 2013. This completely unique event in both the Irish sailing and Gathering Ireland calendars will bring together a flotilla of yachts from across the UK, Europe and further afield as they sail to Irish ports as part of Gathering Ireland 2013.... [more]
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Humanity may be able to avert major environmental catastrophes
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Humanity might be able to avert major environmental catastrophes that now loom if it learns to make better use of ‘borrowed time', an eminent marine biologist will tell the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra tomorrow.... [more]
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North Sails 3DL sails same price of Panel equivalent!!
Dave O'Connor,
North Sails Australia is dedicated to servicing club racers who are looking to improve the performance of their boats and with 3DL sails for boats 35ft and under now available at very competitive prices. There has never been a better time to invest in your boats performance.... [more]
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Christmas Special Offer: Yacht Sentinel Version Five
Just in time for Christmas, the clever people at Smart1Marine are offering a special deal: order the new version five Yacht Sentinel by 20 December to qualify for either free shore power or hatch sensors.... [more]
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Yachting Tasmania Sailor of the Year Awards
Peter Campbell,
Rob Gough is arguably the fastest sailor afloat on Hobart's River Derwent, sailing his high performance foiler Moth class skiff at incredibly high speeds. Today the results of his sailing skills, nationally and internationally, were recognised when he was named Tasmanian Male Sailor of the Year for 2012.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Some boats start, most cruisers wait
Rachel Hibberd,
For the first time since 1989 the Cruising Division start of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) has been delayed. A low pressure weather system is predicted to bring strong winds south of Gran Canaria on Sunday night. The organisers, World Cruising Club, made the decision to offer two starts; one on Sunday 25 November as planned, and a second start on Tuesday 27 once winds have moderated.... [more]
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Superyacht Times' Top Ten longest superyachts in the world
Maarten Janssen, Superyacht Times/Sail-World,
Superyacht Times have done it again, measuring all the great sailing superyachts in the world, and here are the ten longest. There's a great variety in their ages, the oldest being built in 1927, the newest just a few months ago. They are headed by Eos, six years old but still the longest sailing boat in the world.... [more]
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B&G reveals new Triton HV Displays
Estelle Baldry - Navico,
B&G, the world leader in instruments, autopilot systems and tactical software solutions for sailors, is pleased to announce the new range of Triton HV Displays.... [more]
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Yacht charters in France - about to get more expensive
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Chartering a yacht in France is just about to get more expensive. But then, that's because it had been cheaper than in its neighbours Italy and Spain. There are some strange anomalies shown up by the economic crisis that has afflicted the EU since 2008 and not the least of them is in the yacht chartering sector.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Swans prepare to embark on voyage
Jennifer Hall,
Sunday, 25 November will mark the start of the renowned Atlantic Rally for Cruisers organised by the World Cruising Club. Yachts from thirty countries will take part in the transatlantic crossing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the Caribbean destination of St. Lucia. The 2,700 nautical mile passage on the NE tradewinds route takes between fourteen and twenty-one days.... [more]
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Mid North Coast rescue crews put search skills to the test
Ken McManus,
Rescue specialists from the Mid North Coast will join in a major Marine Rescue NSW Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) at Coffs Harbour this weekend. MRNSW Deputy Commissioner Heinz Mueller will join up to fifty volunteers from the Wooli, Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour, Nambucca, Trail Bay, Port Macquarie, Camden Haven, Crowdy Harrington and Forster-Tuncurry Marine Rescue units at the two-day event.... [more]
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SOS Marine proud to distribute Rescue Dummies
SOS Marine has been appointed to be a distributor of the Rescue Dummies. They complement their supply of the SeaScoopa, designed for the picking up of person out of the water.... [more]
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Boaties get in early: Tickets for SCIBS 2013 on sale from next week
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
Excitement is building among boating enthusiasts with tickets to the 25th anniversary Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) set to go on sale next week.... [more]
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Ships and the Sea opens up with entertaining event for the families
The Australian National Maritime Museum,
The Australian National Maritime Museum will be holding an entertaining family affair to comemorate the launch of its newest attraction – Ships and the Sea – on Saturday, 8 December 2012. During the event, children will have the chance to play with a very special friend from Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob Squarepants.... [more]
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Pelorus Island once home of healthy populations of coral reefs
ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
The ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies discovered that Pelorus Island once served as a home of healthy populations of coral reefs before an adverse changes in water quality in the area caused its collapse. Australian marine scientists have unearthed evidence of an historic coral collapse in Queensland's Palm Islands following development on the nearby mainland.... [more]
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Heading for Colombia? - guides to cruising
The government of Colombia is hoping that a new guide for sailors will set yachting tourism on Colombia's Caribbean coast on a new course.... [more]
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