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 28 Nov 2012

Moving quickly onwards... Raja Muda last week, Phuket King's Cup next. 75 boats on the entry list, 10 classes, and the biggest of the lot is the Bareboat class with 23 entries. Stand by for a good time.

We spoke to Adam Minoprio during the Raja Muda - he was sailing on KukuKERchu - and he is very much looking forward to getting back onto the WMRT circuit at the Monsoon Cup. Terengganu was where he started his professional match racing career. 'There are some good memories there, especially from 2009 when we won the WMRT.' It's amazing how fast the ranking numbers collapse when you stop doing it for five minutes - Minoprio is currently ranked 132nd but that number will be sure to diminish by the end of next week.

There's been another 'casualty' in the Vendee Globe. Vincent Riou (PRB) is out, bringing the score to 7 retired, 13 still sailing. And Alex Thomson is one of them, currently lying in second position.

And maybe most spectacular of all - Paul Larsen's new speed record has been ratified at 59.23 kts over 500m - but wait, that's not all... Larsen has also clocked a peak speed of 68 knots. Just gotta get it on the clock. Blink and you'll miss him.

Guy Nowell, Editor

Raja Muda 2012 – A struggle to finish
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
First thing, grey, rainy, on and off. Nothing unusual in Langkawi, but it usually burns off fairly fast and as the island warms up the sea breeze comes in. The other version of ‘usually' is that a squad of rain squalls take over the stage, messing with the wind strength and direction, and whiting-out parts of Bass Harbour. For the last day's racing at the Raja Muda 2012 we got the latter.... [more]
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Raja Muda 2012 – round and round the ragged rocks
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Langkawi Inshores for Cruising classes: In spite of being first in the bar on Thursday night, the Racing divisions got Friday off while the Cruising classes were back on the water. If you have finished a passage race at 0508h you may not feel ready to start all over again at 1300h, but they were all there, from long-legged Antipodes to long-suffering Eveline.... [more]
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WMRT Monsoon Cup - Minoprio, Alpari Racing Team ready for battle
Leigh Ireland,
2012 Monsoon Cup wildcard Adam Minoprio has confirmed that he will lead the newly-formed Alpari Racing Team at the closing event of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour next month, and expects his team to be back to their Championship-winning best, seven years after their first outing in Malaysia.... [more]
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WSSR Council announces establishment of a new World Record
John Reed, WSSR Council,
The WSSR Council has now announced the establishment of a new World Record. Current 'B' category record: 2012. Vestas SailRocket. Paul Larsen AUS. Walvis Bay, NAM. 54.08 kts... [more]
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Vendee Globe chess match commences + Video
Vendee Globe,
In the Vendee Globe, Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) torpedoed into second place at the 1500 GMT ranking today. Although he feels it will be short lived, 'Up to second place on the rankings! Will be short lived when Macif and Virbac get the new wind first but happy anyway!'... [more]
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Vendee Globe - Thomson in third, complications for Gabart
Vendee Globe,
In the Vendee Globe, Jean-Pierre Dick's (Virbac Paprec 3) loss is Alex Thomson's (Hugo Boss) gain. Dick's decision to dip south away from the theoretical and shortest route, gambling that he will gain miles on the winds gradually shifting to the west in order to propel him to the Cape of Good Hope has meant that Thomson has slipped into third place.... [more]
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Ben Ainslie announces retirement from Olympic sailing for Cup bid
Lucy Harwood – Ben Ainslie Racing,
Ben Ainslie has now announced his retirement from Olympic sailing. At London 2012, Ainslie cemented his spot in sporting history by securing his fourth consecutive gold medal, it was the culmination of an Olympic career spanning 16 years. The final gold medal also entered Ainslie into the history books making the most successful Olympic sailor of all time.... [more]
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Fancy sailing the Irish Coast? Join the Gathering Cruise, July 2013
Irish Sailing Association/Sail-World,
The Irish Sailing Association and the Gathering Ireland 2013 have announced details of the Gathering Cruise 2013 and of their partnership for 2013. This completely unique event in both the Irish sailing and Gathering Ireland calendars will bring together a flotilla of yachts from across the UK, Europe and further afield as they sail to Irish ports as part of Gathering Ireland 2013.... [more]
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Hong Kong Dragon Championships 2012
A number of international Dragon champions flew to Hong Kong for the event including current world champion and owner of Petticrows, Tim Tavinor (GBR208), North Sail Dragon expert Theis Palm (HKG55), Fritz Sails owner Werner Fritz (HKG51), Chris Hunt from the Cowes Royal Yacht Squadron (GBR208), Etchells European Champion Nils Razmilovic (HKG50)... [more]
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Australia's Paul Larsen sails at 68 knots!!
The Sail-World team,
For anyone who is happy crossing oceans at six knots, it's hard to get your head around the idea of sailing at 68 knots, but that is what Australian Paul Larsen has just done on his Vestas Sailrocket 2, breaking and then re-breaking his own newly established speed records on Namibia's Walvis Bay.... [more]
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Venee Globe - Riou, PRB forced to retire
Vendee Globe,
In the Vendee Globe, even though he thought he was going to be able to fix the hull of his boat, Vincent Riou found himself unable to find a solution regarding the shroud underneath his outrigger. It was therefore just not possible to consider sailing in the Southern Ocean and Vincent Riou's decision came this morning: He's surrendering in this 2012 Vendée Globe and retiring from the race.... [more]
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Vestas Sailrocket 2 - Trimble readout leaves Larsen speechless
Paul Larsen,
Just in from Vestas Sailrocket 2 - Fresh off the Trimble... 68.01 over one second, 65.45 over 500 meters. Project leader and pilot Paul Larsen discusses the latest achievements.... [more]
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Vendee Globe - Hanging by a carbon thread + Video
Vendee Globe,
In the Vendee Globe, Vincent Riou (PRB) was fighting to stay in the race on Saturday night following a collision with a metal buoy in the night in the South Atlantic. The winner of the 2004-5 edition, hero of 2008-09 and one of the favourites for this race will need all of the skill as one best solo skippers France has ever produced to keep his flickering dream alive.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: New angles, amazing footage for next edition
Volvo Ocean Race,
With the new one-design boat comes the opportunity to improve the media systems. We caught up with Rick Deppe, co-ordinator of the Media Crew Member programme and star of our Building the Boat videos, to talk about the possibilities.... [more]
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America's Cup: More to learn from the C-Class?
Sail-World and Will Clark (Video),
Much of the current America's Cup is borrowed from the C-Class, who ironically sailed for the Little America's Cup. Since the 1960's the C-Class have been built to a restricted class rule, or near-'box' rule, like the AC72's. Renowned as one of the fastest boats on the planet, the 26ft C-Class have been the design hot-bed for catamarans, multihull and wingsail development for several decades.... [more]
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Marine snails being dissolved by ocean acidification
British Antarctic Survey,
The shells of marine snails – known as pteropods – living in the seas around Antarctica are being dissolved by ocean acidification according to a new study published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience. These very small animals are a valuable food source for fish and birds and play an important role in the oceanic carbon cycle*.... [more]
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