New Coral Sea Park..Sailing at 59kts..solo sailors off to Cape Horn

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 22 Nov 2012

New Coral Sea Park..Sailing at 59kts..solo sailors off to Cape Horn

Paul Larsen has just beaten the world speed sailing record  .. .

If you like the idea of solo sailing but can't give up your day-job, you can do it vicariously by watching the several solo sailors out to do non-stop circumnavigations of the world at the moment:

British sailor Jeanne Socrates, already the world's oldest female solo circumnavigator, is already a month into her voyage, heading for the equator on her way to Cape Horn. A few weeks ago Abhilash Tomy set off to become the first ever Indian sailor to achieve such a voyage, and this week a young sailor from China, Guo Chuan, wants to wear the same crown for China. They'll all be interesting to watch as they head for Cape Horn in mid summer.

Solo sailors Jeanne Socrates - British, Gua Chuan - Chinese and Abhilash Tomy -Indian  .. .

The poignant story in this edition from one of the survivors of the sinking of HMS Bounty in Hurricane Sandy is enough to make one extra-conservative when checking weather before a voyage.

Another story of great interest this week was a rescue necessary because of the damaging of a rudder by a pod of dolphins. We all love to see them gamboling around the bow, but it's a reminder that 'dolphins are human too' and can make a mistake.

In the easy company of cruising sailors and the rapidity of new friendships on the water it's hard to remember that not all cruising sailors are the innocent wind-followers that we often think. Witness to this is the sad demise of a lovely Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44 in the hands of some suspected drug peddlars, not to mention murder and mayhem on the high seas.

Good practical information in this week's edition too – John Jamieson with some more wise words about safer sailing, Des Ryan talks about the very minimum that your other crew member should know when short-handed sailing, and another anchoring product to think about – the Tandem Anchor, which has just won this year's overall DAME design award.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Vestas Sailrocket 2 sets new speed record of 59kts
Paul Larsen,
Vestas Sailrocket Project Leader and Pilot, Paul Larsen, discusses how he and the crew have now achieved a record setting pace of 59.01kts - yet to be ratified. During the run the team exceeded 62kts. The new mark was set in Walvis Bay, Namibia this September with a new hydrofoil package. The ratified record stands at 55.65 knots (64 mph) and is held by American Kite Surfer Rob Douglas.... [more]
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New laws passed for formation of single maritime safety system
Marie Scoutas,
Duncan Gay, the Minister for Roads and Ports, said the Australian Parliament have already passed new laws (Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Application) which pave way for the creation of a single maritime safety system that will monitor the operation of commercial vessels in the country's maritime territory.... [more]
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Waterspout or Tornado + Video
Lou Ramon Aguila,
You wouldn't want to be sailing out there. A homemade video of a gigantic waterspout spiraling close off the coast of NSW's south coast yesterday has become a hit in the Internet, generating roughly 137,000 viewers just hours since it was uploaded on Youtube.... [more]
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The Brisbane Boat Show Returns to the RNA Showgrounds in 2013
Marine Queensland,
Marine Queensland is excited to reveal a new venue for the 2013 Brisbane Boat Show. From the fifth to the eighth of September 2013 the Brisbane Boat Show will return to the city's iconic RNA Showgrounds, taking advantage of new facilities as part of the venue's redevelopment.... [more]
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Chinese and Indian sailors vie in non-stop solo circumnavigations
Nancy Knudsen,
Is it competition or coincidence? Earlier this month, Abhilash Tomy set off sailing an Indian-built boat aiming to be the first Indian sailor to sail solo non-stop around the world. Now Chinese sailing star Guo Chuan has set off from Qingdao in China's northeast, attempting to be, yes, you guessed it, the first Chinese sailor to sail solo non-stop around the world.... [more]
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Multiple delegate registration incentive for Marine13
In response to strong support from the boating, marinas and boating safety sectors for the expansive program of the Marine13 International Conference and Exhibition, the Marine13 Organising Committee is pleased to announce a multiple-delegate registration initiative.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Hanse 345
Nancy Knudsen,
She's just been selected as 'Boat of the Year' by an Italian magazine, she's compact, affordable (well it's all relative) and easily sailed by a solo sailor. It's the Hanse 345.... [more]
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Use the Magic of S.T.O.P. for Safer Sailing Navigation
John Jamieson,
I got snookered one night when I confused a lighted buoy for a light structure. Both aids showed similar light characteristics and were within 100 yards of each other. As we proceeded south, we kept the flashing light ahead just off the starboard bow. Suddenly, our spotlight picked up the reflective tape of the light, 50 yards off the port bow!... [more]
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Dolphins' 'mistake' leads to emergency rescue
Nancy Knudsen,
Getting eye contact with a dolphin must be one of life's great experiences, but the truth is out - dolphins are not like cats - they can, and might, make a mistake when playing around your sailing boat. A school of dolphins made a mistake this week when keeping pace with a sailing boat off the west coast of Ireland, colliding with, and badly damaging, the boat's rudder.... [more]
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Brig inflatables make a bigger splash in WA
Harbourside Media,
Do Western Australian sailors know something that the rest of us don't? The popularity of Brig inflatables in Western Australia has been so marked that it has prompted a move to larger premises. Based in Fremantle, the new operation will be known as Sirocco Marine West and forms an expansion of the Sirocco Marine national network.... [more]
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A First for Beneteau and Vicsail
Creating Demand,
November is shaping up to be a big month for Beneteau, Vicsail and the Beneteau owners of Australia. In a first for Beneteau, and on behalf of the national Beneteau Dealer Network, Vicsail and the Middle Harbour Yacht Club will host the inaugural Beneteau First 40 National Championships to be held on the 24th and 25th of Novembe.... [more]
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Sinking of the Bounty: A survivor tells his story
Katrina Koerting, Nelson County Times/Sail-World,
Of all the nightmares that a cruising sailor might have about misadventures at sea, one of the most vivid is that of watching your boat sink while you climb into a life raft in a raging storm. What would it be like... how would you feel...? Here a survivor from the sinking of the HMAS Bounty, Chris Barksdale, tells his story to Katrina Koerting:... [more]
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What's the minimum your sailing partner should know?
Des Ryan,
Some years ago a sailor took his non-sailing girlfriend cruising out into the Pacific Ocean from San Diego for the day. After a pleasant few hours they turned for home. Unexpectedly, in mild weather, he fell overboard. The girlfriend knew so little about the boat that she froze and didn't call for help until the boat washed up on a beach. The sailor was never seen again..... [more]
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Sailing the Oceans - not as modern as we thought
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Leisure sailing as we know it may have begun a mere 150 years ago or so, but researchers are now becoming more and more convinced that Neanderthals, or even older homo erectus, knew how to cross seas and oceans by boat.... [more]
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The Yacht that fell into foul company - drugs, dead body, wrecked
Lee Mylchreest,
Originally called Jonathan, until this year the 1991 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44 called Jereve lead the normal exotic life of a cruising boat with loving caring owners, sailing between the Med and the Caribbean. So how did she end up washed up on a reef in Tonga with 204kg of cocaine and the decomposed body of one of her crew? Authorities know some of the answers to the mystery but not all.... [more]
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Innovative thinking leads to new Tandem Anchor product
Des Ryan,
If you are in love with the idea of putting out two anchors when the going gets tough, you may like the idea of a new idea in anchoring which was nominated for a DAME design award in 2012. It's the tandem anchor system - two anchors, but only one chain and it comes from a brand new company making waves for their innovative designs.... [more]
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Rally sailors rally to plant trees before crossing the Atlantic
Rachel Hibberd/Sail-World Cruising,
When you get a group of cruising sailors together there's bound to be a blue/green gene lurking somewhere. This group of cruising sailors, gathered for a rally, is helping their host country re-green their deforested land. It's the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).... [more]
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Qld marine industry disappointed - Coral Sea Marine Reserve decision
Marine Queensland,
Marine Queensland today expressed extreme disappointment with the announcement of a marine reserve for the Coral Sea.... [more]
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Australian Marine Reserves proclaimed
Jeni Bone,
Australia's proposed marine reserves have been proclaimed and will be law from midnight tonight, spanning about 2.3 million kilometres of ocean, complete with a $100 million fund to buy out affected commercial enterprises.... [more]
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The count begins - 65,000 boats damaged by Sandy
Boat US/Sail-World,
The numbers are in, at least an estimate, and they're staggering. According to BoatUS Hurricane Sandy damaged more than 65,000 boats and caused more than US$650m in damages across the US.... [more]
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Antarctic sea ice cover increases under the effects of climate change
British Antarctic Survey,
The first direct evidence that marked changes to Antarctic sea ice drift have occurred over the last twenty years, in response to changing winds, is published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience. Scientists from NERC's British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena California explain.... [more]
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Book of the Week: Eileen Ramsay Queen of Yachting Photography
Sail-World Cruising,
What an excellent present for the sailor who already has everything. Eileen Ramsay was at the centre of a unique period in yachting history and this wonderful book by Barry Pickthall, featuring her classic photography, celebrates an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary subjects.... [more]
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