Death of HMS Bounty in hurricane... more friendly waters...MOB upgrade

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 01 Nov 2012

Death of HMS Bounty in hurricane... more friendly waters...MOB upgrade

The question has to be asked. When it is common lore among sailors that the hurricane season does not finish reliably until the end of November, and that late or early season hurricanes can be extremely severe, why had the HMS Bounty departed Connecticut for Florida last week? Perhaps there's a good answer but I can't fathom it. Read the developing story of Hurricane Sandy and the HMS Bounty below.

While America recovers from Sandy and the rest of the world watches and empathizes, much is going on elsewhere in the world of the cruising sailor.

Every week I seem to be reporting more friendly waters for the long range cruising sailor - how yet another country is expanding its capacity to make room for visiting yachts. This week Indonesia has announced new easier ways for sailors to cruise the thousands of remote islands in the Indonesian archipelago, and Crimea, over in the Black Sea, has announced the building of many new marinas to attract all of us to cruise their waters.

Increasing welcome to yachts from the Black Sea   .. .

This week's interesting product of the week is the Jonbuoy Mk5, which inflates to create an armchair ride for an overboard sailor. Even with miracle products, there are always compromises – the danbuoy is not rigid, and for remote areas there's a question about servicing.

The yacht of the week is from X-yachts, better known for their racing hulls. The Xc 42 is a nice compromise between speed and comfort.

Finally, King George V's yacht Britannia is to sail again. Those behind her refit have a novel way of raising the money to do it.

Much more too, so read on, enjoy and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Coast Guard continues search for missing captain of HMS Bounty
US Coast Guard/Sail-World Cruising,
The Coast Guard continues its search for the missing captain of the HMS Bounty, a 180-foot sailing ship, approximately 125 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C. Missing is Robin Walbridge, 63, and deceased is Claudene Christian, 42.... [more]
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Cancer survivor circumnavigating Australia in nine metre cat
Nancy Knudsen,
Circumnavigations have become a great way of drawing attention to an issue, be it a good cause, the environment or simply inspiring others. It could be Britain, Africa or the Americas. Now there's Len Surtees, cancer survivor, who departed less than a month ago determined to sail solo around Australia in a 9 metre catamaran called Zeavard. He is now almost half way there, and looking good!... [more]
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Launch day commences for Britannia Kickstarter
Emma Upton,
The design and engineering of Britannia, a replica of the famed racing yacht owned by King George V at the turn of the century, has now opened its doors to crowd funding on Kickstarter in order for her refit to be completed and so that she may sail again!... [more]
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Indonesia opens its heart to long range cruisers
Nancy Knudsen,
...and hopes they will open their pockets. About 500 yachts a year visit Indonesia. For a tropical country blessed with thousands of remote and interesting islands, that is very few of the 50,000 yachts that sail through Asia. While it has traditionally been complicated and time consuming to obtain a cruising permit for Indonesia, the emerging country is now saying 'Yes!' to yachts.... [more]
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Pirated sailors away on their dream sail
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Three years after their kidnap in the Indian Ocean, Paul and Rachel Chandler are well on their way to realising their dream of continuing their sail across the oceans of the world. Last month, their freshly restored 38ft yacht Lynn Rival slipped out of Dartmouth harbour into the Channel and steered southwards for the coast of Europe.... [more]
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Crimea to attract cruising sailors to the Black Sea
Lee Mylchreest,
Several years ago Bulgaria decided to become yacht friendly, encouraging yachts to travel up the Bosphorus through Istanbul to the Black Sea. Now, if a planned marina development becomes a reality, Crimea will soon be adding to the reasons why cruising sailors should include the Black Sea in their touring itinerary.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: The Xc 42 from X-yachts
Des Ryan,
Better known for their racing yachts, Denmark's X-Yachts is yet another manufacturer who has bowed to the ever expanding popularity of adventure cruising, and begun to build some good cruising boats. They are ideal for crossing oceans and sail faster than your average cruising boat. Their latest, less than a year old, is the Xc 42, a good size of yacht for the typical cruising team.... [more]
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Book of the Week: The Last Viking, by Stephen Brown
Andrew Stobo Sniderman,
Now that the Northwest Passage is drawing so much attention as a new waterway between the Atlantic and the Pacific, the first sailor every to transit the once-dreaded Passage is again front of mind for the world's sailors.Before Norwegian Roald Amundsen came around, no human had ever set sight on the South or North Poles. Amundsen was born in 1872 and decided as a young man he wanted to be a hero... [more]
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Product of the Week: Jonbuoy Recovery Module for MOB situations
Sail-World Cruising,
Just introduced this year, the unique Jonbuoy Recovery Module MK5, mounted on a vessels pushpit packs neatly into a small attractive case. The amazing thing about it, though, is that while it meets Royal Ocean Racing Club regulations, it can replace not only a cumbersome horseshoe lifebuoy but also a drogue, lifebuoy light and danbuoy.... [more]
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New Zealand takes top honours in Superyacht Design Awards
Des Ryan,
New Zealand appears to have creamed the competition in the latest International Superyacht Society(ISS) Design Awards. This week in Florida they announced the winners of the 2012 Design & Leadership Awards, two of the categories being for sailing boats.... [more]
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Sailing yachts remain vulnerable to pirate attacks
Louise Nicholls,
Roving sailors take note: Intelligence from the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), the Maritime Security Centre for the Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), UK Maritime and other agencies remains clear; that all sailing yachts should avoid transiting the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean for the foreseeable future.... [more]
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Oil tanker thermal imaging in icy waters to help sailors in the future
New imaging solutions for oil tankers are to trickle down to cruising and racing sailors in the future. Navigating an oil tanker in open water becomes difficult and dangerous in ice infested waters. Shipping companies are more and more concerned about the safety of ice-class tankers during sub-zero operation and are looking for innovative equipment... [more]
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Kickstarter launches Britannia rebuild
Cailah Leask,
One of the opening projects off of the starting blocks on Kickstarter, when it goes live in the UK on October 31st 2012, will be the design and engineering of Britannia, the famed yacht first owned by King George V, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.... [more]
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Tall Ships America Statement regarding loss of HMS BOUNTY
Tall Ships America,
The tall ship HMS BOUNTY was lost yesterday in Hurricane Sandy off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Of the 16 persons reportedly aboard at the time, we understand that one individual has perished, and that 14 others were rescued, thanks to the exemplary courage and skill of Coast Guard search and rescue personnel.... [more]
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HMS Bounty sinks in Hurricane Sandy - two missing
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
As east coast America battens down and floods and high surf swamp the coastline, a tall ship has already fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy. Replica tall ship HMS Bounty was caught in the rough seas off the North Carolina Coast and began taking on water, forcing a rescue operation.... [more]
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Coast Guard emphasizes safety as Sandy approaches Northeast America
US Coast Guard,
Calling all boaters in Northeast America: Based on the current forecast track of Hurricane Sandy, heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and dangerous surf will affect the Northeast this week. The Coast Guard is advising boaters to prepare now and carefully monitor the hurricane's progress.... [more]
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Hurricane Sandy Heads North: Perfect Storm for Northeast America?
Boat US,
She's just a day old - and even though no hurricane watches or warnings have yet been posted for the eastern US - Hurricane Sandy is getting some big time attention from forecasters because of unique circumstances that could make her more threatening.... [more]
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