Sail-World New Zealand: October 26, 2012 - Luna Rossa launch...Oracle capsize analysed ... 49er FX takes off internationally

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 26 Oct 2012

Sail-World New Zealand: October 26, 2012

The America's Cup, Auckland division, will go to a new level today with the launch of the Luna Rossa AC72 at 6.00pm in a private ceremony.

On Thursday morning a press conference was held for local media with skipper Max Sirena and team patron, Patrizio Bertelli fronting.

We have a report on the event in this edition of's newsletter.

Certainly Luna Rossa are familiar with Auckland after their Challenges in 2000 and 2003 and New Zealanders took them to their hearts, with former skipper Francesco de Angelis being voted sexiest man, and receiving honorary Officer of the NZ Order of Merit - a rare recognition for the contribution of a foreigner.

Patrizio Bertelli says this America's Cup feels like a return to the days of the J-Class with only two or three boats  Richard Gladwell ©

They are a team that plays the America's Cup game with honour, even though they have their moments, like everyone else.

It was the same again at the media conference - and event notable for the lack of spin, and straight talking.

Sail-World will be at the launch this evening, and will report as soon as possible after the event.

There will be public vantage points around Westhaven Marina, as well as the launching, there will be firework displays inside and outside the marina.

Luna Rossa received a huge response from Italian fans in both the Italian America's Cup World Series regattas, and bring the Italian glamour to the America's Cup   Carlo Borlenghi ©

At the media conference, skipper Max Sirena was very conscious of the events that befell Oracle Team USA last week, and will be taking Luna Rossa's build up very steadily.

We have a video in this edition from Oracle Team USA, of their AC72 mishap and the recovery. Compiled by Amory Ross, formerly MCM with Puma on the recent Volvo Ocean Race, it is a very good record of the whole incident from start to finish - and a big improvement on the soundbite approach that has marked a lot of the earlier video.

Oracle Team USA is lifted from the water to assist pumping  Guilain Grenier Oracle Team USA©

Hot out of cyberspace is a frame by frame analysis from Erik Simonson of who was standing opposite where Oracle Team USA capsized in October 16, 2012. Erik has run his images together into a frame by frame video which can be viewed in high definition and makes for an excellent piece of analysis as to what really happened. There's 380 shots in total of what happened that fateful day.

Don't miss the commentary from Rod Davis, on the Oracle capsize, and its lesson for other America's Cup teams.

Last May, the International Sailing Federation selected the 49er FX as the Womens Olympic Skiff. We're pleased to be able to report on the growth of the new class, which has proved the concept was right - to put a rig designed for Women sailors onto the existing 49er hull.

While some claimed that it was a compromise, and that a specialist boat would be a better option, the numbers speak for themselves, with the 49er FX sailing in 19 countries and with over 135 rigs will have been shipped by the end of October. The countries list will expand to 21 by that date. It is a remarkable achievement not only for Mackay Boats, but also the two suppliers involved Southern Spars and North Sails using their production facilities in Sri Lanka.

The 49er FX has is now sailed in over 20 countries less than five months after selection as the Olympic Womens Skiff  Richard Gladwell ©

As expected some of the top women sailors have moved into the class, whether that is permanent remains to be seen. Certainly there has been a loud sucking sound coming from the second hand 49er market, with the womens sailors buying while the prices are down. Being able to get a second hand boat for around $6000 (UK prices converted) and putting the new FX mast and sails on board for $8750 ex GST puts a perfectly good boat in the water for under $15,000 - an excellent price for a new two-handed Olympic class.

The first championships have already been scheduled, in conjunction with the Mens 49er Worlds and Europeans, and the two classes are being run by a combined organisation - making for an even smoother start-up.

Emirates Team NZ and Luna Rossa wait for racing to start off Takapuna Beach, Auckland  Richard Gladwell ©

In Florida, USA the A-Cat Worlds have prematurely concluded in the face of an advancing hurricane, with officials pulling the pin on the event after getting in the five races for a minimum series.

Six New Zealanders competed in the event, which in the end held racing on just two of three days. Top placed New Zealand sailor was class veteran Murray Philpott, who placed fifth overall with Mike Drummond in sixth place. Several other notable NZ sailing names competed including 49er sailor Allan Coutts, and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Blair Tuke.

We have reports on both days of racing in this edition of's newsletter, along with video, but for some reason good quality photos from the event are hard to find.

Events Clothing in San Francisco, they were the third placed New Zealand boat in the Nespresso series  Christophe Favreau ©

Events Clothing have come on board with a sponsorship of an Auckland based 18ft skiff, Events Clothing. Catch the gallery of action shots in this edition of We'll be running more reports from the team in future editions of

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

Wetas tied up to the Lancer Airodock at lake Pupuke  Lancer Industries
Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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2012 Jaguar NeilPryde Racing Series Nice  Mark Lloyd ©

2012 Coastal Classic - Satellite Spy after the start of the 2012 Coastal Classic  Richard Gladwell ©

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Gladwell's Line: Italian Big Cat spots the Kiwi Cream
Richard Gladwell,
Have just got back from the Luna Rosa Media Conference held ahead of the launch, in Auckland, tomorrow evening. Speaking were team head Patrizio Bertelli and skipper Max Sirena. Mr Bertelli spoke in Italian and worked through an interpreter, so it lacked some of the flow, but he was very forthcoming in his answers. However he looked like a cat that had just spotted the cream.... [more]
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New Olympic Womens skiff off to a fast start - sailing in 19 countries
Since its selection as the new Olympic Women's Skiff in may, the 49erFX has experienced phenomenal growth, and is already sailing in 19 countries. By the end of October 135 rigs will have been shipped, to 21 countries, with an apportionment scheme still in place, as is normal with the start of a new Olympic class.... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Team USA capsize - frame by frame
Erik Simonson,
Erik Simonson of has compiled this complete sequence of events from October 16 2012 on San Francisco Bay as Oracle Racing's US 17 become the first AC72' to capsize. View this video frame by frame, in high definition setting, to see exactly what did happen that fateful day.... [more]
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Collinson FX Market Commentary: October 26, 2012 - Olympics up UK GDP
Collinson FX,
Collinson FX Market Commentary: October 26, 2012 - Markets continued to range trade with little of substance in terms of eco-political events to move the dial. In Europe there were no major economic releases and the EUR traded steady at 1.2950 although the GBP surged to 1.6120 after some solid GDP growth.... [more]
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Events Clothing joins the Auckland 18ft skiff fleet
John Little,
Events Clothing is continuing its long standing support of New Zealand yachting, and has teamed up with an Auckland based 18 foot skiff team for the 2012/13 season. Events 18ft Skiff Team, with Riley Dean, John Little and James Gell, has already competed at the Nespresso International 18ft Skiff Regatta in San Francisco in August, coming a creditable ninth (and third NZ boat)... [more]
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Rolex Middle Sea Race - Hi Fidelity emerges victorious
In the 2012 Rolex Middle Sea Race, South African entry Hi Fidelity has been confirmed as the overall winner. Arriving at 04:18.15 CEST this morning, Eddie De Villiers' Welbourne 46, established a corrected time benchmark that has proved impossible for the remainder of the fleet to beat.... [more]
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ISAF Annual Conference headed for Dun Laoghaire
The 2012 ISAF Annual Conference will take place from first-11th November in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. ISAF Committee, Sub-committee and Commission members will travel from around the globe to Dun Laoghaire where they will be joined by ISAF Member National Authorities (MNAs), Class Associations, sailors, event organisers, boat manufacturers and many more.... [more]
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RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship - Relentless action on day 4
Rory Ramsden,
On day four of the 2012 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championships, Pawel Tarnowski [POL] was leaving nothing to chance. He would not release the relentless pressure. His scoreline since the aberration he suffered on day one includes four seconds and five bullets. No one can live with him when he is in this form.... [more]
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Techno 293 European Championship - Day 2 in Los Alacazares + Video
Patrik Pollak,
At the Techno 293 European Championship, it was late in the day when the gradient wind kicked in sufficiently to start a race - 5/6 knots - building to 8/9 briefly before dropping - and not possible to start a second race. Competitors spent the morning chilling out in the warm sunshine, a little SUP, adjusting their rigging, or just generally having a good time!... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Team USA - capsize and recovery - Video
Amory Ross, Oracle Team USA,
Video from Oracle Team USA of the capsize and recovery of their AC72 USA-17, which capsized in San Francisco Bay, while trying to head home after the wind and tide increased at the end of a training session. The spectacular capsize in winds in excess of 25 kts and a 5kt current running against the wind created waves several feet high.... [more]
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Lancer's Airodock on show at Lake Pupuke
Jamie Lowe,
Lancer Industries and Weta Marine joined up for a demo day at the weekend. Despite forecasts of 40 knots of wind, it was decided to go ahead. If you are trying to prove a product, then putting it to the test is the way to go. Lake Pupuke is the perfect venue. With the dock set up in the lee of Sylvan park, the two Weta's took turns taking people for a blast around the lake... [more]
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Australian Yachting Awards celebrate a successful year
Craig Heydon,
Australian Yachting Awards are being held this Friday, 26th October 2012, when Australia's sailing community will come together on Friday night to celebrate a successful year for the sport at the 2012 Australian Yachting Awards.... [more]
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Coastal Classic 2012 on board Higher Ground - Video
Colin Preston,
Video from Higher Ground competing in the 2012 Coastal Classic Starting under jib and close to shore provided a non-dramatic gybe under North Head while keeping up with boats under gennaker after calamities with some of their gybes.... [more]
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Bangin' The Corners - America's Cup Song
Beau Outteridge,
The ultimate underdog anthem for the America's Cup! Beau Outteridge (Nathan's brother) alerted us to what is going to REALLY happen in the upcoming America's Cup... [more]
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So just who is Pantaenius, then? (Part I)
John Curnow,
You may even wonder why you or anyone else should even care, for that matter. Truth is, Pantaenius is one hundred and thirteen years old with a massive marine following around the globe of over 70,000, built up over the last 40 years. That's pretty impressive, but there are several reasons and a few distinctions about Pantaenius, which have allowed for such a strong following.... [more]
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A-Cat World Championship: Heemskerk wins Championship in Florida
William Clark,
The going got tough at the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship, with extremely high wind speeds and difficult conditions throughout the week, but after five races it was Mischa Heemskerk of the Netherlands who emerged with the win. After taking a third and two seconds to put himself two points clear of Brad Collett after Day 1 Heemskerk won both races on Wednesday... [more]
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Marblehead World Championship - Brad Gibson victorious
At the 2012 Marblehead World Championships in Pleormel, France, Brad Gibson emerged victorious and claimed the title by taking eight race wins in the 20-race series sailing his own newly launched Grunge design. A strong fleet of 67 boats from 10 countries competed in the 1st Marblehead World Championship held since 2006.... [more]
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America's Cup: Rod Davis reflects on the Oracle nosedive
Rod Davis,
Double Olympic medalist and long time US and NZL America's Cup crew, skipper and coach, Rod Davis, reflects on on the work that's gone into the rescue and recovery plan in the event of a capsize...people first then recover the boat... [more]
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Lancer Industries appoints new Sales and Marketing Executive
Leading manufacturer of inflatable boats and products, Lancer Industries, has announced the appointment of James Lowe as their new Sales and Marketing Executive. Lowe joins the highly recognized manufacturing team from the super yacht world where he has captained prominent vessels within the multi million-dollar charter yacht sector.... [more]
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The Coastal Classic 2012 on board Satellite Spy - Video
David Cosgrove,
David Cosgrove reports from on board Satellite Spy during the 2012 Coastal Classic, 19th October 2012. They survived the carnage just after the start as a number of boats wiped out in a big gust. Top speed of the day was 20.2 knots behind the Hen and Chicks with a tuck in the main and a blade up. The Spy finished 17th on line and 15th on handicap in 12hrs 19min 45sec.... [more]
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Do something for windsurfing in Rio 2016 Olympics
Ned Crossley,
Annul the May ISAF Council Vote against Windsurfing. Do not let US Sailing and their three votes for kiting off the hook! Do not let the other 16 ISAF Council voters against windsurfing off the hook. Do something now prior to ISAF Annual Meeting 1-11 November 2012 to support windsurfing, please even if one design course windsurfing is not for you.... [more]
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A-Cat World Championship - Mischa Heemskerk leads after Day 1
William Clark,
Consistency wins regattas, and after three races at the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship, Mischa Heemskerk of the Netherlands has been the most consistent sailor, taking a third and two seconds to get two points clear of Australia's Brad Collett and five points clear of current world champion Steve Brewin.... [more]
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Lessons to be learnt from Sailing Event crowd hype
Rob Kothe,
In the months and weeks before the 2012 London Olympic regatta in Weymouth, which started in late July at the peak of the local tourist season, the local authorities had erected signs asking people to plan their travel plans carefully on the Devon coast because of expected delays due to heavy traffic congestion because of the upcoming Olympic event in Weymouth-Portland.... [more]
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