Cruising skill seminars, lightning, cooking, night navigation, more...

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 25 Oct 2012

Cruising skill seminars, lightning, cooking, night navigation, more...

If you want to build your cruising skills, there are some great seminars on at the moment. John and Lyn Martin, who host New Zealand's most successful rallies to and around the South Pacific under the name of The Island Cruising Association, are giving seminars on the east coast - Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Hobart - in the coming months.

For Sydney sailors, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) is offering an information evening on 'Around the world cruising' on 30th October, and I am delivering a seminar on how to be a SOB (Stayer OnBoard) and not a MOB (Man OverBoard) at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club on 2nd November. Contact the relevant clubs for information.

Of great interest to all sail-trainers and their sailing clients will be the outcome of a court trial currently underway in Britain. Two British sail-trainers are accused of failing in their responsibilities to their clients.

Island Cruising Association's John and Lyn Martin  .. .

In the jubilation stakes Italian sailors are congratulating the first-ever Italian sailing boat to negotiate the Northwest Passage and electronics firm Furuno are basking in yet another win for their 'TimeZero Touch' technology.

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has published newly formulated universal guidelines for boat building, which would make great reference material for anyone wanting to build their dream boat. However you have to be a member to get access to the information, so I guess they are using it as a membership drive as well.

Finally there's a new free website to check out, , for knowledge-sharing and boat-swapping.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Bureau of Meteorology weather warning - Dangerous surf conditions
Penny Robins,
Following a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning about dangerous surf conditions on the mid north and far north coast of NSW from today Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has issued a maritime alert.... [more]
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Cruising Preparation Seminars: Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Hobart +
Nancy Knudsen,
New Zealand's most successful cruising operation, the Island Cruising Association, has arrived in Australia in the form of its Western Pacific Rally, providing a unique opportunity for Aussie cruising sailors to build on their skills, with a just-announced series of cruising preparation seminars in Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Hobart.... [more]
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Sydney: CYCA Information Evening - Around the World Sailing
John Keelty/ Sail-World Cruising,
If you are anywhere within reach of Sydney another valuable Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) Information Evening is scheduled for 30 October, this time the subject being: Around the World Sailing: Cruising and Racing. It will be an inspirational information evening that will make you want to get up and set sail into the sunset.... [more]
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Skill Building at the CYCA - Cruising to Hobart
John Keelty/ Sail-World Cruising,
Another great seminar evening in Sydney to build your cruising skills. 'A Pilot Guide to Cruising to Hobart' is the subject for the information evening at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) on 6th November for all boat owners and crew who cruise the east coast and Tasmania, including those planning to join the Hobart 2013 Rendezvous cruise in January and February. Starts at 6.30pm... [more]
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'TimeZero Touch' a chart plotter winner with 'pinch and zoom'
BW Media,
The technology just gets better and better. Furuno TimeZero Touch has just won the 'Product of the Year' from The British Marine Electronics Association (BMEA) Conference 2012, which took place last week in Southampton. The product's multi-function display, with 'pinch and zoom' feature familiar to iPhone and iPad users, is the most advanced chart plotter and weather station currently available.... [more]
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Multihull Solutions cats half of nominations for 2012 Boat of the Year
Multihull Solutions,
Four models represented by Multihull Solutions have been nominated for the prestigious 2013 Cruising World Boat of the Year Awards.... [more]
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Great New Cookbook for all Boaters
Carolyn Shearlock,
When good friends Carolyn Shearlock and Jan Irons began cruising with their husbands, they discovered that boat cooking IS different from cooking ashore. The space is smaller, there's no grocery store 5 minutes away, you have fewer prepared foods and electric appliances, and food storage is much different.... [more]
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Want to build a boat? See free, newly formulated universal guidelines
Sail-World Cruising,
Want to build a boat? There are some free, newly formulated universal guidelines. The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has published new and amended Global Conformity Guidelines for construction standards.... [more]
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British sail-trainers on trial over injury/dramatic rescue of novices
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Many a sail-training organisation across the world will be sobered by events in Britain this week. A trial has started for two British sail-trainers over a May 2011 storm and the dramatic rescue of paying novices, after a MAIB investigation identified failings in the trainers and the organisation.... [more]
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Lightning at sea: Myth and Reality
Des Ryan,
Lightning strikes, like collisions with whales or floating containers, cannot be planned against if you are already at sea, and thunderstorms are among the most violent forces of nature. Here Des Ryan separates fact from fiction.... [more]
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So just who is Pantaenius, then? (Part I)
John Curnow,
You may even wonder why you or anyone else should even care, for that matter. Truth is, Pantaenius is one hundred and thirteen years old with a massive marine following around the globe of over 70,000, built up over the last 40 years. That's pretty impressive, but there are several reasons and a few distinctions about Pantaenius, which have allowed for such a strong following.... [more]
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Remembering Titanic – 100 years to close 11th November
Jude Timms,
Time is running out for Sydneysiders to see the National Maritime Museum's memorial exhibition Remembering Titanic – 100 years. The exhibition, which has captivated thousands of visitors since it opened, must close on the 11th November. Arguably one of the most significant events of the 20th century, the sinking of Titanic has captivated people and generated controversy for decades.... [more]
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PANTAENIUS Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance opens office in Australia
Media Services,
James MacPhail is the Managing Director of the new Pantaenius office in Sydney. He's not just a businessman but also a passionate yachtsman with strong market knowledge in the Australian yachting scene. This is why he knows what yacht owners expect from their insurance.... [more]
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Floating snowbirds in the rush to drift south
Dawn Bryant, Myrtlebeachonline/Sail-World,
As the northern hemisphere winter approaches, there's an American and Canadian phenomenon which takes place every year. It's the floating 'snowbirds' who are in a slow rush to drift south to warmer climes. Some take to the Atlantic Ocean, others drift down the Inland Waterway.... [more]
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New deal coming for superyachts in Australia
Sail-World Cruising,
Red tape for superyachts wanting to visit Australia has been keeping away these mammoths of the sea according to the relatively new peak body for the Australian superyacht sector, Superyacht Australia. So, they are doing something about it.... [more]
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Mooring buoys to protect precious coral reefs
Lee Mylchreest,
Mooring buoys are being acknowledged around the world as the best way to preserve our coral and sealife in popular sailing and anchoring areas. Now another Florida area is moving to copy the world trend. Is the coral in your precious cruising grounds similarly protected? Or are sailors still destroying the coral with every sinking anchor?... [more]
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First ever Italian boat conquers the Northwest Passage
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Since 2007, when the first dramatic signs of global warming began to make the once-dreaded Northwest Passage possible to transit, about 40 boats have transited. But there are no guarantees and it's still one of yachting's prime adventures. Last month another first. The first Italian sailing vessel... [more]
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Sailing Navigation Secrets - How to Pass Through a 'Flashing Gate'
John Jamieson,
Imagine that you need to enter an unfamiliar channel just after sunset. You have an injured crew aboard and must get him or her to a medical facility as soon as possible. You proceed with caution from buoy to buoy. Up ahead you see a row of blinking yellow lights strung across the channel from bank to bank. There are no other alternative channels, and deadly shoals surround you on both sides.... [more]
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Ice-sheet retreat can halt due to long phases of climate warming
British Antarctic Survey,
Ice-sheet retreat can halt temporarily during long phases of climate warming, according to scientists. A UK team led by Durham University has found that the geometry of channels underneath the ice can be a strong control on ice behaviour, temporarily masking the signals of retreat.... [more]
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Largest cruiser-sourced database of sailing destinations now online
Mauro Calvi,
This is something that every cruising sailor in the world should know about. Whether you are sailing in the Australia coral reefs, looking for a marina in Florida, or planning your upcoming cruise in Croatia, is about to become as indispensable as your navigation software and your marine charts. And it's available for free!.... [more]
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EPIRB plays critical role in remarkable coastal rescue
Matthew Heap,
Some would argue that solo yachtsman Glenn Ey is an unlucky man, with his beautiful 11 metre vessel Streaker rolled by a rogue wave and dismasted off the Australian south east coast this week.... [more]
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