Records, innovations, challenges met- the world of the cruising sailor

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 20 Sep 2012

Records, innovations, challenges met- the world of the cruising sailor

short handed or solo sailors and when crossing a bar.

Many sailors are hailing the newly invented TeamO lifejacket and harness, which keeps a MOB's head above water when dragged by his harness, as a Eureka moment.

The yacht feature of the week is of the Morris 48GT; and Wiley Nautical has some advice about some common mistakes when flying an asymmetric sail.

Gennaker wrap  Colin Preston

In Singapore the Sailing Federation has introduced Sailing (not Sex) in the City to popularise the sport.

In China the crew of a yacht are celebrating becoming the first modern Chinese yacht to circumnavigate the world.

In Italy a coveted design award has been won by in the marine category by a sailing catamaran – that intruder into the world of blue-water single-keel boats which is sailing away with the popularity.

... and that's just a little to whet your appetite, so browse the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

TopTenz's largest sailing yachts in the world
TopTenz/Sail-World Cruising,
Sail-World didn't do the counting, but 'TopTenz' did. It's time to recognise sailing yachts on the 'mine's bigger' scale, the longest ten yachts ever built. Not all of them are new, not all of them are fast. There are four schooners, three ketches, two sloops and, of course, the Maltese Falcon, which fits into none of those categories with its freestanding full rig.... [more]
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Boating tragedies - One drowned, three missing in weekend capsizes
Ken McManus,
A search is continuing in St George's Basin for three men missing after their small tinny capsized soon after midnight on Sunday. A fourth man from the boat reached safety and raised the alarm at around 1am.... [more]
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Innovative sensors - a future use for cruising sailors?
Photonics/Sail-World Cruising,
Wouldn't you like to know when your mast or your boom has reached its structural limits? Know BEFORE there are any tell-tale signs visible? BEFORE it falls on top of you? A new technology is in the pipeline that could provide that information in the future, according to a new experiments by Wolfgang Schade and his team in Munich.... [more]
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Get set for Power, Sail & Paddle - Brisbane's first on-water boat show
Marine Queensland,
Power, Sail & Paddle 2012 is a FREE event showcasing everything you need to discover boating and to get on the water to enjoy Moreton Bay this summer on this weekend – 22 & 23 September - at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club, Brisbane.... [more]
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A Eureka moment for Harness and lifejacket design
TeamO/Sail-World Cruising,
A new patented British design radically transforms harness design, promising a fundamental rethink of the way that harnesses work for the safety of the leisure sailor. The new product is called the TeamO lifejacket and harness. The Eureka moment came after a tragic loss of life by a British sailor after he had fallen overboard while still attached to his harness.... [more]
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Sail Indonesia Rally - hundreds of yachts spread across Indonesia
Sail-World Cruising,
The Sail Indonesia Rally, which left Darwin on July 28 is one of the three annual rallies now leaving Darwin and is in its thirteenth year. The fleet, consisting of hundreds of yachts from dozens of countries, is spread out all over Indonesia with some yachts in Morotai while others are in Lombok and Bali.... [more]
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Yacht Feature - the Morris 48GT: more different than you think
Des Ryan,
If you want a boat that's excellent for short-handed sailing but is a great performer as well, last month, Morris Yachts announced the introduction of its new Ocean Series 48 GT, a contemporary redesign of its classic Ocean Series 48 RS.... [more]
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Classic Asymmetric Sail Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them
Wiley Nautical/Sail-World,
Using asymmetric sails is not only for racing sailors. Cruising sailors on long journeys with good conditions and the wind behind are often tempted to use a gennaker. And getting the MPS wrapped around the hull is not a good incident at any time. In this article from the book Asymmetric Sailing Andy Rice shows how avoid some of the classic mistakes when sailing with a gennaker.... [more]
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Phuket International Boat Show to kick-off season: 21 – 24 March 2013
Infinity Communications,
The 2013 Phuket International Boat Show (PIMEX) will showcase leading marine and lifestyle businesses, products and services from 21 – 24 March at the Royal Phuket Marina on Phuket Island, with a large in-water boat display, 2,500 sqm indoor exhibition space and marina-side activities on the boardwalk.... [more]
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Pirate victims tell: What really happened
Tazeen Ahmad/Sail-World Cruising,
British piracy victims Paul and Rachel Chandler have slipped the mooring lines once again and, almost three years after their capture, are again more concerned about weather systems and anchors holding than they are about world news. But before they left they finally gave a comprehensive interview about the circumstances of their captivity for 388 days in Somaliland.... [more]
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New e Series MFD boasts largest screen to space ratio so far
Liza Sticpewich,
Raymarine is proud to announce the launch of the e165 at HISWA, Amsterdam. The latest addition to the award winning range of eSeries MFDs (multi-function displays), the e165 sports a full 15.4' 16:9 wide-format display and sits in the same footprint as a traditional 14' screen, giving 20% more screen for the same helm or dash space.... [more]
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All smiles for first modern Chinese yacht crew to circumnavigate
Xinhua/Sail-World Cruising,
While history tells us that the Chinese were great sailors in the distant past, they have not figured much in sport or adventure sailing in the recent times. However, like a lot of other things in China, that is changing. Yacht Xiamen, crewed with eight Chinese sailors has just completed the first circumnavigation by a Chinese flagged modern yacht.... [more]
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Wave catamaran wins coveted design award
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
With catamarans exploding in popularity around the world, it is probably fitting that Italian-based A'Award and Competitions, which include a wide range of products, have announced a sailing catamaran as the winner of their latest Silver A'Design Award in the Yacht and Marine Design category.... [more]
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Gundalows - a new life for the Piscataqua
Lee Mylchreest,
Amid the commercial fishing boats, motor boats and submarines that grace New Hampshire's Piscataqua River in the Northeast of the USA, the lateen sail of a gundalow stands out as an historic reminder of the area's long maritime history. But this is no ancient vessel. No, it is fully certified by the US Coastguard to take passengers out to learn about the great river.... [more]
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Singapore Sailing Federation: Sail in the City
Sail-World Cruising,
While the archipelagos of South East Asia have a rich history of sailing for transport and fishing, modern leisure sailing has been slow to take off. The Singapore Sailing Federation (SSF) is now doing something about that, by offering sailing in the middle of Singapore's thriving business district.... [more]
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