Two great rendezvous, new yachts galore, pirated sailors cruise again

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 13 Sep 2012

Two great rendezvous, new yachts galore, pirated sailors cruise again

The New Zealanders are crowing about Bavaria's Vision 42, being premiered at the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes in the coming week; Italian designers have produced a boat for a circumnavigation – the AY480 – and, of course for smaller journeys; and for those who want to combine cruising and racing there's Island Packet's new brand, the first of which is the Blue Jacket 40.

At the Southampton Boat Show, just about to open, there are no less than 20 boats being launched, among them the Allures 45 Lift Keel, the Discovery 57, Fisher Yarmouth 22, Hallberg-Rassy 412 and the J70 Sportsboat. What a smorgasbord!

British Cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler are in the news again this week, this time for a happy reason. Showing the grit that kept them going for over a year while captives of Somali pirates, they are restarting the circumnavigation attempt that was thwarted by their abduction. The hot news is they are staying away from the northwestern Indian Ocean this time.

Chandlers - Rachel waves as they set off - photo by  .. .

How do you know your inflatable life jacket will actually inflate when you hit the water? Watch the RNLI's video in our story this week.

Much more too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Amundsen's schooner finally to sail home
Des Ryan,
The Maud, schooner sailed by legendary Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, the first to reach the South Pole and who made famous forays sailing into the Northwest Passage, is finally to sail home. Currently she is 'resting', partially submerged, in Nunavut's Cambridge Bay in Canada but a group in Norway has set plans to retrieve the vessel from where she has rested since she sank in 1930.... [more]
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2012 Multihull Rendezvous an unforgettable success
Multihull Solutions,
The 2012 Multihull Solutions Whitsunday Rendezvous was a spectacular success and confirmed what most boaties now believe: more hulls simply means more fun!... [more]
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Momentus SICYC 2012 Rendezvous - Five hundred yachties gather
Maggie Joyce,
The founder of the SICYC (Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club) Ken Thakeray was once denied entry to a yacht club because he was not a flag officer of an existing club so he created the SICYC and made everyone a vice commodore. Problem solved. Four years later membership is approaching 2,000 and nearly 500 of them on 130 yachts turned up for this year's rendezvous.... [more]
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How far from shore to be safe? An incident tells
Des Ryan,
How far do you keep from the shore while sailing? The best test, according to old salts, is to continue to ask, 'What would happen NOW if my engine/rudder failed?' You need to calculate just how long it would take you to reorganise a method of propulsion. On the basis that the best kind of experience to learn from is 'other people's', a recent incident is a case in point:... [more]
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Scorpius breaks free of Arctic ice, heading for another record
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
While Belzebub II, a fibreglass Hallberg Rassy, has just sailed through the McClure Strait, a first for a sailing boat in the Northwest Passage, there are more records being broken in the Arctic as the great melt continues. On Tuesday the 30 m/98' steel Russian yacht Scorpius, with a Russian-Ukrainian crew, which had been stuck in heavy ice flows in the East Siberian Sea broke free from the ice... [more]
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New yachts galore for Southampton Boat Show
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Things are either looking up or desperate in the yacht manufacturing business. One of the world's great boat shows is just about to open, and it's featuring over 20 brand new yachts models... [more]
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RNLI conducts inflating life jacket tests
Des Ryan,
How well do you maintain your inflating life jacket? How do you KNOW that it will inflate when you hit the water? The UK's Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI) has recently conducted some testing of eleven different brands of inflating life jacket, sponsored by Motor Boat and Yachting. Watch the video:... [more]
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Boat Cuisine: The all weather cook book
Lee Mylchreest,
June Raper has been at sea long enough to be suspicious of recipes describing 'how to make jam at sea' or 'take four pints of water and a lobster'. The recipes in this book are practical - she has tried them all out on her boat, and guarantees they will work.... [more]
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Couple kidnapped by pirates triumph by setting sail again
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Paul and Rachel Chandler, kidnapped by Somali pirates and held for over a year in appalling conditions while the pirates negotiated for a ransom, have set sail again. An additional triumph for them is that, as their yacht was retrieved by the British Navy after their kidnapping and returned to Britain, they have even set sail aboard the same boat.... [more]
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Yacht feature: AY480 - a yacht for sailing around the world
Des Ryan,
One of the most attractive looking all-round cruising boats to come from Italian designers for a while, the AY480 is a boat built to sail around the world. It is a nice meeting of those things that many cruisers enjoy - traditional, comfortable, secure, but it is also fast, with straightforward maintenance and management.... [more]
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Island Packet Yachts announces new brand: Blue Jacket
Bill Bolin/Sail-World Cruising,
Island Packet Yachts is proud to announce the launch of a new line of performance cruising sailboats to be called Blue Jacket Yachts. The Blue Jacket 40 is the first in a series and has been designed by Tim Jackett (ex-President and Chief Designer at Tartan and C&C) in collaboration with Bob Johnson (CEO and Chief Designer at Island Packet).... [more]
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Book Review: 'Outfitting the Offshore Cruising Sailboat'
Rob Tickner,
When starting from scratch to buy and outfit a boat, you just can't get too much advice, and here's some more, concentrating on preparing a boat for offshore cruising by going for a second hand boat... [more]
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Historic new maritime laws passed for Australia
The Hon Anthony Albanese, Media Statement,
Federal Parliament recently passed historic new laws which regulate the safety of ships and seafarers and ensure shipping is conducted in a manner which protects Australia's precious marine environment.... [more]
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Save your keys with one-use-only Key Buoy
Lee Mylchreest,
If you are anything like me this product might be worth its weight in the proverbial gold. You can go sailing without the fear of dropped keys in the ocean, between dinghy and yacht or off the marina. The compact Key Buoy inflates automatically as soon as it hits the water to prevent keys from sinking.... [more]
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Sturrocks online 30 days of deck shoes promotion
Sturrocks Mosman, who have been servicing the marine industry since 2004, are proud to announce the launch of their new online store. Located in Mosman, Sydney, Sturrocks have long been the destination of choice for Australia's discerning sailors who are looking for the best in sailing technical wear and casual onshore gear.... [more]
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Goodness. Gracious. A story of the Doyen, Lou Abrahams. (Pt I.)
John Curnow,
It's been a long time since the expression of surprise, ‘Goodness, gracious me!' has passed from common vernacular. It does seem imminently suitable in reference to one, Lou Abrahams however, for he is full of goodness and very gracious.... [more]
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New e Series MFD boasts largest screen to space ratio so far
Liza Sticpewich,
Raymarine is proud to announce the launch of the e165 at HISWA, Amsterdam. The latest addition to the award winning range of eSeries MFDs (multi-function displays), the e165 sports a full 15.4' 16:9 wide-format display and sits in the same footprint as a traditional 14' screen, giving 20% more screen for the same helm or dash space.... [more]
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Steinlager II and Lion New Zealand star at Auckland On Water Boat Show
New Zealand Marine Industry Association,
Two of Sir Peter Blake's most famous yachts, Steinlager II and Lion New Zealand, will feature at this year's Auckland On Water Boat Show which runs from 27 to 30 September in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.... [more]
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BIAA leads ground-breaking study on value of Australian Boating
Jeni Bone,
The scope and value of Australian boating will be the focus of the BIAA's ground-breaking study – the first of its kind in this country – which will begin in November 2012 and aims to demonstrate the importance of boating, both economically and socially.... [more]
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Roads and Maritime Services announce Yarrawonga boat ramp closure
Penny Robbins,
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting General Manager Maritime Operations Trevor Williams said today that the Yarrawonga boat ramp downstream of the Yarrawonga Weir on the Murray River has collapsed and will be closed until further advice.... [more]
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