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 31 Aug 2012

Heroes, rallies, awards and more

The other hero is a ship, the Oleander, well, I guess it is the crew of the ship who are the heroes. They rescued the sailing boat Elle last November in very dramatic circumstances. A low key hero in this incident, in my opinion, is AMVER, the voluntary world-side ship rescue system, which is responsible for so many yachts and their sailors being rescued by ships recently.

Camaradarie in the Northwest Passage  .. .
Up in the Northwest Passage read how the summer traffic is increasing all the time – maybe that makes up for the dearth of cruising sailors in the Indian Ocean. However, the national forces are having an effect – read just how successful they have been in deterring Somali piracy.

I just love grass roots rallies – the no-fee or small-fee rally run by passionate amateur cruising sailors, and the Salty Dawg Rally is one of the winners. Read about their new web resource.

The quirky story of the week is of reunion between two men and their boat Queen Bee, which ejected them in Massachusetts and then sailed itself across the Atlantic solo. What kind of a tough little boat is that! Sad story was, they didn't want her back.

Some good practical articles too – John Jamieson is talking knots; there's a new cruising guide to, wait for it, Tasmania; and a favourite of mine, Boat Beacon, is now available in Android.

That's just a taste, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Hurricane precautions and preparations for boat owners
The Gowrie Group,
With the hurricane/typhoon season upon us in the northern hemisphere, here is some timely advice from The Gowrie Group about what to do when disaster threatens The key to protecting your boat from hurricanes or any severe threatening weather is planning, preparation and timely action.... [more]
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AMVER ship wins award for 2011 yacht rescue
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
More and more yachts that get into trouble on the high seas are rescued, not by official rescue personnel, but by passing ships. Bermundan-registered ship The Oleander will receive a special award in WashingtonDC for its successful rescue of a yacht in 2011. The ship has already received a British award for the same rescue.... [more]
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Solo Atlantic crossing boat meets its ejected owners again
Des Ryan,
In January this year, we published a quirky story about a boat that, having ejected her crew, sailed across the Atlantic from the USA to Spain. Now, the two men who were ejected, have finally caught up with their boat, the Queen Bee.... [more]
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Piracy on the downturn in Somali waters
Nancy Knudsen,
While ever piracy remains rife in the waters around Somalia the most popular and natural route for circumnavigating cruising sailors remains out of bounds. Safe waters may be a long way off but there's progress and it's worth relating.... [more]
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Sailing Maine on a Windjammer
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
While sailing on a modern yacht is one of life's great experiences, there's nothing like exploring the traditional, and there are many tall ships offering a great adventurous sailing holidays, doing like they used to. And then there are the Windjammers.... [more]
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Magic Boat Beacon, now available for Android
Lee Mylchreest,
Good news for Android-using sailors: You can now use your devices to keep a watch on nearby boats, and let other boats, family and friends know your current location, using Boat Beacon Maps and AIS systems.... [more]
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Salty Dawg Rally announces launch of new interactive web resource
Mike Martel,
The Salty Dawg Rally is a non-profit organization comprised of blue water sailors who have completed at least one blue water passage. Organizers of the Rally are pleased to announce the launch of their new interactive web resource, designed to be the central informational portal for cruisers wishing to join the rally, attend events, obtain float plans, and keep abreast of the upcoming 2012 Rally... [more]
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Cambridge Bay, Northwest Passage, hotting up.
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The melt goes on, and it's encouraging the adventurous. as the Northwest Passage becomes increasingly ice-free during the summers, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, has seen a dramatic upswing in cruising sailors arriving, with up to six yachts in the Bay at the same time.... [more]
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Sailing knots you need to know - Tie the five-second stopper knot
John Jamieson,
If you are anything like me, you want a solid, secure sailing knot in the end of your headsail sheets to keep them from running back through your sailboat blocks. The figure eight has been used as an end stopper on a headsail sheet for many years. Stoppers are used on the bitter end to prevent the headsail sheet from running back out through the sheet lead blocks. But there's just one problem...... [more]
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Scottish sailor in new non-stop solo attempt
Des Ryan,
He sailed single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 and now he is to circumnavigate the world non-stop and single-handed. Well, you might say, pretty good but many have done that before, so what is so impressive? That's until you find out that Scottish sailor Gerry Hughes is profoundly deaf.... [more]
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Boat profile: Bavaria's new 46 a perfect Vision
Mike Rose,
Bavaria's new Vision 46 combines great performance, luxurious comfort and incredibly clever, practical innovation. With a hull by Farr Yacht Design, the Bavaria 46 is a slippery performer on all points yet, thanks to the latest technology, is super-easy to sail short-handed or even singlehanded.... [more]
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Cruising Guide of Tasmania, free and online
Des Ryan,
Gradually every part of the far reaches of the earth's sailable coastlines are being covered by Cruising Guides. Now there's a good new one of the eastern coastline of Tasmania, created by someone with a vast experiences of sailing in the area and the last of a series covering all of the coastline.... [more]
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Sailor overboard swept out to sea
Lee Mylchreest,
Just because your sailing boat is in shallow water does not mean you are necessarily safe if you fall from the deck. A British sailor this week came close to losing his life when he slipped and fell from the deck of his yacht just metres from the shore.... [more]
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Ocean life faces greater risk of large-scale extinctions
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Ocean life faces much greater change and risk of large-scale extinctions than at any other time in human history, a team of the world's leading marine scientists has warned. The researchers from Australia, the US, Canada, Germany, Panama, Norway and the UK have compared events which drove massive extinctions of sea life in the past to what is taking place in the seas and oceans globally today.... [more]
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