Socrates does it again...Sydney International Boat Show starts

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 02 Aug 2012

Socrates does it again...Sydney International Boat Show starts

Jeanne Socrates, nowhere near London and doing her own thing. Just as she is about to arrive Canada and claim more sailing records, she is already planning her next record attempt, this time a non-stop circumnavigation.

The Sydney International Boat Show is open today, another great show in store. If you are close enough to get there, don't miss it! If you have ever toyed with the idea of owning a boat and chartering it, there's a seminar during the Boat Show you shouldn't miss. Richard Morris may be talking about his favourite subject of superyachts, but the information could be valuable.

While Jeanne Socrates is creating new records now, there seems to be a resurgence going on in the world for preserving our sailing past. Over in Rhode Island the annual Classic Yacht Parade will honour their sailing heritage at the beginning of September, down in New Zealand this month an intrepid group of sailors will recreate past achievements by sailing from New Zealand to Easter Island in traditional craft, and in the UK a group of incognito individuals are recreating one of Britain's iconic sailing boats, the Britannia, which was scuttled in 1936 – Read why...

Easter Island ahoy  .. .

Rallies are in the news: Trevor Joyce from Mariner Boating talks of his French Riviera Rally and for longer range cruising sailors, a grass roots rally with no joining fee is gaining popularity rapidly – the charismatically titled 'Salty Dawg Rally' between the Caribbean and America's eastern states. But you don't need to own a boat to go on sailing holidays with like-minded people – read our article about flotilla sailing.

The greatest solar vessel in the world might just have finished its circumnavigation, but another group is trying to demonstrate that you don't have to spend a lot of money to go boating without fossil fuels. Ra, totally powered by solar, is currently embarked on sailing the USA's 'Great Loop.' When is someone going to try it in Australia?

In practical news, John Jamieson talks about preserving the life of your lines on your deck and we've featured the Super Rope Cinch as a very simple 'must have' for your boat.

Much more too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Dream shattered by pirates.
Just one typical story that tells it all about today's situation for the long range cruising sailor. Scott Hufford had a dream of sailing the world. He has braved many adversities since he left California many years ago, spending time in many countries along the way. Now he has had to stop, and it's not because of ill-health or maintenance problems. It's because of Somali pirates.... [more]
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John McCuaig elected as Middle Harbour Yacht Club Commodore
Alana Whitting,
The 73rd Annual General Meeting of Members of Middle Harbour Yacht Club was held on Thursday 19 July 2012, at which John McCuaig was elected Commodore along with new appointments to the Board of Directors and Flag Officers.... [more]
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Sunreef expands to superyacht market with three new luxury catamarans
Kate Elkington,
After the successful launch of the two catamarans over 100 feet in 2010, Sunreef Yachts has announced that three new superyacht projects are well underway.... [more]
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Mystery deepens over missing sailor
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
More information has come to light about the disappearance of long range cruising sailor Sean Terry, but the mystery as to what could have happened to him merely deepens. Meanwhile, Austrian scuba diving instructor Stefan Pokorny is being held by Seychelles police, who have so far not charged him with any crime.... [more]
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Sydney International Boat Show opens this week Thursday
If you're any within reach of Sydney, don't miss it! The Sydney International Boat Show(SIBS) will open on the 2nd August for 5 great days. Recognised internationally as one of the leading boat shows of the world, it is set to deliver a host of educational and entertainment experiences for its visitors.... [more]
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Super Rope Cinch: a hundred applications on a boat
Sail-World Cruising,
When clever individuals invent a new product, that's when the hard work starts. Tim and Dorothy Bourke invented one of the cleverest things you might ever see on a boat, with a hundred applications - the Super Rope Cinch - but that was back in 2009 and they've only just now received a patent.... [more]
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70-year-old woman about to complete solo 'Five Cape' circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
There's nothing can stop her now! 70-year-old Jeanne Socrates is due to create multiple world records when she reaches Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada this week. She will be the oldest woman(by far) to have sailed a solo circumnavigation of the world by sailing south of the Five Great Capes of the Southern Ocean. But as it was not non-stop it's not good enough for her.... [more]
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Online Marine Auctions - buy and sell boats with unlimited scope
Jeni Bone,
Online auctions are well and truly entrenched in our contemporary landscape. Millions of people use them every day for the purchase of every kind of item, big and small and now boats.... [more]
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Manly Power, Sail & Paddle to deliver hands-on boating fun
Jeni Bone,
One of the southern hemisphere's largest marine precincts, Manly Harbour is where Brisbane accesses Moreton Bay Marine Park, with its myriad islands and pristine waterways. According to boat ownership statistics, the Wynnum/Manly area boasts one of the highest boat ownership ratios in Brisbane with one in six residents owning a boat,... [more]
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Another Solar Odyssey - around the USA's 'Great Loop'
Des Ryan,
Just as Swiss/German inspired spectacular-looking Turanor PlanetSolar has completed the world's first ever circumnavigation on a craft powered by solar alone, a new venture now traversing the entire 'Great Loop' of the United States in a very different-looking solar craft, called Ra. Just now, it has had to put into the dock after hitting an underwater crab cage... [more]
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the King's sailing yacht, Britannia, to sail again
Kate Holmes,
When King George V, died in 1936, his will requested that his yacht, the Britannia, be scuttled. So her hull was towed out to St. Catherine's Deep near the Isle of Wight, scuttled and sent to rest beneath the waves with a garland of flowers placed on her stem head, thus denying future generations of a heritage. But the story didn't end there...... [more]
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Yacht Chartering – The benefits of owning a commercial yacht
Australian Superyachts,
Captain Richard Morris, Managing Director of Australian Superyachts Pty Ltd, will be delivering a seminar each night of the Sydney International Boat Show at 6:30pm in the Deckhouse Theatrette, Hall 6, Sydney Exhibition Centre.... [more]
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GME slashes EPIRB Ownership costs
Australia literally leads the world when it comes to recreational marine safety; no other country in the world has such strict regulations concerning life jackets, flares and most importantly the carriage of a registered EPIRB.... [more]
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'Mine's Bigger' - The Eclipse to be eclipsed
Des Ryan,
In the 'Mine's bigger' stakes, it won't be long before Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's yacht called Eclipse, presumably because when it was built it eclipsed every other yacht in the world, will itself be eclipsed. Well, it had to happen, didn't it?... [more]
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5,400nm by Stars Moon and Sun - New Zealand to Easter Island
Samantha Allan/Sail-World Cruising,
In under three weeks a group of intrepid New Zealanders will soon undertake an amazing (and some say, perilous) journey across the Pacific Ocean in traditional waka hourua (double-hulled sailing canoes), using only the stars, moon, sun, ocean currents, birds and marine life to guide them.... [more]
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Runaway sailing boat caught by the Gafirs
Sail-World Cruising,
A runaway yacht with its autopilot set led rescuers a merry chase in the Solent this week. The lone sailor on the yacht, who was not tethered, was thrown overboard by the wash from a passing vessel, leaving his yacht still sailing.... [more]
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Study shows Ozone hole UV impacting marine life
Ocean Institute University of Western Australia,
Ultraviolet radiation has caused a steep increase in deaths among marine animals and plants says an international team of scientists. The marine life most affected by UVB are protists (such as algae), corals, crustaceans and fish larvae and eggs, thereby affecting marine ecosystems from the bottom to the top of the food web.... [more]
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Sailing Tips Secrets - How to Add Life to Your Costly Sailing Line
John Jamieson,
Sailing rope costs are going up like most everything else. And you will want to extend the life of your expensive halyard, outhaul, reefing, and other running rigging lines as long as possible. Follow this easy sailing tip to success!.... [more]
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Bavaria appoints Quays Marina as Bavaria Service Centre
Tracey Goodwin,
Bavaria Power and Sail Australia have a New Service Centre dedicated to all Bavaria owners.... [more]
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50 Classic Yachts line up for Classic Yacht Parade
Des Ryan,
If you love classic yachts and are anywhere within reach of Rhode Island in the USA at the beginning of September, there's an event your won't want to miss. The Classic Yacht Parade is one of the most appealing and exciting events on the very busy harbor in Newport, RI. and is part of the Classic Yacht Regatta which runs on first-2nd September again this year.... [more]
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5,000-year-old boat discovered in Egypt
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
French archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old wooden boat used by pharaohs in an expedition in Egypt. The boat is reported to be the oldest and best-preserved vessel from antiquity and has been identified as the world's oldest intact ship. The previous oldest boat, also discovered in Egypt, was around 4,500 years old.... [more]
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70 days until Rivergate International Boat Show
Tracey Toovey,
With just 70 days until Rivergate International Boat Show, Brisbane's premier 'on water' boat show, begins, there is a raft of exciting news to report.... [more]
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Yacht & Boat Korea – dates set for 2013
Jeni Bone,
Moving in to its seventh year, Yacht & Boat Korea is aiming to grow the event with more local and international exhibitors and more to appeal to visitors, setting the dates for next year's event: 2 to 5 May 2013.... [more]
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