Northwest Passage tale, Whitsunday fun, 11 hours treading water, more

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 26 Jul 2012

Northwest Passage tale, Whitsunday fun, 11 hours treading water, more

There's also a great survival story. A 51-year-old American got himself into trouble when a rogue wave washed him overboard and he spent an amazing 11 hours treading water, watching the searching helicopters not able to find him. Next time, he says, he'll be wearing a life-jacket. We're glad about his miraculous – and gutsy – survival, but I could also suggest he wears a tether next time and saves the nation some costly searching.

Lots of other varying tales of happenings on the water. A South African sailor has disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the Indian Ocean and police are holding an Austrian sailor for questioning (earlier incorrectly reported as an Australian). Up in Scotland there were some embarrassed grins this week as a rescue boat was washed onto rocks and the rescue boat sent to rescue them ended up on neighbouring rocks. Read the tale of a lucky group of Australian sailors on a Mariner Boating Rally on the French Riviera.

Rescue boats high and dry  .. .

On a more practical note, as well as a very useful discussion on jacklines or jackstays, there are two products featured – one, a radar reflector for your grab bag and the other an automatically closing drain plug that will stop your dinghy sinking to the bottom when you forget to replace the bung.

More too, so browse down the headlines, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Survival: 11 hours overboard without a life jacket
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A man who survived nearly 11 hours in cold water without a life jacket says he'll wear one from now on. Joseph Gross said he could see the Coast Guard searchlights as he treaded water... [more]
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Australian adventure sailors play it safe in the North West Passage
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Last year two Australians, Australians Chris Bray, 28, and Jess Taunton, 24, began an adventurous sail through the Northwest Passage, and, like many other adventurers lured to one of the last great passage sails, are attempting to finish their journey this year.... [more]
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Yachting Australia's National Boat Owners Meeting: CYCA Friday 27 July Team,
Yachting Australia's National Boat Owners Meeting is to be held at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Freya Room and will be audio webcast on Friday 27th July 2012 from 9am.... [more]
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Product of the Week: A radar reflector for your grab bag
Lee Mylchreest,
What about a radar reflector for your grab bag? We all go to sea preparing a grab bag in the hope the we will never have to use it, but if the worst ever happens you might be glad that a radar reflector will locate your position to passing vessels, especially at night or in bad weather. This tiny but effective radar reflector is amazingly light because it is inflatable.... [more]
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Cruising rally: Whitsunday Multihull Solutions, 27Aug-02Sep
Kate Elkington/Sail-World,
The 2012 Whitsunday Multihull Rendezvous looks set to be a memorable event with record entries and enquiries. If you have, or would like to charter, a multihull, why not join in? Run by Multihull Solutions, the Whitsunday Multihull Rendezvous is run as a true cruising rally through the Whitsunday islands with frequent stops for unforgettable social functions, exploring and relaxing..... [more]
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Multihull Solutions wins Fountaine Pajot Worldwide Dealer of the Year!
Multihull Solutions,
Multihull Solutions is celebrating after being awarded the prestigious Fountaine Pajot Worldwide Distributor of the Year title for an unprecedented three consecutive years.... [more]
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Jackstays and Jacklines: The options for the cruising sailor
Sail-World Cruising,
How should Jackstays or Jacklines be used on a yacht most effectively? Should they be taut and act as a ‘third leg' to steady a person moving along deck while holding their tether tightly in hand? Or should the Jackline and tether be there to catch a person should they fall? What should they be made of?... [more]
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Austrian sailor held over missing South African yachtsman
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
An Austrian sailor, Stefan Pokorny - earlier incorrectly reported as an Australian - is being held for questioning in the Seychelles over the disappearance of his skipper on a voyage from Sri Lanka to Madagascar. The skipper's South African family has flown to the Seychelles in a desperate bid for news on the missing yachtsman, Sean Terry, 48, formerly of Cape Town.... [more]
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Doyle Sails Sydney Boat Show special 20% discount sale
Guy Waddilove,
Over the past few years, our Boat Show discounts have allowed us to introduce ourselves to a whole new group of discerning sailors who were keen to find out about the advantages that fitting Doyle sails to their boats could offer.... [more]
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Boat Docking Classic event attracts the champions
Sail-World Cruising,
How are your boat docking skills? Whether you have a sailing or power boat, getting safely into the dock is a serious undertaking. A mistake that you make on the ocean is rarely witnessed by anyone, but coming into the dock can sometimes be the most nerveous event of the day, potentially boat-damaging, and made more nerve-racking if there are crowds watching on.... [more]
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ACR Electronics Announces ResQMate G™ 406 EPRIB with 66 Channel GPS
John Bell,
The ResQMate G™ will make its debut next week at The Sydney International Boat Show.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Eliminate 'that sinking feeling' in your dinghy
Sail-World Cruising,
There's nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you get into the dinghy. You'll never be caught forgetting to replace the drain plug again with this week's Product of the Week. The brand new Safe-T-Drain Plug automatically seals itself to prevent accidental flooding even if the plug cap is not in place.... [more]
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Whitsunday Sailing Club volunteers 'top class', says event organiser
Corrie Gardner,
One of Australia's biggest sporting spectacles would be nowhere without its volunteers according to one of the organisers. The Telcoinabox Airlie Beach Regatta might be a gathering of 1,000 competitors, but it is the 150 volunteers, all active sailors or in the marine industry, that make it all possible for the organising club, the Whitsunday Sailing Club.... [more]
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Sunreef expands to superyacht market with three new luxury catamarans
Kate Elkington,
After the successful launch of the two catamarans over 100 feet in 2010, Sunreef Yachts has announced that three new superyacht projects are well underway.... [more]
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Whales delight English tourists sailing Sydney Harbour
Jenifer Wells,
Long time racing sailor Roger Hickman was playing tour guide to some English friends this week on his lovely yacht Wild Rose. Launched in 1985 as the original Wild Oats, Hickman's well known renamed boat Wild Rose was out enjoying the cold weather to entertain the visitors who thought one of the chillier Sydney days was just a normal day to be on the water.... [more]
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Whoops! Rescue boats high and dry
Des Ryan,
As if one rescue boat, meant to be coming to the aid of other vessels, running aground and calling for rescue wasn't embarrassing enough, the crew sent to its aid in another fast rescue boat ended up on the rocks too. The incident happened in Aberdeen Bay, on the coast of Scotland this week.... [more]
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Point and Click with Mauri Pro Sailing – Part I
John Curnow,
With Mauri Pro you're talking ten years in operation now and they have become quite the dominant force in the online marine binary world. Indeed with some brands, Mauri Pro is the biggest on the planet. Finally then, there are the manufacturers' warranties, which are no different to any other purchasing method.... [more]
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The sky's the limit for the 2012 Gold Coast International Marine Expo
Emma Milne,
The sky's the limit for the 2012 Gold Coast International Marine Expo. The second annual not-for-profit community and family focused boating spectacular is attracting strong exhibitor interest and organisers can confirm that the Expo will be bigger and even more entertaining than last year based on exhibitor commitments made to date... [more]
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Maritime Alert - Dangerous surf conditions for NSW
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) NSW has issued an alert following a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning about dangerous surf conditions from Port Stephens to Tweed Heads from Saturday.... [more]
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