Sail-World New Zealand: July 22, 2012 - Big Day for New Zealand with AC72 launch...Optimist Worlds...ISAF Youth Worlds

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 22 Jul 2012

Sail-World New Zealand: July 22, 2012

Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for July 22, 2012

Last night was a very special night for New Zealand sailing with the official launch of Emirates Team NZ's first AC72, and indeed the first AC72 to be launched in the world.

NZ Prime Minister John Key speaks at the naming ceremony for Emirates Team New Zealand first AC72.   Chris Cameron/ETNZ
While the general public in NZ might still have some mixed feeling about the America's Cup, there can be no doubting the huge footprint that this achievement has made for New Zealand on the international sailing scene.

First it is a major achievement for the New Zealand marine industry, in that it can get behind a project like the America's Cup and produce a boat of this complexity within a week of the planned schedule. That effort doesn't just rest with the likes of Cookson Boats, Southern Spars and North Sails who are the primary suppliers - but the hundreds of companies who have got behind the project. A big round of applause to all involved.

Second, some still quibble with the decision taken by Trevor Mallard, as then Minister of Sport, to back the team for a two campaign cycle back in the days of the Labour Government. There can be no doubting that this project is a massive shop window for the NZ Marine Industry - let alone what can be leveraged off it for the Tourism, Wine and other industries. In percentage terms the spend is just 2% of current exports - a very minimal marketing spend by any commercial standard.

Third, Emirates Team NZ have got a significant jump on the other teams, who are going to launch second boats for the 34th America's Cup. The key date is not so much July 2012, but February 2013, when two boats are permitted to be sailing, and teams can launch their second boat. With the second boat now in the design phase any real data from the first boat will be useful to calibrate computer design tools being used to develop the second.

Emirates Team NZ Launch at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. Fans behind Official Party as they receive the Maori Challenge  Richard Gladwell

Look at Leg 5 of the last Volvo Ocean Race, when three of the competitors all from different designers experienced structural issues within the same patch of water. Clearly structural engineering is not a perfect science, and it is quite possible to underestimate the stresses involved. And that was for a boat which was on its third rendition - not one that has never been sailed before and for which there is no base sailing data.

So although there are nominally 30 days available for sailing the AC72, the time before the end of September (reckoned to be when the building of the second boat will have to start) will be vital. For sure the design development and boat modification will continue right up to the Cup, but the scope for change becomes more limited as time goes on.

Emirates Team New Zealand naming ceremony for 'New Zealand', the team's first AC72.   Chris Cameron/ETNZ

In this edition we have reports from the New Zealand team sailing at the World Optimist Championships in the Dominican Republic. These reports are coming in via our submissions system, and are very quick and easy for us to work with at Sail-World. Many thanks to John Adair for doing a great job, and providing images of NZ sailors which are normally very hard to obtain from this event.

In the same vein, take a look at the video posted yesterday of the AC72 passing through the bridge at the Viaduct - all shot on a handheld iPhone 4, we happened to have in our pocket while passing through the area. The shot on top of the story was also taken with an iPhone - and is perfectly acceptable quality - even though the light quality was dreadful. Have a look at this video - shot at night, and again on an iPhone - which has pulled almost 90,000 views. There is no doubt that the coverage of events has changed dramatically with the advent of modern phone and camera technology - all carried around in your own pocket. If you are an event, you can cover it more than adequately off a phone.

Day 3 - New Zealand Yachting Trust Optimist Dinghy Worlds Team - Optimist World Championships  John Adair

The New Zealand International Yachting Trust Youth Team has finished out of the medals at the 2012 ISAF Youth Worlds. But the team has finished as 10th Nation in the ISAF National Trophy standings - which is a creditable effort given that the team only entered five of the eight events. New Zealand has previously won this trophy - regarded as a measure of the success of individual youth programs, and a pointer to future Olympic success. Clearly the questions will have to be asked, and publicly answered, as to why a full team was not sent, and what will happen in the future. Certainly there doesn't seem to be any drop in numbers in the Junior classes at national level - so why so at the Youth level?

Finally, don't miss the story from double Olympic medallist, Bruce Kendall, updating on the Windsurfing/Kiteboarding debate, which looks set to be re-visited at this year's ISAF Meeting. the start of windsurfing back in the 1970's has several parallels with the current day. In the eyes of many the same mistakes are being made.

The New Zealand Girls crew were the top performers in the ISAF Youth Worlds, placing fifth overall.  David Branigan/Oceansport

This time next week, we'll be working at the 2012 Olympic regatta. Several Sail-World editors are flying in from around the world, and we will have the biggest editorial team at the sailing Olympics. Two of us will be on the water working as accredited photographers. We will be producing a daily newsletter from the Olympic venue, which will summarise the day's racing and action both ashore and on the water. The event will of course be running near live on – with stories and images being posted online as they happen.

All going well, this will be sailing coverage like you have never seen before.

July 21, 2012 America's Cup - Emirates Team NZ Launch at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. Fireworks after the yacht is named New Zealand  Richard Gladwell

Part of the Boys 420 fleet at the ISAF Youth World Sailing Championships sponsored by Four Star Pizza on Dublin Bay, Ireland  David Branigan -
Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Ranger enjoys the solid going at the J class Solent Regatta  Crosbie Lorimer

America's Cup: Big crowd sees first AC72 christened in Auckland +Video
Emirates Team New Zealand's America's Cup AC72 catamaran was officially named at a ceremony Saturday evening at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland in front of a crowd of several thousand cheering fans. On a cool winter's evening at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, the crowd numbered well over 6,000 gathered all around the Viaduct.... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from the naming of Emirates Team NZ's AC72
Paul Gilbert,
Auckland based photographer, Paul Gilbert was on hand to take these images on a cold Auckland evening when the first AC 72 was named `New Zealand` in front of a hearty crowd of supporters at the Viaduct Harbour.... [more]
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Rainbow II nearly home
Alan Sefton,
Rainbow II's long journey home is nearly complete. Aboard the Maersk Line's Maersk Brani, she is due in Auckland (from Balboa) early Tuesday morning (24 July). Once entry formalities have been completed, she will be trucked to the Percy Vos shed in Hamer Street (in the Wynyard Quarter) where she will undergo a complete restoration... [more]
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America's Cup: Emirates Team NZ's AC72 by night at the Viaduct Harbour
Richard Gladwell,
Emirates Team NZ's AC72 was dropped into the Waitemata Harbour for the first time and towed to the pier off the Events Centre in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, which will be the venue for the official launching of their AC72 - the first launched in the world.... [more]
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2012 ISAF Youth Worlds: Best breeze of regatta suits NZL Yachting Team
Yachting NZ,
The NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team excelled in the more settled wind and water conditions which were handed to them on this penultimate day of the event. 'We had two good starts today which laid the platform for our solid results' said Alex Munro who is sailing 29er with Trent Rippey (pictured above). They placed fifth and ninth in their two races.... [more]
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America's Cup: World's first AC72 to be launched by catapult
Warren Douglas,
What do you do when you need to launch a new boat in style but can't risk breaking a bottle on the bow? Pouring the bubbles over the boat is not quite the same, especially when the public is turning up and they'll be expecting to see some action.... [more]
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America's Cup: Emirates Team New Zealand catamaran ready to fly
Bob Wallace,
Emirates Team New Zealand's latest America's Cup yachting challenger is ready to 'fly' after a ceremony at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. The huge, high-speed catamaran known as an AC 72 craft (America's Cup 72-footer) features a 40-metre high wing-sail with similar materials to those used in today's most modern aircraft.... [more]
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Chicago Mackinac 2012 – Now it's Windquest
Sail-World USA,
Desperately close racing in the racing division of the 104th Chicago Mackinac, which started off Navy Pier today. More than 350 boats are competing in this Great Lakes classic which was first run in 1898.... [more]
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2012 Youth Worlds: NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team fares well
Yachting NZ,
The 2012 NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team fared well in the final race of the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships, competing in fickle and light wind conditions. 'This year was an exceptionally tough and trying event and all the sailors did well to stay focussed right to the very end' said lead coach Ian Neely. 'The team really finished off the last race of the regatta strongl... [more]
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America's Cup: AC72 deck and working layout revealed on video
Richard Gladwell,
Yesterday, Sail-World, along with a significant and cheering crowd, happened to catch Emirates Team NZ's new AC72 as she passed through the Viaduct Harbour bridge, and shot this video using an iPhone. It shows the best view yet (and in daylight to boot) of the deck layout of the AC72, and how ETNZ have approached the issue of developing the winch-power necessary to sail the 72ft catamaran... [more]
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PWA Fuerteventura day 1 + Video
The PWA Fuerteventura opening day of competition unfortunately had no on water action. The wind dropped just before the racing could begin which then led to the sailors being held on standby until 6pm, because late in the afternoon the wind showed signs that it was going to pickup.... [more]
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Optimist World Championship - Stormy conditions on Day 4 + Video
Michalis Pateniotis,
The Optimist World Championship 2012 fourth day racing schedule was affected by the tropical weather so the race committee decided to begin early. The start was scheduled for 10.30am and the athletes had to be really early at the Yacht Club to prepare their boats.... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from the Viaduct Harbour launching ceremony
Richard Gladwell,
Emirates Team NZ's AC72 was launched in Auckland's Viaduct harbour as fans packed all the vantage points around the Viaduct Events Centre. After being christened by Mandy Barker, the first AC72 launched in the world, was ringed by fire,... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race fleet on final phase
Amy Martindale,
Clipper 2011-12 Round the World Yacht Race fleet are on the third day of race fifteen, from Den Helder to Southampton. As the ten 68-foot ocean racing yachts start their final full day of racing in the series, the teams are playing every last card up their sleeves in a battle for the final podium position.... [more]
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Point and Click with Mauri Pro Sailing – Part I
John Curnow,
With Mauri Pro you're talking ten years in operation now and they have become quite the dominant force in the online marine binary world. Indeed with some brands, Mauri Pro is the biggest on the planet. Finally then, there are the manufacturers' warranties, which are no different to any other purchasing method.... [more]
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J Class Solent Regatta Images by Crosbie and Dale Lorimer
Crosbie Lorimer,
Despite a forecast that suggested a more relaxed final day of racing for the J Class yachts, the Solent turned on a classic sailing day with a building southwester as these four classics went head to head in the western Solent. A massive spectator fleet followed their every move.... [more]
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ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship - Three medals to Australians
Craig Heydon,
A stunning come from behind victory for Laser Radial sailor Mark Spearman gave him gold at the 2012 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Dublin.... [more]
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Optimist World Championships Day 4, Dominican Republic, 19 Jul 2012
John Adair,
John Adair reports from the World Optimist Championships being sailed in the Dominican Republic: If someone had told us that Thor was in town we might have been more prepared for the noise. The thunder continued to crackle and roar overhead today and the inevitable downpour that eventually followed called a premature halt to the day's racing.... [more]
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J Class Solent Regatta overall
J Class Solent Regatta,
Following a delayed start at the J Class Solent Regatta, the fleet got away cleanly with Velsheda first at the port end and Ranger last off at the starboard end. At the first leeward mark, Solent Bank, Velsheda had a commanding lead followed by Rainbow, Lionheart and Ranger.... [more]
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Double Olympic medalist steps along the path ahead of Kiteboarding
Bruce Kendall,
Double Olympic windsurfing medalist Bruce Kendall looks at the issues with adopting Kiteboarding as an Olympic sport, and reflects on the lessons learned and experiences after Windsurfing travelled the same path since its selection for the 1984 Olympics.... [more]
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ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship titles decided
At the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships, cool heads and steely nerves were among the vital attributes required to achieve ultimate success as event finished on Dublin Bay in Ireland. Across the seven different classes the finale was marked by light, conflicting breezes with at least as many title upsets unfolding through the day as there were expected winning scenarios playing out on cue.... [more]
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Optimist World Championship Day 3 - Singapore on top + Video
Michalis Pateniotis,
Optimist World Championship third day started promisingly for the 230 young sailors and the race committee did not miss that chance. The boats hit the water early in the morning and the races started. After many general and partial recalls the groups managed to complete one race each. The wind was around 10-12 knots and at the end of the race started to change and dropped dramaticall... [more]
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Laser Radial Men's World Championship overall
Alaine Neilson,
Laser Radial Men's World Championship 2012 was held at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron from 12th to 17th July. Tristan Brown from Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Perth proved unbeatable, holding on to first place for the last three days of the regatta.... [more]
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l'Hydroptère DCNS on standby for Transpacific record attempt
l'Hydroptère DCNS,
All the optimisation is complete and the fastest trimaran in the world is just waiting to be rigged, so as she can go flying in the thermal breezes of California.... [more]
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