Rob's Passage Planner, Heaven Can Wait, Louisiades Rally - and more

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 19 Jul 2012

Rob's Passage Planner, Heaven Can Wait, Louisiades Rally - and more

As usual our coastlines and oceans are full of activity as this edition of Sail-World Cruising's weekly newsmagazine flies into the ether.

One of the handiest aids you could think of for sailors planning a sail anywhere along the east coast of Australia has just been released. It's 'Rob's Passage Planner'. No, it's not a pilot, it's a companion to the pilots, and it will make your passage planning seem like a perfect following breeze.

There are two events you might consider joining, both in September, so plenty of time to plan and get there. One is a fun regatta for a good cause in Lake Macquarie, the 'Heaven Can Wait Charity Regatta' and the other is the very adventurous 'Louisiades Rally'.

A young sailor has just become the youngest and the fastest to sail around Britain to raise money for a great cause, but read how Ludo Bennett-Jones almost didn't make it.

The last two cruising sailors in captivity with Somali pirates are now telling their tale, and a sobering one it is too. Hopefully it will deter any more sailors from trying to sail the Indian Ocean's pirate waters.

There might be thousands of yachts sailing in the Med but they're few and far between in Greece and Italy. Following our report a few weeks ago about yachts deserting Greece in droves, now we report how yachts are deserting Italy and, as usual, it's the government's fault!

If there's any silver lining to tragedies at sea then it has to be the safety system upgrades that follow. Following Chicago's tragedy in the Mackinac Race last year, boat clubs have been inspired to increase their safety systems. Read one club's story about how they did it, and ask the hard questions about your own.

Really useful information this week too, all in tens and twenties: Ten actions to take if you're the one overboard, and at the other end of the scale, ten decadent extras to take on a sailing holiday. Then there are twenty things to write to your non-sailing guests to get them ready for the experience on your boat.

If you have tales that are worth telling, don't forget at Sail-World we are always happy to receive them – whether they are stories of your adventures, smart ways of doing things, products you have found helpful, anything you think may benefit or entertain your fellow sailors.

Whoops! what's the story?  .. .

Yes, there's much more too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

World ARC Rally yacht saved by quick-acting fellow rally participants
Nick Martin,
Sailors on yachts join rallies for many reasons - the camaraderie, assistance with bureaucracy, the specially arranged welcomes, the vital information shared between cruising sailors - but one of the greatest of reasons, rarely utilised, is the safety in numbers. However, earlier this month one yacht in the World ARC was very pleased to have rally friends around to assist.... [more]
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The French Riviera Yacht Rally: Prepare your senses – All of them
Trevor Joyce,
The two week Mariner Boating French Rivera Yacht Rally sailed one way from the French port of Toulon to the last French town before Italy – Menton (pronounced Monton with thumb and forefinger clasping your nose to get the French accent working) before the rally participants checked into the luxurious Columbus Hotel on the western side of Monaco.... [more]
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Rob's Passage Planner for the Australian east coast - a little beauty
Nancy Knudsen,
Thinking of sailing the eastern coast of Australia any time soon? There's one book, just out now, which will make the task a whole lot simpler, modestly called, 'Rob's Passage Planner'. It's a beauty and I was happy to endorse it!... [more]
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Sail adventure from Cairns - the fifth Louisiades Rally, mid-September
Guy Chester,
There's still plenty of time to get there! The fifth Louisiades Yacht rally is being held in mid-September 2012. The Early Bird entry has been extended and there are various crewing and sail training positions for those interested in a great adventure.... [more]
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Kidnapped Bruno and Debbie finally tell their story
Times Live/Sail-World,
Then the yacht Choizil was hijacked on the African coast in October 2010, skipper Peter Eldridge eventually escaped and told his story. Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz, then spent 20 months in the hands of Somali pirates. Now they are free to tell their own story. It's a sobering read, hopefully a deterrent to any cruising sailors still contemplating sailing anywhere into pirate waters..... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait Charity Regatta, Lake Macquarie - ENTER NOW!!
Heaven Can Wait Media,
If you have a sailing boat and a sympathy for cancer research, then Lake Macquarie on the New South Wales coast is the place to be on September 29-30. It's called racing, but it's really only an excuse to have fun with fellow sailors and benefit a good cause in the Heaven Can Wait Charity Regatta.... [more]
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Non-sailing guests arriving? - 20 things to tell them
Jerry and Susan Barber/Sail-World,
So you have friends coming to sail with you, but they've never been on a sailing boat before - what do you tell them? Jerry and Susan Barber, cruising on their Lagoon 440 catamaran Vida Dulce in the Caribbean, have it down to a fine art. So good are their 20 pieces of advice, in fact, that we'd like to share them with you.... [more]
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10 things to do if you are the 'Man' Overboard
US Sailing/Sail-World,
Obviously, the best way to avoid MOB situations is to ensure your safety by systems that don't allow you to go overboard. However, have you thought through how actions you take in an overboard situation can increase your chance of recovery? Think it through now, before you are in a life challenging situation.... [more]
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Ten decadent extras to take on a sailing holiday
Nancy Knudsen,
So you're going cruising - not just for the day, but for a few weeks or a few years - that break you've promised yourself, with like-minded people, be it the family or friends, not because they're the greatest sailors, but because you like their company. Now it's time to think...what extras can you take to make the experience not just great, but SUPERB!?... [more]
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Coral reefs in Indo-Pacific Ocean tougher than Caribbean reefs
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Leading marine scientists have said that Coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region, including the Great Barrier Reef, recover faster from major stresses than their Caribbean counterparts. Dr George Roff and Professor Peter Mumby told the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium in Cairns that coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific Ocean are naturally tougher than the Caribbean reefs.... [more]
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4.a.m. and who's on watch?
Lee Mylchreest,
It CAN happen to you. It was four a.m., perhaps the sleepiest hour of the night, and the two crew and their Siamese cat were enjoying a night sail on their yacht Obsession - but somebody wasn't doing something right because suddenly they were dismasted by a sports fishing boat with six people on board.... [more]
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'Nerves of glass' will one day warn you of a yacht's breaking points
Heinrich Hertz Institut,
One scary thing about sailing oceans is if something vital breaks - like the rigging - and you don't have the equipment, or the expertise, to repair it. Now, believe it or not, some technology is emerging which one day could mean you would get a warning about an approaching breaking point, not only in the rigging, but in hulls, masts and sails. Sensor technology is the answer:... [more]
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Youngest and fastest around Britain - Ludo, 'My Hero!'
Sue Hardwick/Sail-World Cruising,
'My Hero!' is how famed sailor Dame Ellen MacArthur described 21-year-old Ludo Bennett-Jones after he completed his record breaking Great Britain circumnavigation this week, becoming the youngest and the fastest to complete such a voyage in a 16ft Wayfarer dinghy... [more]
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Somali piracy - dramatic drop in incidents
IMB/Sail-World Cruising,
It's good news that there are, for the first time, no cruising sailors in the hands of Somali pirates, and better news that the International Maritime Bureau reports this week a six months drop in world piracy, primarily due to a dramatic drop in Somali piracy, the critical area for circumnavigating cruising sailors. The Gulf of Guinea is a different story.... [more]
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Vicsail at the Sydney International Boat Show
Vicsail will be featuring the best of Beneteau and Lagoon at the Sydney International Boat Show August 2 through August 6, 2012. Vicsail will also introduce Australia to the Ringle at this year's show.... [more]
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Yachts vote with their keels and leave Italy
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
As Italy enjoys its long summer holidays, something is missing. It's the yachts, especially the superyachts. Around 30,000 yachts have fled Italy this year, costing €200 million in lost revenue from mooring fees, port services and fuel sales, according to Assomarinas, the Italian Association of Marinas.... [more]
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Canada increases boating safety dollars
Transport Canada/Sail-World,
Canada's Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, today announced additional funding for the Boating Safety Class Contribution Program.... [more]
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Yacht Club reviews its safety - how does yours measure up?
Jake Fish/Sail-World,
Every sailing club, no matter where in the world it operates, has a responsibility to its members, especially the juniors, to operate as safely as possible. Here Dan Cooney describes to US Sailing how his yacht club, the Beverly Yacht Club(BYC), undertook a review of its safety operations, and what resulted. How does your club measure up?... [more]
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