Marine Parks - in detail, the Digital Age and YOU

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 19 Jun 2012

Marine Parks - in detail, the Digital Age and YOU

Last week, the long-awaited Marine Park announcement was delivered by Minister Tony Burke, standing in front of fish at the Sydney Aquarium – symbolic for the protection of the diversity of aquatic species in the Coral Sea and other regions around our coastline.

Marine Park Zones  .. ©

There was a flurry of industry comment, releases issued and the anticipated outrage,.a rapid flow of misinformation and phones ringing hot. There was a burst of media attention, then back it slipped out of the public spotlight, while another great milestone in our nation's history – Fairfax and News Limited shedding staff (and broadsheet format), and planning to shut print facilities in response to the rise of the digital age.

Where is the fishing industry's PR machine to keep the human cost – both to industry and the public – in the headlines? There hasn't been a mention of Marine Parks for two days on Sky News.

At we are committed to delivering all the relevant aspects of this issue and the various stakeholder opinions to our readers (2.3 million of them) in our region. We are covering Marine Parks in greater detail, and immediacy, than any other media.

If you have a business that is impacted by the Commonwealth decision, get in touch with your story. We hope to compile the compelling reasons why Marine Conservation needs to be based on science, and according to many experts, THAT is what is lacking from the process and ongoing debate – true scientific evidence that 'locking up' zones of the sea from recreational fishers and in some instance, commercial operations will do anything to protect ecosystems.

Also this week, Australian newspapers underwent a seismic shift to digital, admitting that online is where readers are and hence, where advertisers are migrating.

The rise of high resolution tablets and the smart phone means mobile Internet access is now the norm and in the next few years, online publications will be attracting the lion's share of Australia's $13 billion ad spend.

Presses going the way of the dinosaur  .. ©

If you are in the marine space - that means you should be advertising with us.

We are now the largest marine media network in the world – online or offline.

In all the key marine events from the London Olympics Sailing regatta 2012 looming to boat shows like Sydney International Boat Show, from the America's Cup 2013, and a multitude of regattas, boat shows and other sailing and industry events, Sail-World/MarineBusiness-World will report these events in more detail and immediacy than another other marine media in the world.

50% of our Sail-World, Powerboat-World, MarineBusiness-World, Fishing Boating-World audience do not wait to sit down with their laptop or their desktop computer to discover our latest news. They are online and mobile.

If your business can benefit from the 2.3 million individual boaties who flock to our sites over a year, get onboard.

Keep the comments and stories flowing.

Galaxy tablets, smart phones and ultrabooks are portable and offer instant news and communications  .. ©

Jeni Bone, editor

AFTA: Aussie recreational fishing families ‘Locked Out Forever!'
Australia's 5 million recreational anglers will be locked out of vast areas of Australian oceans and many iconic fishing spots.... [more]
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Marine Reserves Plans are flawed and ineffective
The Australian peak boating industry body, the Boating Industries Alliance Australia, calls on the Federal Government to explain why the creation of over 40 new marine parks, encircling the nation, is required to protect the marine environment and to demonstrate a sincere commitment to consulting with the Australian population on its plans.... [more]
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Marine Queensland urges holistic approach to ocean management
Jeni Bone,
Marine Queensland and the BIAA are opposed to the Marine Park proposals. According to Don Jones, CEO of Marine Queensland the process for the development of an appropriate management regime has been 'a sham and driven by tokenism and green fundamentalism'.... [more]
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Marine Parks announced - challenges for fishing and boating industries
Jeni Bone,
The Australian government has unveiled the world's largest system of marine reserves with plans that put limits on oil and gas exploration in Western Australia, extend reef protection in the Coral Sea and possibly open the flood gates for compensation potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars for the fishing industry.... [more]
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Burke promises: Industry assistance to precede marine reserves
The Hon Tony Burke MP,
An assistance package in the vicinity of $100 million will begin to flow to the fishing industry before the marine reserves are activated.... [more]
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Science, fishers best to guard marine area
Dean Logan,
Ditch the government's reserve plans and start again, writes Dean Logan, Chief Executive of the Australian Marine Alliance.... [more]
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Fairfax Media revolution brings Internet migration into focus
Jeni Bone,
For the past 10 years, as change moves faster and faster, predictions on the speed of change caused by the Internet have consistently fallen short of reality.... [more]
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Sailors are online – is your advertising?
Brendan Maxwell,
London Olympics 2012, America's Cup 2013, Sydney Boat Show, Sydney Gold Coast, Brisbane to Keppel. Airlie Beach Race Week, Hamilton Island Race Week, Magnetic Island Race Week, Short Ocean Racing Regatta, Monsoon Cup, Kings Cup, Rolex Regatta, Sydney to Hobart Race, Sail Sydney, Sail Melbourne, Festival of Sail Geelong, Sydney Harbour Regatta. What will these events have in common? Sail-Wor... [more]
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For Sale: The one and only, Flamingo Bay Adventure Ship
Jeni Bone,
Casting a digified shadow over the marina at its superyacht berth at Southport Yacht Club, Flamingo Bay is 36m and 56 years of history and adventure, with the solid construction and spirit to delivery another 50+ years of service.... [more]
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Super trawler given the green light for Tasmania
Media Services,
The world's second largest commercial fishing vessel, the super trawler 'Margiris', will soon begin fishing in Tasmania, approved by the federal government.... [more]
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Ruse: Government is 'greenwashing' the public on Marine Park Plan
Geoff Ruse, Newcastle ECOfishers,
Geoff Ruse of Newcastle ECOfishers says Marine Parks reflect Greens election deals and Greens policies, not science.... [more]
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Pew Group: Marine Parks 'a major contribution to ocean protection'
Pew Environmental Group,
The Pew Environment Group has congratulated is Australian staff for its five years of lobbying for no-take zones and increased marine parks in the Coral Sea and other regions, hailing the Australian Federal Government's recent announcement as 'a major contribution to global ocean protection'.... [more]
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DPI Victoria implement action plan to rebuild lobster stocks
Paul Sellars,
In order to boost the long term profitability of the commercial rock lobster fishery the Department of Primary Industries is taking decisive action to rebuild lobster stocks along a large part of Victoria's coastline. Fisheries Victoria Executive Director Anthony Hurst said DPI was implementing a clear plan to strengthen the biological condition of the Eastern Zone Rock Lobster Fishery... [more]
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As a boater you need to read this about this complete Rubbish
Jarrod Day, Editor FishingBoating-World,
In today's era I still can't believe that so many of our beaches and waterways continually become littered by those too lazy to take their rubbish home. This is not a problem with the mainstream public but includes recreational marine users who should know much better.... [more]
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Melges Asia Pacific Coaching Clinic - Nathan Wilmot guest coach
Tracey Walters,
Olympic Gold Medallist Nathan Wilmot spends the majority of his professional sailing career travelling between Europe and the USA racing the Melges 24, Melges 32 and Melges 20. Next week he heads back to Europe to Porto Cervo to compete in the Melges 32 European Championships,... [more]
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RPM proposes: 10 Good reasons to keep your luxury yacht in Phuket
Royal Phuket Marina,
With Hong Kong yachting in a state of crisis, as marinas are packed to capacity with two-year waiting lists and costs sky-rocketing, Mediterranean-style Royal Phuket Marina suggests '10 Good Reasons' for relocating luxury cruisers to what some regard as the most glamorous anchorage in Asia.... [more]
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Get up close and personal to Seabreacher at Melbourne Boat Show
Clyde Batty,
Visitors to this year's Melbourne Boat Show will be kept fully informed of the many cutting edge products and services on display including an exclusive exhibit of 'Seabreacher', an innovative personal craft that resembles a great white shark, dolphin or killer whale, that can roll from side to side and jump 12-18 feet into the air.... [more]
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Sell-out for Boating Syndication at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Imprint Media,
Boating Syndication Australia's Andy Young was delighted with the results from the Sanctuary Cove boat show, including a sell-out for both the company's Belize motor yachts.... [more]
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Register now for IBEX 2012
The boating industry will gather in Louisville Kentucky, USA, October 2-4 for IBEX 2012, the premier marine technology trade exhibition, conference and network event of the year.... [more]
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Launching a spectacular 2012 Adelaide Boat Show
Kym Jones,
The 2012 Adelaide Boat Show will feature a diverse and dynamic format to entice more young families into floating enjoyment while exciting more experienced boating enthusiasts and fishers.... [more]
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Chaparral says thank you to Queensland after Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Chaparral Australia,
Three weeks after the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, the crew from Chaparral Boats have finally come up for air. With one of the shows most professional displays and boasting the most number of boats for any one manufacturer at the show, Chaparral were re-launching the brand into Queensland in a big way.... [more]
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Satphone - to become mandatory for offshore sailors?
Nancy Knudsen,
'For offshore voyages leisure sailors are recommended to carry a satellite form of communication.' These are the words of Britain's Maritime Coastguard Agency. This statement was the final statement at the end of a press release concerning the rescue of a solo sailor in a 22ft sailing boat headed for the Azores this week.... [more]
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Industry claims: 36,000 jobs, food security lost in Marine Park Plan
Jeni Bone,
In what is being described by Australian marine industry proponents as 'a knee jerk reaction', 'placating the Greens' and a 'distraction from the Carbon Tax', the marine park announcement has hit the fishing and marine industries like a sledge hammer.... [more]
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Gillard Government solution to sustainable marine legacy is archaic
Australian Marine Alliance,
The Australian Marine Alliance (AMA) today released a first draft cost benefit analysis of the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process (MBPP) that is destined to arbitrarily close large areas of marine environment with negligible environmental benefit but significant financial and social consequences for coastal communities.... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove Boat Show crucial event in Mulpha marketing
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
In the wake of successful results for exhibitors at the 2012 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, described by several major stakeholders as 'the best for five years', Mulpha Australia has congratulated all who participated in and contributed to the 24th annual edition, heralding the milestone 25th anniversary as the opportunity to toast past achievements and look to the future.... [more]
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Marine Park plan provides zero conservation benefits in WA
ReFish West,
Recfishwest is disappointed the Federal Government has met the demands of foreign-funded conservation groups while locking Western Australian fishing families out of the water following today's announcement of its Commonwealth Marine Park plan.... [more]
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