An avalanche of interesting news, tales and quirky anecdotes

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 14 Jun 2012

An avalanche of interesting news, tales and quirky anecdotes

An avalanche of interesting news, tales and quirky anecdotes from our world's oceans this week.

In Britain read how the brave, undeterred Chandlers, Paul and Rachel, who spent more than a year in the hands of Somali pirates before being rescued by the payment of a ransom, have announced they are off sailing again, in their newly renovated boat, Lynn Rival.

Belzebub's crew - heading for a never-achieved-before route through the Northwest Passage  .. .

A couple of sailing adventurers (above) talk about the new route they are attempting through the North West Passage; Greece is feeling the pinch from sailors who are staying away in droves, but the World ARC Rally has reported a stunning start in registrations for their 2013 rally. Down in Texas they are having heaps of sailing fun (below) on small boats in a five day rally, the Texas 200, in the Gulf of Mexico!

Texas 200 - inflatable Fugu leading  .. .

Over in Australia solo adventure sailor Jessica Watson is inspiring sailors with her 'can do' philosophy, and in the Pacific a British cruising family have found their own inspiration and joined a group of volunteers in OceansWatch to assist islanders affected by climate change and the over-fishing in the Pacific. (Numbers are scary. They vary between 70% and 90% on estimates of disappeared fish stocks)

The Yacht of the Week is Bavaria's Vision 46, there's a great article by Jeremy Wyatt from the World Cruising Club on how popular catamarans are becoming in their rallies, and John Jamieson is back with more tricks on how to make your sailing easier and safer.

That's just the tip of an iceberg of stories, so, remembering that Sailstice is on next weekend, here's wishing you...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Chandlers return to sailing after pirate horror.
Lee Mylchreest,
The British couple held hostage by Somali pirates for more than a year are planning to continue their sailing adventures. Rachel and Paul Chandler said they had the support of family and friends who raised half a million pounds of ransom money for them.... [more]
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Only ten days to go! Summer Sailstice is on again - June 23
Sail-World Cruising,
Only ten days to go! Every year thousands of people sign up to go sailing on the weekend nearest the solstice for a global celebration of sailing called Summer Sailstice. Northern hemisphere sailors, don't be left out this year!... [more]
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'Cats are cool!' - Rally participants vote with their pockets
Jeremy Wyatt, World Cruising Club,
The World Cruising Club has been running sailing rallies for longer than many of their participants have been on the planet, so they know a thing or two about the trends in sailing. Jeremy Wyatt, long time director of the organisation, here writes about the surging world-wide popularity of catamarans... [more]
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Texas 200 Regatta - a five day sailing adventure
Lee Mylchreest,
Whether you sail a superyacht with a crew of 10 or you sail a dinghy solo, sailors who sail not to win a competition but for the love of wind, fresh air and the freedom of the sea have something in common. And they love to get together after a day's sailing. The five-day event called Texas 200 is a cruising adventure which includes many boats that are just too small to sleep in.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: Bavaria's Vision 46
Des Ryan,
Even if you're not ever intending to sail solo, a yacht that can be sailed single-handed is always prized by the cruising sailor. Bavaria's Vision 46 has this as just one of its many great features, some of which are new and innovative.... [more]
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Adventure sailors go for new northern route in Northwest Passage
Nancy Knudsen,
Canadian Nicolas Peissel and Swede Edvin Buregren are making final preparations to sail a new northern route through the Northwest Passage that has never been achieved before, on their 31ft Hallberg-Rassy, the Belzebub II. In doing this they will be again demonstrating to the world just how rapidly the Arctic is melting.... [more]
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Sailors rescued by Japanese bulk carrier
Sail-World Cruising,
There were two Japanese, 19 Filipinos and three Vietnamese on board and not an Australian in sight but they were a welcome growing dot on the horizon when the two sailors on the yacht Mehitable put out a distress call this week 170 nautical miles off Brisbane. The merchant sailors were on their way to Newcastle on the bulk carrier Yahagi Maru when they heard the call of the drifting yacht.... [more]
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British cruising family joins sailing volunteers in the Pacific
Nancy Knudsen,
The Jackson Family, Mark, Catherine, Mia, 9 and Lachlan 7, from Jersey in the Channel Islands, bought Pegasus, their Nautitech 395 catamaran, in Greece and set sail in June of 2010. They left when Catherine thought she 'still understood the maths the children were doing', but what they are learning now in the Pacific will stay with the Mia and Lachlan for the rest of their lives... [more]
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Cool 'missing' skipper found with jury-rigged sail
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The story is out about a catamaran which was 'missing' for more than a week in the Atlantic Ocean. The yacht went missing on 2nd June, when on a journey from Antigua in the Caribbean to Falmouth in the UK and had been out of radio contact.... [more]
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Latest World ARC Rally - 17 entries in a month
World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
They must have been waiting with their cheque books ready. Within one month of opening the entry list, 17 cruisers have committed to the round-the-world World ARC 2014-2015 Rally with a booking fee, and another 10 are waiting to make payment. This is a fantastic response and suggests that the thirst for sailing adventure is undiminished in these uncertain economic times.... [more]
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Australian sailing adventurer Jessica Watson – hard work is the key
ADCO Etchells Australasian Winters media,
Jessica Watson, 2011 Young Australian of the Year and certainly Australia's most famous sailing teenager made world headlines when she successfully sailed solo through the Southern Ocean and around the globe when still just 16. We took the opportunity to catch up with the busy 19 year old... [more]
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Yacht Club of Monaco-'New clubhouse new horizons,' says Prince Rainier
Yacht Club of Monaco/Sail-World,
The Yacht Club of Monaco is getting a new clubhouse and with the shell of the spectacular new building finished, it was time to celebrate at the traditional 'summer cocktail', attended by sme 1,000 members. The President of the Club, HSH, the Sovereign Prince Albert II opened the celebrations, saying:... [more]
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Make Navigation Safer with These Custom 'Chart Marks'
John Jamieson,
Do you find it difficult to read your navigation chart at night or in rainy sailing weather? Wouldn't it make things easier to highlight dangers, anchorages or lighted buoys along your sailing routes? John Jamieson (Captain John) here gives some practical tips about how to make your navigation easier and safer when the light is bad and time is short.... [more]
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Cruising sailors avoid Greece, adding to its woes
Des Ryan,
Once considered the iconic sailing heaven of the world, Greece's woes are being worsened by the lack of visiting sailors. With constant world news about the instability in Greece, made large by nightly television coverage, yachts are avoiding Greece in favour of more peaceful destinations like Turkey, Croatia or Montenegro.... [more]
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Coast Guard has increased reward for New Jersey hoax caller,
The hoaxster behind two calls alerting the Coast Guard of a motor yacht exploding off New Jersey calmly told authorities Monday that three of his fellow passengers had died, the boat was taking on water and the water level on the bridge was about three feet high.... [more]
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Yacht sails away from skipper
Des Ryan,
Just another incident? The worst of all nightmares for a solo sailor is being in the water and watching the yacht sail away. The skipper of a sailing boat in the Gulf of Mexico near Houston, Texas, has just had that experience when he dived overboard to free a fouled rudder. Luckily he was not solo and his crew member called the Coast Guard, who rescued him successfully.... [more]
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Seaweed Olympics win to Caribbean
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
A new study finds that Caribbean seaweeds are far better competitors than their equivalents in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The study raises concerns about the future of Caribbean coral reefs. If seaweeds bloom faster, corals are less likely to recover once they have been damaged.... [more]
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