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 24 May 2012

Sydney anchoring threats, sea pollution truths, useful Apps - and more

The most vital, but sobering news for sailors this week is in the stark picture painted by Ian Thomson as he describes the scale of the problem of pollution in our oceans, caused by two culprits – plastic bags and plastic bottles.

Oceans under threat - Advanced-stage Humans Disease  .. .
After reading these two gripping articles I'll guarantee you'll think not twice, but many times – and guiltily – before you ever use a plastic bag or a plastic bottle again...and that cartoon maybe truer than you think.

Two yacht features in this edition – both beyond the pocket of the large majority of our readers, but one, the award-winning Antares III, is great for admiring, even drooling; the other, Esimit Europa 2, is an extraordinary creation by the EU – and also interesting in view of Europe's economic crisis right now.

Back to practicalities, the Apps for sailing are improving all the time, and Boat Beacon looks like a beauty, especially if you are not going to the expense of putting an AIS on your sailing boat. John Jamieson is back with some hints on the right kind of dog to purchase if you are choosing a dog to go boating with you.

For the rest, our world's oceans are packed with interest – Navies are finally stepping onto the front foot in the battle against Somali piracy (when do we get our Indian Ocean back?); and a rally yacht that hit a whale had a fellow yacht just 15 miles away, very reassuring.

Lake Eyre, where sailors used to head in droves every time there was water, is in sailing limbo waiting for a native title claim to be decided; Tres Hombres, engineless cargo sailing ship is celebrating delivering its load of chocolate, carbon neutral, across the Atlantic; don't think Social Media is just for teen fun – it's changed the life of one sailing school; and don't miss reading about the sailing couple who heard a call of nature and called into the nearest port to have a baby.

And you must read the story about how easy it is to put a Sail-World icon on your smart phone - then we're just a click away!

Browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sanctuary Cove Marina achieves Five Gold Anchor status
The Gold Coast's Sanctuary Cove has been awarded Australia's first Five Gold Anchor residential canal estate accreditation by the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) - only the second such award internationally.... [more]
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From James Bond to Ita Buttrose: Boat Show ensures entertainment
Sarah Ruggiero,
The 24 annual Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show commences tomorrow as Queensland's premier yachting showcase. The four-day event promotes a marine lifestyle experience for all ages, with activities ranging from climbing aboard luxury vessels to exploring the latest boating fashion.... [more]
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Plastic Oceans (Plastic in our playground!) Part 2 - Plastic bottles
Ian Thomson,
In part one, we looked at plastic bags. We went through the numbers and quantified how much one million and one billion is in reality. Let's revisit that before we move onto Plastic water bottles. To count straight through from one to 1,000,000 will take you 11 days and it will take 32 years to count to one billion. You cannot count to one trillion in your lifetime.... [more]
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Plastic Oceans (Plastic in our playground!) Part 1 - Plastic bags
Ian Thomson,
The ocean is our playground. We sail on it, we swim in it, we fish from it and without it we don't have 60-80% of the world's oxygen........So why do we abuse it? The reason we abuse it is because most of us don't even realise we are. Covering 70% of the planet, our oceans seem to cope with everything we throw at it, right? Well think again.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Esimit Europa 2 - Europe's symbol of hope
Sail-World Cruising,
At a time when Europe needs symbols of unity-strengthening more than ever before, this week's yacht feature is on Esimit Europa 2, the hi tech yacht which is meant to foster sports, business and diplomatic relations among European nations.... [more]
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Sun is out, Boat Show is on and PRICES ARE DOWN!
Florian Coroller,
EnsignYachts, your exclusive QLD Beneteau dealer welcomes you to E Arm during the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show from the 24th to the 27th of May. On display is the boat everybody has been waiting for, the Sense 43.... [more]
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Sailing School finds success by embracing Social Media
Buffalo News/Lee Mylchreest,
It's a story from which many a struggling sailing school could take a lead. The Seven Seas Sailing School, located in Buffalo, New York State, USA, was a challenging seasonal business, kept going by a lot of passion and determination, but the company was merely gliding, not flourishing. It all changed when they embraced social media on the Internet.... [more]
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Lake Eyre native title decision - but will sailing again be allowed?
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
This week, at the remote Finniss Springs Station south of the Oodnadatta Track, the Federal Court is expected to recognise native title over Lake Eyre. The question is - once granted, will sailors again be able to sail on the lake?... [more]
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Across the south Indian Ocean in 30 days - a family story
James Burwick,
The Burwick-Sao family are four and they are circumnavigating the world in their Finot-Conq Open 40 sailing boat. They are James and Somiro, with their two children, Tormentina(2), and Raivo(1). Their most recent journey has been 30 days across the Indian Ocean from Simons Town in South Africa to Fremantle in Australia, and here James tell the story:... [more]
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Duffy Down Under debuts Duffy Electric Boats, Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Duffy Down Under,
Well, it's not a sailing boat, but their hearts are in the right place. Duffy Down Under Pty Ltd is introducing a new Duffy Electric Boat model to Australia at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 24-27 May in Berth D/E2 at the main marina.... [more]
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Magnamoor - for simple, single handed retrieval of a mooring
Jeni Bone,
The Australian designed and manufactured 'Magnamoor' mooring solution has been developed to make the single handed departure and retrieval of a mooring for a medium to large (8 to 20m+) sized boat a reality.... [more]
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Stormy launch 300N life vests
Stormy Lifejackets have just released a range of life vests that exceed the ISO 275 Newton rating, to offer a staggering 300N of buoyancy.... [more]
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Boating Industries Alliance Program for 2012
Domenic Genua,
The Boating Industries Alliance Australia Board met in Sydney yesterday for the first AGM of the year-old Alliance, electing BIANSW President Darren Vaux as Chairman for a second term. Joining Vaux as Vice-Chairman is Andrew Warner, President of BIA Victoria and as Treasurer, George Bolton of BIASA, also standing for a second term.... [more]
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Lord Howe Island BBQ Cruise to complete its first decade
David Salter,
It's a rather tricky thing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of something that doesn't officially exist. That's the task facing participants in the annual BBQ Cruise to Lord Howe Island which will take place for the tenth consecutive year in early November.... [more]
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Att Sydney sailors: Anchoring threat to Quarantine and Manly Cove West
Nancy Knudsen,
Attention Sydney sailors: Have your say on proposed anchoring restrictions in Quarantine Bay and Manly Cove West. NSW Maritime bureaucracies have put out an Issues Paper for Public Consultation which could potentially forbid anchoring in these two bays in order to protect the sea grass in the bays. They are asking for your feedback on several options.... [more]
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Jet set for maximum thrills at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show!
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
Hitting the water at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24-27 May, two southern hemisphere firsts that will wow the crowds – the JetLev and JetSurf.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally yacht hits whale, sinks
World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
The value of undertaking long passages with a rally was shown again this week when a yacht in World Cruising Club's ARC Europe Rally hit a whale and started sinking during an Atlantic Ocean crossing.... [more]
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London 2012 Olympics - Ben Ainslie starts torch relay
UK Telegraph,
London 2012 Olympic Games - Triple Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie said waiting to start the torch relay at Land's End was 'one of the more nervous moments in my life'. But Ainslie, who said the torch leg was so special it ranked alongside winning one of his Olympic gold medal: said 'It was one of those moments where I was in a bit of shock really At least I didn't trip over'.... [more]
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Robotic sailing boat goes for a world record
Darren Quick, Gizmag/Sail-World,
There have been many attempts by a variety of countries to master the art of robotic sailing and Sail-World has reported them steadily. While there have been a lot of failures, gradually the technology is improving, as Darren Quick of Gizmag reports on the greatest success of all:... [more]
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Ladies boating skills courses, FREE at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
There are still places available in the one hour, FREE basic skills training courses, conducted by the experts at Sunshine Sailing Australia which will be offered as part of the Women on Water program at this year's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]
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Baby born on sailing boat
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
If the cruising sailor parents of newly arrived baby Jack Benjamin Midence wanted an all natural birth, they probably never imagined they'd get it at sea. Sailing off the east coast of the USA near Charleston, South Carolina, one night this week, Nicole and Jack Midence with their 18-month-old daughter Marietta, found themselves in a bit of a surprise when Mrs Midence went into labour.... [more]
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Indian Ocean Piracy and the road to a solution
Keith Campbell, Engineering News/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors interested in the factors driving Indian Ocean piracy and the complications of strengthening international maritime law to allow the successful crushing of the business of piracy will find this in-depth article published by South Africa's Engineering News very informative. Success, of course, will also mean the resumption of the Red Sea route for yachts to the Mediterranean.... [more]
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Boat imports cost 1000s of Australian jobs
Marine Auctions & Valuations,
Adrian Seiffert principle of Marine Auctions & Valuations believes that Used Boats (Grey Imports) being imported to Australia is the major reason for the 1000s of job losses in the marine industry over the last three to four years and also the closure of many business associated with the Marine Industry.... [more]
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The Boat Beacon Story - almost AIS equivalent - and free
Steve Bennett,
There are growing numbers of sailing Apps available, and here we bring you another one - Boat Beacon. If you do mostly coastal sailing within internet coverage , cannot or don't want to afford an AIS and possess an iPhone, this could be a useful App for you:... [more]
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Tips to find the perfect four-legged first mate!
John Jamieson,
Dogs have served as mascots on square riggers, merchant vessels and warships. But how can you find out if your own four-legged friend would be happy on your cruising boat?... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Antares III Best Sailing Yacht Award
Lee Mylchreest,
Our Yacht of the Week is Antares III, the 30m yacht built by New Zealand-based Yachting Developments, a composite pilothouse sloop, was adjudged the ‘Best Sailing Yacht 30-40m' in the The World Superyacht Awards 2012.... [more]
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Its easy to put our Website icons on your iPhone and iPad!
Anna Parker,,
On the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad you can put bookmarks for any site, creating one-tap shortcuts to your favourite websites. Sail-World, Marine Business World, Powerboat World, and Fishing Boating World now have custom icons for you to save for quick, easy access!... [more]
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Bridge to Bridge Race - Exclusive use of Hawkesbury River this weekend
Penny Robins,
Bridge to Bridge Race 2012 is being held on Hawkesbury River this Sunday, 27th May. Roads and Maritime Services has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of the event.... [more]
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Tres Hombres sailing cargo ship arrives, no room at the inn
Sail-World Cruising,
An engineless sailing ship with a charismatic cargo load of chocolates, rum, coffee, wine and cocoa beans has arrived in Portsmouth after a Transatlantic voyage seeking to make the point about sustainable transport, (See Sail-World story) but there was 'no room at the inn'.... [more]
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Indonesia's Tall Ship Dewaruci arrives Miami - almost half way around
Nancy Knudsen,
If you love sailing at all you'd have to love this tall ship. After sailing from New Orleans for approximately 851nm on her latest leg, Indonesia's proud Tall Ship Dewaruci reached Miami Harbor at the end of April putting her almost half way through her planned circumnavigation..... [more]
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Superior completes Sovereign Islands superyacht marina
Sandman PR,
Superior Jetties has completed the superyacht marina expansion at The Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.... [more]
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