New stories, new techniques, new yachts and amazing people

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 17 May 2012

New stories, new techniques, new yachts and amazing people

Our coast guard volunteers have been doing a great job this week with the rescue of a couple on a sailing catamaran off Eden. One rider to the story is how important it is to know your repeater stations... read how the rescue was delayed because the sailors couldn't make anyone hear on Channel 16!

While you may never intend to cruise beyond your home waters, world-wide sympathy continues to be with those sailors caught in the web of Somali piracy... two developments this week: the two South African sailors who have been in captivity for the last 19 months have been confirmed alive, and finally, finally the naval forces in the region are getting tough – read of their raid on Somali lairs. Let's hope it continues.

Want to know the mind of an amazing long distance sailor? This week I exclusively interviewed Matt Rutherford, that sailing hero who has just circumnavigated the Americas in an ancient 27ft boat.

Matt arriving at the end of his ten month voyage  .. .

The technical world of sailing is forever changing. We tell of several advancement this week – Neil Langford tells of Rogue Wave (but it's not the one you don't want to see approaching); Raymarine has produced a new App to turn your iPad into a multi-function display unit; and for sheer future promise the new mast technology from Safran is well worth a read!

Our yacht of the week is the award-winning Antares III; there's a book you must get if you're interested in the coming Olympics, 'Sailing Gold'; John Jamieson has his own sailing gold to offer in down-to-earth advice, and the ever-present but insidious danger of dinghies is shown again this week when a simple transfer went horribly, and tragically, wrong.

Antares III Aft  .. .

Much more too – if you just want to get the vicarious hedonistic feel of sailing the Caribbean without actually going there, read our 'Cruising St Martin' tale, and we begin an episodic tale of what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper on Tasman Island before automation and the GPS drove most lighthouse keepers into other employment.

Browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

World's most innovative on show at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
The 24th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24-27 May 2012, has been supercharged with a host of new products from all over the world on show in Australia for the first time, non-stop entertainment, demonstrations and attractions to deliver outstanding value for visitors.... [more]
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Marine Rescue Eden assists in rescue operation
Ken McManus,
A husband and wife were flown to safety by helicopter last night in a joint rescue operation involving Marine Rescue NSW, Victorian Police and a merchant ship. The couple were rescued from a stricken sailing catamaran that had struggled through heavy seas to run aground on a remote part of the Victorian Coast.... [more]
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Kidnapped South African cruising sailors confirmed alive
Tamlyn Canham, Newswatch/Sail-World Cruising,
It has been a long agonising wait, not over yet, but the family of a South African man who was taken hostage by Somali pirates 19 months ago is relieved to have received confirmation that he and his partner are alive. Durban couple, Bruno Pelizzari, 52, and Debbie Calitz, 49, were kidnapped by Somali pirates in October 2010 and have been in captivity ever since.... [more]
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Rogue Wave - IT technology that will have sailors surfing
Neil Langford,
Neil Langford, AV & IT Consultant and practising cruising sailor, has been long-range cruising with his wife Ley for over ten years. On their yacht Crystal Blues, they are currently in Malaysia. Here Neil gives his bird's eye view - a qualified one - on a new internet connection product ideal for cruising sailors, Rogue Wave:... [more]
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Dinghy danger: Crewman dies, no life jacket
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The crew of the 47ft Musketeer of Stutton had enjoyed an evening ashore and began the normal dinghy tender shuttle back to the boat. It was just before midnight, the seas were rough and the winds were high, but it was a normal transfer. When the dinghy didn't arrive, crew on the beach thought that the outboard engine may have failed. They couldn't have guessed that their crew mate had drowned.... [more]
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Fresh hopes for cruising sailors as EU attacks pirate lairs
CP24/Sail-World Cruising,
New hopes have been raised for cruising sailors wanting to cross the Indian Ocean with the very first proactive attack by European Union naval forces into Somalia this week, after promising to take more positive action. The EU Naval Force had announced in March that it would expand its mission to include Somalia's coast and waterways inside the country for the first time.... [more]
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Matt Rutherford solo around the Americas: Exclusive interview
Nancy Knudsen,
Last month 31-year-old Matt Rutherford arrived back into Annapolis in Maryland to become the first solo sailor to circumnavigate North and South America. He did it an ancient 27-foot Albin Vega called the St. Brendan that many would have believed would never make it around. I interviewed Matt this week on his incredible voyage... [more]
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My lovely Lighthouse: A lighthouse keeper tells
Carl Hyland/Peter Abbott/Sail-World,
Older cruising sailors in our midst regret the decommissioning of Australia's lighthouses, the sudden regular twinkling of which brought a smile to the faces of lonely night sailors. But what about those who manned these lighthouses before they were automated? Peter Abbott inspired Carl Hyland with this first episode of his time on lighthouses, to be continued in the weeks to come... [more]
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Plastic Oceans (Plastic in our playground!) Part 1 - Plastic bags
Ian Thomson,
The ocean is our playground. We sail on it, we swim in it, we fish from it and without it we don't have 60-80% of the world's oxygen........So why do we abuse it? The reason we abuse it is because most of us don't even realise we are. Covering 70% of the planet, our oceans seem to cope with everything we throw at it, right? Well think again.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Antares III Best Sailing Yacht Award
Lee Mylchreest,
Our Yacht of the Week is Antares III, the 30m yacht built by New Zealand-based Yachting Developments, a composite pilothouse sloop, was adjudged the ‘Best Sailing Yacht 30-40m' in the The World Superyacht Awards 2012.... [more]
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Sail Indonesia - a rally into Asia
Nancy Knudsen,
Every year hundreds of cruising sailors finish their cruising in the Pacific, their visits to New Zealand and Australia and are ready for their next great adventure - Asia. Sail Indonesia is one of the rallies which traditionally depart just at the right time to start cruising the thousands of friendly islands that make up Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.... [more]
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New App turns your tablet into a Multi-function Display unit
Sail-World Cruising,
Raymarine has been working away in the back room to bring you their latest App, which can convert your tablet into a full function Raymarine Multi-function Display unit (MFD)! You will not be able to commission or decommission your autopilot, but RayControl will allow you to remotely control and view electronic charting, sonar, radar, and even thermal night vision, right from your tablet... [more]
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Seven Golden Rules for Fuel Dock Safety
John Jamieson,
Dock your boat at a fuel dock and you will engage in one of boating's more dangerous, but necessary activities. Fuel fires and galley fires continue to top the 'most dangerous' list of emergencies. After all, if a fire breaks out when fueling, your boat and all other boats in the marina could be exposed to a literal 'lethal weapon'. Follow these seven steps each and every time you fuel your boat.... [more]
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New Marine Rescue NSW Volunteer Education Scholarship announced
Ken McManus,
National Volunteer Week 2012 has been marked by the State's official volunteer marine rescue service by announcing the establishment of the Marine Rescue NSW Volunteer Education Scholarship. Stacey Tannos said a number of scholarships - worth a total of $10,000 - would be awarded to help the service's members to undertake professional development to assist them in their volunteering roles.... [more]
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Revolutionary mast has 3D woven carbon mast track
Soazig Guého/Sail-World Cruising,
Safran, high tech international group and leading equipment provider in the Aerospace, Defense and Security fields, is also a great sponsor of racing yachts where they are able to test new technology. Their latest experimental mast with a 3D woven carbon mast track will make their eponymous yacht sturdier yet faster. We can't wait for this to trickle down to the world of the cruising sailor.... [more]
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Superyacht sector supported by Tourism Australia
Superyacht Australia has over the past two years developed a strong relationship with Tourism Australia and is excited by the new Tourism Australia campaign targeted at high net worth tourists.... [more]
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RFD Launches Crewsaver PFDs in Australia at SCIBS
The Crewsaver brand of jackets and PFDs is widely acknowledged as a world leading brand in terms of style and performance. RFD has recently been appointed the Australian distributor for Crewsaver and will be displaying the Crewfit 190N and Crewfit 290N models at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]
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Book of the Week: Sailing Gold
Rob Tickner,
With the Olympics approaching in Britain, maybe this is the time to indulge your interest - or that of a loved one - in the place of sailing in the Olympics over time. It's a gorgeous photographic coffee table book reflecting the entire history of Olympic sailing, with spectacular photographs celebrating heroes... [more]
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Cruising St Martin: an American Sailing Association Flotilla
American Sailing Association,
This is how you arrive in St. Martin:the 737 screams in over tin rooftops and a strip of yellow beach, then desperately brakes on the world's shortest commercial runway; the taxi rides the perilous curves of the road, cut into the mountainside above sapphire seas and distant islands; and you are thrust, groggy and confused, into the bright mid-day sun at Oyster Pond Marina,where your vessel awaits... [more]
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Bernie Kaaks awarded David Walters Memorial Medallion
Yachting WA,
The annual Yachting WA awards night was held on Friday 11th May 2012 at the Royal Perth Yacht Club. During the ceremonies, dignitaries and invited guests witnessed the awarding of the David Walters Memorial Medallion to Bernie Kaaks.... [more]
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Henri Lloyds Womens Collection 2012
Colin Burgess,
Henri Lloyd was one of the first technical clothing manufacturers to design and produce a women's technical waterproof sailing jacket, that was in 1986 and the jacket was called – The Voyager. The jacket was constructed from Bri-Nylon and incorporated the Henri Lloyd characteristics of taped seams, storm flap zip and a foldaway hood... [more]
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Roger Hill's VooDoo worldwide launch at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Jenny Donohoe,
Based in New Zealand, Roger Hill Yacht Design's VooDoo 17 m power cat marks a first for the company with its trail blazing design, and launches worldwide at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, May 24-27, 2012.... [more]
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Multihull Central's new service representative in Queensland
Brent Vaughan,
Multihull Central is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Service Representative, Craig Humphries, to provide expert repair and maintenance services for multihulls located in South East Queensland region.... [more]
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New pontoon at Hunters Hill SC to be opened Saturday
Penny Robins,
A new $193,500 public pontoon at Hunters Hill Sailing Club in Woolwich on the Parramatta River will be officially opened on Saturday. Roads and Maritime Services Maritime Director Tony Middleton said the pontoon was partially funded by the Roads and Maritime Services' Better Boating Program (BBP) under the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program (SSHAP).... [more]
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Exclusive use of Budgewoi Lake this weekend
Penny Robins,
An exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of water ski races at Budgewoi Lake this weekend has been granted by Roads and Maritime Services. Maritime Acting Regional Manager Hawkesbury/Broken Bay Hendrik Clasie said boaters should keep clear of the area south of Buff Point on Budgewoi Lake from 9am to 5pm.... [more]
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Mornington Pier set to undergo major reconstruction
Mark Lee,
Minister for Ports Denis Napthine is joining member for Mornington David Morris at Schnapper Point today to announce the multi-million dollar project of Mornington Pier undergoing major reconstruction. Dr Napthine said the project would see the full reconstruction of the 75 metre outer section of pier and the installation of new wave screens along the pier's full 123 metre length... [more]
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