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 03 May 2012

New yachts, new adventures, new rallies, new info

Lebanon is in the news this week with yachting growing in popularity, there are tall ship opportunities along the Queensland coastline in the coming months, and there's an interesting article on cruising sailors who love their dinghies – not tenders, but going long distances in sailing dinghies.

Jeanne Socrates, the 69-year-old British solo circumnavigator, has just left Hobart where she said she enjoyed the company of many Tasmanians. She is on her way to a new attempt at a solo non-stop sailing voyage around the world. But first she has to make it to Vancouver...

After two tragic (racing) incidents on the west coast of North America we ask, 'Are there any lessons to be learned for cruising sailors?' While inquiries and investigations are not yet complete, there are some easy general conclusions that can be reached and we discuss them this week.

Low Speed Chase on the rocks after the fatal incident  .. .

CAptains Mate is a new app put out by Britain's Cruising Association – you have to join the association to get it, but there are great advantages to that too. Just for starters you'll have instant connections with more than 4,000 sailors world-wide.

John Jamieson is back with a clear argument about why more scope is better, the yacht of the week is the Salina 48 Evolution, just about to be launched at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, and , finally, don't forget we are always looking for good contributions. We've published our Contributors' Guidelines again.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo sailor Jeanne Socrates on a new quest
Nancy Knudsen,
Jeanne Socrates, already the oldest ever female solo circumnavigator after finishing her last circumnavigation in Cape Town, has just left Hobart in Tasmania to cross the Pacific in order to get ready for a new record-breaking bid to circumnavigate the globe later this year.... [more]
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Destination Lake Macquarie: A sailor's paradise growing
Lee Mylchreest,
To the locals, Lake Macquarie, about 150km north from Sydney, offers without a doubt some of the best boating waters in Australia. This iconic boating region is about to be further enhanced with the commencement of major marina developments and the efforts of the regions leading boating businesses.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: Salina 48 Evolution
Catamarans have come a long way. Sailing catamarans are defying all the sour comments of traditional keel-boat sailors and going from strength to strength year after year. Fountaine Pajot's new Salina 48 Evolution is to be launched by Multihull Solutions at the 2012 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show from 24-27 May.... [more]
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Use this simple secret for anchor holding power!
John Jamieson,
The other day, a reader sent in a query as to why I recommend a 7: 1 scope on anchor rode as opposed to 3:1. After all, less rode means less hassle with having all that line messed up by gooey mud, slimy bottom crud, and other unknowns beneath the sea.... [more]
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Sailors are online – is your marine business advertising?
Rob Kothe and the Team,
We live in a ‘now' world, sailors want NOW news! Forget about an audience waiting two months for print news, many of them can't wait two hours!!... [more]
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South Passage: an opportunity not to be missed!
South Passage,
Love sailing - or even the idea of it - and want to get some experience on a traditional sailing ship? This might be your opportunity, sailing the eastern coastline of Australia.... [more]
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CAptain's Mate: Access great info with this useful app
Louisa Nightingale/Sail-World Cruising,
The Britain-based but world-wide Cruising Association (CA) has announced the launch of its very first App, the ‘CAptain's Mate', increasing accessibility of its worldwide cruising info for iPhone and iPad users. You'll need to be a member to get it though, which can cost anywhere between £20-126 depending on your status. .... [more]
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Two fatal yachting incidents - what are the lessons?
Nancy Knudsen,
One of the safer things about racing as opposed to cruising is the overarching care of race organisers, who plot routes and decide to call off a race if the weather dictates. But with two tragically fatal racing incidents off the coast of California in the past few weeks, is there anything that the cruising sailors can learn from these?... [more]
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Marine bites and Stings
Carl Hyland,
Like most marine creatures, stingrays, venomous fish such as bullrout, Scorpionfish and Guernard, all inject venom with barbs. The quickest method for dealing with a sting is to flush the area with warm to hot water. Do not use boiling water. This gives immediate pain relief. If the pain continues, seek urgent medical aid.... [more]
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Jeanneau largest marina presence at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
Iconic French marque, Jeanneau will be the most prominent presence on the marina at this year's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, with both power and sail on show and HQ management visiting the show in support.... [more]
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Lebanon - sailing takes the heat out of neighbour Syria's problems
Daily Star/Sail-World Cruising,
So you thought that the refugees fleeing Syria, the bombings and the desperate plight of those left behind would be mind-gripping for the nearby countries? Who could even dream about something as hedonistic as sailing? Apparently Lebanon can, and is.... [more]
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Full face marine night vision camera from FLIR
Drew Valentine,
FLIR Systems, world leaders in maritime night vision safety, has released a range of full-face bi-ocular night vision cameras now available alongside the monocular HM-Series. It is also easier to hold bi-oculars steady when looking at an object. An advantage if you are looking at small things, which are far away.... [more]
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The thrive and thrive of dinghy cruising
Nancy Knudsen,
Just like sailors on keel boats and catamarans, there are some dinghy sailors who just don't want the competition and culture associated with racing sailing. So while there are stirrings and mumblings that 'dinghy sailing is in decline', the cruising side of dinghy sailing is thriving.... [more]
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Change in salinity detected in the world's oceans
In a paper published in the journal Science, Australian scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, reported varying patterns of salinity in the global ocean during the past fifty years, marking a clear fingerprint of climate change.... [more]
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Women on Water: brush up sailing skills at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show/Sail-World,
If you have ever had a sheet wrestled from your hands by a hefty bloke who says something like 'Don't you worry I'll do it', you'll appreciate the value of separate skills training for women. As part of the Women on Water program at this year's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, women can take part in one of the FREE basic skills training courses, conducted by Sunshine Sailing Australia.... [more]
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Brits - and others - cruise in company across the English Channel
Sail-World Cruising,
Sometimes it's not where you go, but with whom you go, that makes the difference. But when the company is bound to be good and the destination is alluring, who can resist? Britain's Cruising Association is running an eight-day Cruise in Company to the Channel Islands from 14 - 21 July 2012 and all nationalities are welcome, according to the organisers.... [more]
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Bottom paint matters - San Diego waterways get a thumbs-up
Taylor Hill, The Log/Sail-World,
If you ever feel irritated by the fact that your anti-fouling doesn't work like it used to, be reassured by how much you are helping sealife to survive. In San Diego, California, new studies have found that using non-toxic bottom paint is actually having a marked effect - more than anticipated - on the sealife of the area.... [more]
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Warm ocean currents cause majority of ice loss from Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey (BAS),
An international team of scientists led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has established that warm ocean currents are the dominant cause of recent ice loss from Antarctica.New techniques have been used to differentiate, for the first time, between the two known causes of melting ice shelves.... [more]
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The Waterfront Challenge - calling all sailors
Home Port Marketing/Sail-World,
The Waterfront Cleanup Project Awards, sponsored by Interlux in the USA is a program that many other countries, who don't yet have such a program, could emulate. The USA-based 2012 Interlux Waterfront Challenge is underway and community organizations should apply now.... [more]
Share this story - Contributors Guidelines
Richard Gladwell,,
Whether its information about yachts, catamarans or dinghies, or tales of your adventures on the water, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles - be it profiles of people and boats, techniques, safety or seamanship. Read on for the guidelines for submitting an article, including commercial articles - if the information is of value to our readers... [more]
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Navigation change at Windang Channel, Lake Illawarra
Penny Robins,
NSW Transport Roads and Maritime services is warning boaters that the navigation at Windang Channel, Lake Illawarra has changed. Maritime South Coast Acting Regional Manager Graeme Dunlavie said navigating in the waterway – upstream from Bevans Island to the entrance to Lake Illawarra - required extreme caution due to possible shoaling and variation of the seabed in the area.... [more]
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Altered navigation under Forster Tuncurry Bridge at Cape Hawke Harbour
Penny Robins,
Currently underway, by Roads and Maritime Services, are maintenance works to Forster Tuncurry Bridge. Boaters should be aware of altered navigation under the bridge.... [more]
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