Rogue sailor amazing woman...Rescue 21...Swan rallies

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 05 Apr 2012

Rogue sailor amazing woman...Rescue 21...Swan rallies

One amazing woman who just arrived Hobart - photo by Leigh Winburn, The Mercury  .
For sheer sailing dramatics, Norwegian Jarle Andhoey must take all the prizes this week, especially for how to get free publicity for his television documentaries. 'No publicity is bad publicity' must be his motto, with the tearaway Antarctic adventure sailor now in detention in Chile.

Beside Jarle, Jeanne Socrates' story might seem pale. Tipping 70 and having become the oldest female circumnavigator, she merely has to cross one more ocean in order to start her third solo circumnavigation, this time a non-stop attempt. Right now she's in the Royal Tasmanian Yacht Club for a couple of weeks - go see her, Tasmanians, she's an inspiration to all sailors of any gender!

Back into the 'real' world (well, the one I inhabit anyway) it's been a busy week on the world's oceans. Not one but two Swan Rallies in the news, one in the British Virgins, and our first one on Sydney Harbour.. I was lucky enough to be there and it was a spectacular day, thanks to Ian Treleaven's good organisation.

There have been a couple of noteworthy rescues – one lauding the efforts of some yacht club members who dropped everything and helicoptered to the rescue of a yacht whose skipper was injured and whose wife obviously couldn't sail. Coincidentally, there's a check list for you and your sailing partner – what happens when YOUR skipper is injured?

The tragic MOB death of a Queensland sailor is now being investigated by police; there's a new management plan for the waters of the Great Barrier Reef; and it turns out that the most southerly sailing boat ever was - a Moth!

In more practical matters, we take a look at the way that USA's Rescue 21, their updated search and rescue system, is being rolled out and I can't help wondering what it means for Australia; John Jamieson talks about a tactic which is all-important to short-handed cruising sailors, when to reef; and the new RYA Book on Commercial Regulations for Small Vessels may be of high interest for cruising sailors wanting to have the maximum information about the way our seas are regulated.

...and that's just the beginning, so browse down the headlines to catch your interest

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jeanne Socrates announces next solo circumnavigation - non stop
Nancy Knudsen,
55 days across the South Indian Ocean, but she's just 'going home'. Jeanne Socrates, sailing maths whiz and the oldest female circumnavigator on the planet, has announced in Hobart she is definitely planning her next attempt at a non-stop solo circumnavigation, but she's going to sail the Pacific first, 'home' to Canada to prepare.... [more]
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Gold for Nautor's Swan Australia Rally
John Curnow,
When you buy a Swan, you aspire to many things in life. There is both an unofficial and real club that goes along with ownership. Part of that is a camaraderie and sense of joie de vivre.... [more]
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'Wild Viking' Jarle Andhøy detained by Chilean Navy
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
After a much publicised illegal voyage from New Zealand to Antarctica with a 'stowaway' on board and then across the Southern Ocean to South America, the 'Wild Viking' Jarle Andhøy and his crew on their yacht Nilaya have been detained by an armed Chilean Navy vessel, in Chilean waters.... [more]
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Operation Lights On – Improving safety on the water
Penny Robins,
Roads and Maritime Services NSW are conducting a safety campaign on vessel navigation lights over the Easter long weekend. Maritime Director Tony Middleton said the campaign – Operation Lights On – aimed to improve safety on the water by ensuring boaters were aware of night lighting requirements on vessels.... [more]
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Sail Port Stephens for cruising boats - Entries closing soon
Sail Port Stephens media,
Sail Port Stephens 2012 is just two weeks away. Entries close Tuesday 10th April. Enter online now. Visit the website Sail Port Stephens for the latest news on one of the best regattas in one of the most beautiful spots in Australia.... [more]
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Enterprize and Bark Endeavour tall ships Melbourne Docklands in April
Rod Thomas,
In the second half of April there is a rare opportunity to view two traditionally rigged tall ships in Melbourne's Docklands, and to go out on for a sail on Melbourne's tall ship Enterprize.... [more]
Share this story Pavilion again at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
MarineBusiness-World, is again the naming rights sponsor of the massive main pavilion A at the 2012 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.... [more]
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Book Review: RYA Commercial Regulations for small vessels
Lee Mylchreest,
Anyone who ventures afloat while operating commercially needs to be aware of their responsibilities to the vessel, those around them and the environment, but the information contained in this excellent publication might also be extremely useful for those operating in a non-commercial environment.... [more]
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Eight skills for non-sailing partners
Des Ryan,
It is remarkable how often Sail-World reports how a Coast Guard is called when a skipper is incapacitated because the partner cannot handle the boat. With much cruising carried out by couples, it is vital that the non-sailing partner knows enough to get the sailing boat back to shore in case of an emergency. How does your boat rate on the following vital skills that a partner needs?... [more]
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Police investigating MOB death of Queensland sailor
Des Ryan,
Queensland police are now investigating the MOB death of a Queensland female sailor who disappeared from a yacht in the middle of the night in calm conditions off the coast of Trang, Thailand in February this year.... [more]
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CYCA Medical Management for Mariners 8th May, 2011
John Keelty/ Sail-World Cruising,
With the support of Sydney's Cruising Yacht Club of Australia 'Safety of Life at Sea Trusts' (CYCA SOLAS Trusts), the CYCA Medical Management for Mariners Course was launched in 2010 and is a specialist course that has been designed for sailors to manage medical emergencies when paramedic and medical assistance is not at hand.... [more]
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Nautor's Swan Australia Rally images by John Curnow
John Curnow,
Nautor's Swan Australia Rally images from photographer John Curnow, who enjoyed a great day on Friday on Sydney Harbour... [more]
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Managing recreational activity on the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has laid out a plan for managing recreational activity on the Great Barrier Reef as coastal communities continue to expand. GBRMPA Chairman Russell Reichelt said recreation on the Great Barrier Reef is woven into the social fabric of coastal communities all along the Queensland coast and it generates significant economic value.... [more]
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And the most southerly-sailing boat ever is...
Nancy Knudsen,
Last week in Sail-World we told how Ukrainian-Russian crew aboard 30m sailing yacht Scorpius had claimed a new world record in sailing farther south into Antarctica than any other boat had gone, reaching 77 degrees. But we were wrong - well, in a way; because in 1965, Lt. Commander Steve Cockley, based in Mc Murdo Sound, had sailed a Moth, an 11ft (3.4m) dinghy, at 77.5 degrees S.... [more]
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Volunteer sailors winched down to rescue sailing boat
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Usually Sail-World Cruising's rescue stories involve cruising sailors being lifted off boats and flown to shore and safety. But this week some volunteer sailors were flown to a sailing boat to replace the injured skipper and his non-sailing wife and sail the yacht back to harbour.... [more]
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CYCA SOLAS Trusts donation to VMR Burdekin
Jennifer Crooks,
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia 'Safety of Life at Sea Trusts' (CYCA SOLAS) has made a donation to Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) Burdekin of $24,000. The area covered by VMR Burdekin is important as it forms part of the seaway used by many southern based sailors as they travel northwards during the winter and is a popular arrival point for yachts arriving from a Pacific Ocean crossing... [more]
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Do You Know These Five 'Time-to-Reef' Signals?
John Jamieson,
You may have heard the sailing term 'Reef when you first think of it'. But you might be surprised how many sailors forget to follow through with this simple rule of sailing safety. With today's push-button and pull-a-string technology for winching or rolling up a sail, it's almost too easy to become complacent.... [more]
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Yacht tragedy - were they cruising sailors or asylum seekers?
Lee Mylchreest,
Were they cruising sailors or asylum seekers? One sailor is dead and three are missing and presumed dead after a yacht with nine persons on board issued a distress call off the coast of Nova Scotia in what is being investigated as a case of human smuggling.... [more]
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New Rigid Seat Bosuns Chair from Burke Marine
Colin Burgess,
Burke Marine has released a new Rigid Seat Bosun Chair. This high-spec bosun chair incorporates a new, super-strong lifting-strap reinforced with not just one but two layers of 48mm polyester webbing looping around the entire structure.... [more]
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MarineBusiness-World talks to Sanctuary Cove GM
Rob Kothe,
The launch of the 24th annual Sanctuary Cove international Boat Show took place today and we talked to Sue Thomson, the General Manager Boat Show and Marketing for Sanctuary Cove.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Race Week 2012 accommodation options
Kristie Kaighin,
Have you booked your accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week 2012? We have several privately owned apartments, villas and houses available for Hamilton Island Race Week.... [more]
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USA's 'Rescue 21' almost rolled out
Sail-World Cruising,
This week the US Coast Guard is to celebrate the acceptance of the new Rescue 21 Communications System at Sector Northern New England in South Portland, Maine. With 40,625 miles of USA coastline now covered by Rescue 21, only a few outposts like Alaska, Hawaii and some inland areas are still waiting. So what is Rescue 21, how does it operate and why is it better?... [more]
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140ft Asdastra departs McConaghy factory for sea trials
McConaghy Boats,
The 140ft trimaran, Asdastra has now departed from the McConaghy factory for sea trails.... [more]
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British Virgins - perfect backdrop for Swan gathering
Sail-World Cruising/Kate Holmes,
Sydney has just celebrated its first ever Swan Rendezvous with good numbers, high spirits and a sparkling day on the Harbour. The British Virgin Islands are also a great meeting point, with aquamarine waters, calm anchorages and deserted coves. A Swan Rendezvous was held there this month. Kate Holmes reports:... [more]
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