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 02 Apr 2012

Sail-World New Zealand: 1 April 2012

Former New Zealand Sailor of the Year, Brad Jackson, gets ready for two hours at the wheel, onboard Puma Ocean Racing during leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Auckland, New Zealand, to Itajai, Brazil.   Amory Ross/Puma Ocean Racing/Volvo Ocean Race©
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The Volvo Ocean Race has more than a few sailing aficionados scratching their heads over the fact that 66% of the fleet have suspended racing, or have signalled their intention to do so, at some point on Leg 5.

At one stage today, there were only two boats actively racing of the six that started in Auckland.

Quite why this should be so, is not 100% clear, but clearly the fact that the crews can take more than the boats is becoming very apparent.

On only one of the five legs have all boats finished (discounting the Leg 2A/B and 3A/B which become a matter of semantics). The reality is that the Volvo Ocean Race is more the Volvo Ocean Rally, with its mix of full legs and special stages - more the diet of car rallying.

Justin Slattery is lowered over the side of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing to fix delamination damage, sustained during leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil.  Nick Dana/Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing /Volvo Ocean Race

Once you think of the event in those terms, the points and tactical situation, becomes a lot easier to comprehend.

That is not to take away anything from the sailors, or the boats - but this race/rally is a long way from the four stop classic, of the 70's and '80's, with the winner being decided on the basis of fastest elapsed time around the world. It should not be looked at in that light.

Team Telefonica in Martial Creek, Cabo de Hornos National Park, ready to rejoin leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil.  Diego Fructuoso /Team Telefónica/Volvo Ocean Race

Clearly Camper skipper Chris Nicholson has had a bit of time on his hands, and has worked out the points possibilities in this rally. He explains his thinking in a video in this edition.

The points permutations on this Leg are not infinite. The best situation for Camper would be for Puma to win (at which she is making a very good attempt), with Groupama second and Telefonica third.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing's repaired hull, which was fixed by the racing crew, at sea in the Southern Ocean during leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, from Auckland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil.   Nick Dana/Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing /Volvo Ocean Race

Camper should finish fourth albeit a week, maybe ten days, later than Telefonica - but only loses five points on the Spanish entry - the same five points as Camper picked up on Telefonica in the Auckland InPort Race. Those five points were for one and a half laps of the inner Auckland Harbour. The special stage was shorter distance than is sailed for a Wednesday night club race.

DHL prepare to transport replacement parts for the repairs which will be carried out on Camper in Chile.   Emirates Team New Zealand / Photo Chris Cameron ETNZ ©

Add into the mix the fact that Telefonica has to square away a report from the Measurer lodged with the International Jury, and could suffer a points penalty, if she does not - then the permutations get quite interesting.

Boat builder Ben Tapper packs replacement parts for the repairs which will be carried out on Camper in Chile.   Emirates Team New Zealand / Photo Chris Cameron ETNZ ©

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Volvo Ocean Race: Groupama reveal secret watch keeping system
Leader of the Volvo Ocean Race for Leg 5, Groupama, have revealed a secret watch keeping system they have been employing since rounding Cape Horn. The secret system reduces windage from the extra crew being on deck, and avoids slowing the boat through excessive crew movement... [more]
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The NZ Starling Nationals at MBSC are just about on us
Julian Beavis,
The 40th Starling Nationals are now just a couple of weeks away (April 11-14). Boasting arguably the largest fleet in the country after Opti's, Starling attendance has been in decline in recent years at a rate approaching 10% pa. Consequently whilst not universally greeted with enthusiasm some changes have been made this season in an attempt to lift participation.... [more]
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Epilogue - Expedition Coppelia- Round New Zealand Race
Sally Garrett,
Sally Garrett describes the 2012 Two Handed Round New Zealand Race: The question I get asked often about the race is, did I always want to do it? The truth is until about 2010, I didn't even know that the race had taken place in 1990 and prior to competing the Round the North Island in 2011, I would like many of you thought it would be madness to sail a family cruising boat south of 46 deg S.... [more]
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And the most southerly-sailing boat ever is...
Nancy Knudsen,
Last week in Sail-World we told how Ukrainian-Russian crew aboard 30m sailing yacht Scorpius had claimed a new world record in sailing farther south into Antarctica than any other boat had gone, reaching 77 degrees. But we were wrong - well, in a way; because in 1965, Lt. Commander Steve Cockley, based in Mc Murdo Sound, had sailed a Moth, an 11ft (3.4m) dinghy, at 77.5 degrees S.... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - Rescue operation continues
Heather Ewing,
Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race competitor Geraldton Western Australia is undergoing a rescue operation after four crew members on board sustained injuries during storm force conditions in the Pacific Ocean around 400 miles off the California coast. Yesterday a large wave washed over the Geraldton Western Australia yacht, sweeping away its steering mounting and wheel... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Neck and neck between Groupama and Puma
The heat is on at the head of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet on Leg 5. Puma have nipped past Groupama are racing neck and neck up the coast of Argentina. At 1000 GMT today, according the Volvo Ocean Race Management, Puma led Groupama by 8.8 nm. The French team are 148 nm offshore of Puerto Deseado, a fishing port in Patagonia in the Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. Puma are 22 nm to leeward... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Tough decisions for Puma Ocean Racing + Video
Amory Ross,
Volvo Ocean Race, Day 14 of Leg 5. Amory Ross, MCM for Puma Ocean Racing powered by Berg, reports on the crew's progress: Today our race began. Almost simultaneously with daylight's first sched, the focus clearly became Groupama and the remaining miles to Itajai.... [more]
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Congressional Cup thriller on final day
Rich Roberts,
Final Day Thriller - The Long Beach Yacht Club's 48th Congressional Cup had it all on the final day when Ian Williams of Great Britain pulled off a memorable win over Gavin Brady of New Zealand in the decisive race as the sun set into a murky cloud bank Saturday.... [more]
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Global Ocean Race Leg 4 delayed
Oliver Dwar,
The Leg 4 start of the Global Ocean Race from Punta del Este, Uruguay, to Charleston, USA, has been postponed by one day. Having consulted with the GOR teams, the GOR Race Organisation found that shifting the Leg 4 start to 15:00 local (19:00 UTC) on Monday was acceptable.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - An epic Southern Ocean leg for Puma's Mar Mostro
Ken Read,
Volvo Ocean Race, Day 13 of Leg 5. Ken Read, Skipper of Puma Ocean Racing powered by Berg reports on the crew's progress: As any sailing fan with a pulse probably knows by now, we rounded Cape Horn yesterday. The unofficial end to an epic Southern Ocean leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. It is unreal that only two of the six that started this leg will get to the Horn at close to 100% speed.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Puma chasing down Groupama as three others repair
Groupama sailing team's lead has slowly whittled down from more than 50 nautical miles at 0700 UTC to 29 at 1300 UTC on Saturday as Ken Read's Puma Ocean Racing powered by Berg ramped up their attack on the leaders. Puma navigator Tom Addis said his team were making a comeback after earlier paying a high price for cutting the corner through Estrecho de le Maire... [more]
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America's Cup: Russell Coutts reflects with a year to go
Pierre Orphanidis,
VSail caught up with Coutts in Cascais, right after a tough, long but successful day on the waters of the Portuguese city. Katusha, the Russian boat where Coutts is calling tactics, is leading the RC44 fleet races with 24 points, 14 points ahead of second-placed Team Aqua:... [more]
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Congressional Cup - World Match Racing Champion tops qualifiers
Rich Roberts,
The world's No. 1-ranked match race Britian's Ian Williams all but surprised himself. 'I don't think we've ever won 12 [match races] in a row,' he said Friday after leading the pack into Saturday's sailoffs of the Long Beach Yacht Club's 48th Congressional Cup.... [more]
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RC44 Cascais Cup tests boats and teams + Video
Jessica Gray,
RC44 Cascais Cup - The forecasters had said the wind would ease, but instead torrential rain bought stronger winds which tested all 15 boats and teams. Sailing with their big masthead spinnakers in the first race of the day the wind increased to 28 knots, by the final run a number of the team's fell foul to some spectacular broaches.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Telefonica to stop at Cape Horn for repair session
Volvo Ocean Race and Sail-World,
Team Telefónica will carry out repairs at Cape Horn without stopping on land instead of heading into Ushuaia in Argentina after refining their pit stop strategy for Leg 5. Skipper Iker Martínez said the team's technical chief Horacio Carabelli would meet them by boat at Maxwell Bay, a move that should save them a significant amount of time... [more]
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Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia Mapfre - Fierce competition for selection
Corinne Rolland-McKenzie,
Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia Mapfre will be the stage for fierce competition between the majority of future London Olympians and one last selection chance for many teams. Most international teams have sent their representatives to Palma, the third Sailing World Cup event on the international circuit.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Abu Dhabi's Southern Ocean repair + Video
Volvo Ocean Race,
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing pulled off a heroic repair operation in the depths of the Southern Ocean after discovering delamination in their hull. Skipper Ian Walker supervised an incredible five-hour job that saw 30 bolts screwed through the hull of Abu Dhabi's boat Azzam (which means 'determination' in Arabic) to prevent further damage.... [more]
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AC China Team: crew lineup for Naples, new skipper
AC China Team,
Fred Le Peutrec, from France, is a seasoned multihull sailor. At 45 years old, and with a multitude of Olympic campaigns and world records, Fred represents the maturity that comes with such extensive experience. But nothing stops Fred from openly showing his passion for sailing and most specifically stating recently 'I just love multihulls!'... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Abu Dhabi moves north after damage assessment/repair
Richard Gladwell,
A fourth yacht in the Volvo Ocean Race has significant issues in the Southern Ocean, and has had to make a significant course deviation, to effect repairs. Earlier today (1600 UTC) Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) reported that Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing had slowed down to give themselves an opportunity to make a damage assessment after the team's racing yacht Azzam suffered some delamination to the hull.... [more]
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UK 18ft Skiff season preview
Ben Clothier,
UK 18ft Skiff Grand Prix kicks off this weekend. The Royal Western Yacht Club and the Mount Batten Centre are hosting the event in Plymouth Sound. The series is due to pick up where it left off with the influx of new teams from 2011.... [more]
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Congressional Cup - Williams closes on Brady
Rich Roberts,
Ian Williams raced like the world's No. 1-ranked match racer on day 3 of the Congressional Cup. Gavin Brady was only 2-2 on the day, including a close loss to Williams that saw them never more than a boat-length apart.... [more]
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Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofia Mapfre - Women's Match Racing preview
The 43rd Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofia Mapfre is set to get underway on the 2nd April in Palma de Mallorca, where all of the Olympic hopefuls for Women's Match Racing will be keen on gauging their training progress since their last meeting in Miami back in January. The event will be the first stop on the European swing of the ISAF Sailing World Cup.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - Camper's shore crew prepare for quick turnaround
Lucy Harwood,
Volvo Ocean Race - Camper with Emirates Team New Zealand has been chalking off the miles towards its pit stop in Puerto Montt in Chile where they will stop to repair bow damage suffered in the Southern Ocean. With the boat back up to 90 per cent of its normal speed Camper is less than 1700 nautical miles from its destination.... [more]
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