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 22 Mar 2012

New adventures, innovations, technology updates, safety warnings, more

Every week all the news about non-competitive sailing in Australia and around the world is right here!

There are the challenges, the amazing feats, hedonistic opportunities and technological advances. Sail-World cruising brings you information about everything of interest to the cruising sailor - innovations in yachts and gear, hints on aspects of sailing, serious safety warnings or just quirky stories about what's happening on our oceans.

Inflatable life jackets - dispelling the myths  .. .
This week there are serious concerns that, in spite of all the warnings, there are still cruising sailors prepared to put their lives at risk by sailing the pirate-infested waters of the Indian Ocean - some of these are Australians; there's also concern that visitors, including Australian expedition yachts and their paying crews, are taking invasive alien species into the fragile ecosystem of the Antarctic; and there's timely advice dispelling some of the myths that convince people they don't need an inflatable life jacket.

Hallberg-Rassy 372 cockpit view  .. .
In practical news, there's a great piece on how to berth in a tight space – it's a knack and has to be practised, but the theory comes first. On the technology side PredictWind have a new App this week and Navionics have announced a 'Freshest Data' program update. The featured yacht is the aft-cockpit Hallberg-Rassy 372; and what about an opportunity to sail around the coastline of Scotland in a rally (yes you can charter a boat there for the purpose).

An example of the helicopter's perspective  .. .
Read the sweet-sad story of some Kiwi cruising sailors making a special voyage to pay last respects to wrecked fellow-Kiwi yacht Chinook Wind, with whom they had sailed happily during the season.

One can't help appreciating the constant bravery necessary in helicopter crewmen in their rescues of yacht crews, particularly when you hear the story from their side - again this story comes from New Zealand.

Sydney-sider sailors will be heading to the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport in Sydney in droves this weekend - read why, and make sure you are with them if you are anywhere within reach.

Scotch Bonnet as discovered - photo by Scott Fletcher  .. .
Don't you love it when faithful yachts just won't give in after being abandoned by their crews? There's another one this week, Scotch Bonnet, which drifted safely across the Tasman Sea through all weathers to land on a beach in Brunswick Heads.

Finally I did think it was cute that the survey just completed by Yachting Australia, which focuses its activities and concentration almost solely on competitive sailing, was told by would-be sailors (among other less surprising things) to 'get less competitive'. Yes, there ARE people in the sailing world, just like the skiing and surfing world, who love the sport for its own sake and have no desire to enter races - in fact, maybe the majority. Perhaps realising this will stop the flight away from the sport by those who find it 'too competitive'.

This is just the beginning, so browse down the headlines to find the stories that interest you, and

Sweet sailing everyone!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing with Balvenie: Caribbean farewell to Chinook Wind
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
In February cruising sailors Dick and Ann Oliver lived every cruising sailor's nightmare. They tragically lost their 37ft Tayana Chinook Wind on a reef off the coast of Venezuela. Now fellow cruisers Amanda Church and Mark Farrell, on Balvenie, a 47foot fractional-rigged, centre cockpit sloop, also cruising in the Caribbean right now, have visited Chinook Wind to pay homage. Here is their story:... [more]
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Five Inflatable-Life-Jacket myths dispelled
BoatUS Foundation,
Inflatable Life Jackets - which automatically or manually inflate with the tug of a pull cord - have been around over 25 years, but there are still quite a few misperceptions about these life saving devices and how they work. The BoatUS Foundation set out to debunk some of the myths:... [more]
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Anatomy of a rescue - from the helicopter
Mark Cannell,,
New Zealand helicopter crewman Mark Cannell has put fingers to keyboard to tell the story, from the helicopter crews' viewpoint, of a rescue on 3rd March. He wrote it to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service, and it provides a graphic insight into the lives of those that cruising sailors depend on in the hopefully unlikely event of needing to be rescued:... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Hallberg-Rassy 372 with aft cockpit
Des Ryan,
Hallberg-Rassy is one of those brands that are legendary for cruising sailors - strong enough to do the job of crossing oceans, well-built enough not to leave you with a difficult repair in a remote location, and fast enough to get you out of harms way much of the time when bad weather is coming. The Hallberg-Rassy 372 is all of those things in an aft cockpit boat.... [more]
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Plucky little yacht Scotch Bonnet - made it alone
Lee Mylchreest,
A sound yacht's ability to stay afloat regardless of the actions of a crew is never better demonstrated than when a vessel floats its way across vast stretches of ocean alone. Yet another yacht has made a solo journey safely from half way across the Tasman Sea to arrive in Australia and wash up on a beach.... [more]
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Pittwater Sail Expo 2012
The 2012 Pittwater Sail Expo is set to take place 24-25 March at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. Vicsail Pittwater would like to invite you and your family to a fun filled day at the Expo. VicSail Pittwater will be featuring Beneteau and Lagoon. We look forward to seeing you there!... [more]
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Yachting Association report: Get less competitive.
Nancy Knudsen,
A Yachting Association research report has found that people start sailing as a 'social, relaxed activity' but it is 'current members' of clubs for whom competition is important. The advice from the report, to increase the popularity of sailing, is for clubs to hold more 'relaxed social races'... [more]
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This week's practical hint: Docking in a tight space
John Jamieson,
Two multi-million dollar sport fishermen are docked flush against the fuel pier. The dockmaster has told you to lie alongside in the narrow space between them. You will have about a foot on each side once you dock. Where do you aim on your approach and how can you bring your boat alongside under complete control? Let the pros guide you with these easy steps...... [more]
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Sailing ketch Irene - goodbye billionaires, hello cargo!
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Last month the British sailing ship Irene, a 1907 West Country trading ketch bought and restored by owner Dr Leslie Morrish in 1965 and restored again after a fire in 2003, set off from Plymouth on what may turn out to be an historic attempt to set the model for the return of sail power for cargo transport.... [more]
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Notice update on piracy in the Indian Ocean for cruising sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
Every year there used to be around 250 yachts who used the Gulf of Aden to reach the Mediterranean during a circumnavigation, but no more. A Working Party from the Royal Yachting Association, the Cruising Association; the Royal Yacht Squadron; the Ocean Cruising Club; the Royal Cruising Club and the World Cruising Club offer the following update on piracy in the Indian Ocean:... [more]
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Easy come easy go for Gore but Hope Harbour to continue
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Patrons of Hope Harbour, a favourite stopping place for Gold Coast sailors and for yachts cruising the eastern coastline of Australia should not be alarmed by recent reports that the Gold Coast marina acquired by Craig Gore in 2008 for a reputed $38 million is in receivership... [more]
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Marine Auctions try Sunday for crowds on the Gold Coast
Jeni Bone,
Marine Auctions will be trialling Sundays at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast for the next few months, hoping to attract those with sport, family and other commitments.... [more]
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Pacific sail part of 25 adventure expeditions for charity
Lee Mylchreest,
Yesterday British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite set off under sail across the Pacific from Cabo in Mexico to Hawaii. This is journey No. 5 of Expedition1000's planned 25 adventures all via non-motorized transport.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Race Week 2012 Accommodation options
Kristie Kaighin,
Have you booked your accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week 2012?... [more]
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Scotland's Malts Cruise - Highland and island adventure
World Cruising Club/Sail-World,
Cruising Scotland at the height of summer - what an idyllic thought! - but it could be real if you take the opportunity. World Cruising Club's Malts Cruise 2012 will start from Oban on 7 July and finish in Tobermory on 20 July. If you need to charter a boat for your Malts Cruise, there are several good charter companies in the west of Scotland. Bareboat and skippered options are available.... [more]
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Navionics announces ‘Freshest Data' program update
Jihan Hill,
Navionics, the leader in electronic charting and navigation data, announced today that its revolutionary Freshest Data program now includes its award-winning User Generated Content (UGC). Delivered in real time to mobile devices, and now available daily through the Navionics World Application to Navionics chart cards for compatible chartplotters... [more]
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2012 Sydney Harbour Regatta images by Craig Greenhill
Craig Greenhill - Saltwater Images,
Craig Greenhill of Saltwater Images presents the highlights of the 2012 Sydney Harbour Regatta.... [more]
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PredictWind launch new wind forecast App for iPhone and Android
Zoe Hawkins,
PredictWind have launched a new wind forecast application for iPhone and Android that offers accurate and detailed wind forecasts, enabling convenient planning for anyone on the water in any location around the world. The marine wind forecast tool is the most advanced available on an App and allows users to set up and receive forecasts for specific locations and check the latest wind observations... [more]
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Hawkesbury River to be used exclusively this weekend
Penny Robins,
An exclusive use licence has been granted for the safe staging of speed boat races this weekend (24-25 March) on Hawkesbury River by Road and Maritime Services. Maritime Acting Regional Manager Hawkesbury/ Broken Bay Hendrik Clasie said boaters should keep clear of the Hawkesbury River at Windsor, between South Creek and the Windsor Bridge, between 9am and 5pm.... [more]
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Newly refitted Marine Rescue NSW vessel conducts rescue off Sydney
Ken McManus,
A Marine Rescue NSW vessel travelling homeward after a $420,000 refit at Taree had to divert from its delivery voyage yesterday afternoon (March 18) to answer an emergency call from a yacht in trouble off Sydney's Northern beaches. Jervis Bay 40 (the Colin Woods), a 12.5m Steber offshore rescue vessel, was journeying south when it was called on to assist the boat... [more]
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Are Antarctic visitors introducing invasive alien plant species?
British Antarctic Survey,
Seeds attached to visitors' (including sailors') clothing and bags may introduce invasive alien plant species that could damage the Antarctic continent's ecosystems, according to information published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) this week.... [more]
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Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo -the place to be next weekend!
Damian Devine/Sail-World Cruising,
It's normally a relaxed place, Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, otherwise known affectionately as 'The Alfreds', but next weekend the gracious lawns and marine vista will explode with activity as the inaugural Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo takes over the Club. Dates and times: 24 & 25 March between 10am and 5pm.... [more]
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