What the tearaway sailors are doing...heritage blues...GPS threat...an

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 01 Mar 2012

What the tearaway sailors are doing...heritage blues...GPS threat...an

Laura Dekker - a huge achievement and now back to school, but not to the Netherlands  .. .
A smorgasbord of news from the world's oceans again this week... tales from the adventurers, both admirable and reprehensible. While outrageous Norwegian Jarle Andhoey finishes his illegal voyage to Antarctic and takes his stowaway towards South America, diminutive Dutch teen Laura Dekker is merely going back to school after becoming the youngest ever circumnavigator - but not in her home country.

Most people who love 'messing about in boats' also want their boating heritage preserved. Over in Egypt they are to restore a 4,500-year-old boat with a helping grant from Japan, but it's not always as easy as this. The British and the Australians are squabbling about who is to get the privilege of restoring and 'owning' the world's oldest clipper.

The polemic about the LightSquared application for a cross-America broadband telephone network is getting interesting, with very real doubts being raised about the technical accuracy of some of the lobby arguments.

On a more practical plane, Caroline Ajootian gives us some warnings about the traps of buying a boat at a distance, some quick tips to check you have a couple of simple pieces of 'jack-gear' to make the cruising life easier and safer, and a Coast Guard veteran gives some reminders about those all-important briefings for guests (and occasional crew) on your boat.

Much more news too, so run you eye down the headlines to find what interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

'City of Adelaide' - heading for Australia, but squabble goes on
Lee Mylchreest/Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A one-man sit-in protest is being staged in Scotland over the impending removal of the world's oldest clipper ship, the City of Adelaide, to Australia - for the second time.... [more]
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The onboard briefing - is yours good enough?
John Malatak/Sail-World Cruising,
John Malatak, Chief of Program Operations, US Coast Guard Boating Safety Division, offers a reminder about how important safety briefings are on board a sailing boat, and what should be included:... [more]
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Youngest solo circumnavigator - school but no Netherlands
Nancy Knudsen,
What next for a sailor who finishes a circumnavigation at the age of 16? Australia's Jessica Watson became an instant celebrity, was made Young Australian of the year, endorsed multiple products, entered the world of racing by sailing a Sydney to Hobart. Dutch sailor Laura Dekker is just 'going back to school'. She is not even returning to her home country, which tried to prevent her journey.... [more]
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Quick tips: Jack Lines and Lazy Jacks for the short-handed sailor
Des Ryan,
If you are a cruising sailor there will always be the time when you are short-handed (meaning one or two crew), even if you generally sail with a larger crew. There are two things that are essential for any short-handed sailor and it's all about Jack.... [more]
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Tearaway Norwegian sailor departs Antarctic with 'new questions'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Tearaway Norwegian adventure sailor Jarle Andhoey has left Antarctica and is headed for South America, with New Zealand 'stowaway' Busby Noble still on board, 'mission accomplished'. He has NOT told Norwegian media that he has found anything of note about what happened to his lost yacht the Beserk. Neither have they ridden their quad bikes to the South Pole.... [more]
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BoatUS and Spectrum policy expert disagree over GPS threat
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has stated that US boaters 'aren't out of the woods just yet,' on the question of the recent revocation of approval for a new broadband telephone network that it is believed threatens the operation of GPS network in the USA. But Spectrum analyst Dr Michael Marcus does not agree.... [more]
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Whatever happened to the award-winning ETAP?
Des Ryan,
Whatever happened to ETAP? Founded in 1970 by Belgian entrepreneur Norbert Joris, ETAP built boats that were universally praised as innovative and ahead of their time, foam in their construction making them unsinkable. However, in January 2009, the company that made the unsinkable boat itself sank..... [more]
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Win an iPad 2! - complete the Awlgrip and International Paint Survey
Chris Toole,
High Standards – We have them, you have them, but do they agree? Now, more than ever, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Many companies talk about improving it, many claim to ‘understand' their customers. How many bother to actually ask!... [more]
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Ice detection with FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras
Drew Valentine,
Thanks to FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras can help today's arctic mariners find the safest way through the ice. Ice detection tests were carried out by FLIR in Greenland using the FLIR models M-612L and M-625L. The FLIR M-Series thermal imaging camera is available with a variety of sensors and resolutions to meet a wide range of maritime needs.... [more]
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Ancient barque to be reconstructed for museum
Renate Johns,
A Japanese University has provided a $10million grant to help see the reconstruction of one of the oldest known boats in the world near the Giza Pyramid. Archaeologists on Monday began restoration on the 4,500-year-old almost 43m barque, which was used during the life of its owner Khufu,(King Cheops), but was apparently also meant to carry him into the afterlife.... [more]
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British marine electronics icon Raymarine – full speed ahead
Rob Kothe, Marine Business-World.com,
Now part of the giant FLIR empire, Raymarine is powering along in open water with good speed, launching an impressive range of new products.... [more]
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Boat buying: Don't get lured into a deal that's too good!
Caroline Ajootian,
With see-sawing boat prices round the world, many yacht buyers are tempted to pick up a bargain in a distant port. This article by Caroline Ajootian, which recently won a Boating Writers International (BWI) award, originally appeared in August/September 2011 BoatU.S. Magazine, the largest-circulation boating magazine in the United States. It is here reprinted with their kind permission.... [more]
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Turn dreams into your future career in Rhode Island
Des Ryan,
If you are anywhere within reach of Rhode Island USA, and dream of living your working days in a sailing environment, this could be your chance! Or maybe you know of someone who has those dreams...... [more]
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Curiouser and curiouser - Why did super yacht Yogi sink?
Lee Mylchreest,
Eight days after the mystery sinking of the superacht Yogi off Skyros, Greece, the Turkish Shipyard that built the yacht admits they are no nearer knowing why it sank as they and their lawyers have been unable to interview the Captain and crew or obtain written statements. This is in spite of an earlier statement that they were to talk to the Captain and crew two days after the incident. .... [more]
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Could you sail through this? Giant underwater storm detected
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Could you sail through this? The answer is yes, even though this is an underwater storm that rivals the scale and size of a tropical cyclone, this storm is actually a deep eddy and the blue colour is created by blooms of phytoplankton, fertilised by the nutrient-rich deep water drawn up by the 80 nautical-mile-wide eddy.... [more]
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Short-Handed Man-Overboard Maneuver - the 'Williamson Turn'
John Jamieson,
John Jamieson (Captain John) paints a picture that is quoted as a nightmare for many short-handed sailors, which includes a majority of the cruising sailors of the world... [more]
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Top anchor producer Manson releases the Manson Boss - and more
Manson Anchors,
One of the world's leading anchor producers of new generation anchors, Manson, here brings you their latest news on everything to do with anchoring mechanisms, including the newly-released Manson Boss Anchor, the Bowmaster patented underwater Turning Mechanism, the Manson Submarine Anchor launch, completed projects in 2011 and updates for 2012, their Boat Show round up and - the Manson Olympics!... [more]
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New Cancer Fundraising Boat-a-thon seeks participants and sponsors
Cruise for Life,
Cruise for Life is a unique, one-of-a-kind fundraising event taking place on July 28, 2012 at Macmillan Pier (Provincetown, MA) to support cancer research and compassionate patient care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and other New England based cancer centers.... [more]
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