A gripping promise as the adventure unfolds

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 09 Feb 2012

A gripping promise as the adventure unfolds

'The Wild Viking' - Skipper Jarle Andhoey  .. .
It reads like the beginning of a crime adventure novel.

He went down to the marina to do an anchor repair on one of the boats, the type of task he carried out every day as part of his job. He was in the anchor locker when he felt and heard the boat start moving.

What was going through his mind? There was time then to get off, even jump in the water, but maybe he thought it was merely being moved from berth to berth.

But the boat was on its way to Antarctica and there was no way it would turn back. Norwegian skipper Jarle Andhoey had just been deported from New Zealand, before they found out he was headed for Antarctica, where he didn't have permission to go. New Zealand Customs, having just deported him, were now after him to try to prevent his voyage to Antarctica, so there was no way that Andhoey would return to New Zealand. Whether he liked it or not the anchor repairer was on his way to Antarctica, an inadvertent stowaway!
What he didn't know yet was that Andhoey intentionally carried no EPIRB as they didn't want rescuing if something went wrong.

The tale so far is full of gripping promise, but you'll have to wait, as the rest of the story is just now being written, somewhere down in the Southern Ocean.

The rest of the articles in this week's edition don't carry the same tension and drama, and maybe that is just as well.

The Oyster 625 is profiled the European Yacht of the Year in the luxury cruiser category, and what a boat it is...two American cruising sailors have won the 'Far Horizons Award' and theirs is an inspirational story. The world's largest solar-powered yacht, PlanetSolar, has just headed for the Gulf of Aden's pirate zone with security guards on board, and talking of pirates, those arrested are not all guilty, but read how the innocent are sometimes treated.

The Royal Yachting Association is protecting its brand by removing the certification of a sailing school which has been involved in some serious safety-related incidents, and Australian yachties are having a bonanza, buying up foreign yachts and having them transported Downunder - read why...

In practical news, the Product of the Week will stop the dreaded diesel spillage on your decks and Carolyn Shearlock tells why you need to read her blog about everything to do with the Boat Galley.

Much more too, so run down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

No rescue for stowaway sailor headed for the Antarctic
The New Zealand Government have said they will not take action to rescue a a boat maintenance worker who was apparently accidentally taken to sea on board a Norwegian yacht whose skipper had just been deported. The yacht has no EPIRB on board and was headed to the Antarctic. Depending on weather conditions, the yacht may have already reached the Southern continent.... [more]
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Product of the Week: New deck-entry product stops diesel spillage
Lee Mylchreest,
A bucket of salt water on the deck used to be the only sensible way to alleviate some effects of the diesel spills that inevitably hit the deck when filling your tanks. This is especially if you are in a place where the flow is meant for a 50,000 tonne ship rather than a 40ft sailing boat. Now a new small product may solve many of the problems associated with filling your sailing boat's tanks.... [more]
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World's largest solar craft heads through the pirate zone
Nancy Knudsen,
After stopping for a few days in Doha, Qatar, for Christmas, PlanetSolar crossed the Persian Gulf and sailed toAbu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where they were the guests of honour at the World Future Energy Summit 2012. This was a contrasting prelude to what they have now undertaken, the crossing of the Gulf of Aden, through the deadly pirate zone to the Red Sea, silent for the journey... [more]
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The American ethanol dilemma: but why not Butanol?
Boat US,
America's desire for renewable fuels is growing, but recent Department of Energy tests on boat engines showed that increasing the amount of ethanol to 15% doesn't work for boats. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) suggests that butanol, an alcohol with a characteristic banana-like odor typically made from corn and beet byproducts, may be an answer.... [more]
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European Yacht of the Year 2012: the Oyster 625
Des Ryan,
Oyster, long a revered yacht in the luxury class, has just been honoured again with their new Oyster 625 winning 'Best Luxury Cruiser' in the 2012 European Yacht of the Year awards. So what is the new Oyster like?... [more]
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Sailing voyage experiment to cure drug and alcohol addiction
Lee Mylchreest,
There's many a cruising sailor who can attest to the life and attitude changing effect of letting go of the rat race and going sailing - even for a weekend sometimes. Now a voyage on a 1929 gaff-rigged sailing boat is to be used to try to achieve the same effect for drug and alcohol addicts in Britain. The outcome is to be studied by several universities.... [more]
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Far Horizons Award 2011 to sailors who 'helped out island schools'
The Cruising Club of America (CCA) has selected Brian and Mary Alice O'Neill (Bainbridge Island, WA) to receive its Far Horizons Award for an admirable 25-month cruise circumnavigating the Pacific Rim, North Pacific Ocean. En route the two delivered school supplies to those in need and toured WWII sites. .... [more]
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Jay's tale of a mis-adventurous rescue
Jay Barry and Carol Martini, Gandalf,
Circumnavigating cruising couple Jay Barry and Carol Martini from Gandalf spent time in one of many long range cruisers' most popular spots, Langkawi in Malaysia. Jay, who numbers among his many qualifications being a do-nut gourmet, tells this tale, which, as he says, includes all the best things and worst things about the life of a cruising sailor.... [more]
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The Boat Galley – helping you get the most out of your boat's kitchen
Like to eat on your boat? Sure, we all do. It just adds to the fun! What's better than eating dinner and watching the sun set over the water . . .... [more]
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Proven fisherman not pirate, but 3 years in prison- the Somali problem
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
>The complex world of how to deal with Somali pirate issue is revealed in a recent French case. Cruising sailors from Tahiti Bernadette and Jean-Yves Delanne, of the yacht Carre d'As IV, delivered their own verdict on some of the pirates who abducted them back in September 2008, acquitting one, Abdulahi Ahmed Guelleh, whom they claimed was a genuine fisherman caught up in the events.... [more]
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Whales, whales and more whales in Southern California
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors in Southern California are being treated to the magnificent sight of hundreds of whales off the coastline this year,quoted as the best sightings in 10 years. Gray whales are migrating south in record numbers and killer whales -- or orcas -- are also making sporadic showings.... [more]
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Strong Australian dollar pushes yacht transport
Lee Mylchreest,
Yacht transport companies are finding new business from the effect that currencies have on the yacht market. With a strong Australian dollar pushing sailors Downunder to purchase yachts overseas, especially in the USA, Dutch company Sevenstar Yacht Transport achieved no less than 23 sailings for loading and discharge in Australia in 2011.... [more]
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RYA training provider no longer recognised
Louise Nicholls,
The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has today, Thursday 2nd February, removed its recognition of the Southampton operation of Hot Liquid as a provider of RYA training courses. This means that Hot Liquid Southampton is now no longer able to offer or run RYA training courses. The decision was made by the RYA following three serious safety related incidents involving Hot Liquid Southampton between... [more]
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