Solo Dutch teens,troubled Norwegian sailors,Greek Tornado adventurers

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 26 Jan 2012

Solo Dutch teens,troubled Norwegian sailors,Greek Tornado adventurers

Australia's Jessica Watson, so revered by fellow Aussies, has had an excellent PR team to keep her in the limelight and leverage her fame for commercial success – everything from tourism promotion to advertising cherries. She might have lost her (unofficial) world title now as the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world (a little short but we won't go into that) but she will still be honoured in her home country as an iconic young heroine. It's hard to see that happening any time soon for Laura in the Netherlands.

Jarle Andhoey is the other sailor in the news at the moment – the Norwegian tearaway TV celebrity who sailed last year to the Antarctic without the relevant permissions and hit world headlines when his boat and three crew were lost while he was riding a quad bike to the South Pole. Now he's taking a second illegal voyage down there and the authorities are out to catch him.

There's a buzz out there on the world's oceans with so much going on. This week we tell of two Greek sailors who sailed the Aegean in a Tornado, then how another fatality in a dinghy gives heavy relevance to John Jamieson's article on three ways to approach your yacht by dinghy, great cruisers' workshops going on in Annapolis, and Sail4Cancer in Britain is looking for volunteers.

The European Yachts of the Year for 2012 have been announced, read about how much berthing tax you will now pay the Italian government to sail Italy, and Jack Binder tells about a very different kind of cruisers' adventure.

This is just the beginning, so skip down the headlines to find what catches your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Laura Dekker completes solo circumnavigation at 16 years and 123 days
Nancy Knudsen,
This week (Saturday 21st January) Laura Dekker, 16-year-old Dutch/New Zealander solo sailor, quietly sailed between islands in pleasant seas into the Dutch island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, completing a solo odyssey around the world in a year and a day. There were merely dozens, not thousands, of people at the wharf to greet her.... [more]
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Troubled Norwegian sailor Jarle Andhoy heads for Antarctica again
Lee Mylchreest,
Have you seen this yacht? Unless you are on your way to Antarctica, probably not. The self-proclaimed Viking sailor who embarked on an illegal journey to Antarctica last year which ended in the death of three of his crew and the loss of his boat, is at it again.... [more]
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European Yachts of the Year: Beneteau, Oyster, Pogo and Esse
Des Ryan,
The four categories of 'European Boat of the Year', announced at BOOT yacht show in Dusseldorf, have been taken out by two French manufacturers, one British and one Swiss.... [more]
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New Italian berthing tax offers a break for sailing boats
Nancy Knudsen,
In introducing their new berthing surtax for yachts, the Italians have delivered a mini-coup to the sailing fraternity and the environment by halving the tax for sailing boats. The new tax, which is to come into play from 1st May this year, will be, for instance, five euro per day for a new sailing boat between 14 and 17 metres, but reduces to 3.5 euro if the same sailing boat is 10 years old.... [more]
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Internet outstripping print as preferred medium
Jeni Bone,
Around the world, as internet connectivity leaps ahead with the popularity of Smart phones and tablet technology, as well as soon to be commonplace web-enabled TV, online advertising is outstripping all print media.... [more]
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Southern Spars opens new website
Josh Impey,
Southern Spars has launched a brand-new website at With an emphasis on quality information, imagery and interactive elements, the new website provides existing and prospective customers and suppliers with considerably more detail about the Southern Spars' global operation than the previous version of the site.... [more]
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A sailing adventure: Late Night Visitor
Jack Binder,
All the adventures cruising sailors have don't relate to horrendous seas or idyllic anchorages. Every now and then a cruising sailor, moving from strange anchorage to strange anchorage and strange marina to strange marina comes upon a human dilemma. Jack Binder, sailing the Australian coastline with his wife Jude, here tells a moving story of a late night visitor in a marina.... [more]
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Another dinghy death as sailor tries to save his dragging yacht
Times Colonist/Sail-World Cruising,
It started as a mystery and ended with an all-too-familiar explanation. The long-time sailor had rowed his dinghy to his yacht in high winds and without a life jacket, probably because the anchor was dragging, then lost his footing and was drowned in the turbulent seas, his dinghy tied to the yacht but found upside down.... [more]
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Flotilla Cruise through the Greek Islands
Capt. Valerie Weingrad,
Our flotilla began on July 16th, a warm and sunny afternoon. My boat, Maya, known as 'the girlie boat,' was ready, as were the other 5 boats. We met in Alimos Marina in Athens at a café at the end of the pier. Alimos is one of the largest marinas in all of Greece and perhaps the Med, with hundreds of boats lined up Med moored on numerous piers.... [more]
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What an sell lemonade for the rescuers.
Lee Mylchreest,
With so many nations' rescue authorities depending on volunteers, a bunch of Californian kids have set an example for the rest of the world by getting together to raise money for the Coast Guard Foundation, which itself supports those who often risk their lives saving sailors in trouble at sea... [more]
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Why cruising sailors should race
John Rozema/Sail-World Cruising,
Many cruising sailors who have no desire except a leisurely cruise around the lake with no destination in mind are not interested in racing. They might say, 'When I go racing it is so stressful and not fun at all... I only go out if the weather is right... If I cruise I will only go when I have great conditions.'... [more]
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How to get a tall mast under a small bridge
Mark Cherrington,
A long range cruiser - even a short range cruiser - is often presented with some curly problems to solve, and getting your yacht past a bridge that is too low for it is one of those challenges which many cruisers would just rather not tackle. But watching this video will show you how getting an 80ft rig under a 65ft span is not only possible, but easy - when you know how.... [more]
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Not shark 'attack', it's an 'accident' + Video
Media Services,
The concept of the 'rogue' shark, seeking revenge on its human nemesis is nothing more than Hollywood fodder, say experts, including Christopher Neff, a researcher at the University of Sydney carrying out the world's first PhD on the politics of 'shark bite incidents'.... [more]
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Annual world report on piracy
Pirate attacks against vessels in East and West Africa accounted for the majority of world attacks in 2011, signalling a rising trend, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau's (IMB) global piracy report revealed today.... [more]
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Three ways to approach your sailboat by dinghy
John Jamieson,
How many times have you found your boat dinghy tough to control in wind or current? Do you know the three approach choices you can make for a perfect landing every time? Follow these easy steps in any marine weather.... [more]
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No nav aids and across the Aegean by Tornado
Just like the first sailors in ancient history, two Greek tornado sailors, Iordanis Paschalides and Kostas Trigonis, challenged their stamina managing to complete a unprecedented sea marathon across the Aegean from Thesalonika to Chania without any modern navigational techniques. With Greece 'going through a critical phase in history', in the sailors' words, they were proud to meet the challenge... [more]
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Annapolis School of Seamanship - Third annual cruisers' workshop.
Des Ryan,
Want to improve your cruising skills and are in reach of Annapolis in Maryland? Break your neck to be there. In February will be a a rare opportunity to meet and interact with top industry experts, upgrade your skills, prepare better for your next voyage and compare notes with other cruising sailors. It's the Annapolis School of Seamanship!... [more]
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Sail 4 Cancer in Britain - looking for volunteers
Lizette Van Niekerk/Sail-World Cruising,
British charity Sail 4 Cancer has now established an office in Fareham to better serve families along the South Coast of Britain and inform cancer patients and their families about the sponsored respite opportunities available to them and is looking for volunteers.... [more]
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