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 25 Jan 2012

Today is the last day of the Lunar New Year, so a hearty Kung Hei Fat Choi to all our readers. In Hong Kong it is characteristically cold and wet, but that didn't stop the COA stalwarts heading for Macau on the annual trip to let off fireworks and stock up on good Portuguese port.

Further afield, and in slightly warmer climes, the Singapore Straits Regatta ( is ready for its 18th edition (starts Thursday 26 January), and if you fancy a relaxed trip around some of the major beauty spots of Phang Nga Bay, then you should be thinking about ‘The Bay Regatta – Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi' ( which cruises off on 01 February.

And then the thoroughly unique adventure that calls itself The Neptune Regatta ( follows on starting 05 February. Right now, in Asia, down near the equator is a good place to be!

There's a story here about building the first of the AC ‘big boats' – Grant Dalton and the ETNZ boys are into the build programme of their AC72. Heady stuff.

And the Volvo fleet are en route to Singapore on the latest leg of the stop-start, not-quite-a-race-around-the-world, marketing tour of unlikely sailing stopovers. We know some of the people involved, personally, and won't hear a word against the sailors and their endeavours – but at the same time cannot quite get the head around a round-the-world race that can be won without actually sailing around the world. OK so it's just spin, but it leaves a funny taste in the mouth, and smacks badly of tails wagging dogs...

Planet Solar is taking on security crew (read – big chaps with guns) for their trip through the Gulf of Aden. Fair enough – with a cruising speed of 4kts and a top ‘burst' speed of 8kts they certainly aren't going to be able to outrun any Somali pirates!

We really appreciate all the people and Clubs that submit stories and news – posting on Sail-World guarantees you and your sponsors maximum visibility in the sailing world all over Asia. In this newsletter there is a story on ‘How To” – guidelines for contributors. We look forward to hearing from you – from more of you, and more often!

If it's warm where you are – enjoy. It it's not, get warm. And start planning your sailing calendar for the rest of the year.

Guy Nowell, Editor

50th anniversary Rolex China Sea Race 2012
RHKYC Media,
Fast forward to 2012, and the Rolex China Sea Race is a fully fledged Cat 1 offshore race, which since 1996 has finished in Subic Bay, some 50km north of Corrigedor. The fleet of around 40 boats will be fully equipped with the latest safety equipment and all will carry a Yellowbrick tracker unit which will update race management and ocean racing fans with the fleet's positions every 30 minutes.... [more]
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18th Singapore Straits Regatta 2012 Preview
Singapore Sailing Federation,
18 years ago the first Singapore Straits Regatta took place, with pioneers such as Changi Sailing Club, Nongsa Point Marina and Raffles Marina, coming together with Singapore Sailing Federation (then known as Singapore Yachting Association). And so began an annual tradition that endures to this day.... [more]
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Inaugural Thailand Catamaran Week at Royal Varuna Yacht Club
Royal Varuna Yacht Club,
Catamaran Week will be an attractive regatta in Asia for beach cats. The growing interest in high speed catamarans in Asia means the regatta will provide an opportunity to feature the various designs of Formula 18 and Formula 16 Catamarans that are available to keen cat sailors. The Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Thailand, is one of Asia's top sailing venues... [more]
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Blackberry 12th Philippine Hobie Challenge - new course, new adventure
Joanne Symes, Philippine Hobie Assoc,
With barely a month and a half to go before commencing the Blackberry 12th Philippine Hobie Challenge, some 20 teams from around the world have already signed up for the six day sailing adventure through Northern Palawan, the Philippines' last frontier.... [more]
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Fujian Wangzi Yacht Sales announces new marina in Fuzhou
Fujian Wangzi Yacht Sales,
Last week the China organisers of the 2011 inaugural Macau Yacht Show, Fujian Auto China Conference and Exhibition Co and Fuzhou Auto China Yachts Management Co, announced their latest project - the Wangzi Marina Club and Fuzhou Auto Yachts Sales Centre. 'We believe that Fujian province shows great promise for the development of a leisure marine industry, and boating in general'.... [more]
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Big Splash rendez-vous on China's Riviera
Hainan Rendezvous/Sail-World Cruising,
With three months left till the yearly Hainan Rendez-Vous again mesmerises China - and the rest of the world - with superyachts, private jets and not a sailing boat in sight, the organisers announced today that exhibitor and sponsorship slots for the pioneering event have entirely sold out.... [more]
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Thailand is No. 1 sailing destination in Asia
Event Media,
In a survey conducted at the 2011 Phuket King's Cup Regatta, Thailand was voted the favourite sailing venue and best regatta location in Asia. The survey was taken by international sailors from around the globe. Thailand was voted as having the best sailing grounds and destinations due to an ideal geography, good weather conditions and beautiful scenery.... [more]
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Chinese sailor talks about life after the Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, the stopovers are more than just a time of respite for weary sailors, they are also a meeting point for competitors of the race's 38 year history. Among the thousands of race fans lining the docks in Abu Dhabi to wave goodbye to the fleet was Chinese sailor Guo Chuan, media crew member for 2008-09 Irish-Chinese entry Green Dragon.... [more]
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Etchells Worlds 2012 wide open for top players
Tracey Johnstone,
It's the main game for the Etchells class in 2012; the Etchells World Championship, to be held offshore of Sydney from the 16th to 25th February and and that game is wide open with defending world champion, Bill Hardesty, confirming last week that he will not be in Sydney to defend his title. This is good news for Noel Drennan who finished second to Hardesty in last year's World Championship.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - Sanya pulls out all the stops
Volvo Ocean Race,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, Mike Sanderson and Team Sanya are pulling out the stops in their push to keep hold on the latest generation boats as the fleet continue on their predominantly straight line track across the Bay of Bengal today.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - A game of chess for the leading pair
Sophie Luther - Volvo Ocean Race,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, it is a head to head battle for the leaders with Chris Nicholson and the Camper crew nipping at the heels of Ken Read and the crew of Puma. They are 3.4 nautical miles astern and to windward. Nicholson is fully fired up to snatch whatever opportunities he can to take the red boat into the lead. Nip and tuck, a game of chess, it's as close as it can be for these two teams.... [more]
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Internet outstripping print as preferred medium
Jeni Bone,
Around the world, as internet connectivity leaps ahead with the popularity of Smart phones and tablet technology, as well as soon to be commonplace web-enabled TV, online advertising is outstripping all print media.... [more]
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America's Cup: Dalton Amendment put into Protocol
Richard Gladwell,
The Code of Conduct for the 34th America's Cup has been included in the revised Protocol for the 34th America's Cup, and is the first time such a clause has been applied in the event. It is clearly aimed at teams and individuals making comment that is at variance with the 'party line', in an event that has been notorious for the characters of the America's Cup doing just that.... [more]
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Another dinghy death as sailor tries to save his dragging yacht
Times Colonist/Sail-World Cruising,
It started as a mystery and ended with an all-too-familiar explanation. The long-time sailor had rowed his dinghy to his yacht in high winds and without a life jacket, probably because the anchor was dragging, then lost his footing and was drowned in the turbulent seas, his dinghy tied to the yacht but found upside down.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - A tactical decision to ditch the south
Volvo Ocean Race,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, there is little in the way of tactics that can be deployed at this stage of the game to gain an edge and the racing continues to be largely a drag race where boat handling and sail choice are the deciding components.... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race fleet start to arrive in port
Heather Ewing,
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - The ecstatic Derry-Londonderry crew have arrived in Batam, Indonesia, after securing second place in race seven. It is the team's first podium finish of their campaign. The crew arrived in Nongsa Point Marina just after Gold Coast Australia who secured their sixth victory of the 15-race competition.... [more]
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America's Cup: 'We have been fed a fatty diet of spin doctoring'
Rod Davis,
Emirates Team NZ's coach Rod Davis muses on the times we live in ..... It has been a bizarre time for the America's Cup; the war of words and press releases has been nonstop for five years when Oracle questioned Alinghi's Challenger of Record. Since then we have been fed a fatty diet of spin doctoring. Some would say 'situation normal for the America's Cup'.... [more]
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Why cruising sailors should race
John Rozema/Sail-World Cruising,
Many cruising sailors who have no desire except a leisurely cruise around the lake with no destination in mind are not interested in racing. They might say, 'When I go racing it is so stressful and not fun at all... I only go out if the weather is right... If I cruise I will only go when I have great conditions.'... [more]
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Laura Dekker completes solo circumnavigation at 16 years and 123 days
Nancy Knudsen,
This week (Saturday 21st January) Laura Dekker, 16-year-old Dutch/New Zealander solo sailor, quietly sailed between islands in pleasant seas into the Dutch island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, completing a solo odyssey around the world in a year and a day. There were merely dozens, not thousands, of people at the wharf to greet her.... [more]
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How to get a tall mast under a small bridge
Mark Cherrington,
A long range cruiser - even a short range cruiser - is often presented with some curly problems to solve, and getting your yacht past a bridge that is too low for it is one of those challenges which many cruisers would just rather not tackle. But watching this video will show you how getting an 80ft rig under a 65ft span is not only possible, but easy - when you know how.... [more]
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Not shark 'attack', it's an 'accident' + Video
Media Services,
The concept of the 'rogue' shark, seeking revenge on its human nemesis is nothing more than Hollywood fodder, say experts, including Christopher Neff, a researcher at the University of Sydney carrying out the world's first PhD on the politics of 'shark bite incidents'.... [more]
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London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition entry list,
The London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition entry list has now been made available online. As of the 17 January, only two nations, Great Britain (as the host nation) and France, have qualified for all ten classes.... [more]
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International 420 Class Association new website officially launched
International 420 Class Association,
The International 420 Class Association website is officially launched today. The brand new website will showcase the 420 Class around the world. Alongside all the usual information about the International 420 Class Association and the benefits and excitement of sailing a 420, the website boasts user tools which we hope will maximise the platform as the hub of worldwide 420 news and activities... [more]
Share this story - Contributors Guidelines,
Whether its information about yachts, catamarans or dinghies, or tales of your adventures on the water, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles - be it profiles of people and boats, techniques, safety or seamanship. Read on for the guidelines for submitting an article, including commercial articles - if the information is of value to our readers... [more]
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The Fabulous 40s': Order this stunning limited edition book now
The Farr 40 One-design Class is unique within the world of offshore yacht racing, having been a pathfinder during a period of great change within the sport. While major events around the world like the Admiral's Cup in the UK and Kenwood Cup in Hawaii were in terminal decline, this 40ft Bruce FarrĀ® designed yacht has shone like a beacon on a distant shore.... [more]
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