Sail-World New Zealand: 22 Jan 2012 - Volvo Race restart ...Success for J Sails...Big Fella surveys Cup scene and beyond

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 22 Jan 2012

Sail-World New Zealand: 22 January 2012

34th America's Cup - San Diego America's Cup World Series - Opening press conference  Gilles Martin-Raget/©
Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for 22 January 2012

The Volvo Ocean Race gets underway tonight at 8.00pm tonight, New Zealand time (0800UTC).

The venue for the restart will be the idyllic Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, which has been the safe haven for the two stops and ship loading exercises - deemed necessary to avoid pirates operating out of Somalia and elsewhere.

For Emirates Team NZ, sailing Camper, a good performance is essential to stop the points leeway they are giving away to series leader Telefonica. Equally important for all competitors is that they finish a testing leg intact.

A glance down the points table shows the big gap between to those who have, and those who have not completed a leg. In this edition we have a preview story, and will be publishing a Volvo newsletter a day or so, after the race has restarted.

The fleet of Volvo Open 70's arrive onboard a ship into the safe haven port where they will be unloaded, ready for the start of stage 2 of leg 3 to Sanya, China.   Ian Roman/Volvo Ocean Race

The America's Cup scene is never still. In this edition of we report on a discussion withAmerica's Cup Regatta Director, Iain Murray who casts a fairly wide net – expressing his views on a lot of the changes that have taken place on the international sailing scene, and how these dovetail with the America's Cup. To the surprise of some, Murray says they cannot produce AC45's quickly enough, and will have 16 racing by midyear in the America's Cup World Series. He also comments on the Audi MedCup situation, the ISAF Worlds in Perth and the incident he calls 'Bengate'.

We have updated the America's Cup Uncovered Series – with the latest edition – 22, and also with the previous ones 17-21. So if you are looking for something to view on a wet day ....

Final Pier 27-29 from Water Side, San Francisco   Americas Cup Media

Shark attacks are to the forefront of the news in Australia, at present. We have a story in this edition describing these as ‘accidents' together with a video shot underwater by Sail-World's Ben Gladwell when he was free diving with sharks in the ocean off Mossel Bay, a holiday resort in South Africa, in October.

Some of the 20 strong fleet in the 2012 Hartley TS16 Nationals at Whangarei  

In local news we have reports on the Hartley TS16 Nationals sailed in Whangarei, which attracted a great fleet of 20 boats, plus Andrew Brown of Forceracing updates on his latest activities and the success of J Sails at the recent Optimist Worlds, at Napier, where 16 of the top 20 sailors overall used J Sails.

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JSails dominated the Sir Peter Blake Regatta taking eight out of the top 10 places overall, and also the 2011 Optimist Worlds taking 16 out of the top 20 overall  Richard Gladwell

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Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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America's Cup: An update from the Big Fella
Richard Gladwell,
Getting out of bed at 6.00am to talk on the phone to a bunch of fully wired sailing journalists spread across three continents, probably isn't the ideal start to a day. So it was no surprise that 'Big Fella', as Iain Murray is known in his native Australia, was talking in short sentences. Murray was back in Sydney, having taken a break from his role as Regatta Director for the 34th America's Cup... [more]
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Light winds for Calibre Sails 2012 Hartley TS 16 Nationals
Mike Wright,
The Hartely TS 16 Nationals were held at Parua Bay, in Whangarei with 20 boats racing. The weather was light variable breezes and has proved to be great racing conditions, forcing the sailors to be continually reassessing the best options with one side favoured one leg and the next the other side pays.... [more]
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America's Cup: Grant Dalton updates on the AC72 build progress
Emirates Team NZ,
Emirates Team NZ CEO, Grant Dalton, gives this video update on progress with the build of the team's first AC72 from the Cookson Boats facility in Glenfield, Auckland. The wingsails are being constructed in a special facility within Southern Spars in Avondale, West Auckland.... [more]
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The 2012 New Zealand Laser Championships commence Saturday 21 January
Edmund Tam,
The 2012 New Zealand Laser Championships hosted by Worser Bay Boating Club awill run from 21 to 24 January. The latest entry list reflects a strong international field and includes competitors from Australia, Cook Islands, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Singapore, and Switzerland. Additionally, our top New Zealand local sailors will also be competing.... [more]
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America's Cup: Dalton reflects on Jury and Volvo performance
Grant Dalton and,
Emirates Team NZ CEO, Grant Dalton, reviews the developments for the team over late December and early January on the America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race: We have been back at work formally a week now after the Christmas break. Summer looks like it has finally decided to make an appearance and Emirates Team New Zealand is a good place to be right now. Over the break a number of important deve... [more]
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Forceracing: J Sails have 16 of top 20 in 2011 Optimist Worlds
Andrew Brown,
J Sails did it once again at the 2011 Optimist Worlds Worlds having 16 sails in the top 20!!! This included placings first through fourth. This included a full set for the Singapore team, the top country and Peru (2nd country) both using J's and also the fifth country being the kiwis!... [more]
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Female wins Starling Match Racing title for first time in 21 years
Gay Noyer,
After 21 years, the male domination of the Caltex Cup, for the New Zealand Starling Class Inter-Provincial Match Racing Championship, has come to an end, with Northland sailor Alice Noyer winning the regatta, which was held at Murrays Bay, on Auckland's North Shore last week.... [more]
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America's Cup: Luna Rossa flies high on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour
Sail-World and Luna Rossa Challenge 2013,
The newest AC45 launched by the Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 is becoming a familiar sight on the Auckland Harbour, as she works up to the first set of trial races alongside training partner, Emirates Team New Zealand. Both teams leave in March/April for the next round of the America's Cup World Series to be sailed in Naples, Italy in mid-April... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 22 - Peyron and Ainslie interviewed
This week's Episode 22 catches up with Energy Team's Loick Peyron after he recently smashed the round the world record on Banque Populaire in the Jules Verne Trophy. Next Ben Ainslie announces that he will be joining the America's Cup after the Olympics this summer with his UK team: Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR).... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Full Fleet ready to resume race to Sanya, China
Volvo Ocean Race,
The six-strong Volvo Ocean Race fleet will resume racing from the Maldives on Sunday at 0800 UTC after the five boats being shipped through piracy affected waters in the Indian Ocean safely reconvened with the waiting Team Sanya. The identity of the ‘safe haven' was left undisclosed for security reasons until Saturday at 0600 UTC when the ship carrying the five yachts reached the Maldives.... [more]
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Laura Dekker completes solo circumnavigation at 16 years and 123 days
Nancy Knudsen,
This week (Saturday 21st January) Laura Dekker, 16-year-old Dutch/New Zealander solo sailor, quietly sailed between islands in pleasant seas into the Dutch island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, completing a solo odyssey around the world in a year and a day. There were merely dozens, not thousands, of people at the wharf to greet her.... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race fleet motor towards Batam Island
Heather Ewing,
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race followers will today breathe a sigh of relief as their Race Viewer withdrawal symptoms will receive a much needed fix when all ten internationally backed entries leave Stealth Mode, appearing on the Race Viewer in the process.... [more]
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Not shark 'attack', it's an 'accident' + Video
Media Services,
The concept of the 'rogue' shark, seeking revenge on its human nemesis is nothing more than Hollywood fodder, say experts, including Christopher Neff, a researcher at the University of Sydney carrying out the world's first PhD on the politics of 'shark bite incidents'.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Secret port named and normal transmission resumes
Volvo Ocean Race,
Months of secret and meticulous planning reached the perfect conclusion on Saturday when the Volvo Ocean Race fleet safely arrived by ship in the secret haven, which has now been named. The port had until now been kept a secret as an unprecedented measure taken by organisers on expert advice against the risk of piracy in the Indian Ocean.... [more]
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Festival of Sails Melbourne Premier Racing Series - Dramatic start
Lisa Ratcliff,
The Festival of Sails Melbourne Premier Racing Series 2012 has begun in dramatic fashion. In 22 knots of solid south east puff, Chutzpah38 crewman John Bennett took an unexpected dip at the bottom mark in race two when the winch handle he was winding suddenly broke. He lost his footing and slipped out through the lifelines.... [more]
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Key West 2012 - Snatching victory
Bill Wagner,
Barking Mad pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in the 25-year history of the regatta to win the Farr 40 class. Skipper John Kilroy and the Samba Pa Ti team captured the talent-laden Melges 32 class win.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - Camper aims to zero in on more speed
Volvo Ocean Race,
Volvo Ocean Race - The crew of Camper with Emirates Team New Zealand are heading into Stage 2 of Leg 3 well set in the second place spot overall but, with a job on their hands to coax more speed out of their boat. In his blog, team CEO Greg Dalton, himself a six-time race veteran and winner of the 1981-82 and in 1993-94 editions, said closing the performance gap had become his priority.... [more]
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RS:X Worlds - Interview with world champion Dorian Van Rijsselberghe
Patrik Pollak,
RS:X World Windsurfing Championships took place in Perth Australia in December 2011 where Dorian Van Rijsselberghe emerged as the new world champion in Olympic class. Dorian talks about his success and gives some advice to young sailors. Do you want to become a world champion? Here are some hints...... [more]
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The history of Paul Cayard - Part 1
Pressure Drop,
At age eight, Paul Cayard started sailing on Lake Merrit in Oakland, California after a friend introduced him to the sport. With the assistance of a borrowed El Toro, which was complete with Cox cotton sails, the youngster who had no previous sailing experience, encountered an instant addiction.... [more]
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The Fabulous 40s': Order this stunning limited edition book now
The Farr 40 One-design Class is unique within the world of offshore yacht racing, having been a pathfinder during a period of great change within the sport. While major events around the world like the Admiral's Cup in the UK and Kenwood Cup in Hawaii were in terminal decline, this 40ft Bruce FarrĀ® designed yacht has shone like a beacon on a distant shore.... [more]
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International 420 Class Association new website officially launched
International 420 Class Association,
The International 420 Class Association website is officially launched today. The brand new website will showcase the 420 Class around the world. Alongside all the usual information about the International 420 Class Association and the benefits and excitement of sailing a 420, the website boasts user tools which we hope will maximise the platform as the hub of worldwide 420 news and activities... [more]
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Team Gallagher Trans-Tasman Rowing Challenge expected to finish Friday
After 55 days at sea a team of four rowers will complete the Trans Tasman row when Team Gallagher Trans-Tasman Rowing Challenge are expected at pass under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The team will have completed the first ever row from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Auckland Harbour Bridge... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 21 - 2011 in Review - Part 3
America's Cup Uncovered Episode 21 concludes the story of 2011 with a look back to the action from America's Cup World Series San Diego. Then we tap into a private phone conversation with Emirates Team NZ's Managing Director Grant Dalton where he discusses sharing AC72 design information with Luna Rossa.... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 20 - 2011 in Review - Part 2
AC Uncovered Episode 20 AC Uncovered Episode 20 resumes the story of the inaugural year of the America's Cup World Series with a look back to Plymouth where we witnessed stadium sailing in all its glory from The Hoe overlooking Plymouth Sound. Extreme conditions bookended the week making stop two on the tour a regatta to remember with plenty of capsizes and crashes.... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 19 - 2011 in Review - Part 1
AC Uncovered Episode 19 begins a three part review of all things America's Cup in 2011. From the celebration of San Francisco as the venue for the 34th America's Cup, to the first America's Cup World Series event in Cascais, Portugal. We check in with the America's Cup teams to to hear their thoughts on the revolution of sailing from the test event in Auckland, New Zealand to Russell Coutts' capsi... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 18 - Meet Darren Bundock
The America's Cup World Series is in San Diego for the third stop, of the first season, on the inaugural America's Cup World Series. We're on site, uncovering the stories behind the action, including ORACLE Racing's new skipper Darren Bundock and China Team's boat blessing ceremony featuring Louis Vuitton CEO Yves Carcelle.... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episode 17 - First weekend in San Diego
The America's Cup World Series is in San Diego for the third stop on the global tour. We uncover the stories behind the action, including a behind the scenes look at the first skipper's briefing, a surfing trip with Oracle Racing's Simeon Tienpont and action from the first weekend of sailing.... [more]
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