New youngest solo sailor this week...PlanetSolar takes guard for pirate zone...more info for DIY Google Earth charts...Thailand cruising No.1...pirates attack warship - oops!... and much more...

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 19 Jan 2012

Will new youngest circumnavigator 'just keep sailing' to New Zealand?

Laura Dekker - a record in sight, but will she simply keep sailing?  .
Sometime in the next week, all going well, sixteen-year-old Laura Dekker will become (unofficially – there are no official records) the youngest ever circumnavigating solo sailor.

However, it is likely that more attention will be paid by the media to the fact that, as a dual citizen of both the Netherlands and New Zealand, she is likely to just keep sailing and end up living Downunder.

Why the change? 'The true story has not yet been told,' her father Dick Dekker told me darkly this week, referring to the still unresolved issues surrounding the Dutch authorities attempts to prevent Laura's voyage.

Having now communicated with Laura over a long period of time and watched her growing dislike of media attention, I agree she is likely to 'do a Bernard Moitessier' and just keep sailing. Read the two articles on her below...

For the rest, a great combination of tales from the oceans and sailing news closer to home. Of particular note is the further information we publish this week on making your own – completely accurate – charts from Google Earth. However, the land masses and sand banks might be accurate, but human error has to creep in somewhere – one reader wrote that while the islands might show in just the right places, the labels on the Google map we showed in the example were, believe it or not, wrong! - a handy thing to keep in mind...

Browse down the stories to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo sailing teen Laura Dekker did not 'tear down' her Dutch flag
Nancy Knudsen,
When 16-year-old Laura Dekker sails Guppy into the Dutch Caribbean island of Sint Maarten in about eight days to become the youngest ever circumnavigating sailor, she will be flying, not a Dutch flag, but the flag of New Zealand. However mainstream media reports that she had recently 'torn down' the Dutch flag are not true.... [more]
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Solar ship PlanetSolar takes security forces for Gulf of Aden crossing
PlanetSolar/Sail-World Cruising,
Turanor PlanetSolar, huge solar-powered yacht nearing the end of its global circumnavigation, is about to embark on the most dangerous section of its voyage, the pirate zone of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Without mentioning the word 'arms' PlanetSolar have announced that they have taken on high security specialists led by no less than a former chief of the Swiss armed forces.... [more]
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Tow boat captains honoured for heroism
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
All leisure sailors know they owe a lot to the rescuers, be they Coastguard or volunteers, but tow-boat crews are often thought of as relegated to the secondary role of merely towing. So its gratifying to see rewards handed out, and that North America is honouring her tow boat captains - reading the incidents here below will tell why:... [more]
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Adventure sailing and marine protection - OceansWatch's winning combo
Nancy Knudsen,
With a focus on island communities and the ocean environment, OceanWatch International is an organisation of sailors making the world a better place, as well as offering willing volunteers some fabulous sailing experiences. The formula is working and Ocean Watch members are increasing in both enthusiasm and numbers by the day. Here are two case studies:... [more]
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Thailand is No. 1 sailing destination in Asia
Event Media,
In a survey conducted at the 2011 Phuket King's Cup Regatta, Thailand was voted the favourite sailing venue and best regatta location in Asia. The survey was taken by international sailors from around the globe. Thailand was voted as having the best sailing grounds and destinations due to an ideal geography, good weather conditions and beautiful scenery.... [more]
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Pleasure yacht sinks off Oman, all rescued
Times of Oman/Sail-World Cruising,
Ten passenger sailors on a leisure cruise have been rescued by a British Navy ship and handed over to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) Coast Guard when their 34 metre yacht sank off Ras Al Hadd coast in Sur in the wee hours of yesterday.... [more]
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Coming soon to a yacht near you - 'truly global' Broadband
Des Ryan,
Two giants in the telecommunications industry have announced a formidable partnership designed to benefit those who sail the world's remote watery places. Iridium Communications Inc. and KVH Industries, Inc., have announced an agreement to offer the first-ever, fully global, seamless broadband satellite communications service for the maritime market... [more]
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'Cruising' sailors hopes of $80m drug import dashed
Lee Mylchreest,
It was the perfect cover. The Spanish 'cruising' sailors arrived under cover of the highly respected Port2Port Cruising Rally which occurs every November from Vanuatu in the south Pacific to Bundaberg on the east coast of Australia. They didn't know that they had been under surveillance for months and their hopes of importing $80 million in drugs were about to be dashed.... [more]
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Big Splash rendez-vous on China's Riviera
Hainan Rendezvous/Sail-World Cruising,
With three months left till the yearly Hainan Rendez-Vous again mesmerises China - and the rest of the world - with superyachts, private jets and not a sailing boat in sight, the organisers announced today that exhibitor and sponsorship slots for the pioneering event have entirely sold out.... [more]
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The Toronto International Boat Show in photos
Guy Perrin,
The Toronto International Boat Show opened to the public yesterday morning and will run until Sunday, January 22nd. It seems like Mother Nature is always willing to help with attendance on opening day by creating havoc with the weather and convincing boating enthusiasts that the day will be netter spent inside framing of summer activities; this year was no different... [more]
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Propeller Guards – Must have for sailing club and school boats
Brendan Maxwell,
‘I've spent my life in around powerboats, but as a parent, you really worry. The kids are being taught to capsize boats and they love being in the water. You starting thinking to yourself, just one little mistake of the coach or support boat driver believing he is doing the right thing by reversing in or coming in close to a kid and a that kid not anticipating, ends up ...'... [more]
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More on Do It Yourself charts from Google Earth
Nancy Knudsen,
In November we published an article showing how to create charts from Google Earth, resulting in no inaccuracies as there are with 'normal' charts. If that didn't do it for you, here's another method,from cruisers Eric and Sherrell on Sarana. The value of this cannot be underestimated, as many a cruiser will tell you who has found themselves anchored on a sandbank (according to the chart.)... [more]
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Rising CO2 levels making fish crazy!
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
The Earth's carbon dioxide emissions may be affecting the brains and central nervous system of sea fishes with serious consequences for their survival, an international scientific team has found.... [more]
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Beneteau down, but outperforming the market
Sail-World Cruising,
Beneteau, that iconic brand when it comes to sailing boats, is probably glad it has a housing division right now. While, as usual, outperforming the market, Beneteau has just reported that its sales of boats for the first quarter of 2011/2 is down by a whopping 12.8%.... [more]
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12 days, 1450 miles to go: youngest circumnavigator already looks back
Nancy Knudsen,
12 days and 1450 miles to go... Laura looks back. Just about to become, all going well, the youngest sailor every to circumnavigate the world, Laura Dekker has been so scarred by the attitude of authorities in the Netherlands where she was prevented from many months from going solo sailing, she is contemplating moving to New Zealand when she completes her journey.... [more]
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Pirate attack on EU NAVFOR flag ship - suddenly sorry
Des Ryan,
The fact that it occurred at first light must be the excuse for a skiff full of suspected pirates who opened fire and commenced boarding a target ship this week. What a surprise when the 'target' fired back and launched a helicopter. As the light increased they learned why. Rather than a commercial ship which they could have hijacked, it was the flagship of EU NAVFOR itself, the ESPS Patino.... [more]
Share this story - Contributors Guidelines,
Whether its information about yachts, catamarans or dinghies, or tales of your adventures on the water, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles - be it profiles of people and boats, techniques, safety or seamanship. Read on for the guidelines for submitting an article, including commercial articles - if the information is of value to our readers... [more]
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