Of heroes, speed-stars, disoriented boat shows and plucky old men

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 12 Jan 2012

Of heroes, speed-stars, disoriented boat shows and plucky old men

Cheval de Mer - turbulent seas, no engine, sails shredded, they closed on the coast then held on for days until the weather allowed a tow  .
I was gratified by the almost electric response to my article last week about the tendency of sailors to abandon their sound, floating boats when life on board gets tough. While Sail-World is not a forum, it was great to know that there are many fellow-traveller sailors out there who believe that you should step UP when abandoning a boat.

So, heroes of this week were three New Zealand sailors who didn't abandon their still floating boat in favour of an offered helicopter lift to safety when many others would have, but stayed with her for days until the weather allowed a tow. Well done, sailors!

There has been plenty happening on the world's oceans this week. With ever advancing technology and more and more professional sailors, speed records are always under threat. French trimaran Banque Populaire V is celebrating after circling the earth in just over 45 days. Jules Verne would have been proud.

Then there's Australian Paul Larsen who is back showing fighting spirit after disappointments last year, saying his quest to sail faster than 60 knots is his 'lifetime passion'. Read their plans for 2012.

Over in the Caribbean the World ARC Rally has set off on its 26,000 mile jaunt around the world; the London Boat Show seems to be having an identity crisis, opened this week by a superstar-model and selling jewellery; a plucky 83-year-old American has had to be rescued when his yacht was dismasted trying to round Cape Horn; and Downunder Grant Headifen tells what it's like sailing with Canadian friends through Queensland's tricky inland waterways, where the red and green buoys just don't do the right thing!

In practical news our Product of the Week is the mobile boat shelter, John Jamieson talks good sense about the keeping of a log book while sailing, and the Book of the Week is 'Sail Away' by Nicola Rodriguez – not a fantasy, and full of practical ideas.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to see what catches your interest, and

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailors come up trumps - eight-day horror voyage
Sail-World Round-up,
Many leisure sailors admit to wondering how they would behave if they found themselves in a serious situation at sea, but at the same time, we don't really want to have to find out. Three New Zealand sailors, Pete Deakin, Bill Claque and Richard Hope did just that last week and came up trumps (See Sail-World story). Here now is the account of what happened on board during that tough journey.... [more]
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Inland waterways - an anchoring challenge Downunder
Grant Headifen,
Grant Headifen, CEO of NauticEd online sail training school, here recounts a sailing adventure he had with Canadian long-range cruisers, Christine and Chris Ellsay and their four kids, Alexandra, Andrea, Ryan and Cari, on Stray Kitty. Togehter they were sailing the tricky inland waterways between Australia's holiday playground of the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay, the entrance to Brisbane.... [more]
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World ARC fleet departs Rodney Bay Marina on 26,000 mile journey
Rachel Hibberd,
The twenty-six strong World ARC fleet departed Rodney Bay Marina in Saint Lucia on Sunday to begin an epic 26,000 mile journey around the world in 15 months. The World ARC is a circumnavigation rally for cruising boats with a mix of both organized stages and free cruising.... [more]
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'45 days of beautiful adventure' - fastest voyage around the world
World Records Academy/Sail-World,
Jules Verne would have been proud, but also amazed, at the new world record for a sailing (or any) voyage around the world, done by a Frenchman. Yes, it's official. The crew of the maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V, skippered by Frenchman Loïck Peyron, completed the journey of 29,002 nautical miles around the world in a time of just 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds.... [more]
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Five Top Tips to make your log a legal document - and why
John Jamieson,
Did you know that all of sailing navigation starts with the boat log? And that this vital document can be used in a court of law? Captain John shows you how to make sure your boat log includes these entries for safety's sake!... [more]
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New crewed charter holidays in the Maldives
Sail-World Cruising,
The President of the Maldives might be worried about the magnificent archipelago sinking into the ocean because of global warming (they have already lost 14 islands), but its reputation as Flower of the Indian Ocean has convinced The Moorings to set up a new crewed charter operation there. So where will your next sailing holiday be?... [more]
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Marina sets example with solar farm
Sail-World Cruising,
Ocean Village Marina in Southampton in the UK is leading the way into a Green future with its new 220 panel solar farm. MDL Marinas, Europe's largest marina operator and operator of Ocean Village, is showing how it is forging ahead with its green agenda by installing the solar farm.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The mobile boat shelter
Des Ryan,
You have a trailer sailer, you want to preserve it by keeping it out of the weather, but you've nowhere to keep it. There are a million reasons why you may not be able to build a 'normal' boat shed - budget, terrain, maybe you don't even own the place where you live. Now there's a low-cost solution - the MOBILE boat shelter.... [more]
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83-year-old sailor dismasted in Cape Horn attempt
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Chile's navy this week located a dismasted 32ft yacht with an 83-year-old solo sailor on board about 1800 nautical miles west of Chile and 400 nm south of Easter Island, in fifteen foot swells. The solo sailor, U.S. attorney Louis Corogin was reportedly on his seventh attempt to round Cape Horn. He had left Hanga Roa in Easter Island on 27th December, but activated his EPIRB once dismasted.... [more]
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Paul Larsen is back: 'I'll do 60kts for the sailing speed record.'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The year ended disappointingly for Australian sailor Paul Larsen, determined to break the 60kt barrier in a sailboat. Last month the team made a record attempt in southern Africa after beefing up the technology in their craft SailRocket 2. Walvis Bay in Namibia has ideal conditions, but it was not to be. However Paul is coming back fighting in 2012, determined that his goal will not elude him.... [more]
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Plastic pollution: Have you caught a 'bagfish' lately?
Sailors for the Sea/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors for the Sea is an organisation started by sailors for sailors, whose mission it is to educate and engage the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans. This first article about 'Sailing and the Environment' talks of the ubiquitous 'bag fish' that abound in many enclosed waterways and often in the ocean, and is courtesy of Sailors for the Sea:... [more]
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London Boat Show's curious opening
Nancy Knudsen,
'The 2012 Tullett Prebon London Boat Show was opened this morning at 11am by heiress, model and broadcaster, Tamara Ecclestone, with all the glitz and panache that would be expected from this world-class event.' So said the press release. Said Ms Ecclestone was accompanied by four 50's style bathing beauties for her opening gig, but it quite escapes me what that all had to do with boats or sails... [more]
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Strong weather for Tall Ships Regatta in New Zealand's Bay of Islands
Stephen Western,
Every year the Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand is home to a spectacle of sail and a light hearted race of classic vessels organised by the Russell Boat Club. This year it was a great spectacle again on the 7th January(see the photos below), but it was held in what may be the wettest occasion on record.... [more]
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Four days adrift but 'no thanks' to rescue helicopter
Nancy Knudsen/round up,
It's refreshing to hear a tale of cruising sailors who don't panic and knocked back a lift from a rescue helicopter. Reports have reached Sail-World of a ketch called Cheval de Mer with ripped sails and no motor, which has been for four days drifting off the west coast of the Northland of New Zealand with three crew on board waiting for the weather to improve to ask for a tow to safety.... [more]
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Book Review: 'Sail Away' by Nicola Rogriguez
Des Ryan,
Sick of your own particular rat race? The nine-to-five routine? There's never been a better time to buy a boat and sail away. Some Western economies are on the brink of collapse and a decent return on investments is hard to find - so why not cast off on the adventure of a lifetime?... [more]
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RYA Volvo Dinghy Show - Tickets now on sale
Emma Slater,
If you're a dinghy sailor and there's any way you can get there, don't miss it! The RYA Volvo Dinghy Show 2012 - Tickets are now on sale for the only show in the world dedicated exclusively to all things dinghy sailing and showcasing all that's great about British dinghy sailing. RYA Volvo Dinghy Show, in association with Yachts and Yachting and Suzuki, has something for all dinghy sailors.... [more]
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New research shows how much food is needed by seabirds
British Antarctic Survey,
It has been shown by an international group of scientists that numerous seabirds begin to suffer when the available food in the ocean declines beneath a critical level. The level is about one-third of the maximum measured amount of food available.... [more]
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Nautor's Swan announces programme of events and circuits for 2012
Nautor Swan,
Nautor's Swan calendar of events and circuits for 2012 provides an opportunity for Swan owners and their crew from all over the world to be united by their love of sailing and to share their enjoyment of and pride in their yacht. Nautor's Swan offer every member the chance to enjoy their Swan yacht to the full and also to share their experiences with other owners... [more]
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Sail-World Facebook format - Have your Say!!
The Sail-World Team,
Sail-World.com is the largest sailing news network in the world. Around the world each day on www.Sail-World.com, we publish up to fifty stories; but, because the site uses geo-location, (meaning that it knows where you are), we only deliver U.S. interest stories to U.S. based audiences and UK interest stories to UK readers for example and as such, most of us only see about 20 new stories each day... [more]
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