Why you may want to be a 'desperate sailor'...Sydney's Vincent Bossley tells... busy traffic at Cape Horn this summer... fibreglass secrets... sail training rescue in 60 knots...2011's floating yachts abandoned... and much more...

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 05 Jan 2012

Yachts rocketing to Cape Horn

The one to watch  .. .
In this New Year Week's news two solo sailor adventurers rocket towards Cape Horn intending to round the fearsome cape in the height of summer – one Polish sailor doing a solo world circle and one American circumnavigating the Americas in a 27ft boat.

They might find it's not so lonely these days. Several commercial expedition sailing boats will be there with paying crew and more than a few cruise ships, sating their comfortable passengers' desire for adventure. Even a group of ten aircraft will be overflying the Horn this summer, come all the way from Europe, and the Volvo Ocean Race boats will be on the approach.

This might make it comforting on the radio at times, but it doesn't make the voyage any easier. Matthew Rutherford in his 27ft boat will be an interesting one to follow.

Talking of adventurers, Jean Socrates, almost-seventy and dubbed the world's favourite 'sailing grandmother', has announced she is setting out next October for a third try at a non-stop circumnavigation. Our own Sydney-based Vincent Bossley, author and roving sailor, also tells of a breath-stopping entry into a South Pacific atoll.

Many other stories of more immediate interest too – check your technique of sailing into a tricky entrance – are you being as safe as you can? If you're working on your fibreglass any time soon you'll love the advice about how to make it glow and preserve it against the elements, and if you'd love to have a sailing holiday somewhere warm but don't know how to arrange it, you'll want to know about the 'by the berth' holidays that are available. Are you a desperate sailor? You might want to be when you read the story...

Much more too, so browse down the stories here to choose your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo sailor circumnavigates the Americas- injured short of the Horn
Nancy Knudsen,
Matt Rutherford set sail from Annapolis last June in a 27ft Albin-Vega sailing boat, with an unimaginably difficult task ahead - to solo circumnavigate the Americas. As Christmas and New Year came and went, he was still going strong - through the North West Passage, down the Pacific and is now approaching Cape Horn - but it's not without some hiccups... [more]
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Sail-training crew rescued in 60knot weather
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Of seven crew, only one crew member was fit enough to assist with their rescue. 40ft Sail training vessel Liquid Vortex was caught in horrendous Force 11(56-63knot) conditions off the coast of Britain this week. With five crew severely seasick and one injured it was a tough way for the Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI) to start their New Year.... [more]
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Invitation to Hemingway International Yacht Club's 20th birthday.
Nancy Knudsen,
Cuba, long denied to American citizen sailors, has been an alluring destination for all other nationalities. And in spite of the bar on American visitors, the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba has prospered, under the guidance of its commodore, Diaz Escrich. Now this venerated club is turning 20, and is inviting all cruising sailors in the world to share the celebrations... [more]
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'By the Berth' sailing holidays - making life easy
Sail-World Cruising,
So you want to go sailing AND you need a holiday, but you don't have a boatload of people to join you in chartering a boat. One travel company is now making life easy by introducing sailing holidays in some of the world's prize cruising grounds - places like Thailand, Croatia and Greece - with one big difference.... [more]
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The vital steps to immaculate fibreglass
Shurhold/Sail-World Cruising,
Having immaculate fibreglass not only makes your boat look sexy, it also means that it is protected against the rigours of constant exposure to salt water and salt mist. This article in collaboration with Shurhold first looks at cleaning the glass, then how to buff it effectively and get rid of water spots:... [more]
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Circumnavigating solo Polish sailor approaches Cape Horn
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Most stories of lone yachties taking on the oceans are of those from the English-speaking world, but then we watched the amazing exploits of Polish sailor and adventurer Natasza Caban, who sailed around the world from Honolulu between July 2007 and December 2009. Now there's another Pole who started in a more conventional manner from Europe - and, despite the privations, he is going strong!... [more]
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Jeanne Socrates' solo sail attempt supported by ACR Electronics
John Bell,
British Yachtswoman Jeanne Socrates, who will launch her third attempt to become the first woman to sail nonstop solo around the world from North America in a monohull in October 2012, has welcomed aboard ACR Electronics, the world's leader in safety and survival technologies.... [more]
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Sailing into Rangiroa Atoll, a breath-stopping entry
Vincent Bossley,
Vince Bossley, the author of ebook '101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors' here tells the story of his adventures in the South Pacific, this time at Rangiroa Atoll, French Polynesia. It is an extract from his other publication, 'Sailing Adventures in Paradise'... [more]
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London Boat Show - the glamour, the glitz and so many boats...
Sail-World Cruising,
As boat shows go, it must be the most alluring of all. For ten excitement-packed days, the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show at ExCel will be on again from the 6th January, 2012. Fitting the glitz and glamour of the show itself, this year it will be officially opened by none other than Tamara Ecclestone, head-turning 'Billion Dollar Girl' star.... [more]
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Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot in another storm
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,
The Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot are struggling slowly northward through another storm. The crew of the Brigitte Bardot are wearing their survival suits around the clock.... [more]
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Calling all Desperate Sailors
Are you a desperate sailor? Perhaps you don't think so, but when you have read this great idea, maybe you'll WANT to be a Desperate Sailor. Why? Well, for instance, maybe you're cruising and you suddenly desperately need to make a trip home. Desperate Sailors could find you a boat minder. You're in a new anchorage and desperately need a mechanic. Desperate Sailors shows you the nearest one... [more]
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Using simple danger bearings for sailing navigation safety
John Jamieson,
Strong winds heel your small cruising boat as you approach the rock-infested entrance to the pristine cove you've selected for an anchorage. Your main concerns are those ship-killing rocks on the starboard side of the entrance. What‘s the fastest, easiest method to back up your GPS navigation for safe passage?... [more]
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Floating yachts abandoned - the scene in 2011
Nancy Knudsen,
Every year there are tragedies at sea, yachts missing and never found, crew washed overboard and lost, or yachts sunk and their crew rescued. Sometimes these incident are caused by the overpowering force of nature, sometimes by crew carelessness, sometimes by the failure of gear or equipment. But what of the floating yachts that are abandoned?... [more]
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Boaters reminded to ‘stay under the limit'
NSW Maritime,
Boaters are reminded to ‘stay under the limit' as they head out onto waterways across the State for New Year's Eve celebrations.... [more]
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