Christmas Day clash in the Antarctic...Laura Dekker's solo Christmas...Jimmy Cornell's Ocean Atlas a sure winner...Catalina owners ahoy...anchoring cruisers pay for Italy's plight...and much more...

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 29 Dec 2011

Those who ate plum pudding and those who missed out...

Peter Brown launching drone 'Nicole Montecalvo' From the Steve Irwin to overfly the Japanese whaling fleet  .. .
While many sailors were finding some way of eating plum pudding on 25th December, whether in a cockpit somewhere or at home with family, there were some adventure sailors who had anything but comfort:

In the south Atlantic Ocean 16-year-old solo sailor Laura Dekker's boat Guppy was being rocked by a three-metre beam sea so severely she couldn't eat the five-course dinner she had planned; down in the Antarctic Sea Shepherd activist Peter Brown was too busy launching drones at Japanese whaling ships to think much about Christmas pudding; and up in the Gulf of Oman the crew of the world's largest solar yacht were breathing collective sighs of relief after surviving the first leg of the pirate zone by reaching Qatar.

Even though the Turanor PlanetSolar has a very high profile, making it difficult to capture, and they sensibly stayed as close as practical to the coastline, the desperation of Somali pirates and the drama of such a prize haul could not rule out a pirate attack 100%.

Jimmy Cornell's just-produced Ocean Atlas, his latest (and thirteenth) offering to the world, is bound to become a must for any sailor who departs on a longer cruise. Jimmy told me a few months ago, when he was still in the throes of its production, that he had found 'so many inaccuracies' in currently existing pilots that he was driven to create a reliable tool. The Atlas will not only be useful to cruising sailors, but may very well replace pilots for the shipping world.

Lots of other articles and stories as well - first report on what European inspectors are searching for when they inspect foreign yachts, an article to check your own safety methods when there are kids on your boat, and several great products excellent for sailors– specially the driPhone and the DV1 video camera, safe to five metres: good for holidays, good for all the time you're sailing.

Whether you're lucky enough to be out on the water as the New Year is heralded, or at home watching the world light up to welcome 2012, we at Sail-World Cruising wish you that 2012 will turn out just the way you dream it!

Sweet sailing...

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Tax on anchoring: Cruising sailors must pay to 'Save Italy'
Des Ryan,
Roving Mediterranean cruisers are being given one more reason to head for lower cost regimes like Croatia or Turkey. The Italian government is planning to tax you for anchoring in, or even outside, its ports.... [more]
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Laura Dekker, Christmas alone brings an 'amazing' present
Nancy Knudsen,
Laura Dekker, 16-year-old solo sailor currently on her way from Cape Town to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean on the last leg of her circumnavigation, may be an amazing little sailor and full of sensible seamanship, but she's still a sixteen-year-old and spent Christmas Day delighted that she didn't have to put up with the Christmas obligations at home:... [more]
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European inspectors focus on yacht safety
Jake DesVergers, The Triton/Sail-World,
One year ago Europe revised its marine inspection regime for visiting vessels to include, for the first time, yachts. While superyachts might make more of a target, cruising yachts can also be inspected. Here Jake DesVergers, chief surveyor for the International Yacht Bureau, reports for The Triton on what Year One has taught. If you are thinking of cruising Europe any time soon, take note.... [more]
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Product of the Week: small but important, a good working light
Des Ryan,
Do you look like THIS when you are working in the engine room? Notice all the bright light is behind this poor frustrated cruising sailor, who actually has the engine light turned on! What you need is the brightest possible job to make life easier when you have your head down in the engine room.... [more]
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Christmas Day Clash: Sea Shepherd Drones find Japanese Whaling Fleet
Sail-World Cruising,
While the we of the lucky sailing world were either lounging in cockpits on pre-prepared Christmas snacks or at home with the family on Christmas Day, there's not much Christmas aboard in the Southern Ocean where there is a David and Goliath clash going on between Sea Shepherd and the Japanese Whaling Fleet - with one big difference. Sea Shepherd is using drones (See footnote)... [more]
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Sailing women head for February convention
Sail-World Cruising,
You're a keen woman sailor and you want to connect with others to learn what's going on in their world. No matter where you sail there's no better place than Newport California on 4th February this year - there's still plenty of time to plan now, but hurry - it is usually sold out!... [more]
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Boating Safety with Kids
Laurie Lowther - YachtShare NZ Ltd,
When sailing every parent's concern is the safety of their child at sea. Boating is an exciting and fun family leisure option and by educating away some of the risks, parents can relax and the whole family will gain more from the experience. How do YOU stack up on these safety tips?... [more]
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Product of the Week: The DV1 video camera
Lee Mylchreest,
About to set off for a sailing holiday? This Product of the Week just might be something that will add great delight to your time on and off the boat. The GE DV1 video camera is a handy small size that fits in your pocket and therefore can be produced in an instant, and the best thing about it for sailors is that it's officially waterproof to 5 metres.... [more]
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World's largest solar yacht skirts pirate waters, arrives Qatar
Nancy Knudsen,
The world's largest solar-powered boat has arrived in Doha, in the tiny rich state of Qatar. Turanor PlanetSolar, attempting to demonstrate a future world where we won't need polluting fossil-fuel to travel the oceans, has skirted the Arabian Sea pirate zone after its departure from Mumbai in India.... [more]
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driPhone - essential for everyone on the water with a mobile phone
Richard Gladwell,
Having had an iPhone since they first became available, the only real downside was the constant worry about it getting wet, when taken on the water. The driPhone solves all the obvious problems with iPhones on the water, and allows full functionality including the new use as an underwater camera. You can still buy online before Christmas and have delivered by first available courier.... [more]
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Book of the Week: 'Cornell's Ocean Atlas' new from Jimmy Cornell
Nancy Knudsen,
Every book that Jimmy Cornell has published - and there have been thirteen of them - has been highly relevant, superbly presented, and most importantly, 100% accurate. We anticipate that Cornell's latest production, a large format full colour 'Ocean Atlas' will be no different. My copy has just arrived on my desk and it certainly eclipses all his other productions with its 'wow factor'.... [more]
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