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 15 Dec 2011

A Welcome mat from Indonesia

Sailing Indonesia's 18,000 islands now easier  .. .
For long range cruising sailors the best news of the week is that Indonesia has confirmed yachts will be welcome for three months to three years, AND with a minimum of paperwork. The Indonesian archipelago is a sailing heaven of around 18,000 islands (yes, that's right - 18,000!) just waiting to be discovered, so Thailand will have some stiff competition if Indonesia lives up to its word.

It's a great time for planning next year's sailing-related activities – read about the vintage sailing event on Italy's beautiful Lake Como, and Swan owners who can reach the Caribbean should seriously consider the 'Gathering of the Swans'.

Some great products featured this week – an innovative DryAfloat bag, a luxuriously illustrated coffee table book on yacht design, and an ebook that any sailor will want to read, with no less than 101 dollar-saving tips! Any of them would be good Christmas presents and they're all available online...

Lots of other stories as well – a sweet tale of the cargo sailing ships that have continuously plied the coast of Madagascar for hundreds of years; some entertaining images of wonderfully lit yachts in the Light Parades that have a long and hearty tradition in the USA; an excellent piece on the theory of righting moments and, importantly, when to reef.

More too, so run your eyes down the headlines to choose your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

'New Era' as Indonesia welcomes yachts up to three years
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Could it become as popular as Thailand? A meeting between a superyacht organisation and an Indonesian Head of Customs confirms the willingness of Indonesia to welcome cruising yachts to their country, which has long been infamous for expense and bureaucratic difficulty to obtain permission to cruise the extraordinary coastline.... [more]
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Lake Como Italy for Vintage Yachting Games in 2012
Nancy Knudsen,
If you are going to be, or can arrange to be, anywhere near Italy's most beautiful of all lakes, Lake Como, next July, AND you love classic yachts, then you shouldn't miss the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games. There you will be able to see sailing boats such as the Europe, 12' Dinghy, O-Jolle, Flying Dutchman, Yngling, Tempest, Soling, Dragon and 5.5 Metre.... [more]
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An eBook for just $10: '101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors'
Nancy Knudsen,
Whether you are already sailing oceans or simply planning your first overnight adventure, there's an ebook that you won't want to be without. Most cruising sailors are not on an unlimited budget, that's why you'll value Vincent Bossley's ebook, '101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors'. The sailor in your family might thank you forever, and right now a special offer means the ebook is only $10.... [more]
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Time for the Light Parades - a long yachting tradition
Lee Mylchreest,
Right across the USA it's time for the iconic boat parades, and it's not only the kids that look forward to it every year. Decorating your sailing boat is not only good fun it can win prizes and accolades and give others a great night out..... [more]
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Researchers assess radioactivity released from Fukushima Dai-Ichi
In light of news this week regarding additional radioactive leaks from the Fukushima nuclear power plants, the impact on the ocean of releases of radioactivity from the plants continues to be unclear. But a new study by U.S. and Japanese researchers analyzes the levels of radioactivity discharged from the facility in the first four months after the accident and draws some basic conclusions... [more]
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Shooners ply the coast of Madagascar
Alex Hamel/AFP/Sail-World,
While modern ships are searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using sails to assist their passage across oceans, there's one corner of the world where the sailing ship has continued its dominance of the commercial maritime world - it's Madagascar.... [more]
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Huge solar sail to cruise beyond the earth's orbit
NASA/Sail-World Cruising,
Not long after the 'little solar sail that wouldn't give up', NanoSail-D, re-entered the Earth's atmosphere recently and burned up (see Sail-World story), another solar sail is in the planning, but this time it will be seven times larger and will go far beyond the Earth's orbit.... [more]
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Caribbean Rendezvous March 2012 - a Gathering of the Swans
Kate Holmes,
Nautor's Swan is pleased to open entries for the annual ClubSwan Caribbean Rendezvous which will take place from 12 – 17 March 2012 in the British Virgin Islands. A diverse range of Swan's take part in the Rendezvous each spring.... [more]
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When to reef and the theory of righting moments
Grant Headifen, NauticEd,
When do you reef a boat when bay, lake or harbour sailing? Any why? Have you ever REALLY understood why a keel boat on a level sea simply cannot roll over? Here Grant Headifen of NauticEd gives a few tips for both skippers and crew for when out day sailing.... [more]
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'Yacht to be Green' offers free energy audit:
Lee Mylchreest,
Everywhere there are new initiatives beginning to help yacht owners to be green. In the USA the Yacht to be Green Consortium is set to offer yachts a free energy audit. The MISEA Group, in conjunction with other companies in a Yacht to be Green™ consortium, will launch a new initiative in the coming months that enables a boat owner to implement the safest, most efficient energy plan afloat... [more]
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Product of the Week: DryAfloat bag
Peter Franklin,
Never have to worry about losing your mobile phone or your keys overboard again! Sea-Things, who design and market eco-friendly carrying bags specifically for life on the water, have announced a new product with a very user friendly application and wallet friendly price tag! Great Christmas present too!... [more]
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Book Review: A Passion for Design
Lee Mylchreest,
Looking for something really special for that yacht-mad sailor at Christmas? You can't go past the 200 page, spectacularly illustrated coffee table book, 'A Passion for Design.' Germán Frers is one of the top names within an elite group of international yacht designers with Nautor Swan and Hallberg Rassy in the portfolio.... [more]
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