Mooloolaba's Marine Festival a winner...French couple tell of pirate attack...make your smartphone GPS enabled...Paul Larsen's world speed record attempt again...avoiding sea monsters...Beneteau Regatta...and much more...

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 24 Nov 2011

Cruising Rule No. 1: Always have plan B, C, D...

Riot crew,everything broke but the spirit of the crew - photo by Tamell Simons  .
I couldn't help being amused that just three (at time of writing) of the six boats will finish the very first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. One can't even blame fatigue – of boat or men. As for Puma, having lost her mast in the Atlantic, the skipper mused that they had neither enough food nor water to limp to their next port. Never mind, there's always the back-up plan - a ship would arrive with diesel supplies, then another to crane them aboard and take them to Cape Town. You'll have to go to a Sail-World Racing site if you want to read the rest.

Somehow I enjoyed more the story of the cruising yacht Riot, which had everything break but the spirit of her crew and she still finished the voyage. Riot was one of the NARC Rally boats caught in the late Tropical Storm Sean on their way from Rhode Island to Bermuda, but it could have been anywhere. (Next time they'll probably make sure their gear is in better order)

Great smorgasbord of news from our own coastlines and the world's oceans to keep you right up to date with what's going on in the world of the cruising sailor: - Mooloolaba's Sunshine Coast Marine Festival went off with a bang...great break-through for sailors heading for Thailand or round the world to know it's getting easier to cruise the wonderful cruising grounds through Namibia Australian Paul Larsen's Sailrocket II is trying some new technology in order to reach the magic 60knot speed barrier for a sailing craft...alarming news about the Arctic Ocean...some hints about avoiding big ships at sea... and two great products featured, one an Australian low tech product, from the sheep's back. The other is a super way to get your smartphone GPS enabled.

Many more articles too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

A riot on Riot - Skipper tells
Des Ryan,
Sometimes it's just sheer determination that gets you home. The North American Cruising Rally, which set out from Rhode Island on 30th October heading for Bermuda, was beset by late-developing Tropical Storm Sean. Riot, a 50ft Ketch, shredded its sails, lost steering, engine, bimini and anchor chain, but still made it into Bermuda. Here's the story as told by skipper Coleman Bowen:... [more]
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Sunshine Coast Marine Festival a winner
Marine Queensland,
When is a marine festival more than a show for boaties? When it is a community event: that's the word from Marine Queensland on the Sunshine Coast's inaugural Marine Festival which has just finished... [more]
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Product of the week: Smartphones are GPS-enabled by the XGPS150
Nancy Knudsen,
As a back-up GPS (back-up only) when you go sailing, the Dual Electronics XGPS150 is ideal and makes a great Product of the Week. As long as you have an iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone or a Bluetooth-enabled tablet or laptop, you'll find it very simple to use, and it'll add just another level of safety to your voyage, whether that lasts a day or a year.... [more]
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French couple tell of pirate attack and commando release
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A French couple from Tahiti, Bernadette and Jean-Yves Delanne, from their yacht the Carre d'As IV, have told for the first time the details of their attack and capture by Somali pirates in September 2008. Six Somali pirates are on trial for the attack, reported by Sail-World at the time... [more]
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Sailrocket 2 attempts a new World Speed Sailing Record
Gizmodo/Sail-World Cruising,
There's not much room for a cooler, but Australian speed sailor Paul Larsen's Sailrocket 2 isn't designed for a casual afternoon on the lake. It's super-sleek, has a secret weapon, is engineered to set a new speed sailing speed record, and it's in Namibia right now trying to do just that.... [more]
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Corals can sense what's coming
ARC Centre of Excellence,
Coral bleaching, one of the most devastating events affecting coral reefs around the planet, is triggered by rising water temperatures.... [more]
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ARC 2011 - perfect conditions for the start
Rachel Hibberd,
The 26th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) sailed today from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, bound for Saint Lucia. A brisk northerly wind and blue sky gave perfect conditions for a downwind start and a swift departure. from the coastline. 217 boats and 1,188 people, including 26 aged under 18, are sailing in this year's edition of the world's most popular transocean rally... [more]
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Product of the Week: Woolube - the sheep have it for sailing

The most rough and tumble sheep shearers in the world always had the softest hands - because their hands spent so much time handling sheep. Now the natural lanolin that comes from sheep's wool has been turned into an extremely versatile, completely environmentally friendly spray lubricant, just great for marine environments. It's called Woolube Marine Max..... [more]
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A mammoth cruising voyage completed by Scotsman
Sail-World Cruising,
Every day somewhere in the world someone is preparing for, departing on, or returning from the sailing trip of a lifetime. Here we tell of a Scottish sailor who, through good seamanship and a healthy supply of determination, has just completed a mammoth voyage.... [more]
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North West Passage Alarm - totally ice free by 2015
Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer/Sail-World,
It might be appealing to think of sailing through the dreaded North West Passage above Canada, but most cruising sailors would gladly give it a miss if it meant we could reduce the apparently irreversible (if you go by the feeble reactions of many nations) effects of the global warming which is producing it.... [more]
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Big News for yachts visiting Indonesia - PIB Customs Bond eliminated
Linda Cartlidge/Sail-World Cruising,
It's big news for long range cruising sailors! PIB Customs Bond for yachts visiting Indonesia has been eliminated by the Indonesian Customs Department and will be replaced with a new and more amicable system next month. Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia was officially given the news in a meeting in Denpasar, Bali on 16 November 2011.... [more]
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Book of the Week: RYA Passage Planning
Rob Tickner,
Planning, planning, planning. One of the great arts of seamanship. No sea voyage, whether long or short, offshore or within sight of land, should go ahead without adequate planning and this book is your perfect companion to help you prepare thoroughly before setting off.... [more]
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Beneteau Lagoon Regatta images from John Curnow
Anna Parker,
Photographer John Curnow shares with us images from the 2011 Beneteau Lagoon Regatta. Enjoy!... [more]
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METS: Cool Toys Galore!
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
When it comes to sailing gear, there is no cooler place to drool than the annual METS tradeshow, held each year in Mid-November in Amsterdam. While the nightlife is legendary, the show itself is offers are rare glimpse at brand-new gear that won't be in full circulation until next year, as well as European kit that won't necessarily make it's way to the States.... [more]
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Helly Hansen announces new partnership with Middle Harbour YC
Jess Mulquiney,
Leading water sports and technical apparel supplier Helly Hansen are pleased to announce a new partnership with Middle Harbour Yacht Club to become the exclusive apparel partner to the club for the next three years. The partnership which was finalised earlier this month will bring together two important players in Australian sailing.... [more]
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Beneteau Lagoon Regatta - Its our 20th
Vicsail Sydney,
This year marks Vicsail Sydney's 20th Anniversary of the Beneteau Lagoon regatta, held yearly at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and today is the day. [more]
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How to Avoid Deadly Encounters with Sea Monsters
Captain John Jamieson,
Learn the fast, easy techniques to keep your crew and you safe and sound and avoid collisions with other vessels. Follow this advice from John Jamieson (Captain John) of [more]
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Increased acidity not an even test for coral reefs
Wendy Ellery,
The take-home message of two papers that were recently published in the Global Change Biology by a group of scientists from the AIMS (Dr Ken Anthony), the NCAR in the US (Dr Joanie Kleypas), and from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France (Prof Jean-Pierre Gattuso) is that coral reefs can both positively and negatively influence the acidity of their surrounding seawater.... [more]
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International Team to drill beneath glacier in Antarctica
The Pine Island Glacier is the area of Antarctica that concerns scientists most because of its potential to cause a rapid rise in sea level. Satellite measurements have shown this area is losing ice and surrounding glaciers are thinning, raising the possibility the ice could flow rapidly out to sea.... [more]
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