Laura Dekker three oceans conquered...three days rowing after yacht sinks...The ARC again...Porthole/portlight wins DAME Design Awards...yacht numbers exploding in China...and much more...

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 17 Nov 2011

Dekker/Moitessier and other amazing adventures

Laura Dekker - reluctant to reach land after 47 days peacefully at sea  .
It's our promise always to bring you the news as you'd like to have it – relevant to the you as a cruising sailor, in the level of detail that you would like and from the perspective you would like.

This week, as ever, there's plenty of it. Two adventure sailing expeditions worth mentioning: First there's the arrival of 16-year-old Laura Dekker in to Durban after a 47-day journey across the Indian Ocean. What a cool sailor she is...the only thing that seems to ruffle her is having to give up life on the ocean to approach land and cope with too much attention – shades of Bernard Moitessier. He was so reluctant to become the first winner of a round-world yacht race that he just kept on sailing instead and finished his life in Tahiti.

The other amazing adventure, begun in 2002, not only encompasses Seven Oceans but also Seven Peaks. It is by the six members of Swiss Family Schwörer, four of whom were, wait for it, born during the voyage!

Bernard Moitessier - so reluctant for fame that he sailed away to the South Pacific  .. .
Both of these expeditions are being carried out by very able seafarers, but, blame the GPS and all the other gizmos that are meant to make sailing easier if you like, but there are far too many sailors with insufficient skills out there on our oceans, too often requiring rescue when they should be able to get home themselves. Read my opinion piece.

There is so much new gear on the market these days, so many advances in both technology and materials, that it's hard to keep up with the options. The DAME marine design awards were announced this week, and some really amazing innovations are among the award winners. At first I thought that giving the overall award to a port-hole window was a bit marginal and trite, but changed my mind when I saw just how it could potentially revolutionise portholes in new yacht designs.

Two rallies featured this week – the ARC Rally is just about to depart to cross the Atlantic and the Port2Port Rally is just finishing after a South Pacific crossing.

Finally, some rescues are recounted. We usually choose to include a rescue stories if there is a lesson to be learned, and one of the wonderful things about cruising is that you never, never stop learning.

These were just a few highlights – plenty more there, so browse the headlines.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Solo teen sailor reaches Durban South Africa
Nancy Knudsen,
Sixteen year old solo sailor Laura Dekker has successfully crossed the Indian Ocean and arrived in Durban, South Africa. After 47 days of non-stop sailing, the young sailor has now three oceans to her credit, and answered the question that so many had been asking - she has avoided the pirate zone and is taking the Africa route... [more]
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Three days rowing after yacht sinks - survivors tell their story
Sun Sentinel/Sail-World Cruising,
Have you ever had nightmares about what you would do if your boat hit an unknown object mid-ocean and sank suddenly? What if your radios were flooded, your EPIRB didn't work, you couldn't reach your liferaft and you ended up in your dinghy? Well it's happened to two men who lived to tell the tale by rowing for three days.... [more]
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Yachting New Zealand makes stand on Aquaculture intrusion on cruisers
A New Zealand national sports organisation, Yachting New Zealand has issued a statement setting out the organisation's position on legislation and application and licence approvals that will enable the aquaculture industry to achieve its goal of becoming a $1 billion contributor to the New Zealand economy.... [more]
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DAME Design Awards - Revolving portlight/porthole earns top honours
Sail-World Cruising,
Overall Winner of the DAME Design Award 2011, just announced at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam, is the Italian-produced Revolving Portlight of S.C.M. (Stampaggio Costruzioni Meccaniche). The Jury felt that the Revolving Portlight from S.C.M. delivered an outstanding combination of inspired practicality, delightful aesthetics and first-class engineering.... [more]
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Book of the Week: DIY guide to replacing your boat's engine
Sail-World Cruising,
There's nothing worse than instruction manuals which read as though they were written badly in another language and then translated by a someone who doesn't understand the subject. If this frustrates you too, then you'll relate to this book. It is a practical, step-by-step illustrated guide to replacing a boat's engine, aimed at the DIY boat repairer.... [more]
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Off again: World's largest ocean rally prepares to depart
World Cruising Club/Sail-World Cruising,
With one week to go before the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) 2011 fleet leave Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands to cross the Atlantic heading for for Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, crews from across the world marched and danced behind their national flags in a stirring parade around Las Palmas Marina.... [more]
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Ocean Incompetence Inc. - an opinion piece
Nancy Knudsen,
As a passionate sailor believing in good seamanship, and a journalist writing about sailing every day, I am often struck by how stories of poor seamanship and needless rescues are reported as of brave survivors, battling the elements against all odds. Mostly I try to ignore these tales of woe, but sometimes the degree of proud incompetence from sailors is too extreme to dismiss. Here's a story...... [more]
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'Port2Port' Rally arrives Australia from Vanuatu
Des Ryan,
More than eighty yachts taking part in the Annual 'Port2Port' Rally - Port Vila in Vanuatu to the Port of Bundaberg in Queensland, have arrived in Australia, with the last stragglers soon to arrive.... [more]
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Green world-challenge sailors reach South Africa
Nancy Knudsen,
Pachamama, 15m expedition yacht sailed by Swiss Family Schwörer and volunteers since the beginning of their ambitious 'TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition', arrived last week in Richards Bay in South Africa. Since the couple began their mammoth endeavour in 2002, to sail the seven oceans of the world and scale the seven top peaks, four children have been born on the boat as they travelled... [more]
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New 'One-Design' Rally discovers the Croatia less travelled
Maggie Joyce,
This new flotilla sailing event from Mariner Boating Holidays in August/September next year will take you to the world famaous Kornati Islands of Croatia, famous for the large area of stark National Parks, clear water and fair winds. We will use a matched fleet of one design, three cabin 47 foot yachts.... [more]
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Yacht explosion expected in Xiamen China - 20,000 new berths
WhatsonXiamen/Sail-World Cruising,
Xiamen, Chinese coastal city positioned directly opposite Taiwan and known as the 'Garden on the Sea' must be planning on an explosion in yachting activities. The city plans to carry out no less than seven separate yachting projects, which are expected to offer a total of 20,300 new berths for yachts.... [more]
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Product of the Week: iAIS, linking with your iPhone or iPad
Des Ryan,
If you don't have an AIS yet, or are ready to get a new one, it's worth considering the world's first wireless AIS receiver, which links with all the latest iPhones, iPad or other iTouch devices, giving you a greater flexibility of movement than you would have with a normal receiver.... [more]
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Lifesling, life jacket, light, whistle -all praised in medal award
Jake Fish, US Sailing/Sail-World Cruising,
'A life jacket, a whistle and a light. My God, how simple it can be? But that's what it was,' the words of Robert Arzbaecher, receiving the Hanson Rescue Medal in Chicago this week. During the awards ceremony Arzbaecher marveled at how effective basic mandatory equipment was, including the simple Lifesling that many yachts have onboard hoping they will never have to use it.... [more]
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Ship Captain describes dangerous yacht rescue off Bermuda
Simon Jones, BDA Sun/Sail-World Cruising,
The captain of the ship Oleander has described how he and his crew battled high winds and huge waves to pluck four sailors from their stricken yacht Elle after AMVER called them to the rescue. The incident was reported several days ago by Sail-World Cruising, but now the Captain has spoken out.... [more]
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Solar-powered catamaran skirts the Somali pirate zone
Raphaël Domjan/Sail-World Cruising,
Turanor Planet Solar, the extraordinary solar-powered yacht circumnavigating the world, is just about to cross the deadly Pirate Zone - now swelled to include most of the West Indian Ocean - hoping to reach the Red Sea. The craft had been a year at sea when it arrived in Singapore for maintenance, which has now been carried out, and Raphaël Domjan, Founder & Expedition leader, continues the story... [more]
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Manson introduces new Boss Anchor at METS 2011
New anchor from Manson 20-25% more holding power than Manson Supreme anchor in most seabeds. 2011 seen the end of two years of research, design and rigorous testing for Manson Anchors which has culminated in yet another milestone. Today Manson proudly launches the most robust, technically advanced, and safest anchor to ever hit the world market.... [more]
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Maritime NZ - Rena Disaster - 16 November: First container lifted off
Maritime NZ,
Maritime NZ, on Wednesday 16 November: Three salvage teams are back on board the stricken Rena, after bad weather forced them off the ship on Monday. Rena has remained intact in the same position on the reef and aerial observation this morning confirmed no further damage to the ship or additional containers washed overboard.... [more]
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