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 10 Nov 2011

Tropical storms and spilled containers, windfarms and sailing ships

Container floating higher than usual, discovered by Greenpeace  .. .
Two USA-to-the-Caribbean rallies have been disturbed now by Tropical Storm Sean, tipped to become a hurricane. The developing storm has already sunk a yacht in one rally and delayed the start of another.

Just when the rumour was gaining credibility that containers spilled from container ships no longer float for very long before sinking, a second yacht sinking in two weeks from a collision with a suspected container has dashed these hopes. No matter which ocean in the world you sail, the fear of containers seems an ever present concern (see photo).

As the world shifts ever-so-slowly to a non-oil based future it is changing the status quo in the way that sailing is incorporated into our daily lives, as described in some of this week's articles.

In Britain, to the outcries of many whinging bloggers who still believe that sailing is an elite sport, sailors are complaining that the proposed windfarms on the south coast will impinge on their sailing space.

In the meantime another arm of government is encouraging the introduction of sails on British ships. It is not unforeseeable that one day the two strands may collide.

Along with all the breaking news for leisure sailors around the world, this week there are some great practical articles to enrich your sailing life. Five fall safety tips will act as a check-list for sailing in the northern hemisphere as the weather gets colder; there's a great article on the best use of Dyneema for lifelines; some secrets on keeping your engine cool; and the tidal chronoscope will give you the tide where you are right now with a touch of a button.

Much more too, so, as usual, browse down the headlines to find the stories that interest you!

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Ship Captain describes dangerous yacht rescue off Bermuda
Simon Jones, BDA Sun/Sail-World Cruising,
The captain of the ship Oleander has described how he and his crew battled high winds and huge waves to pluck four sailors from their stricken yacht Elle after AMVER called them to the rescue. The incident was reported several days ago by Sail-World Cruising, but now the Captain has spoken out.... [more]
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Solar-powered catamaran skirts the Somali pirate zone
Raphaël Domjan/Sail-World Cruising,
Turanor Planet Solar, the extraordinary solar-powered yacht circumnavigating the world, is just about to cross the deadly Pirate Zone - now swelled to include most of the West Indian Ocean - hoping to reach the Red Sea. The craft had been a year at sea when it arrived in Singapore for maintenance, which has now been carried out, and Raphaël Domjan, Founder & Expedition leader, continues the story... [more]
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Respect the rope: Dyneema lifeline guidelines
Colligo Marine,
Courtesy of Colligo Marine, we here present the first of a series of educational documents that highlight the usage of Dyneema for all aspects of rigging on a sailboat. This Respect the Rope series will discuss the many uses of Dyneema with an emphasis on getting the most value from this great product, showing key attributes and limitations. The first concerns lifeline guidelines:... [more]
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DAME Awards 2011 - nominations now, winners soon
Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising sailors are constantly benefiting from the innovations and inventions which are so much part of the modern sailing world. This year again, on 15th November, the prestigious DAME design awards will be announced from the 43 nominations already announced.... [more]
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Gale force winds play havoc with sun-seeking rallies
Bernews/Sail-World Cruising,
Gale force winds have played havoc with the annual rally to the Caribbean from Newport to Bermuda, the event which delivers yachts from the cold climes of the north to warm waters of the Caribbean just in time for the season, and also delayed the start of another rally, the Caribbean 1500.... [more]
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Five Fall safety tips for day-sailing
Boat US/Sail-World Cruising,
As the days slide farther into fall in the northern hemisphere, recreational day-sailors and especially those who sail for longer, face a unique set of safety issues. Warm days collide with deceptively cold waters, greatly increasing the risk of hypothermia even on a 'T-shirt' day.... [more]
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Sunsail Australia's special could pay for your fare to Downunder
Mark Windsor,
Australia's Whitsunday Islands, situated inside their famed Great Barrier Reef, make an amazing sailing holiday at the worst of times, but now, Sunsail, the world's largest boat charter company, have just released a special that could give you a free air fare to the Downunder sailing heaven.... [more]
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After SOS, how to keep up morale? Rescued sailors tell.
IOL/Sail-World Cruising,
You're on the high seas with an insurmountable problem. You've called the rescue authorities. Now you're waiting for help. While we all hope that will never happen to us, there's the question: What do you do to keep up morale?... [more]
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British sailors complain about planned wind farms in yachting area
Daily Echo/Sail-World Cruising,
Is it the sign of things to come? Unable to find suitable places onshore, wind farm companies are more and more going offshore, upsetting local sailors. On Britain's southern coastline, yacht owners are gathering to complain about proposed wind farms off the coast of Christchurch in Dorset. 'They couldn't have picked a worse place in the British Isles.'... [more]
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New container collision incident off South Africa
Des Ryan round-up,
Don't believe that containers are no longer a threat to cruising sailors. Only two weeks ago solo French racing sailor Mathieu Claveau's small yacht hit a 'hard object' in the middle of the Atlantic and sank. Now five South African sailors are lucky to be alive after their yacht struck what they believe was a container and sank off Maputo in Mozambique this week.... [more]
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Sailboat Engine Secrets - Change Your Impeller to Keep a Cool Engine!
John Jamieson,
When was the last time you checked your sailboat engine raw-water impeller? It's one vital part that keeps your engine cool and happy all season long. In this article, John Jamieson (Captain John) of SkipperTips.com shows you how to make this task simple and easy as 1-2-3..... [more]
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Introducing Tidal Chronoscope App for iPhone and Android
A new app for Android and iPhone has been released from ChronGlobal called Tidal Chronoscope® that is slated to give the ability to know GPS Tide predictions as easily as the time. Designing this App came with one goal: Create an incredibly easy and simple way to instantly give you tide information at your very location at the touch of a screen, along with lunar and solar positions.... [more]
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First photos - the pirate attack on SY Tribal Kat
EU NAVFOR Coastweek report/Sail-World,
Christian Colombo, a former French Navy sailor and his wife were on their way to fulfil their dream of sailing the world until their yacht, the SY Tribal Kat was attacked by Somali suspect criminals off the coast of Yemen while passing through the Gulf of Aden.... [more]
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Britain set to introduce sailing ships to counter emissions
Nancy Knudsen,
It's official. The days of sail may be just about to recommence. The UK's Committee on Climate Change has come out with a report that recommends 'installing supplementary power systems to make use of solar or wind power' on British ships.... [more]
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British Government's Red Tape Challenge moves on to Maritime Sector
Louise Nicholls,
The British Government's Red Tape Challenge moves onto the maritime sector on 10 November 2011 for five weeks. The RYA is encouraging everyone to get involved. The objective of the challenge is to promote open discussion of the ways in which the aims of existing regulation can be fulfilled in the least burdensome way possible.... [more]
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