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 03 Nov 2011

Pirates, E15, 4G Radar, carbon fibre, the Hunter e33, small miracles

One small miracle - Florence Arthaud's rescue  .
Here's all the buzz from the last week on our oceans. Some stories will make you laugh, some might make you angry, many will put you ahead of the game in the world of sailing.

Pirates are in the news again, with released Danish hostage Jan Quist Johansen reflecting on his regrets, the families of South African sailors still in the hands of pirates go public with their agony, and the UK has announced in an historic break with tradition that British merchant ships will from now on carry arms.

In the USA E15 gets the thumbs down from authorities, Radar has entered a new era with the introduction of 4G – it's a little way off for smaller boats but it can be expected to trickle down in both size and cost. There's also an interesting article on why, after 50 years in production, carbon fibre has NOT 'trickled down' in cost.

Our featured yacht this week is the Hunter e33, and Greenpeace's new sailing ship Rainbow Warrior III has launched, paid for by tiny donations from around the world, and is off for new cutting edge adventures.

Also a couple of small miracles on the water this week. Read of the abandoned 49ft yacht that kept on sailing to the destination after her crew were rescued, and how one of the world's most experienced solo sailors fell off her boat without an EPIRB, but phoned her mum back in France because she just happened to have her cell phone in her hand. You are left to draw your own conclusions from both of these stories - or maybe use them as lessons for one's own future sailing.

Much more too, to entertain and inform, so browse down the headlines – you're sure to find something to interest you.

Sweet sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Families anguish for kidnapped South African cruising sailors
BBC/Sail-World Cruising,
With the release of the Danish family last month, only one crew from a sailing boat now remains in the hands of Somali pirates. In a first telephone call to a family member, the couple have 'demanded' their release, claiming the had 'sold everything' to be able to go sailing.... [more]
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Miraculous rescue after top sailor falls overboard with phone
Lee Mylchreest,
She is one of the world's top sailors, with several crossings of the Atlantic under her belt and a varied and incident-prone life. But little could compare with the miraculous survival French sailor Florence Arthaud has just had taking a pee off the deck of the boat while sailing solo off the north-east corner of Corsica in the Mediterranean. She fell off.... [more]
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Gybing, an art form in heavy weather
Nancy Knudsen,
Gybing, an easy task in a light breeze, can be the manoeuvre in heavier weather that makes a short handed crew the most jittery, and for good reason. Most sailors have shared stories of out-of-control gybes that rounded up the boat, damaged the rig, or, worst of all, ended with one of the crew in hospital. So what are the key elements to handling a gybe safely in heavy weather?... [more]
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Yacht Feature: The Hunter e33
Lee Mylchreest,
With a 38 year heritage in boat building, Hunter Marine is not a novice to the industry. Priding themselves on design innovation, rugged construction, and dedication to customer value, this year they have introduced no less than six new models. One of the latest is the new Hunter e33, featured here by the company... [more]
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The cutting edge in radar - 4G, coming soon
Des Ryan,
It won't fit on a 25ft boat but the technology is amazing. Marine electronics leaders B&G, Simrad Yachting and Lowrance are pleased to announce the arrival of Broadband 4G™ Radar. From the same family as the BR24 and the pioneering Broadband 3G™, this ground breaking FMCW technology radar is set to change the way you navigate for good. (See below for how the new technology works)... [more]
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Ten Top Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing
John Jamieson,
What ten top sailing tips top the list? Collected from cruising sailors around the world, John Jamieson (Captain John) recommends you add a handful of these to your 'best of' list of sailing skills, techniques, and tips for safer sailing worldwide.... [more]
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Rainbow Warrior sails - in search of new dreams
Brian Fitzgerald, Greenpeace/Sail-World,
Rainbow Warrior III, just launched in Bremen, Germany, has already set sail for Greenpeace with a group of inspired volunteers on board, heading for far-off ports and more challenges in their efforts to save the planet from the worst ravages of Western civilisation. Brian Fitzgerald here talks of battles won, heroes celebrated and dreams yet to be realised:... [more]
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British merchant ships to carry arms: PM
Lee Mylchreest,
Signifying, for the cruising sailor, just how seriously the UK takes the pirate dangers of the western Indian Ocean, in an historic break with a long held tradition, Britain will now allow armaments on British ships.... [more]
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Quantum Leap - the abandoned yacht that just wouldn't give up
Nancy Knudsen,
All they had to do was stay on board and they would have reached their destination in three weeks. But their skipper, badly injured when a freak wave hit the boat, was suspected to be suffering from severe internal bleeding. They called for help, were rescued and abandoned the boat 700 nautical miles from Hawaii. Here follows the strange story of the yacht that just wouldn't give up.... [more]
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Why don't cruising yachts use much carbon fibre? Why so expensive?
Gizmodo/Sail-World Cruising,
There's no question that carbon fibre is one of the greatest materials to have been introduced into sailing. It's light, it's stronger than steel, and it's been around for over fifty years. So why hasn't it become cheaper and cheaper and invaded the mainstream sailing world? Why is it still in the domain of expensive racing boats, and why don't many cruising sailors use carbon fibre?... [more]
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Safety rail snag saves yacht after collision
Round-up from New Zealand,
It was a sorry look for both yacht and motorised catamaran this week in New Zealand as a barge tries to retrieve the situation after a collision between the two. Only a small section of the yacht's sail and the tip of the mast were visible above water. The two boats were snagged with the yacht's mast caught on a safety rail at the front of the catamaran. The yacht was successfully retrieved... [more]
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US Body issues damning verdict on E15
Lauren Dunn,
This week the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy released the results of two studies on the effects of using fuel that is 15 percent ethanol in volume (E15) in marine engines. The studies were conducted on engines provided by two marine engine manufactures; Both are members of National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).... [more]
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Released hostage sailors' regrets - first interview
Nancy Knudsen,
A Danish family that was held hostage by Somali pirates for more than six months said in an interview published Thursday that it decided to sail alone through the dangerous waters off the Horn of Africa, hoping to sneak through safely, and 'it was the decision of my life that I regret the most.'... [more]
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New online boat-share site set to increase numbers, decrease cost
Lee Mylchreest,
Now, for North American readers, there's a new practical option for having the use of a boat. It's a new online version of boatsharing, Nautical Monkey (www.nauticalmonkey.com). It's free to join, find partners and experiment until you are 'sold'.... [more]
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Sail-World on Facebook -Check us out!!
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
Jeraldine Kennedy, Sail-World UK and European Editor explained 'Sail-World's Facebook wall has key selections from the nine Sail-World sites world-wide posted as well as providing the opportunity for Fans to get to know the Editors. 'We have already posted feature stories from many of our editors world-wide for the last six months, going forward we will be adding key feature stories each day.... [more]
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How dolphins handle 'the bends'
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
Scientist are aware that the blood and tissue of some deceased beaked whales stranded in the vicinity of naval sonar exercises are riddled with bubbles. It is also well-known that human divers can suffer from bubble induced decompression sickness, more often referred to as the bends.... [more]
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Maritime NZ - Rena Disaster - 2 November: Salvage teams back on board
Maritime NZ,
Maritime NZ, on Wednesday 2 November: Three salvage teams are back on board the stricken Rena, after bad weather forced them off the ship on Monday. Rena has remained intact in the same position on the reef and aerial observation this morning confirmed no further damage to the ship or additional containers washed overboard.... [more]
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