New Zealand oil disaster update...whale drags yacht out to sea...British sailor circumnavigates Arctic to get into the sailing world...and much more...

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 13 Oct 2011

New Zealand ocean disaster

When will it stop? There was the Exxon disaster on the Canadian coastline, then the Gulf of Mexico, then the oil spill off our own pristine north west coast, and now it's happening in the equally pure waters of New Zealand - a contamination by 350 tonnes of oil from a container ship.

Cruising sailors of the world have an especial affinity for the ocean. We all may feel helpless or angry or both about the current tragedy and what the world's dependence on oil is doing to our seas and sealife. But don't let the anger be wasted. What can you do, in general, to assist the cause of protecting our oceans? Apart from lobbying along normal channels you can join such organisations as the OceansWatch or Sailors for the Sea and there are others. Make your presence felt!

Whale towing yacht out to sea by the anchor line  .. .
The quirkiest story of the week happened just off Fraser Island in Queensland: A whale picked up an anchor line and towed a yacht and its two crew 1.5nm out to sea. The whale, no doubt, was just as alarmed as the crew – with the rope in his mouth, dragging an anchor on one side and a yacht on the other. They finally cut the line and lost both whale and anchor. Can you imagine filling out the insurance claim form for the loss of that anchor? Or the reaction of the insurance assessor?

In the meantime, there are many sailing adventurers out there accepting challenges that would be daunting for many. The British are up there this week. Oliver Rufix is just completing a circumnavigation of Britain in an 18ft boat for a very good reason, and another British sailor has just finished the first British clockwise circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle – both these stories are inspiring.

Other events making the news: Read how in Oman the girls are starting to sail; in Italy they have just named their three top yacht-friendly coastlines; in Venezuela one of Australian long-range cruisers' favourite yachting destinations is under threat of development; and there's a grand tale of flotilla sailing in the idyllic waters of Croatia.

Finally, are you or any of your friends or contacts considering how to negotiate the dangerous waters between Asia and the Mediterranean? There is a group already forming to ship yachts past the pirate zone. Read how in the story below.

There's much more too, so browse all the articles to see what catches your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

British sailor first to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A 73-year-old retired British engineer, who started sailing on retirement, has become the first person to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle clockwise. Jeffrey Allison set off from Hartlepool in June, ­sailing to Iceland, Greenland, around Alaska, Russia and Scandinavia in his 52ft Amel Mango called Eshamy, accompanied by 28-year-old Australian sailor Katherine Brownlie.... [more]
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ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope - Know the tide as easily as the time
ChronGlobal Corp,
The Tidal Chronoscope, a new application for your mobile device, provides an intuitive depiction of present and future tides for 9400+ USA and worldwide tide stations. Instantly, and at your very location. Along with lunar and solar positions, in the look and feel of the most popular tide watch ever.... [more]
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Ship transport available for yachts from Asia to the Med
Ley and Neil Langford, SV Crystal Blues/Sail-World,
With prudent cruising sailors sensibly not prepared to turn their cruising dream turned into a cruising nightmare by transiting the pirate waters of the Indian Ocean, there is a need for shipping yachts from Asia to the Mediterranean. Cruising sailors Pete and Kathy on SV Wave Runner wish to share the following information with long range cruisers who may be interested:... [more]
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Cruising Croatia: From James Bond to Marco Polo
Jean de Keyser, Gulfcoast Sailing School,
Captain Jean de Keyser, who led the American Sailing Association (ASA)'s 2011 Croatia flotillas and operates the affilliated Gulfcoast Sailing School, recounts the story of the ASA's recent Croatia Flotilla. If you are a non-competitive sailor who has never joined such a flotilla or rally, this description may give you a picture of what you are missing:... [more]
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Disaster clean up begins in earnest around Rena wreck
As winds and seas calm around the Astrolabe Reef, Tauranga, the New Zealand authorities are focusing their efforts on the clean up operation as 350 tonnes of oil and 70 containers make their way ashore from the stricken container ship Rena. A large exclusion zone has been declared around the Rena... [more]
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Stricken ship's Master arrested as containers topple in Rena Disaster
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
There have been two significant developments in the Rena Disaster.Seventy containers have fallen off the ship overnight as she continues to be pounded by 4-5 metre seas off Tauranga. Rena has now broken amidships. This story is being updated through the day - including on the water photos and video from media briefings ashore.... [more]
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Sailing around Britain to save lives - Oliver is almost home
Sail-World Cruising,
For almost seven months, Oliver Rofix, a leukaemia survivor, has been sailing around Britain. In July, 2005, this previously athletic young man was diagnosed with leukaemia and, with the help of a donor and time, he was cured. Wanting to 'give something back' He started the sail to convince other young people to become donors - so far, he has an amazing 35 volunteers - 35 lives to be saved.... [more]
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Humpback whale drags sailing boat 1.5nm out to sea
Sky News/Sail-World Cruising,
Everyone knows that humpback whales are numerous during the migration season, and whales are known not to be aggressive against humans, but two holidaying sailors on their yacht off Fraser Island on Australia's Queensland coast hardly knew what to think when a whale grabbed their anchor rope in its mouth and dragged them out to sea.... [more]
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A cruising sailor's best friend: The Weather Window
Des Ryan,
One of the main differences between racing and cruising, apart from the competitiveness or otherwise, is the constant use by cruising sailors of the concept of the Weather Window. But what exactly is a 'Weather Window'?... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait 2011 virtual race: Still time to win!!
Heaven Can Wait media,
Although the on-water edition of the Heaven Can Wait 2011 charity yacht race ended on Sunday a week ago -- much to the relief of cold, rain-soaked and weary competitors -- fundraising for the 'virtual' race is continuing apace.... [more]
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Henri Lloyd Summer sample sale starts Saturday - up to 80% off RRP!
Marine Media Services,
The famous Henri Lloyd Summer Sample Sale is on again kicking off this Saturday 15th October 2011 at the Henri Lloyd showroom in Crows Nest, Sydney! Huge range of samples and discontinued lines from Henri Lloyd's marine, footwear and lifestyle collections for men and women. Discounts of up to 80% off original RRP!... [more]
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One hull, ten outboards - such is our disposable world
Mark Rothfield,
My father has owned the same 18ft fibreglass trailer sailer for 42 years. It has had two mainsails, one new spinnaker and one new genoa ... but is about to get its tenth auxiliary outboard.... [more]
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Great Tips for getting into the sailing world
Des Ryan,
Fancy being out on the water sailing in a free wind, surrounded by only the sound of the waves and the seagulls? If the answer is yes but you don't have a boat, maybe can't afford one and wouldn't know how to go about it anyway, read on for some great tips from long-time sailor Des Ryan:... [more]
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North Sails Australia merges with North Sails Melbourne Loft
North Sails,
Managing Director of North Sails Australia, Michael Coxon, and the principal of Melbourne's North Sails loft, veteran yachtsman Ross Lloyd, have jointly announced the merger of the Melbourne operations into North Sails Australia and the signing of Noel 'Nitro' Drennan.... [more]
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Girls and women start sailing in conservative Oman
Sail-World Cruising,
In a country where the great majority of women still wear the chador, girls are going sailing! Now women may be joining them too. Empowerment in Oman has received a strong impetus this week when Oman Sail launched a sailing programme exclusively for women and introduced 30 women sailors to an impressive gathering at Oman Sail's office at The Wave Muscat.... [more]
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Hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons - the underwater damage
Jessica Wurzbacher, MSc/Sail-World,
Whether you experience typhoons, cyclones or hurricanes where you live, they all cause major destruction, loss of life and devastation. You probably know the devastating impacts these natural phenomena can have on coastal communities, but what goes on beneath the waves as the thunderous beasts unleash on the shore line? Jessica Wurzbacher has written for Sailors for the Sea about this subject... [more]
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Three top yacht-friendly provinces in Italy named.
Lee Mylchreest,
If you are thinking - or even dreaming - of sailing the Italian coastline any time soon, you'll want to file away in your memory box that the coastline of Lucca has just topped the bill as the most yacht-friendly in Italy, followed by Genoa and Matera (see map).... [more]
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Caribbean's treasure Los Roques to be nationalised
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
In the Caribbean, most distinguished by rampant commercialism, it is the islands still almost totally undeveloped which are a reminder of what once was. Los Roques, just 80 miles north of the Venezuelan mainland is one of these, and a favourite of cruising sailors. President Chavez has announced that he aims to nationalize the islands for budget tourism and 'productive activities like fishing'.... [more]
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Waiting for China to wake - a recent perspective of boating in China
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
In the words of Napoleon: 'when China wakes, she will shake the world'. At recent estimate, China is home to 970,000 millionaires, 40,000 ten-millionaires and 1,400 billionaires. Affluence is an economy driver and the Chinese are on a spending spree. With a population of 1.3 billion people, it's no wonder the world is beating a path to the Chinese mainland.... [more]
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Seawind approaches major milestone: 100th Seawind 1160
Brent Vaughan,
In July 2004 the first Seawind 1160 was presented to the world at the Sydney International Boat Show. Now in 2011 the 100th Seawind 1160 is soon to be launched, which sets to mark a huge milestone for the company and will secure the Seawind 1160's place in Australia's boat building history.... [more]
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Incredible opportunity to land exceptional Cumberland 44
Multihull Solutions,
Multihull Solutions has just announced one of the most exciting brokerage listings of the year with a superb 2007 Cumberland 44 power catamaran in ‘as new' condition and comprehensively outfitted.... [more]
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Early morning May Day for Marine Rescue Port Kembla
Ken McManus,
The May Day radio call burst through the early morning quiet at 'Hill 60', the Marine Rescue Port Kembla Search and Rescue base at 3.36am this morning (Sat 8 Oct). The TP52 Wot Eva with 14 crew aboard had run aground on Bellambi Reef, north of Wollongong as it competed in the Cruising Yacht Club's annual Sydney to Flinders Islet race.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Skysol Pleatedshade blind
Lee Mylchreest,
Keeping the sun out of the boat, particularly to enable off-watch crew to sleep, is always an issue, and there are many of us who react badly to the idea of curtains. This week's new product is a neat solution, especially with a black-out lining.... [more]
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Andrew Short Marine closes its doors
Jeni Bone,
Iconic Sydney dealership, Andrew Short Marine has gone into liquidation, only days before the second anniversary of Andrew Short's death in a yachting accident.... [more]
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No competition: two Gold Coast boat shows united in aim for sales
Jeni Bone,
The advent of the Gold Coast Marine Expo, scheduled for November 4-6 at Coomera marine precinct, has prompted a flurry of opinions as to whether the region is big enough for two shows. Here, those involved set minds to rest and explain that two event offer twice the opportunity for the public to sample the boating lifestyle and reach a broader cross section of people, at both ends of the year.... [more]
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Archaic 5mph speed limit for sailing boats soon to change
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
While it's power boats that get most of the criticism for speeding on waterways and ignoring the rules, one US waterway has so restricted speed that yachts involved in racing have been in danger of being booked for speeding. However, common sense will soon prevail in Newport Harbor in California where the 5 mph speed limit has been hampering sailing boats as well as power boats for over 100 years... [more]
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Chicago Mackinac Race – The first report,
The Charlevoix County Michigan U.S. sheriff Don Schneider's s investigation looking the double fatality in the 2011 Chicago to Mackinac Race was released last Friday.... [more]
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