World's 700 tall ships(including Australia's) questioned for safety...Rocna reassures...Arctic Sea Ice again at record yachtie makes a difference...yacht features on Bavaria 32, Catana 59...St Lucia cuts red tape...and much more...

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 06 Oct 2011

Sail training ships - are they as safe as they look?

Are student sailors on sail training vessels as safe as we all thought?  .. .
We all know that sail training ships don't have a good righting moment, but this week there has been doubt cast on the knowledge of sailors in command on the world's 700 sail training ships. Do they know how to handle a bad blow?

Read what has come out of the inquiry into the sinking of the Concordia off Brazil. Interesting subject – I am glad that I don't have anyone dear to me sailing on tall ships while these questions are being raised.

Cruising sailors who have a yen to explore South East Asia by sailing boat could do worse than join the Darwin to Ambon Rally next August. It's a great introduction to these Australian-neighbour islands and an easy way to acquire a cruising permit. Now is the time to start planning - read the story...

With the world's navies being charged with inadequate protection even for ships transiting the pirate region of the north Indian Ocean, one can't help thinking that it's certainly a 'no-go' for yachts. Now the monsoon is coming to an end, the sailing season will start, but if you want adventure maybe the place to go is up through the North West Passage, now at record ice-free levels. Read on below about both of these subjects.

Much other news as well – two yacht features this week, the Bavaria 32 monohull and the Catana 59, which is said to 'revolutionise recreational catamarans'; St Lucia in the Caribbean is setting an example to other countries, including Australia, by cutting red tape to encourage visiting yachts; Read how the new owners of Rocna 'new generation' anchors are determined to recover confidence in the product after some dodgy Chinese manufacturing affected some anchors.

John Jamieson (Captain John) asks whether your fender protection is up to scratch – and gives some top tips to protect your sailing boat.

...and other stories too, newsy, interesting or just plain quirky...

Browse through the headlines to find what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Andrew Short Marine closes its doors
Jeni Bone,
Iconic Sydney dealership, Andrew Short Marine has gone into liquidation, only days before the second anniversary of Andrew Short's death in a yachting accident.... [more]
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2011 Multihull Rendezvous Rally - fun-filled and a huge success!
Multihull Solutions/Sail-World,
Hosted by the Abel Point Yacht Club, the 2011 Whitsundays Multihull Rendezvous, again sponsored by Multihull Solutions is now well and truly over. The fun-filled event was hailed a huge success by all involved!... [more]
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Product of the Week: The Dorcap
Sail-World Cruising,
The wind scoop or wind vent has always been a boon on a yacht, but often a hassle to erect and dismantle. Now along comes the innovative Dorcap whose superior design resembles the dorade.... [more]
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Red tape cut for visiting St Lucia - a model for other countries?
Des Ryan,
Awkward red tape always makes visiting a country less likely for the cruising sailor. Some nations make it so difficult intentionally that no cruising sailor visits - think of Saudi Arabia or Algeria. Others are simply ignorant of the value of visiting yachts. St Lucia in the Caribbean could be used as a model by all yachties who want to encourage their own country to make visiting easier:... [more]
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Navy pirate protection inadequate for ships - what chance for yachts?
Sail-World Cruising,
In a speech that showed just how little chance yachts and their crews have of having the protection of navies from pirates as they cross the Indian Ocean, the Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), has called for more Navy Forces for the protection of ships.... [more]
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Darwin to Ambon Rally 2012 - time to start planning
Lee Mylchreest,
The annual Darwin to Ambon Rally is a natural drawcard for Australian and international yachts alike. Like the Australian participants, long range cruisers who have passed through the Pacific Ocean will find that entry into a rally from Australia to Indonesia eases the way into Asian waters with an automatic cruising permit. Not that the rally isn't alluring anyway...... [more]
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World-first discovery 'can help save coral reefs'
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
An international team of scientists has achieved a major breakthrough in fishing sustainability on coral reefs which could play a vital role in preventing their collapse. 'Fishermen and scientists have long wondered how many fish can be taken off a reef before it collapses, says Dr Nick Graham of the ARC Centre of Excellence (ARC CoE) for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University.... [more]
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2011 Sydney International Boat Show report
Domenic Genua,
Domenic Genua Marketing & Events Manager Boating Industry Association of NSW describes the industry's premier event, in the current climate, covering the issues, strategy, exhibitor feedback, visitor observations and plans for the path ahead.... [more]
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Waiting for China to wake - a recent perspective of boating in China
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
In the words of Napoleon: 'when China wakes, she will shake the world'. At recent estimate, China is home to 970,000 millionaires, 40,000 ten-millionaires and 1,400 billionaires. Affluence is an economy driver and the Chinese are on a spending spree. With a population of 1.3 billion people, it's no wonder the world is beating a path to the Chinese mainland.... [more]
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New Catana 59 at cutting edge of racing innovation
Kate Elkington,
Catana's latest model, the Catana 59, has captured worldwide attention with its unique design that revolutionises recreational catamarans.... [more]
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Superyacht rally celebrates 25 years
Super Yacht Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Some of the world's cruising rallies happen spontaneously, organised by the participants. Others are free, organised by a destination keen to attract yachts. Many are profit-making. Yachts of any size are usually welcome. Monaco-based Dahm International's Club Yachting Life Rally (CYLR) is the only one known to Sail-World which is organised exclusively for superyachts and their owners and friends... [more]
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Analysis confirms danger for sharks
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Sharks are in big trouble on the Great Barrier Reef and worldwide, according to an Australian-based team who have developed a world-first way to measure rates of decline in shark populations. 'There is mounting evidence of widespread, substantial, and ongoing declines in the abundance of shark populations worldwide, coincident with marked rises in global shark catches in the last half-century'... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait Virtual Race breaking new ground
Heaven Can Wait media,
The sixth annual Heaven Can Wait 24 Hour Race and One Lap Dash fundraising efforts have broken new ground this afternoon, with myriads of small donations pushing the total raised towards $27k, well on the way to the overall target of $50,000.... [more]
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Yacht Feature: Bavaria 32 - a fresh look for 2012
Des Ryan,
Bavaria yachts in the past have not enjoyed a universal admiration, but the 2012 versions are showing a fresh outlook on their designs and construction, with new designers apparently starting with a clean slate. The newly designed Cruiser 32 seems a good all-round design for a wide range of activities - cruising, weekending, family fun, and club racing... [more]
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New Rocna owners allay quality fears, rebuild brand
Sail-World Cruising round-up.,
Heated discussion in the sailing world over whether some of the 'new generation' Rocna Anchors were defective has been countered by an ambit assurance by the new owners of the company. The new owners, Canada Metal Pacifics (CMP), have pledged to replace any 'defective' ground tackle ever produced anywhere in the world.... [more]
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Inspiring times, as Heaven Can Wait just a bit longer
John Curnow,
Heaven Can Wait 2011. For 24 hours over 50 boats will do as many laps as they, and the weather can muster. You can support them in the virtual race and raise much needed funds for both cancer research and Marine Rescue NSW, by going to [more]
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Safety of the world's 700 tall-ships in doubt
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The safety of the approximately 700 sail-training vessels in the world's oceans - including those that operate in Australia - has been called into question by a probe into the sinking of the Canadian tall-ship Concordia off Brazil.... [more]
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Somali pirates ready for renewed raiding season
Somali pirates are preparing for a new raiding season, taking advantage of the calmer seas after the monsoon period, as their ties with Islamist rebels come under closer scrutiny. The end of the monsoon also heralds the season for brave- or these days foolhardy - cruising sailors to venture across the Indian Ocean in an attempt to take the short route via the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.... [more]
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Seven top fender tips to protect your sailing boat
John Jamieson,
Imagine that you enter a new marina to take on some fuel, when all of a sudden--out of nowhere your engine coughs, spits, burps, and dies. You push the starter button, but get no response! Have you prepared your sailing partner or short-handed crew with the skills they need to cushion the impact with another boat, pier, seawall, or piling?... [more]
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Sail and Ride - coming to the Netherlands
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
As my Grandad used to say, 'What will they think of next?' Last month the first sail-in movie cinema was introduced in Britain during Cowes Week. Now a Dutch consortium has put forward a proposal that includes a 'sail and ride' station in a new 20 km rail connection in the Netherlands.... [more]
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One yachtie makes a difference to plastic bottle pollution
Franki Black, The Triton/Sail-World,
A yachtie who has lived on her sailing boat for eight years in Sint. Maarten in the Caribbean and is a professional yacht crew has taken direct action to prevent plastic water bottles from despoiling her beautiful island home... [more]
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Yacht Island Designs creates 'Project Utopia' the floating city
Media Services,
Here's the ideal island getaway that can take you anywhere you want to go.... [more]
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