Lone sailor won't leave upturned trimaran...15-year-old solo sailor conquers second ocean...New Zealand sailor fined for not giving way to ferry...solo sailor almost through North West Passaage...Paul and RachelChandler tell their story...and much more...

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 01 Sep 2011

Stoicism, hurricanes and just plain fun

IDEC, which capsized in the Atlantic, and Francis Joyon. "non, merci, I am not leaving!" he said - but this shot was taken after he arrived back in port  .
Such a wide – and wild – profusion of news from the world's oceans this week again...

You've got to admire their stoicism. While would-be Atlantic solo record-holder Francis Joyon showed an admirable spunk when he refused to be rescued from his upturned trimaran in the Atlantic, waiting on board for 36 hours to see it towed home carefully, a couple of oceans away 15-year-old Laura Dekker showed her own quiet brand of spunk by arriving in Darwin after crossing two oceans solo with a minimum of fuss.

The book that always had to be written is out now – the story of Paul and Rachel Chandler's experiences with Somali pirates, and we've made it the book of the week.

Sailors on the east coast of the USA are picking up the pieces – some of them literally picking up pieces of their boats – after one of the most damaging hurricanes ever to hit the Americas, Hurricane Irene. But some good always comes from crises. Boat US is able to show figures from Hurricane Irene that prove that hauling outyour boat and securing it on land for the duration of a severe storm threat is definitely the way to go!

Many other stories too – Matt Rutherford is almost through the North West Passage on his planned solo circumnavigation of the Americas; a New Zealand skipper has been fined big time for not giving way to a ferry; and it is fitting that star of the film about the largest ever ship the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, should be having fun holiday-sailing on the largest ever yacht made in the South Pacific – that is if you are not superstitious...Nice yacht anyway – see the pictures.

John Jamieson offers you seven steps to check whether your anchor and ground tackle are secure, before you go sailing, and there's yet another reminder that clipping your tether short may save your life in some conditions.

Read on, browse through the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Ferry has its day in court: New Zealand sailboat skipper fined
Maritime New Zealand,
A New Zealand skipper is convicted and fined for ignoring basic safety rules for the avoidance of collisions at sea. The skipper will have to pay over NZ$5,000 for his deliberate act.... [more]
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Hurricane Irene and the $500 million lesson: Haul out!
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
It is coastal areas that are usually the hardest hit when a hurricane strikes. However, early reports from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) indicate that Hurricane Irene struck inland lake and river regions in New York and New England particularly hard. The big lesson is that hauling out is the way to go when any super storm threatens.... [more]
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Maxi trimaran IDEC flips in record challenge but solo sailor stays put
Greater love hath no sailor but that he refuses to leave his sailing boat even though it's capsized in the Atlantic Ocean. Francis Joyon, standing on the keel of his upturned boat IDEC, in which he was trying to break a record across the Atlantic, refused to abandon ship, and spent an incredible 36 hours in its tiny cabin bobbing up and down in the rough waters off Long Island until a tow arrived... [more]
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Leo DiCaprio and Vertigo - two stars team up for some fun
Lee Mylchreest,
Hollywood superstar Leo DiCaprio is reportedly currently cruising on Vertigo, the Philippe Briand-designed 220ft (67.2m) ketch built by New Zealand's Alloy Yachts, their largest ever yacht. The magnificent yacht is apparently cruising somewhere off the coast of Australia, with DiCaprio the guest of the unnamed celebrity owner.... [more]
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Teen solo sailor reaches Darwin after two ocean crossings
Nancy Knudsen,
15-year-old solo sailor Laura Dekker has arrived Darwin, her first stop after crossing the Pacific. With a shredded sail and only half an hour sleep in the last 48, the young sailor who will become the youngest ever solo circumnavigator if she completes her journey within a year from now, arrived into Darwin Friday, after one of her most difficult legs so far.... [more]
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Solo sailor nearly through the Northwest Passage!
Thomas Spitzer,
Here's an update from Matt Rutherford as he attempts to circumnavigate the Americas non-stop and alone: So, I was delivering a boat (Godspeed) to Antigua with Simon Edwards and Tag (Al Hunt). I was telling Tag about this idea I had during my second single-handed trans-Atlantic. I was thinking about trying to start a non-profit in Annapolis MD that would give sailing opportunities to the... [more]
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Short or long tether - it could be life or death
Des Ryan,
You're sailing solo. The wind is brisk but not dangerous and you're safety conscious as you work the foredeck with life jacket, harness and tether. You know your equipment is new and strong, and you feel secure in the knowledge that even if you fell overboard the tether would save you. But maybe not so...... [more]
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81-year-old Shady Lady lost to the deep between Indonesia and Darwin
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
He had followed the route many times before, and he enjoyed the Darwin (Australia) to Ambon (Indonesia) Race and Rally just as much in 2011 in Shady Lady - but he never could have guessed how soon he was about to lose his precious 81-year-old boat.... [more]
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Seven steps to ensure your ground tackle is secure
Captain John Jamieson,
When was the last time you made a careful inspection of your boat anchoring ground tackle? Are you sure it will hold your boat in a wind shift or in poor holding ground? For short-handed crews, the boat anchor serves as an extra hand aboard, to provide you with peace-of-mind and security. Make sure to put these seven boat anchoring tips on your 'pre-sail' checklist today!... [more]
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Welcome Brazil, latest sailing-mad nation
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
While the traditional prime sailing regions of the US and Europe languish in the mire of struggling economies and sales of high-end yachts have dropped by 70%, new markets are forging upward. Brazil is one of the most significant.... [more]
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...and the Coast Guardsmen on watch during Irene
First District Public Affairs,
Pilots, swimmers, flight surgeons and technicians stand the watch at Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod as Hurricane Irene collides with the Northeastern United States. Rescue teams hover by the radios through the storm, an inadvertent symbol of the service's ideals, slightly modernized by the presence of electronics and computer screens displaying real-time weather data.... [more]
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Book of the Week - Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters
Nancy Knudsen,
The UK's Daily Mail is proud of their 'World Exclusive', a synopsis extract of the book that we always knew was coming. It's the book that has just been published by Paul and Rachel Chandler who became world figures when they were kidnapped by Somali Pirates and held for over a year until a ransom was paid for their release.... [more]
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Sailing on sunshine: learning from the past
Alexandra Witze, Science News/Sail-World Cruising,
One of the oldest technologies of the human race emerges again. Sailing vessels sailed on the wind into the unknown to discover our oceans and the lands beyond them, and now sailing vessels are sailing on sunshine into the unknown to discover the mysteries of space. Alexandra Witze here writes of 'unfurling your jib and tacking your way into space' as a growing trend among space scientists.... [more]
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Epic Superyacht Adventure into Papua New Guinea
Richard Lofthouse,
In less than 10 days I was going to Papua. Not Indonesian Papua or Irian Jaya, but Papua New Guinea. The Mission: Cross three countries and 2000 miles to be charter-ready in remote Papua New Guinea. First off, the reality was the boat was in Borneo; meaning it had to cover about 2500nm, clear in and out of three countries, and take fuel twice to be sitting charter-ready in PNG in 14 days.... [more]
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Icelandic current could influence ocean's response to changes
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's international team of researchers, which includes physical oceanographers, has confirmed the presence of a deep-reaching ocean circulation system off Iceland that could significantly influence the ocean's response to climate change in previously unforeseen ways.... [more]
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BoatUS Foundation kids Life Jacket Loaner Program grows
D. Scott Croft,
'Everyone got a life jacket?' It's a simple question boat owners often ask when heading out on the water. However, for younger guests who require the right-sized life jacket that answer isn't always 'yes.' There may be only adult-size life jackets on board, kids may have simply outgrown their life jacket, or perhaps some younger guests joined the outing at the last minute.... [more]
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