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 27 Aug 2011

No apologies for running a non-sailing story at the top of the deck. The Turanor PlanetSolar passed through Hong Kong last week, and we take off the collective hat. They are not going to break any speed records, but certainly demonstrate plenty of determination in piloting a 95-tonne vessel all the way round the world at an average 4 kts. Read the story - it's not about radical technology, or even new - it's about power management, and realising the possible. 'Because it's there' sort of thing. There's always a trickle-down from this sort of exercise, and the thing we learned least about was those Very Big Batteries. Expect a new improved battery for your iPhone sometime soon...

The weather has gone back to 'normal' in Hong Kong now, but Turanor managed to depart on what had to be the most photogenic day in the entire year!

If you are interested in joining in the inaugural Sabang Rally from Langkawi to Aceh, please hurry up. We hear on the grapevine that the organisers will be hosting a 'cocktail/roadshow' in Hong Kong in the next week or so - but the date is likely to be after the close of registration for the event. Explanations on a postcard, please. For the most plausible, usual prize - a year's free subscription to Sail-World Asia.

Weekend coming up - enjoy your sailing!

Guy Nowell, Editor

Tûranor PlanetSolar: Quiet Achiever
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Tûranor PlanetSolar looks very much like one of those educational toys you might buy for a brainy nephew. And with good reason. This boat is a classic example of form-follows-function. A flat top to provide maximum area for the array of solar cells; carbon fibre construction to keep weight to a minimum, an 11-ton array of lithium ion batteries; ultra-slippery wave piercing catamaran hulls... [more]
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Maxi trimaran IDEC flips during Atlantic record attempt,
Francis Joyon's maxi-trimaran IDEC has flipped during his solo attempt to break the Atlantic west to east record. The American tug Miller Marine Service (over 100 ft) has joined the maxi trimaran IDEC to assist with the recovery operation.... [more]
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The Sabang International Regatta 2011
SIR Media,
Marked as the first regatta to be held in Indonesia's northwestern region, the event is aimed to promote Sabang and the Aceh Province, that has been rebuilt after the 2004 tsunami. Sabang is the capital town of Weh Island, the furthest island at the northwestern tip of Indonesia that boasts scenic natural beauty, pristine beaches, fascinating coral reefs, as well as arts and culture of the people.... [more]
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New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup set
Jan Harley,
The New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, presented by Rolex, will proceed with racing on September 13 with most of the twenty-two participating yacht club teams fresh from racing at the peak of the sailing season in the northern hemisphere. However, three teams – the CYC of Australia, Royal Cape Yacht Club and Yacht Club Argentino will be coming from winter to summer to race in Swan 42s... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race – A three horse battle into Rio
Heather Ewing,
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race – With the lead pack set to enter the final 1,000 miles of race two, Assistant Race Director, Justin Taylor predicts a three horse battle for the podium positions into Rio de Janeiro. 'The fleet is well and truly split; it will be hard for the chasing back to reel in the three leaders particularly with the forecasted winds.... [more]
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Region of Murcia Trophy day 3 – Close at the top
Sabina Mollart-Rogerson,
Region of Murcia Trophy - After the lightest of breezes which have prevailed through the first two racing days relief seems to be written into today's forecast with the race area expected to offer up to 15kts by the middle of the afternoon and up to 17kts later in the day.... [more]
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18ft Skiff Regatta - Kiteboard, Coxon winners in Ronstan race
Rich Roberts,
The Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race was woven into the 10th annual 18ft Skiff International Regatta hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club. Hometowner Bryan Lake and Michael Coxon of Australia gulped it down with satisfaction Thursday. America's Howie Hamlin, New Zealand's Alex Vallings, Australia's Nick Press and Australia's John Winning followed closely in that order.... [more]
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Rambler100 Capsize: 'People just falling into space' plus new Videos
Compiled by Richard Gladwell,
The Providence Journal is reporting the experiences of several crew from the supermaxi Rambler which capsized in the recent Rolex Fastnet Race: Just a week later, crew members who were back racing at the Newport Shipyard were greeted as heroes. Fellow sailors extended warm handshakes and kindness as the sailors shared their saga on a bright Tuesday afternoon.... [more]
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SailTV: Audi MedCup: Live and Replay
Click on the play arrow below to see live and replay coverage of the MedCup... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - King Neptune visits New York
Heather Ewing,
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - 'As we crossed the Equator, we were sure that the move south was more psychological than practical,' explains New York watch leader Andrew Priest, as the American entry joins Gold Coast Australia, Singapore and Welcome to Yorkshire in the Southern Hemisphere.... [more]
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America's Cup Uncovered: Episodes 1-4 - World Series and more
America's Cup Uncovered is a weekly magazine video program is designed to show America's Cup fans the people, places and stories that are the backbone of the America's Cup. Here are the first four episodes, we'll carry the latest edition each week on Sail-World... [more]
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America's Cup: Red-lining the heart rate monitors
Andy Rice,
When your heart monitor tells you that you've gone over 100% of your maximum heart rate, something is wrong. Three times during a race this happened to Sean Clarkson while racing the Artemis AC45 in Cascais. Fortunately Clarkson was still breathing at the end of the race, but there's no doubt he and his fellow AC45 team mates are working to the limits - and beyond - of their fitness.... [more]
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