Meet me at the Boat Show (Sydney that is)...Solo circumnavigator on target for a record...why international yachts avoid Australia...SOS Dan Buoy wins two awards... and much more...

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 28 Jul 2011

See you at the Boat Show!

Sydney International Boat Show  BW Studios
See you at the Boat Show!

That's if you're anywhere near enough to Sydney to make it to the Sydney International Boat Show, starting today. I'll be there every day at 2.00pm on the Better Boating Lounge stage, talking about preparing for a long range cruise. It's a big subject, so we, Ted Nobbs and I, will be talking about 'The vital Ten Tips we wish we had been told before we left the dock.'

The Boat Show is the largest in the southern hemisphere, so well worth a visit - don't miss it, it's on until Monday.

Lesley Grimminck, President of the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club, which runs the very popular Port2Port rally from Vanuatu to Bundaberg each year, has much to say in this edition about how international yachts are starting to avoid Australia because of our regulations and high charges, and she talks about some of the other inequities of Australian Maritime Regulations.

While we're on the subject of regulations, BoatUS's publisher Nancy Michelmas this week has some stern words on behalf of the boating community in the USA, whom she feels are bearing the brunt of regulatory force, while 'bigger fish' get off scot free. It's well worth a read because even though the issues are different 'picking on the little guy' is also a common complaint among sailors in Australia.

There's much else happening on our coastal waters and in the world's oceans. Bruce Arms is well on his way to breaking the record as the fastest yacht to circumnavigate Australia - but he's not there yet, so watch this space!

It's always nice to see an Australian marine product doing well, and so we congratulate SOS Marine for their double win in the Australian Business Awards for their SOS Dan Buoy. Well done!

Read the heart-warming story of how sailors turned rescuers at the end of a Pacific crossing, and a 'There-we-were-in-towering-seas' story of a trimaran meant for fast coastal sailing who survived a significant storm in the Tasman Sea.

There are always cruising rallies happening somewhere in the world. This week we tell of two – one in million-dollar-plus yachts by the New York Yacht Club in Connecticut, and the other by a wild variety of cruising and racing boats, between Darwin in Australia and Ambon in Indonesia. No matter how different the venue or the boats, the atmosphere is always the same - lots of camaraderie and the freedom of leaving the cares of daily life behind for a while.

So many other stories and articles too, so browse down the headlines to see what catches your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sydney International Boat Show begins, 10am Thursday 28 July
Media Services,
The largest boat show in the southern hemisphere will open at 10 am Thursday 28 July. Boasting more than 28,000msq of undercover exhibits, plus a specially built marina that hosts more than 200 large vessels, more than 70,000 visitors are expected during the 5 days of the show.... [more]
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Darwin to Ambon Rally kicks off from Darwin
Sail-World Cruising,
The annual Darwin to Ambon Yacht Rally has kicked off again to a great start last weekend and many of the yachts have already arrived in Ambon in Indonesia.... [more]
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Mooloolaba a welcome stopover for boaties heading north this winter
Tracey Johnstone,
It's that time of year when many yachts based in the Southern states make their annual trek north to the warmer climes of the Whitsundays. Mooloolaba Harbour is a traditional and welcome respite for the delivery crews offering a safe port, plentiful berthing choices, refueling facilities and a hearty welcome from Mooloolaba Yacht club members.... [more]
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Why cruising yachts avoid Australia -what's wrong with our regulations
Lesley Grimminck,
Lesley Grimminck is the long time and highly respected president of the Bundaberg Yacht Club, which operates the annual Port2Port rally from Vanuatu, welcoming both circumnavigating international yachts and Australian homecoming yachts with a grand week of festivities to mark the end of the cruising season. However, according to Lesley, international yachts are now avoiding Australia. Read why:... [more]
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Online video reporting from Sydney International Boat Show
Jeni Bone,
TetraMedia's boat show team, 11-strong this year, plans to bring our readers of,, and online publications all the colour, innovation, personalities and trends of this year's largest Asia Pacific Boat Show event, by video reporting and interviewing.... [more]
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When sailors turn rescuers - a 'second chance' for kayaker
Kimball Livingston,
The yacht was called 'Second Chance' but it was a second chance at life they gave to the drifting kayaker last week. Guy Wilding has been out for a paddle in his 18-foot kayak every day for months, since moving to Honolulu from Sydney, Australia. Today seemed like any other day under the blue skies of the tradewinds until, as luck would have it, his paddle broke.... [more]
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Wiley Nautical appeals to sailors online
Sail-World Cruising,
Well known marine publisher Wiley Nautical, who publish books for all levels covering navigation, rigging, knots, crewing and much more, is going all out to increase its appeal to sailors online, with many different offers... [more]
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Leave your yacht at home
Rob Mundle,
All you need to do is get your crew together and charter a yacht that is waiting for you at Hamilton Island. Charter yachts are a significant part of the great success of Race Week, both in the cruising and non-spinnaker cruising divisions. The 28th Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is scheduled for 19 – 25 August.... [more]
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Win a $14,000 holiday and boat - Enter NOW!! Closing soon!,
Most boaters and fishers have been to many boat shows, finding it a rewarding, informative and fun experience. The Marine industry needs that to be the case. Boat Show organisers spend the entire year working to deliver a better experience for showgoers and exhibitors alike. To make sure they are putting their emphasis on the things that will have you coming back they need to understand the... [more]
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How to Undock Your Sailboat with Natural Forces
Captain John Jamieson,
Want to learn the fast, easy way to undock your cruising sailboat when short-handed? Here is some excellent advice from Captain John Jamieson, using those magic aids - spring lines.... [more]
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Solo Sailor on record pace despite light winds
Suzanne Arms,
Solo yachtsman Bruce Arms, two-time winner of the Solo Trans-Tasman yacht race, has completed week two of his world-record attempt to sail around Australia non-stop, solo and un-assisted. At 12 noon on Sunday, 24 July 2011, Bruce in his catamaran Big Wave Rider, was 250 nautical miles west of Broome, 62 hours ahead of the existing 42 day record.... [more]
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Simple tip to assist the rescuers: Mark your boat and gear
Gail Rice Sail-World,
You may be safely at home tucked up in bed, but the often-volunteer rescuers are out at night searching for you because they have found your dinghy, or maybe your life jacket, or even your boat. So the message is: Mark your name and contact number on anything that floats.... [more]
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SOS Marine Dan Buoy wins Australian Business Awards
Helen Mansour,
SOS Marine won the Australian Business Award for Product Excellence and Best New Product in the 2011 Awards. The Australian Business Awards had over 900 entries and challenges the full spectrum of private, public and non-profit sector organisations in Australia through its comprehensive business and product award categories... [more]
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60ft trimaran meant for racing encounters '60 year storm'
Auckland Now/Sail-World Cruising,
The difficulties that can be encountered when a yacht meant primarily for speed racing is faced with a significant storm was underlined in the reports of a racing trimaran caught in a storm in the Tasman Sea this week. The Auckland trimaran, headed for Sydney to participate in races and regattas along the eastern coastline, encountered fifty knot winds which they described as 'harrowing'.... [more]
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STS Young Endeavour - Open Day in Sydney
Kestin Farr/Sail-World Cruising,
Australia's sail training ship, the STS Young Endeavour, is having an Open Day in her home port of Sydney. It's a great opportunity to see the ship on Saturday 30 July, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, at Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo, Sydney.... [more]
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Knockabout sailboats - how the heritage lives on
John Hanson, Village Soup/Sail-World,
Maine's Penobscot Bay in the USA has always had a big heart for sailing, and here John Hanson, as he writes of the coming 2011 Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show on August 12-14, examines some of the great beauties that have been replicated in designs one can still see sailing today:... [more]
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Climate Change will damage reefs at different rates
ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
Climate change and acidifying ocean water are likely to have a highly variable impact on the world's coral reefs. 'New research confirms that coral reefs.... are indeed threatened by climate change, but that some current projections of global-scale collapse of reefs within the next few decades probably overestimate the rapidity and uniformity of the decline,' the researchers say.... [more]
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Win a $14,000 holiday and boat - Enter NOW!!,
Most boaters and fishers have been to many boat shows, finding it a rewarding, informative and fun experience. The Marine industry needs that to be the case. Boat Show organisers spend the entire year working to deliver a better experience for showgoers and exhibitors alike. To make sure they are putting their emphasis on the things that will have you coming back they need to understand the... [more]
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Fatal Kiwi 35's probably as stable upside down as right side up
Eric Sharp, Detroit Free Press,
It happened during a race, and would not normally be covered by Sail-World Cruising. Two sailors died last week in the Chicago-to-Mackinac race, after the Kiwi 35 Wingnuts turned turtle without losing its keel. However, the safety issues involved in boat construction, are always a subject critical to the cruising sailor, and we therefore print an analytical article here... [more]
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Hamilton Island Race Week Prix d' Elegance: Any yacht can be a winner
Rob Mundle,
Two competing yachts at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011 will each be going home with an impressive trophy without having started in a race on the day. This competition is as much fun for the participating crews as it is for the large crowd of spectators who line the deck at Hamilton Island Yacht Club to applaud the participants' efforts.... [more]
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