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 14 Jul 2011

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It always saddens me when volunteers, who often risk their lives for the safety of others, show their ongoing frustration with the irresponsibility of boat skippers who are careless of the protocol of the sea. Incidents where they have long chats on Channel 16, don't register their EPIRBs or don't log on when undertaking a voyage, or worse, don't carry the necessary safety equipment for a sea voyage.

This week there were two incidents, at opposite ends of the planet - in the UK and in Australia – which frustrated volunteers. It's ironic that this happens in the same week of another dramatic rescue story where a rescuer admits he 'thought his time was up'.

The moral of the another news item could be 'be careful buying your yacht from an Italian', but I guess that would be unfair to the many fine Italian yacht brokers. Nevertheless the amazing tale of the Italian fraudster who sold the same yachts multiple times and has since escaped into the murky world of post-revolt Libya makes fascinating reading.

Another avalanche of varied news this week from the world's oceans – an expert's opinion on why Somali pirates started targeting yachts, new and better tide information, idyllic sailing tales, and lots of practical news and articles as well.

Browse down the headlines to see what takes your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Coastguard frustration after unlogged cruising boat incident
Nancy Knudsen,
More coast guard authorities - many of them volunteers - are frustrated by the lack of diligence of skippers when going to sea about safety issues. In Australia this week the volunteer marine rescue authority is again pleading with skippers of all yachts, large and small, to log their trips, after a yacht - it was a powerboat - exploded and sank... [more]
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Somali pirates - why do they prey on cruising yachts?
Michael Howorth, AW Yacht Management/Sail-World,
Why did Somali pirates suddenly start preying on cruising sailors in comparatively small sailing yachts, which could hardly be expected to yield the kind of ransom that a supertanker could? Here is how Maritime risks expert and founder of c-level Maritime Risks, a US-based emerging risks consultancy, Michael Frodl explained it when interviewed... [more]
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New technology dramatically improves tide info
Des Ryan,
As technology advances, information systems on tidal effects become more and more sophisticated, and greater and greater help to the cruising sailor trying to negotiate areas that are particularly affected by tidal flows.... [more]
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Sail-World on Facebook
Sail-World,, the world's international sailing network has today launched its Facebook site, on Facebook you can find it by searching for Sail-World. Jeraldine Kennedy, Sail-World UK and European Editor explained 'Sail-World's Facebook wall will have key selections from the nine Sail-World sites world-wide posted as well as providing the opportunity for Fans to get to know the Editors.... [more]
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Yacht distress hoaxer diverts coastguard from real incident
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Once again UK emergency services have been hindered because of the irresponsible acts, this time by a 12-year-old child. It is less than a year since the coastguard in Britain warned that there were too many incidents causing interruption to radio reception on Channel 16. Now a hoax distress call could have cost lives during emergency services response to an air crash.... [more]
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Darwin Dili Rally 2011 starts with a bang
Nancy Knudsen,
The Darwin(Australia) to Dili(East Timor) rally departed on Saturday 9th July, participants setting sail in brisk south-easterly conditions. The Darwin-based 15 metre yacht 'Parlay',one of the largest in the rally and skippered by Ray Jones, was the quickest away, followed closely by the other boats. It was started by the Hon. Gil Alves, Timor-Leste Minister for Industry Commerce and Tourism... [more]
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Sailing with Eye Candy: The French Riviera
Andrew and Clare Payne,
Andrew and Clare Payne are sailing the Mediterranean in their yacht Eye Candy, and here tell tales of their sailing visit to the French Riviera: We arrived at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in France on a Friday afternoon. We had a good 27 mile sail from San Remo, tacking along the coast close to shore giving us a good view of Monaco as we passed... [more]
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Animated Knots by Grog - Part 1
Jeraldine Kennedy,
By far the most popular way of learning how to tie knots, be it for boating, fishing or climbing, is via the internet where the animation allows you to see and follow every twist and turn. The website and now iPhone app that leads the way is Animated Knots by Grog. You can click through to those animated knots on our website where you will also find links to the iPhone apps.... [more]
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Animated Knots by Grog - Part 2
Jeraldine Kennedy,
The website and now iPhone app that leads the way is Animated Knots by Grog. You can click through to those animated knots on our website, as well finding links to the iPhone apps. Here is part two of our interview with Grog himself.... [more]
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Traveller repair: Turning a $2000+ replacement into a $360 repair
Vincent Bossley,
Vincent Bossley here describes how a little perseverance and ingenuity, together with some pleasant time in the sun, turned a $2000 replacement into a $360 repair: The mainsheet traveller on a friends 43ft (13mtre) sailboat was showing signs of wear. The traveller was installed on the yacht when it was built and so now was twenty two years young.... [more]
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Night drama as two Dutch sailors rescued by British Royal Navy
Sail-World Cruising,
At night this week Two Dutch sailors were rescued this week in rough conditions and at great risk to the rescuer when their yacht was damaged in gale force winds. They were approximately 75 miles west of the Isles of Scilly, off Land's End, the south western tip of England, when the life threatening drama occurred.... [more]
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Italian yacht fraudster with many lives - where is he now?
Lee Mylchreest,
For a while it was a very successful scam - movie material almost - and yacht purchasers in Italy didn't suspect that the yacht they had just bought had already been sold to several other purchasers before. But now yacht dealer Giulio Lolli, ex-President of Rimini Yachts, is in more trouble than he ever bargained for.... [more]
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How to make your cruising sailboat visible to sea monsters!
Captain John Jamieson,
Do you use boat radar reflectors to make sure you can be seen by ships when sailing near busy shipping lanes? Did you realize a ships radar might not see your small cruising boat until you are one to three miles away? Captain John Jamieson shows you just what you need to know to boost your sailing safety in coastal or offshore waters.... [more]
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Yacht-Sharing feels the pressure: some fail, others prosper
Fractional Life,
Yacht-sharing has long been the way to gain most of the benefits of having your own yacht, and avoid the hassles of maintenance and need to find large amounts of cash. However, like all yachting activities, it is a discretionary spend and now as Western economies slim down contrasting fortunes are emerging between yacht-sharing companies in the UK.... [more]
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Tsunami warning after 7.8 quake 800km north of New Zealand,
The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) this morning issued a Tsunami warning, later withdrawn after a powerful 7.6 earthquake struck off the Kermadec Islands, 800km north of New Zealand, but a marine surge warning remains.... [more]
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