Loss of solo-watch sailor overboard off Sydney offers lessons...two solo sailors in big challenges...Life Rally in Ibiza...tragic death of young sailor waits inquiry...new diesel additive...adventure waits for YOU...and much more

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 30 Jun 2011

The lessons from this week's MOB off Sydney

Again, this week tragically, it was demonstrated that the only really effective training for MOB situation is how not to go overboard in the first place - particularly for short-handed cruising sailors.

It was the classic nightmare scenario. The weather was calm and sunny off the Sydney coastline when the sailor, without life jacket or tether, presumably thought unnecessary in such ideal conditions, went overboard at an unknown time while his wife was asleep below. It will never be known whether he tripped, reached too far or miscalculated in some other way, but the search was called off after 24 hours.

"Why I love my Passport" - Royal Passport 49 under sail   .. .
Passports are a very popular cruising boat, with a long reputation for quality build and great design. This week two cruising couples talk about why they like their own Passport – and what they wish was different.

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia(CYCA) has published their own report on another tragic incident from 2009, the much publicised loss of experienced sailors Andrew Short and Sally Gordon at Flinders Islet, and the Coroner Carmel Forbes was 'unable to make any recommendations'. The CYCA are making their own inquiry public in order to give the widest dissemination to all leisure sailors.

In happier news, there are two new adventuring sailors to encourage on their way this week – one, incredibly, attempting a circumnavigation of the Americas solo and non-stop in a 27ft sailing boat, and the other, a recovered leukaemia patient, sailing for his life around Britain.

They both demonstrate what many a quiet cruising sailor has learned: that if you can throw of the reins of your mortgages and jobs and all the other lesions that keep you attached to life as you've learned to expect it, another Life is out there waiting for you - and attempting anything is possible. Bon voyage to both!

Down in the Antarctic roving scientists are busy with research, and this week there are two articles, one on the magic discovery of the contours of the lost underwater continent, and the other on the rather confronting prospect of Pine Island Glacier, now released from a ridge which was holding it, slipping faster than ever into the sea.

In rally news Maggie Joyce keeps us entertained with her stories from a rally in Croatia and we tell of a very luxurious rally in Ibiza. There's a book review of yet another fascinating sailing story: a sailor who used a sailing boat to escape with his family from a South Africa he didn't want to live in any more.

This week's edition is bursting with other news as well, so browse through the stories to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

CYCA Statement on the Inquest into Flinders Islet Yacht Race incident
Jennifer Crooks,
Commodore Garry Linacre today sent a message to all members of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia informing them the Coronial Inquest into the Flinders Islet incident was held today before Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes at the Parramatta Local Court... [more]
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Why I like my Passport: Two Passport owners tell
Des Ryan,
Passport Yachts have been designing and building offshore sailing boats since 1979 and have gained a reputation as being some of the finest and most sought after yachts in the world. Be they old or new, owners love them, including the fact that, owing to their high quality build they usually have a very high residual value. Here, two owners speak:.... [more]
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Sailors/divers needed by Oceanswatch in the South Pacific
Nancy Knudsen,
Oceanswatch, a not-for-profit organisation that works with sailors, divers and scientists worldwide to help Island communities conserve their marine environments, develop sustainable livelihoods and access primary education, is looking for a sailor and a diver for an exciting adventure... [more]
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Sailor on sole watch missing off Sydney's northern beaches
Des Ryan,
The search by rescue authorities for a yachtie missing off Sydney's northern beaches since yesterday (Sunday) has now been suspended. The sailor, who was not wearing a life jacket, was on sole watch while the woman aboard was asleep. When she woke up she found the man missing and raised the alarm.... [more]
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Book Review: Small Boat to Freedom
Rob Tickner,
Not everyone is prepared to resign from a perfectly good job, sell off the family real estate, ask their spouse and teenage son to board a 31-foot performance cruising yacht, and then set sail for a questionable financial future in another country, in the opposite hemisphere.... [more]
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From Predictwind, an upgraded weather model
Sail-World Cruising,
Predictwind, arguably the world leader in wind forecasting, has been live for 3 years now, and it has been a huge success with rapid growth. Now the company is announcing an upgraded weather model.... [more]
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Holy Cow they're back
Rob Mundle,
2011 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, which will be staged from 19 – 27 August, extends 11 year welcome to Holy Cow... [more]
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Warm ocean speeds melting of Antarctic glacier
British Antarctic Survey,
New results from an investigation into a large glacier in Antarctica and its impact on global sea level rise are published this week in the journal Nature Geoscience.... [more]
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Lewmar Deck Switch Advisory Notice
Lewmar Marine,
Deck switch service update - Electric deck switches operate in a hostile environment and are subject to salt water, extremes of temperature, direct sunlight and UV effect. They are also susceptible to wear and tear following repeated use and can in some instances suffer accidental damage during boat operations.... [more]
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The Italian Job – a Cruise in Company 29 June - 14 July 2012
Maggie Joyce,
Mariner have announced the running of the third Italian Job on the Amalfi Coast in early July 2012. Mariner founder and Director Trevor Joyce said that the inaugural rally in 2010 was such a great success that what started out as a one off event was continued in 2011 and will be run again in 2012.... [more]
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Oliver's Travels - sailing for his life round Britain
Nancy Knudsen,
Oliver Rofix is literally sailing for his life around Britain. As a young engineering student Oliver was struck down with Leukemia in 2005, but survived it after a lengthy battle and thanks to a bone marrow transplant donor. Now he is half way through a circumnavigation of Britain in a Valiant 18 called Jolly Olly, recruiting more life-saving donors.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Race Week 2011 private accommodation on special
Kristie Kaighin,
Have you booked your accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week 2011? Great private accommodation options still available. Now at reduced rates. Fully self contained apartments! Even some of our most popular options for Race Week have been reduced! View website for options and specials - www.whitsundayholidays.com.au. Or contact us 7 days per week to discuss options on 1300 653 997.... [more]
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What, actually, is a superyacht? Australia ponders
Superyacht Times/Sail-World Cruising,
It seems the unique position of superyachts requires new definition in Australia. Following on from the issues raised at the recent Superyacht and Marine Export Conference, Superyacht Australia met in Canberra with the deputy CEO of Australian Marine Safety Authority, Mick Kinley.... [more]
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Solo sailor attempts circumnavigation of the Americas non-stop
Nancy Knudsen,
There's another long-range solo adventurer out there on the water, this one taking on an unimaginably difficult task, to circumnavigate the Americas non-stop in a 27ft boat. Matt Rutherford intends to sail solo East to West through the Northwest Passage beginning this summer, and then 'all going well', he will head for Cape Horn in his audacious attempt.... [more]
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Boat Shows need feedback - win a $14,000 holiday and boating package
Most boaters and fishers have been to many boat shows, finding it a rewarding, informative and fun experience. The Marine industry needs that to be the case. Boat Show organisers spend the entire year working to deliver a better experience for showgoers and exhibitors alike. To make sure they are putting their emphasis on the things that will have you coming back they need to understand the... [more]
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Man Overboard Incidents - Another fatal weekend and no life jackets
Simon Denneen,
Volunteers at Marine Rescue Terrey Hills were involved in a second weekend involving fatalities in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. In each case the person given up for lost was not wearing a life jacket.... [more]
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Croatia One Design Yacht Rally 2011 final days
Maggie Joyce,
The 2011 Croatia Yacht Rally meandered toward its conclusion in Dubrovnik last week with a race from Korcula to Mljet, a distance of just 12 miles. The south westerly course and the prevailing 12 knot mistral produced a wind angle of 90 degrees for the first part of the race and five boats ran each other off to the left side of the course while the eventual winner Alan Woodward stuck to the rum... [more]
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Floating Doctors - bringing relief to the developing world
Sail-World Cruising,
Floating Doctors is an all-volunteer, non-profit medical relief team dedicated to reducing the present and future burden of disease in the developing world. They go sailing to effect their mission.... [more]
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Tragic death of 14-year-old trapped by harness

All sailing parents will be watching for the outcome of investigations which are continuing about the tragic death of a 14-year-old sailing student who was wearing a life jacket but trapped underwater by her harness when sailing with another student this week in a 420 dinghy.... [more]
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It takes a tinnie tragedy to learn a lifejacket lesson
Mark Rothfield,
Tinnies have the highest fatality rate, with most accidents occurring on waters you would hardly rate as hostile. It sometimes takes a shocking death to highlight the importance of lifejackets. Boat owners and buyers must take note before the boating authorities are forced to crack down further.... [more]
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A Club Yachting Life Rally in Ibiza
Merijn de Waard, Super Yacht Times,
A rally is a rally is a rally, but some cruising rallies really are special, and among them are the Club Yachting Life Rallies. Merijn de Waard recently participated in one, sailing on the yachts Passe Partout and Mayflowerof the Spanish island of Ibiza, and here is her tale:... [more]
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GBRMPA scoops International Gong
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's (GBRMPA) commitment to a robust environmental impact assessment process has been internationally recognised.... [more]
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Skippers: Respect whale distances off and wait your turn
Penny Robins,
With the annual whale migration in full swing, boat skippers are reminded of their legal requirement to maintain a safe distance from all marine mammals.... [more]
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Marina of the Year 2011
Lisa Mylchreest,
Soldiers Point Marina at Port Stephens on the New South Wales coast has been awarded the prestigious Club Marine MIAA Australian Marina of the Year 2011. This Award recognises excellence in the provision of marina services, facilities and operations.... [more]
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Great brokerage bargains for boat buyers as market heats up
Jeni Bone,
Peter Nicholson, Broker at Ensign Ship Brokers, says it's a very exciting time in the 'pre-loved' boat market.... [more]
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Under the ice sheet
Australian Antarctic Division,
An international team has shed new light on what lies beneath a large slice of the East Antarctic ice sheet. The research reveals a vast, smooth and deep bedrock basin, reaching more than a kilometre below sea level, bordered by rugged mountain ranges which are cut by broad valleys. Interpreting this buried landscape has brought new insights into the early development of the Antarctic ice sheet... [more]
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