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 23 Jun 2011

So different, every week...

It's in heavy weather that your sailing techniques are tested  .. .
Every week the mix of news from Sail-World Cruising is different, and this week could be called a week of valuable information for the cruising sailor.

From John Jamieson there are some great tips about heavy weather sailing. At a time when more and more boat owners are installing cockpit navigational displays, Nauticomp has some good tips about the pitfalls of LED displays. There's an article dispelling myths about that fearsome enemy of the ocean sailor, lightning. But my favourite this week is the article on the so-called 'Smartplug' which has just won a manufacturer's award because of its great popularity with wise boaters.

If there is anything that will make you cautious and accurate when sailing it is the tale of what can happen if you make a mistake, and the story of the rescue of four sailors which has won the rescuers a bravery award will send shivers down the spine of many an experienced sailor.

In rally news, the Danes are making their mark on Scotland, and Mariner Boating has been active this week with lots of news about their rallies, both current and future. Fethiye in Turkey makes a really gorgeous sailing destination feature, and there's a comforting story of a superyacht that does NOT use thousands of gallons of fuel every time she leaves port. Our book of the week is the story of Plastiki, that catamaran made of plastic bottles, and their crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

For the rest, just browse down the stories to find what catches you interest, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Bravery award for rescue of four sailors
Emma Philo, Isle of Wight Radio/Sail-World,
The crew of a coastguard helicopter who saved four sailors on a sinking yacht near the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England are to receive a bravery award from His Royal Highness Prince Philip. The story of their difficulties in effecting the rescue makes gripping reading... [more]
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Tahiti Pearl Regatta 2012 teams up with Mariner Boating Holidays
Maggie Joyce,
Mariner Boating Holidays have teamed up with Tahiti Pearl to offer a unique combination of racing and cruising in seductive French Polynesia... [more]
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New Nexus nGPS Antenna has improved accuracy and transmission speed.
The nGPS Antenna, from Nexus Marine, represents a significant advance: it works on 5Hz updates per second increased from 1 Hz of the old unit and it has 66 acquisition and 22 tracking channels, these features result in reduced start up time, improved accuracy and faster transmission speeds.... [more]
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Luxury yacht leading in sustainability and energy conservation
Nancy Knudsen,
Sailing Yacht Ethereal is a 2009 58 metre (190 feet) luxury yacht designed by Ron Holland and built by Royal Huisman with interior design by Pieter Beeldsnijder, the ultimate in modern sailing luxury - but that is not what is special about her.... [more]
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Innovative shore-power company wins 'Emerging Manufacturer' award
Des Ryan,
A marine application, Smartplug, a company specialising in an innovative shore-power system for yachts, has won the USA's 'Emerging Manufacturer' award, as recognition for its innovation and growth.... [more]
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Croatia Yacht Rally 2011 slips through the Adriatic
Maggie Joyce,
While the Croatia Yacht Rally 2011 is primarily about enjoying great sailing in compatible company, the fleet is enjoying the fun races which occur around every second day. With a fleet comprised of 10 identical Beneteau First 45's, they completed race three in the series on Sunday in a south easterly breeze, they bowled along comfortably at an average speed of eight knots from Lastovo to Korcula... [more]
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Plastiki - now the book
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
>First there was the journey, and now there is the book. Banking heir David de Rothschild dreamed up the idea of sailing across the Pacific Ocean on a yacht made entirely (well, almost entirely) of 12,500 plastic bottles, to draw attention to the issue of plastic bottles in our world.... [more]
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Sailing destination: Fethiye in Turkey
Lee Mylchreest/Zaman,
Cruising the Turkish coastline is a 'must-do' for those who embark on cruising the Mediterranean, and there can be no more alluring destination than the town of Fethiye. One of the best things about Fethiye is the superb anchoring - the anchorage just outside the marina is so secure that the worst problem for cruisers is not being able to get their anchor out of the mud when they want to leave... [more]
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Danish cruising rally to Scotland
Oban Marina/Sail-World Cruising,
You can't keep enthusiastic cruising sailors at home, no matter where in the world they hail from. Very soon the Danish Ocean Cruising Association's Pennant will be flying high in Scotland when 120 Danish sailors in 40 yachts come visiting.... [more]
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Lightning - myth and reality
Commanders' Weather Corporation,
Lightning strikes fear into the heart of even the most experienced cruising sailor, fisher or boater with much written about how to protect your boat and you when threatened. However, over the years myths have grown about lightning which have become wide-spread, and here Commanders' Weather Corporation dispels some of them:... [more]
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EPIRB but not registered -four rescued crew 'lucky to be alive'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
They set off their EPIRB but they hadn't registered it, and the resultant delay almost cost the four sailors their lives. In the incident that occurred off the coast of South Africa in the Southern Ocean this week, the four clung to their capsized catamaran then huddled in their life raft for more than nine hours waiting for rescue in five metre seas and winds up to 55 knots.... [more]
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LED displays - the pitfalls
Sail-World Cruising,
LED displays in cockpits are a coming advancement in technology for sailing boats as well as powerboats, and this requires owners to give careful consideration to properly fit LED displays, according to marine displays manufacturer Nauticomp... [more]
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Seven Heavy Weather Sailing Tips You Need to Know!
Captain John Jamieson,
Did you know there are five secret signs you can use to tell you when it's time to reef? Do you know the one vital step you should take before tacking in high winds to prevent costly damage to your furling Genoa? Here Captain John Jamieson shows you seven ways you can make coastal or offshore cruising more comfortable in heavy sailing weather.... [more]
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New version of Transas iSailor 1.3.1 and new chart folios are released
Lidia Selivanova,
If you either have, or were thinking of getting, the Transas iSailor for your Smart Phone, there's a new version that you should know about. It's called Transas iSailor 1.3.1 , and has just been released. Free marine navigation application for iPhone and iPad has been upgraded with some pretty good features.... [more]
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What IS a 'Great Ocean Garbage Patch'? - Gyre science updated
Sailors for the Sea,
Sailors for the Sea, a nonprofit organization that educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans, has written a lot about plastics in the ocean - so-called 'islands of trash' float, trapping fish, choking birds, and growing larger with the passage of time. However, confusion remains, so here is an update from the Sea Education Association (SEA):... [more]
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One Design Croatia Yacht Rally 2011 Day One
Maggie Joyce,
Croatia Cup Yacht Rally 2011 - Well known Sydney yachtsman Roger Hickman wears the 'pith helmet' in the fun race after coming second over the line in the first event, which began in Kastela near Split this week.... [more]
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