'Spanish for Cruisers' online webinar...man's foot sliced off by outboard...Malts Cruise of Scotland...Laura Dekker in Tahiti...two 'pirate-trapped' rallies safe in Europe now...trouble in sailing paradise...and much more...

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 16 Jun 2011

Summer Sailstice - this weekend and don't miss it

Summer Sailstice - now there's a way to celebrate...  .
A wildly varied peppering of news from the world's oceans this week, from the unusual to the zany, from the useful to the ridiculous.

This coming weekend is the nearest weekend to the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere, and this means the Summer Sailstice will be also celebrated across the sailing world. Are YOU sailing and celebrating this weekend? If so, you'll have more sunlight and longer sailing than any other weekend of the year - that is unless you are languishing in southerly climes.

Cruising sailors often need to be conscious of the political situation of their cruising destinations, but having to stay away from a remote atoll in the South Pacific must take the prize for ridiculousness. Tonga and Fiji both claim the atoll, and Tonga has just aided and abetted an escaping soldier from Fiji, so Fiji is looking for ways of reprisal. The story is of amusingly Lilliputian proportions, but sailors are advised to stay away anyway.

Participants from a wide range of countries in both rallies who were caught this year on the wrong side of the Somali pirate zone trying to reach the safe waters of the Red Sea have now reached Mediterranean waters. However it was not without trauma on all sides, and sadly the pressure caused acrimony between organisers and participants in both rallies.

Fifteen-year-old Dutch sailor Laura Dekker is getting closer and closer to crossing her second and largest ocean – she's in Tahiti now, and still going strong.

Some stories to learn by in this edition too – when all goes wrong on your boat if you have a smart phone you may still be able to find your position with a new App; and it was a stark reminder this week about just how dangerous that outboard motor on your dinghy can be when a man had his foot sliced off. Then there is an article from John Jamieson who has good advice about preparing your yacht for a storm.

Much else too, so browse down the headlines to see what catches your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Fifteen-year-old solo sailor on world cruise reaches Papeete
Sail-World Cruising,
Dutch 15-year-old solo sailor Laura Dekker has made her way through French Polynesia to arrive on 8th June to the capital Papeete, putting her about half way across her second and largest ocean, the Pacific.... [more]
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Sail locally, Celebrate globally - it's that time of year again
Sarah Arndt,
It's that time of year again - time to celebrate the Eleventh Annual Summer Sailstice. So sail, race, cruise wherever you sail and join sailors worldwide in the 11th annual Summer Sailstice celebration of sailing on the weekend of June 18/19... [more]
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Malts Cruise: sailing, scenery and single malt whisky
World Cruising Club,
Up to 40 yachts taking part in World Cruising Club's Malts Cruise will be welcomed at Oban Marina on Scotland's west coast for two days on 8/9th July and to mark the start of this well-known annual event.... [more]
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Beware the outboard - man's foot sliced off
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
As a cruising sailor one gets very used to being around dinghies and their outboard motors - for playing or for travelling, for transporting gear or for use as a diving board. But as familiar as they are, danger is always lurking for the unwary. This week a man's foot was sliced off after he fell in and got caught in the boat's propeller in a horrific incident on a river in Eynesbury, UK.... [more]
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Sauna Sail 2011 - Surreal conditions on Hazelwood Pondage
John Curnow,
Sauna Sail 2011 imagery that could be from a Hollywood Blockbuster - maybe one of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Alas, it comes from Australia's very own Hazelwood Power Station and Chris Furey gives us a bit of detail on the story from Sauna Sail 2011... [more]
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'Spanish for Cruisers' - an online course to ready you for cruising
Lee Mylchreest,
From Spain in the Mediterranean through much of the Caribbean and out as far as the Galapagos, Spanish is the language that will most benefit the cruising sailor. If you are in, or have in mind passing through any of these areas any time soon, you could benefit from the 'Spanish for Cruisers' course coming up at Seven Seas U - and you can be anywhere in the world to take the e-Lessons.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The new XYZ Extreme anchor
Des Ryan,
There is arguably nothing more important to the cruising sailor than the anchor. Having a trustworthy anchor can merely give you a good night's sleep, or in extreme conditions it can save your boat or your life. Our product of the week is the new model XYZ Extreme anchor 2011. According to tests that have been carried out, the holding power of the anchor is equal to 2 -3 times larger anchors.... [more]
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June Rally Gibraltar to Morocco is in its eleventh year
Sail-World Cruising,
As so frequently observed on Sail-World Cruising, the number of rallies is growing remarkably round the world. You can be based almost anywhere and find compatible cruising types to share experiences and then tell the tales later. For the 11th time, a rally dubbed the 'world's most sociable yacht rally' is departing from Gibraltar at the end of June, headed over the Straits to Morocco.... [more]
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Ten Tips to Stormproof Your Sailboat for Peace of Mind!
John Jamieson,
Would your sailing boat be able to weather a gale, storm, or worse in her slip, at a mooring, or at anchor? Will you have peace-of-mind the next time Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury in your area? Follow this handy ten-step checklist to make sure you do!... [more]
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Trouble brewing in sailing paradise - sailors warned away

Cruising sailors are being advised to stay away from Minerva Reef, one of their favourite stopping places in the Pacific. The Reef consists of two atolls, one of which is an almost perfect circle. It boasts pristine waters, safe anchorage, and has an amazingly colourful history. Now it's in the news again, and all because of the escape of a high profile Fijian soldier who took refuge in Tonga.... [more]
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One Design Croatia Yacht Rally 2011 Day One
Maggie Joyce,
Croatia Cup Yacht Rally 2011 - Well known Sydney yachtsman Roger Hickman wears the 'pith helmet' in the fun race after coming second over the line in the first event, which began in Kastela near Split this week.... [more]
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Hapless boaters located by their smartphone
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
They had done everything wrong - they were power boaters and their engine had broken down. They had no VHF, radio or chart plotter, they were tired, it was foggy and they didn't know where they were. But the BoatUS Towing Service was able to help them because they had a smartphone on board, and downloaded an app which gave them their position... [more]
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Shattered cruising rally finally past the pirate zone, in Turkey
Des Ryan,
The shattered remains of the Blue Water Rally - one of the rallies thrown into confusion this year while transiting the Indian Ocean when the shooting death of four American cruising sailors by Somali pirates changed the game entirely - has reached safe haven in Marmaris in Turkey. But they didn't sail there.... [more]
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Antarctic Heard Island taken over by elephant seals and penguins
Australian Antarctic Division,
The Antarctic Heard Island has seen penguins and elephant seals take centre-stage in a series of time-lapse images from a remote monitoring camera.... [more]
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Yacht transport company Dockwise seeks 'leeway' for pirate protection
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Dockwise, the world's leading shipping company in the transport of yachts, has requested 'more Leeway' from the Netherlands Government to counteract pirates and threatened a change of flag if it is not forthcoming.... [more]
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Book of the Week: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain:
Maryglenn McCombs,
If you love both eating and sailing this might be the book for you: Victoria Allman, yacht chef to the rich and famous, has published a new book, SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain. It is a tantalizing travel adventure tale.... [more]
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New life jacket world record by Read, Set, Inflate!
Rachel Johnson,
New Life Jacket World Record has been set by the second annual Ready, Set, Inflate!... [more]
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9th annual Croatia Beneteau One Design Yacht Rally 2012
Maggie Joyce,
Mariner Boating announce the ninth Croatia Yacht Rally; one way through the Dalmatian Islands of the Adriatic but with a unique twist – the rally uses a fleet of ten identical Beneteau First 45's, fast but comfortable cruising yachts.... [more]
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